The Rain Song

Album: Houses Of The Holy (1973)
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  • It is the springtime of my loving
    The second season I am to know
    You are the sunlight in my growing
    So little warmth I've felt before
    It isn't hard to feel me glowing
    I watched the fire that grew so low, oh

    It is the summer of my smiles
    Flee from me, keepers of the gloom
    Speak to me only with your eyes
    It is to you I give this tune
    Ain't so hard to recognize, oh
    These things are clear to all from time to time, ooh

    Oh, oh
    Oh, oh

    Talk talk, talk, talk
    Hey, I felt the coldness of my winter
    I never thought it would ever go
    I cursed the gloom that set upon us, 'pon us, 'pon us, 'pon us
    But I know that I love you so
    Oh, but I know
    That I love you so
    These are the seasons of emotion
    And like the wind, they rise and fall
    This is the wonder of devotion
    I see the torch
    We all must hold
    This is the mystery of the quotient, quotient
    Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall
    Just a little rain, oh
    Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah Writer/s: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Spellbound from ArkansasI discovered this performance of "The Rain Song" from 1994 only a couple of days ago, and I cannot stop watching it. Acoustic guitar perfection. Caution:
  • Dan from Cincinnati OhI want to hook up with Lisa from MN!
  • Mimi from WnyI once had this song stuck in my head for - I’m not joking - several weeks. It was CONSTANTLY playing in the background of my mind. I fell asleep with it in my head and awoke to it in my head. I don’t know why, nor do I know why it finally stopped...all I know is that I still love this song, despite the mental inundation. It comes on, I stop to listen. Every time. Pure beauty.
  • Sam_spade from ListeningIf you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last, that to the keepers of the gloom, he dedicates this tune.
  • Deborah J Dietsch from Ocean Pines, Maryland Absolutely my favorite Zep song
  • Sooner from ArkansasThis is absolutely the best Zep song ever, and an all-time one of the best ever anywhere. Music gives chills and the lyrics are great.
  • Barry from Gagetown NbI wonder why they didn't play it on Celebration Day ...
  • Barry from Gagetown NbI'm loving the comments on this one as much as I love the song ! I prefer live versions like TSRTS or from the Last Concert. It gives a magical mystical feel to the soul.
  • Kilo from NycWho played the piano on this? It's credited to John Paul but it sounds an awful lot like Nicky Hopkins.
  • Craystephenson from LaThere is an Easter egg / musical nod to "The Ocean" at 4:16 right as Plant is completing the verse "For you, I give this tune / Ain't so hard to recognize, oh..." A piano lick plays the opening guitar phrase in "The Ocean."
  • Ant from Morecambe EnglandThe Rain Song is a beautiful piece of work.....any thanks boys.......takes me back to younger stress free living.
  • Martin from Oxford, UkLove the song although it is taken from a poem called Rainy Day by Henry Longfellow.
  • Husein Mashni from CaliI remember the first time I heard this on my black tape recorder walking home from work. The part where the song speeds up hooked me. I always loved this song. then when I was in Sweden for three years, my Zep fascinations stared up because of the viking thing. The Rain Song was the one that really touched me - it would always be raining there.
  • Kieran from Brisbane, AustraliaThe first part of this song and the instrumental passage is like chamber music. Zep touched on so many different musical styles, yet never lost touch with their early roots and influences.
  • Pjyenn from Indonesia, IndonesiaThe Rain Song is always able to make me happy and give certain surreal feeling inside. I love everything about this song and crave for Led live performance playing this song, not to many unfortunately! But oh well I love this song and has become the soundtrack of my life!
  • Pixie from Los Angeles, CaI'll never forget the first time I heard this song, in ALMOST FAMOUS. I was surprised that I hadn't heard it before, I grew up in a home full of music, especially Led Zeppelin. I asked my dad why he never played it before, and from the comments I have read, he was one to skip it! I LOVE Led Zeppelin and I LOVE this song with a passion. It NEVER gets skipped on my Ipod, and I will stop what I'm doing to listen and smile. If anyone asked me what song would be the theme song to my life, this is it. Led Zep Forever!!!
  • Lisa from Eveleth, Mnif this song was a person, i would get naked and make love to it
  • Grayson from New Orleans, LaI LOVE that George Harrison was a big fan too. (I LOVE THE BEATLES TOO!!!) This is probably my favorite LZ song it gives me shivers when I listen to it.
  • Ernest from Corpus Christi, TxThis song has always reminded me of my teenage years while my beloved Grandparents were still alive. I love the way music can transport you back in time to a specific point in your life.
  • Kelly from Durango, CoTo James from California, that's awesome! I love Almost Famous, this song is also played at the end when William returns home and the band is having one last get together and one of the groupies, Sapphire, sits down with Russel to talk.... absolutely love it, they have the clip on youtube if anyone wants to see it... or maybe I'm the only one obsessed with that movie!... then at the very end they play Tangerine... ahhhhhhh! okay I'll stop :)
