Made by Maid

Album: I Speak Because I Can (2010)
  • They dance like sirens, hoping the sun would come out again
    And I was born in the fog of that day
    Can they hear a babe over all the faith,
    Or have they forgot what it was that they made

    Crawled out of the fog, found a river,
    Found a log and floated away
    Didn't think I'd be coming back this way
    But my feet are resolute;
    Found their root and brought me back to its place

    And on the hill where I was born,
    There is no rose but just a thorn;
    They cut it off each year and give it away

    But can they hear a babe after all these days,
    Or have they forgot what it was that they made

    So left to wander blind, I find myself in cautious times,
    And they say, Love's labor is never lost; labor on to this very day.
    So I walk into the fog, found a babe atop a log and all alone
    Took him under, took him on,
    Taught him everything about the world I'd come to know

    And he blames me for every wrong ever he made
    I am blamed for every wrong ever he made
    Forgive me I am only a maid
    Forgive me I am only a maid

    But I can see a babe under all that blame
    And I am forgot from the day I am laid Writer/s: LAURA BEATRICE MARLING
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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