Children Of The KoRn
by Korn

Album: Follow The Leader (1998)
  • Attention all parents!
    Report to your local therapist!
    Report to your local church!
    Report to your local police department!
    It's goin' down!

    Carry into my son's eyes.
    Reveals alone
    I felt her in the day.


    It was all about the pussy, if you can get it.
    A little girl like me never fucking liked it.

    We ain't takin' no mo'! Go!

    So save me, I, I, I

    I'm not fuckin around
    Stop fucking with me

    And the children are born.
    Your feeling through me, I, I, I
    You're the children of the Korn.

    Droppin' smoke in the alley, makin' noise with a double pump,
    Bring your boys turn up at a party with you doubled up.
    Double ridie, double party, hardcore, teenage, fuckin' bitches major.
    Catch me if you can, fuck the law with my dick in my hand,
    We're comin' strong.
    Generation triple X, we're all about the weed smoke and the kinky sex.

    So save me, I, I, I

    I'm not fuckin around
    Stop fucking with me

    And the children are born.
    Your feeling through me, I, I, I
    We're the children of the Korn.
    'cause a bag of my life
    Then I got it, so far.
    It's open day like me. Insanity
    Go figure, what's a fag?
    Now a player
    babtised and born,
    and the Children of the Korn.

    Children of the Korn!
    I'm the first born!
    Fuck authority!
    Hit your ass in the head with my 40.
    You girls see more of me, after school, you better run to your 'pa.
    Class clown, I already know I'm a star.
    Your Children of the Korn was born,
    from your porn and twisted ass ways,
    now you look amazed.
    I'm sitting in a daze, in a purple haze.
    You better check my pulse, 'cause nothin' seems to faze.
    Nothin' seems to faze.
    Your children of the Korn, children of the Korn.
    Nothin' seems to faze.
    Your children of the Korn, children of the Korn.

    Look and see, I feel the parents hating me.

    Hurt me. You hurt me.

    Why don't you step outside and feel me?

    Feel me! Feel me! Feel me!
    How you gonna tell me where to skate, who to date,
    how to fuck, how to kiss, who to love, who to diss,
    how to live. What it is, somethin' gotta give.
    Parents or the kids, it won't be the kids.
    What? It won't be the kids.
    We're talking shit, 'cause life is a 'biz.
    You know it is. Everybody tryin' to get rich. God damn!
    All I want to do is live. All I want to do is live.

    All I want to do is live!

    All I want to do is live.

    All, I, want, to, do,
    All, I, want, to, do,
    All, I, want, to, do, is live.

    Stop fuckin' with me.

    Stop, fuckin', with, me.
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    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis was performed live during the Family Values Tour '98, which to my knowledge was the only time KoRn toured with Ice Cube. If anyone knows otherwise, please comment.
  • Mathew from Port Talbot,wales, United KingdomGlad my parents aren't like this maybe except my mother.
    My dad encourages me listen to music like this.
    This song is epic,heard it years ago.
  • Josh from Meridain, MsI Can relate to this song, my parents thank KoRn is just yelling metal music. But there not they have there on type of music I would say. "A crazy, death, badass metal thing going". KoRn is just awsome.
  • Kelsey from Rustburg, VaI love this song. Me and my older brother are Children of the KoRn and our parents hate us for it. We rebel and they get ticked off... Parents could learn a lesson about why their kids do what they do if they just listened to bands like KoRn.
  • Beau from Mount Gambier, Australiathis song makes me think of the crap i got from my mum
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndthis song is so awesome...its totally right will rebel if our parents tell us to do something..we absolutaly HATE that!!
  • Shane from Mcgrath, AkThis is pretty cool.
  • Patrick Irvin from Lansdale, PaThis is about OUR generation. the gen X kids. we do what we do. We love our freedoms, and I agree with david, if you hold us back, we will rebel. Parents only hear the music as backround noise to yell at their kids about, but we see it for its true meaning.....
  • Kevin from Indepence, Mo"That's the song that Ice Cube is on Cube came up with the title. I fed off of what he wrote, he was talking about growing up and puberty. Dictating what he can do, like how you gonna tell me how to live and who to f--k? And all this stuff. And I took that and in my stuff I was talking about being a kid always known as the f--kin' town faggot. It's funny how things change. That some of these people picked on me and all of a sudden look who's laughing now. Also in another of the verse I talked about all these parents f--kin hating me for what I do, saying I'm corrupting their children, but in turn these parents need to step outside of themselves and really listen to what I'm talking about. Then I think they can understand that they were kids before. They're just really quick to judge me. All the Children of The Korn are all our Korn fans. All those kids going through that s--t and feeling what I feel."
    -John Davis
    we are talking about the song here, not the book.
  • David from Houston, Txi think this is about what can happen if parents are will rebell
  • Tabs from Spring, TxActually, "Children of the corn" is a short story in one of King's anthologies (*Night Shift* I believe). Very well-written and very fast-paced. Never ever ever ever see the movies, they suck and have nothing to do with King's original story.
  • Lisa from Mckinney, Txchildren of the CORN is one of the best books ever (and movie) and this song is awsome too
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