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrJohn Paul Jones is TRULY one of the m ost underrated players in the UNIVERSE !!!
  • Steve from Atlantic City, NjWhen Houses of the Holy was released. The rain song was the most skipped track on the record, couldnt wait to get to the next Zep rockin tune. Almost 40 years later I'm in a store on the boardwalk with my wife and kids listening through Bose speakers play this track. I couldnt leave the store till the 7:38 was up and I have played every lick and lyric in mind since.
    They say that youth is wasted on the young but if anyone of early age sees the beauty of this song now then they are truly blessed.
  • Steve from Atlantic City, NjWhen Houses of the Holy was released. The rain song was the most skipped track on the record, couldnt wait to get to the next Zep rockin tune. Almost 40 years later I'm in a store on the boardwalk with my wife and kids listening through Bose speakers play this track. I couldnt leave the store till the 7:38 was up and I have played every lick and lyric in mind since.
    They say that youth is wasted on the young but if anyone of early age sees the beauty of this song now then they are truly blessed.
  • Tony from Chicago, IlThe first time I heard this was one of those moments like when Kennedy got shot. I was on Oakton Street around 1983 in front of the McDonalds and i caught the end of it thinking,"That's so perfect,that's gotta be Zeppelin!" I was just getting into Zep at the time and I searched and searched for weeks to hear it again to confirm the band. This song and "Us and Them" are my two favorite mellow songs. No words can completely describe how Heavenly this song is!
  • Kimberly Luna Scorpi from Anomonous, CaI can't say it was perfect, because that is only the work of G-d. But I have a suspiscion G-d wrote this
  • Karin from Sebastopol, CaI 'gave' this song to my beloved. This song has provided tremendous meaning to me- since I was a teenager. To me- it professes true love from time past. I listen to this song at work- it warms my heart and makes me think of and feel the deep connected love I share. I told him that when he wants to feel better or to have an instant connection to me- to play this song on his iphone*
  • Linda from Los Angeles, CaThis is the best song ever written. Nothing compares nor ever will for me.
  • Sarah from Albany, Nythis song is musical perfection. i love every single second of it
  • Amanda from Wyckoff, NjMy favorite Led Zeppelin song. I listened to it on repeat one day this summer when it was raining. I cried the whole time. I love it. its beautiful, just shows how much talent and soul Led Zeppelin has. Amazing.
  • Brandon from Northeast, OhMy very favorite song. It's a song that, when your sad, will cheer you up; when you're happy, will make you thankful; and when you're in love, will make you appreciate your loved one. Not to mention, the guitar is simply beautiful, and very fun to play.
  • Zach from Williamsburg, VaI was thinking since Robert Plant is a Leo (Astrology), and he wrote the lyrics and he talks about "springtime of my loving", seasons etc. and because summer is a strong time for a Leos love life that is a good posibility.
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniathe most beautifull song in the wold, i dont even know what page was on when he came up with it, oh my god its nuts!
    i cant wait to make love to this one!
  • Sourav Shivam from Mumbai, IndiaThis is definately a song that will remain in the hearts of rock lovers forever..One of the all time classics.....
  • Brad from Lexington, KyBeautiful song, fantastic vocal performance, chilling and brilliant orchestrations, what more can I say? A timeless classic, like most Zeppelin songs, although this one means more to me than many others as it has always seemed magical and emotional to me. It makes me want to cry every time I hear it, and for some magic reason, it always reminds me of great times in my past. Great song to listen to at night in the summer, with the windows down and fan on.
  • Blair from Nowhere, NhGarrett from PA-----you're right, AWESOME song!!!
  • Garrett from Pittsburgh, PaPlant is GOD!
    Awesome song...
  • Joe from Dublin, IrelandMusical Perfection
  • Jack from Salem, Orspeaking of crying i actually did cry when the song starts to speed up. and for now apparent reason. it kinda scared me
  • Rachita from Delhi, Indiabless George Harrison..this one is Led Zeppelins best ever..makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time..
  • Julie from Nj, NjI just found out that the first few chords are a homage to the beatles song Something. Great Song
  • Duane from Oak Harbor, about power-ballad? One of the originals, I suspect. My favorite part is at 5:02...the drums pound in after the quiet blend of acoustic and electric guitar. Pure magic each and every time.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InSimply beautiful, and moving lyrics.
    I had long wondered that Zep invited a cellist and violinists into the studio for this, but it definitely makes more sense that those came from Jones's mellotron.
    This one will mellow out even the most pissed off person.
  • Trey from Kalamazoo, MtI love this. One-o-da best Led Zep's ev-uhh.
  • Jenna from Wayne, Nj"Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune". All I can say is that may god bless Led Zeppelin for making this song a part of my life. I feel so much peace when I hear this song.
  • Rachita from Delhi, Indiathis is the best song ever written...
    everything about it is perfect beyond doubt

