Baby Come on Home

Album: Coda (1982)
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  • There was a time I used to call you on my very own
    We were so happy, woman, talkin' for hours and hours on the telephone
    Then one day I set you up to walk right outta my life
    Leavin' me all by myself, all alone, to cry every night
    (Babe, babe, babe, babe, oh)
    Oh, I want you to come back home, yeah
    (Oh yeah)
    Sweet little girl
    (You been gone so long)
    You've been away so long
    Now listen to me
    I said I made up my mind, woman when you left me there, oh
    I was gonna find another sweet lover who's gonna feel all of my, all of my, all
    Of my cares

    So I met a sweet little girl just about as nice as she could be, oh
    I fell in love with that woman but she turned around, and did the same thing
    Again to me, whoa

    (Babe, babe, babe)
    Oh baby, baby, please come home, home
    (Come on home) home, yeah, it's alright
    (Oh yeah) I know
    (Ya been gone too long) been away so long
    (Babe, babe, babe) I want you to please come home, oh
    (Oh yeah, ya been gone too long)
    So I made up my mind
    I gonna crawl right back to you woman
    I'm gonna plead and plead and plead, yeah
    'Til you're here by my side
    I can't even walk down the same old streets we used to walk down
    Cause I keep thinking about all the good times
    Keep thinkin' about it
    I want to make you mine
    Oh, babe
    (Babe, babe, babe)
    Babe, babe, babe, please
    (Come on home)
    Please come home, yeah
    (Oh yeah, ya been gone too long)
    I want you to oh oh
    (Babe, babe, babe come on home)
    I want you to come back running home to me woman
    (Oh yeah)
    I want you to think about when we walk through the trees together
    (Ya been gone too long)
    You know we had such a real good time
    Whoa, here they come
    (Babe, babe, babe, come on home)
    I believe it's always calling
    Do you feel the brown leaf against your face you ought to sing and shout
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  • Jonathan from Everywhere, NcI rushed out and bought the Coda LP album on the day it hit the stores - I think in 1980? 1981? And, I played it a million times. This song was not on it. Must have been added on some later collection much, much later. But it was not on Coda. Incidentally, the original LP was a really cool package.
  • Alex from Boucherville (montreal), QcI confirm it is not really on Coda... at least not on the CD I have.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiSo technically, it IS on Coda. Darn. I was just about to say that.
  • Joe from Birmingham, EnglandClearing up some misconceptions:
    1. the song based on Bert Berns' "Baby Come On Home", which had been recorded by Hoagy Lands (1964) and Solomon Burke (1965), each with slightly different music and lyrics.
    2. the song was unreleased until it surfaced on 1993's "Boxed Set 2".
    3. the song was later included on "The Complete Studio Recordings" as a bonus track on the "Coda" disc. (But it has never been released on the individual "Coda" album.)
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThis was actually a bonus track on Coda in 1993.
  • Johnnyfry from Toronto, CanadaI was listening to an interview given by Robert Plant about this song, whether he was being tongue in cheek or not, I don't know, but this is what he said. It was in fact only "found" in the 1990's. Apparently when they were cleaning out old reels at a studio that the old owners were abandoning some guy saw a reel with Led Zeppelin written on it. Page got wind of it and basically saved the reel and after listening to it decided that it was worth putting out on one of their box sets (I think their second box set release in the 90's). Plant laughed that the song should have been kept there, but this song has worth only due to his contribution, it was from one of their early sessions, probably Zeppelin I timeframe. Not alot of guitar work on this one, but great vocals and feel. I was happy to hear a new song also, and I believe it was briefly on the top 100 charts or something here in Canada when first released.
  • Daniel from Atlanta, GaPertaining to the first statement under "Songfacts", obviously one of the two songs referenced is B. Burns' song by the same name. What is the the name of the other?
  • Terri from Houston, TxNo, this isn't on Coda. The only place to get it is on the 2-disc box set. It is a great song and as a HUGE Zep freak, I could not believe I had never heard this song before. While driving home from Austin to Houston, I heard the unmistakable voice of Robert Plant, and thought it was a new solo song. But quickly realized Page was on guitar and thought - what the hell ? Well it ended way to soon and I guess the moronic DJ thought anyone with a brain would know who it was, and didn't give the title or any info. I was consumed by this lack of info and could not findout what the title was. My husband bought me the 2-disc set as a gift (even though I have every album) and voila! there was the mystery song. I was ecstatic! I had NEW Zeppelin to listen to, and probably drove him nuts until I learned every word, and it's one of my favorites now simply because I never hear it on the radio. This song has a gospel blues quality I really like, and shows again the diversity of the GREATEST band of them all. Note - to new Zep fans, if you want a good mix of Zep without rushing out and getting every album, buy the 2-disc box set, and Early Days & Latter Days. These 4 discs are the best way to get a bit of everything, and pretty sure just one duplicated song.
  • Kenny from Wilmot, Nhthis song is not on coda
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