Black Country Woman

Album: Physical Graffiti (1975)
  • Hey, hey, mama, what's the matter here
    Hey, hey, mama, what's the matter here
    You didn't have to tell me that you love me so
    You didn't have to love me, mama, let me go
    Hey, hey, mama, what's the matter here
    You didn't have to make me a total disgrace
    You didn't have to leave me with that beer in my face
    Hey, hey, mama, what's the matter here
    That's alright, it's awful dog-gone clear

    Hey, hey, baby, why you treat me mean
    Oh, oh, baby, why you treat me mean
    You didn't have to crucify me like you did
    You didn't have to tell me I was just your kid
    Hey, hey, mama, why'd you treat me mean
    You didn't have say you'd always be by my side
    Why' didn't have to tell me you'd be my blushin' bride
    Hey, hey, mama, why you treat me mean
    But that's alright, I know your sisters, too

    You didn't have to tell me that you love me so
    You didn't have to leave me, mama, let me go
    Hey, hey, mama, what is wrong with you
    You didn't have to leave me like a total disgrace
    You didn't have to leave me with that beer on my face
    Hey, hey, mama, what is wrong with you
    But that's alright, I'd be the same way, too

    Oh yeah, yeah, oh baby

    You didn't have to crucify me like you did
    You didn't have to tell me I was just your kid
    Hey, hey, mama, what's the matter here
    You didn't have to tell me you would be my own
    You didn't have to tell me, baby, let me go
    Hey, hey, mama, what is wrong with you
    That's alright, I know your sister, too

    What's the matter with you, mama Writer/s: JIMMY PAGE, ROBERT PLANT
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Thomas from Roswell, NmI like that they decided to leave the conversation and airplane noise at the beginning.
  • Daniel from Ny, Nythis song is about Plant and how his wife is giving him a hard time. Plant says it's ok because of the affair he had with his wife Maureen's sister when he says, "Well that's alright, I "know" your sister too." The song 'What is and What Should Never Be' is also a reference to the affair Robert was having with his wife Maureen's sister.
  • Patricia from Sao Paulo, BrazilTara, that was Plant.
  • Tara from Petoskey, MiOkay, who said, "Nah, leave it, yeah" ?? Was it Plant or Page?
  • Rod from Brisbane, AustraliaReed - Thanks Mate, appreciate that info - and YES - one of their TOP 3 SONGS. IT DEMANDS you just get into it. When that drum kicks in, hw can you stop feeling that beat?!?!?!

    Just love the simplicity and the power. Recorded in Rolling Stones Mobile Studio I think.?

    Rocking to this either drunk or - um - whatever, is brilliant.
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnRod-------it's the engineer saying:"i'm tryin' to get this airplane on" and Page says: "Not Even Yet" -----and yes, he sounds pretty stoned to me as well...but what a GREAT SONG!!
    ['ya didn't have to leave me with that beer on my face...hey hey baby..what is wrong with you?...ah but that's alright, i'd be the same way too'.] :}
  • Jim from Liverpool, United KingdomThis Exactly My FAVORITE song. I have no idea. I haven't memorized the words. i just mindlessly hum along.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InThe live renditions of this really kick A.
    Jones is really aggressive on the upright, and Plant's vocals are killer.
    Great track.
  • Rod from Brisbane, AustraliaOne of Zep's finest for sure. How stoned do you think Page was "nah, leave it, yeah." Sounds like he was still holding the billy.
  • Brian from Dennis, MaShall we roll it Jimmy?
    We're rolling on, uh, what one?
    No, one again
    Gotta get this airplane off.
    No, leave it, yeah
  • David from Wilson, Nyyes stephanie, it is a sample from dyer maker in the background
  • Stephanie from Pasadena, CaAt 1:30, Does anybody else hear Plant's echo sorta saying "Ohhh baby . . ."?
  • Steve from Saanichton, CanadaHey all, first time on this site. What I would like to know, can someone tell me what key the harp is in this song. Dave from Oshawa...Stevie Ray rules bud!! Different style than Jimmy but just as good! Cheers!
  • Ajay from Boston, Mathis is definitely a song that grew on doesn't seem like much compared to all the epics like 'Dazed and Confused' or 'No Quarter' or 'Kashmir', but now i think it reveals a lot more about the band's personality than most Zeppelin songs...their enjoyment in making music definitely shines through its a great song that features plant's somewhat underused harmonica
  • Tatiana from Aiken, ScThis song is amazing. It's cool because it is obviously from Zep's biggest influence - blues. It kicks a**. You get Bonzo playing awesome percussion, and Plant wailing on vocals and a harmonica - the makings of a perfect song.
  • Matthew from Sarasota, Flvery catchy song that can get caught in your mind.
  • Abbey from Richmond, Vathis is a great song, the drums in the beginging are sweet!
  • Kyle from Naperville, IlActually he says "No, leave it, yeah."
  • Adam from New Berlin, WiAdded note, I love the crash cymbals, SO SWEET!
  • Adam from New Berlin, WiSong is just so f*ckin' mellow. Happen to catch some dudes in mid-life just jammin' out to this at a local park, blew my mind. I was really stoned but I know i would have been blown away either way. Almost my favorite Zep song.
  • Kieran from Albury-wodonga, AustraliaA double Bass is different to a cello - a cello is smaller and has a higher pitch. He would have been using a double bass.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScGreat song1 It's acoustic, bluesy, relaxing, and just... sexy1 I love it! plant's vocals are awesome too1
  • Chris from Kalamazoo, MiOh an "upright bass" is a "doghouse bass" is a "double bass" is a Cello
  • Vana from Vbay, United Statesthis song kicks ass.

    what is an upright bass? a cello? im dumb, give me a break.
  • Chris from Npt, NyHe's actually saying "Shall we roll it, Jimmy?
    We're rolling on, uh -- what, one? No.
    One again.
    Wanna get this airplane off.
    Nah, leave the jet." I learned this from a website that researched the true lyrics for years.
  • Pants from Calgary, CanadaEddie Kramer: "wanna get this airplane on..."
    Robert plant: "Nah, leave it, yeah!"
    Also, the song wasnt exactly recorded in "Mick Jaggers garden", but at Stargroves, an estate owned by Mick.
  • Dave from Oshawa, CanadaI think this song is one of the most underated of Zeppelin songs. It's truly awesome. It's bluesy, and sexy, and damn relaxing too. I love to listen to this song on a nice summer day. So he said "Leave it" "Leave it" did he? I couldn't really tell, but I thought he was saying "Not even" "Not even", although I never put any effort into trying to hear what the recording man said, although I did hear him say something, and I did hear the plane, so thanks for filling me in people. I love Zep, but by far the best guitarist ever was Stevie Ray Vaughn hands down.
  • David from Greensboro, NcOf course you can hear a plane- one of the techies says at the beginning "I'm trying to get this airplane out of the way." To which Plant responds saying, "no, leave it, leave it."
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaYou can hear a plane go by during the song...since it was recorded outside...
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