    "Upon us all a little rain must fall"...brilliant
  • Eric from Buffalo, NyI came home from school one day knowing my dog was very sick. He wasn't home to greet me, he'd been taken to the vet by my dad. I knew immediately what happened. I lay down on my bed and put my headphones on...this was the first song that played. I'll never forget that. It's such a beautiful song. It's so true, "upon us all a little rain must fall."
  • Ray from New York, NyPage must have sold his soul to create this arrangement. It is the best.
  • Rea from Monticello, ArErik, I think it's just 'hey', or 'yeah'. I think.
  • Erik from Plano, IlWhat does Plant say 35 seconds into the song. It is the spring time of my loving, (NOW). IF you listen very closely, you can hear somebody whisper something. I can't make it out. I had headphones on; you can hear it in the right headphone.
  • Luke Taylor from Manchester, United KingdomI do believe that this song personifies perfection! Love the augmentation chords..
  • Allison from A Little Ol' Town In, MiThis song is awesome. Not many people know it but they should. The lyrics are awesome. The two guitars playing are epic. CLASSIC ZEPPELIN!!!!! With the piano and strings added in at 1:35, that completes the song. Makes you want to fall asleep but its soo good that you have to stay awake to hear how awesome it is. The simple parts of all the instruments combined are a very wise choice. I can understand why george was a huge fan. Even the fact that he told them they should write a ballad makes soooooo much sense in this song. The strings give it a little bit of a Beatles edge to it i think. But maybe that's just me. Does anybody else think that the strings make it sound a little like a beatles song???? One of the greatest Zeppelin songs ever written." Speak to me only with your eyes" how awesome is that line? It's got a very relaxed feeling throughout the whole song. LOVE IT!!!!
  • Scott from Portland, OrI first heard this song on a tape I bought from a second hand store. The first time I played it, I was hooked. I love it. I agree with most of the posts that say it is about the changing seasons of emotion, specifically love. It starts with the spring, the beginning of growth, "the spring time of my loving, the second season I'm to know." The first season must have been winter, a time of death and nothingness. "You are the sunlight in my growing, so little warmth I've felt before", meaning he he is going from no love, to a first budding of love. Then it follows "the summer of my smiles, flee from me keepers of the gloom", his love for her is in full bloom, all is good in his world, it could not be better, much like a first love. Then winter sets in "I felt the coldness of my winter, I thought that it would never go, I cursed the gloom that fell upon us". His fully matured love begins to die of no fault of thier own; it fell upon them, a natural change that could not be stopped, like the pedals of a rose wilting and falling off as the hours of sunlight become less when the cold of winter sets. He feels his love die, and it hurts like the bitter cold of winter. To me the best part of the song is when he says "I cursed the gloom that fell upon us, but I know that I love you so" Like saying, I can not stop the love from dying, but that can not stop me from loving you. "It feels good, feels good yeah, but I know that I love you so", to me this mean that even in the bitter cold of death, he still loves his girl, and that his love survives even in death. I think it follows that the love he sings about will be reborn in his next spring. The song is about the immortality of love, the rebirth of it, even after a a bitter cold wintery death. Love survives.
  • Allen from Durham, United KingdomThe live version is simply stunning, Robert Plant has no equal as a vocalist.
  • Mina from Whitefish, Mtthis song is one of the most amazing....listen to it when it's one of those know?
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaThe Rain Song is so beautiful and relaxing, I love it. the lyrics are so thoughtful too "Upon us all a little rain must fall"... I have listened to this song at least 238470954 times and I know I will never get tired of it. :)
  • Paul from Columbia, Scthis song is,in one word, amazing.
  • Sarah from Corsham, EnglandThis is the best song ever, not just by Zeppelin, but the best in the whole world. It is so beautiful, it makes me cry, although so does Babe, I'm gonna Leave You, and Since I've Been Loving You. In fact all of their songs are amazing, I feel so passionate about their music, I am at work whilst typing this, singing, and everyone is telling me to shut up but I can't help myself.
  • Shivam from Ranchi, Indiaspringtime of my loving :spring in literature is used to denote time of rebirth or renewal.
    second season :return of lost love or feelings
    The first para revolves around this "renewal theory".
    summer:increase in intensity
    winter:harshness n coldness
    these are the seasons of emotions
    and like the wind they rise and fall....
    upon us all a little rain must fall..

    To me this song is of a lover whose love is not reciprocated (I watch the fire that grews ALONE).
    All through its like he's consoling himself and at last he ends it craving and pleading to be loved in return..
    (Upon us all a little rain
    Must fall.
    Just a little rain?
    Ooooh, yeah yeah yeah!)

  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiGeorge Harrison was a huge fan? THE George Harrison, of the Beatles? Are you serious?
  • Robert from Dallas, TxIt was 1991 in Hawaii. I was in the military on a co-ed ship. I had a beautful girlfriend on the ship and my friend drove us around the island in a convertible Red Mustang. She and I sat(and kissed) in the back seat with the topdown, it was sunny, there was a mist-like rain and we had Houses of the Holy in the cassette player. What a memory and this song always reminds me of that.
  • Phil from Fakeville, CanadaOne of the best songs ever. Led Zeppelin is by far the greatest band ever.
  • Tyler from Fargo, NdBest song ever written, I listen to it to help me through tough times. It is beautifully written.
  • Ben from Cincinnati, Ohbest led zeppelin song ----- ever.
  • Shelby from Idiotville , Kywow :D

    they're the BEST
  • Ed from York, Pathis is a beautiful song, i love it
  • Richard from Pekin, IlI absolutely love this song. Probably more than Stairway. I have a hard time picking favorites with anything including music but this one gets my pick far above the rest. The music is well done and I like the intro. I usually play this one when I'm a bit depressed, it makes for a nice song to reflect to but the ending will always help make me look at the better side of things. Regardless, its always a great thing to play this song on a rainy day. I love the rain this just makes it that much better.
  • Brenda from Wendell, United StatesLoved this one since the very begining but brought new meaning to me in 1989 when my 19 yr old bro. passed away and had just realized how great it was himself. This song will forever remind me of a freezing rainy day on March 9, 1989 in Raleigh N.C. Which is a great thing.
  • That Dude from That Place, CoHey Joe! Bonham totally doesn't use regular wire drum brushes for this song. In fact he used hair brushes! Wierd huh?
  • Eric from Grosse Pointe Woods, MiHey Joe im pretty sure they were like toothbrushes but all the way around the part of the drumstick and maybe atleast an inch longer.
  • Eric from Grosse Pointe Woods, MiHow can you not like plants voice? It's probably waht makes the band worth listening to other than pages amazing guitar.
  • Ben from Minas Tirith, MoKevin how can u hate this song? it is amazing one of their best id say. His vocals are amazing and the guitar solo is awesome.
  • David from Whittier, Cathis truly is one of Led's greatest songs i really love it and its good to get in the mood
  • Kevin from Quebec, Canadawhen i first heard this song it really made me hate zeppelin. Now whenever i hear plants voice i have to turn it off it just annoys me so much i really cant stand his voice at all
  • Joe from Oakdale, MnBrushes like paint brushes?
  • That Dude from This Place, CoIt was to me interesting that Bonham took brushes to his drums on this song, and this is great, showing the versatility of rock's greatest drummer. What surprised me the most was that he continues to use the brushes when the song gets heavy. This shows the legendary power of Bonham. All around good song, and the last ending guitar playing is great. Only music's best group could pull this off.
  • Joe from Oakdale, MnOh yeah I have like this kinda half started acoustic song and I just decided this is kinda how I want it to go.
  • Joe from Oakdale, MnYou know right after the like first 2 chords that little dew-ew thingy. Everytime I hear it I feel like I'm on a beach in a tropical island, it's so cool how music can effect you like that.
  • Joseph from Chicago, Ilthis is a great song, not very well known, which is surprising. i love to play this song and it is one of their greatest.
  • Alexandru from Iasi, Romaniayes, incredibly nice song, but i like it more in its variant in the song remains the same live double lp.
  • Amy from Silver Spring, MdAnother song written for the love of his life.
    Dirk, darlin', how can you be a big Zep fan if you can't even spell it? Plant didn't plunk down quick maudlin lyrics for this ballad. "so little warmth I felt before...i watched the fire that grew so low" refers to the lack of love and warmth he received in his other relationships. And if you really knew Plant, you would know "it is the summer of my smiles...flee from me keepers of the gloom" is always his mantra. Be Happy he always quips. "speak to me only with your eyes, it is to you i give this tune...ain't so hard to recognize.." he was writing this to a woman he could not have.
    And whats with the Admiral Stoner stuff? Who WASN'T stoned in 1972?
    And Ivan, I love your interpretation. Robert often writes about the cyclical nature of things. He's SUCH a pagan!!
  • Elie from The U.k, Englandi love this song its verry relaxing andjust takes u to higher places
  • Dexter from Mumbai, Indiathis is the most beautiful piece of music i have ever heard.the vocals on this one is no walk in the park good one robert, and yes they do make sense dirk u gota listen to it properly the same goes for all led zepp songs . i love the band and as it goes i think their the best ever . led zepp forever
  • Sean from Colorado Springs, Co? Zeppelin had one of the greatest producers of all time, Jimmy Page.. read up man.. read up, he's still a wizard today. I personally like the lyrics, and to a greater degree, the singing itself; granted, Zeppelin didnt always have the absolute best, but what few mistakes they made and down-to-earth personalities were the only things left that made them human at all.
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnThe music is achingly beautiful. I agree with that. All I'm saying is, somebody should've asked the boys to work a little longer on the lyrics and practice the vocal for a while longer until they figured out something more deserving of the music. Bobby sounds a little unsure of what he's doing with the music. It sounds ad-libbed and hokey in parts. "You are the sunlight in my growing - so little warmth I've felt before....It isn't hard to feel me glowing - I watched the fire that grew so low." Some of the recordings we worship as rock-era classics today were actually a little spotty in parts. We accept them warts and all. But in fact they suffered from a lack of a producer who could truly direct the band. People like Zepp were gods who couldn't be told what to do. Sometimes that was a good thing. Other times, you can detect it in the music.
  • Dani from Nyc, Nydirk, what in the world do you mean?! the lyrics make such perfect sense that its incredible. this song is so beautiful that it hurts.
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnI love Zepplin. And I happened to hear this song in its entirety on the car radio today. But here's my guess about how it was really recorded. I'm convinced that Captain Stoner Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones and John Bonham got together in a studio --without Admiral Stoner Robert Plant-- and recorded a beautiful, lush instrumental. They probably got as far as adding all the subsequent tracks. The symphonic stuff. Everything got laid down and, as the Bible says, it was good.... THEN Robert Plant shows up a couple days later and says, "ear, mates, I'll just 'ave a go at laying down some bloody nonsense lyrics. Just you lot stand back out of the way and your old Admiral Stoner will show you 'ow it's done." He then sort of ad-libbed his way through the music, slapping irrevelant words onto the arrangement wherever the *#% he pleased, groaning whenever he got lost in the melody, and never returning to the same structure twice.... And thus, The Rain Song was born.
  • Vivek from Bangalore, IndiaOhhhh lord bless Led Zeppelion for such a masterpiece.. Take a bow Plant.. No one... i mean no one can sing this like him
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cado it ryan! this song is the perfect song for that.
  • Matthew from Sarasota, FlIt is my favorite led zeppelin song.It is composed so brailiantly.The live version is great too, and the middle when it explodes truly shows what Led Zeppelin was all about.
  • Ryan from Havasu, AzI love this song. I need advice though: shall I make a best friend of mine listen to it (I'm a guy, she a girl whom I've been in love with since we met). I just don't know how to tell her. If no, then what song!
  • Abbey from Richmond, Vathis song is just so beautiful led zeppelin is the best band of all time!
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cathis song is the DEFINITION
  • Nick from Baton Rouge, Lathis song sounds to me, in my mind, the finest hour of a warrior, especially when it kicks up, a great song, long live zeppelin!
  • Josh from Las Vegas, Nvgreat on song remains the same right after the title song
  • Ben from New York, NyI convinced my mother, who hates Led Zeppelin, to listen to this song. She knows most bands, but she could not guess that this was Zeppelin becuase it is so beautiful and does not sound like them. She ways it is an amazing song becuase of the lack of screaming. I like the loud stuff though.
  • Justin Mcshea from Columbia, MoYou cannot imitate this song by any means. One of the best acoustic songs I have ever heard, and one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs even though I cannot have A favorite. Good tip on listening to this before you go to bed. I do it alot. Enjoy
  • Taylor from Austin, TxYeah, I think that is a bass drum pedal squeaking.

  • Jim from Toledo, Ohanyone else notice the infamous squeaky bonzo drum pedal in this one?
  • Taylor from Austin, TxRight on Maddie. George Harrison DOES rock.
    And this is one of the best Led Zep songs out there.
  • Maddie from Knoxville, TnSuch a beautiful song. I had no idea that George Harrison had something to do with this song or any of their songs. George Harrison rocks!
  • Tammy from Princeton, Nj Lovely song, very chilling and has a lot of various meaning to alot of various people. But honestly guys, SOME people should lighten up just a LITTLE when listening to Zep songs. Enjoy the stuff for what it is: kick ass music. Not crazily inspiring prophesies or a devil worshiper's soundtrack! Just cool music to jive to, that's it.
  • Odracir from Santiago, Chilethe greatest Led Zep Song Ever writed!!!!
  • Cherry from Idunno, MtI love this song!! its most definatly one of my favs!! Its so beautiful. I listen to it almost every night, before i go to bed
  • Robert from Snellville, GaWhere "devil worshipper" Page knows it or not :-) the theme comes right out of the New Testament...

    Matthew 5:43-46 (New King James Version)
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    Copyright ? 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

    Love Your Enemies
    (A) 43"You have heard that it was said, "You shall love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.' 44But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,[b] 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?
  • Jim from Oxnard, Ca7:40 of good music. It's a song that you can never get tired of.
  • Adam from Poplar Bluff, MoMy personal favorite Zeppelin song, it describes the beauty of everything to me.

    -Adam, Poplar Bluff, MO
  • Jd from Severn, MdOne of the many Jimmy Page guitar efforts that baffled me until I discovered open tunings! That's the key to many of his songs, another great example is Dancin Days, done in open G tuning, some songs have open tunings and a capo, now that's playing outside the box! JC, in Severn, MD
  • George from No. Hampton, NhSometimes I wish zeppelin wasn't so amazing... Because this is probably the best ballad ever written... I'd have to say this and the wanton song are my two favorite zeppelin songs...
  • Bryan from Campbell, CaDEAR GOD IN HEAVEN...i absolutely love this song it is my favorite zep song of time...I heard it first when i was going to my girlfriend's house and i told her i'd have to be there some other day.(not much of a romantic i guess...)I ran home grabbed my guitar and couldnt figure out what the hell he was doin. so i called my friend who taught me when i was younger and he told me it was Gsus4 tuning...i finally learned it and now it's my favorite song to play. this song rocks.(later i played this for my girlfriend and it made everything better...;-))
  • Mark Bacigalupo from Windham, NhI must agree with Jenni. "Man, this song is honestly beautiful, one of the best zeppelin songs, gives me shivers every time.
    - Jenni, Bilbao, Spain " I'm in a band, and i know how hard it is to write a good song. This is one of those songs that makes me think, how could they ever think of something this...amazing.
  • Rob from Castaic, Camy fave zeppelin song without a doubt
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeDamn, what is it with the Beatles knocking Zeppelin for supposedly not doing any ballads. Did Paul and George actually OWN any Zeppelin albums before 1973?! (not that I'm knocking the Beatles, they're equal with Led Zeppelin as far as I'm concerned)
  • Helene from Orlando, FlAchingly beautiful. Are they the best band or what?
  • Joey from Seattle, WaThis song reminds me of when I 1st got back with my girlfriend... when i have personal issues in my relationship-i seek this song to clear up my mind...
  • Patrick from Boston, MaI consider this my personal "Rain" song. One of my favorite Zeppelin tunes.
  • Caitlin from Philadelphia, PaWow, I had know idea George had said that to Bonzo. Interesting. And Dave: you've MET Jimmy Page? Dude! That's awesome!
  • Julie from Marquette, MiAnother priceless Zep song...lovely.
  • James from San Francisco, CaThat's fascinating, Ivan! Anyway, in the movie "Almost Famous", when we see the Zeppelin freak kid (Ric) for the second time, at the hotel, He has the lyrics to the Rain song on the front of his custom shirt.
  • Ivan from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLike the cycles of the mankind (1,000 years average)when the Prophet first appears it is like Springtime. They begin to warm the world and enlighten it (loving), but only a few can perceive it at first (so little warmth). Everyone feels the warmth, even if they do not know it's source (It isn't hard). The fire has been re-kinkled after the harsh winter (grew so low).

    When the generality of mankind receives the message of the Prophet it is like Summer and the sun is directly over head (smiles). All receive the light, the spirit is abundant and words are not needed (only with your eyes). Mankind received a precious gift (give this tune) and gloom flees.

    Mankind's spiritual winter is felt by all (coldness of my winter) and some give up waiting for the new Messenger would ever go). Even though the religion is dead, God still loves mankind (I love you so).

    These seasons come and go with every religion (rise and fall). Those that remain devoted will behold the mysteries of God and receive faith (torch we all must hold). The servants of God will all suffer some-what like the Prophets did (rain must fall).

    See the "Rain Song" (Krishna, Buddah, Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, & Baha'u'llah)
  • Sean from Stockton, CaI think this is Led Zeppelin's best beautiful...funny how my two favorite songs of all-time are both directly related to George number one is "Something"...and this song is related to it...weird.
  • Dave from Marieta, GaJimmy Page was well-known for using non-standard tunings on guitar. If you are a guitar player and are attmepting to play this song in standard guitar tuning E-B-G-D-A-E (high to low), FORGET IT! It will not sound right. I've met one-on-one with Jimmy Page numerous times as a guitar technician and the tuning he used on the recording was D-C-G-C-G-D (high to low). This authentic tuning has a celtic sound to it, and also makes the song much easier to play, as it uses beautiful open chord voicings. Look elsewhere on the web for specific guitar tablature for this song.
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeDefinitely the best song on Houses of the Holy. One Zeppelin's most beautiful tracks. "Upon us all a little rain must fall." So true Robert...
  • Jim from Bethlehem, PaTo go along with Harrison telling Bonzo not enough ballads is the same reason the 2 opening chords are the same that open Harrisons Something
  • Brooke from Sedona, AzWhat a kick ass song, one of their best.
  • Paul_marlow from Perth, Australiaanother classic zeppelin song!
  • Brian from Paoli, InYes this song is great, I love when it speeds up near the end.
  • Kevin from Gulf, Msa good love makin song :)
  • Jenni from Bilbao, SpainMan, this song is honestly beautiful, one of the best zeppelin songs, gives me shivers every time.
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