The Song Remains The Same

Album: Houses Of The Holy (1973)
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  • I had a dream
    Oh, yeah
    Crazy dream, uh-huh
    Anything I wanted to know
    Any place I needed to go
    Hear my song
    Yeah, people don't you listen now?
    Sing along
    You don't know what you're missing, now
    Any little song that you know
    Everything that's small has to grow
    And it's gonna grow, push push, yeah

    Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, California sunlight
    Sweet Calcutta rain
    Honolulu starbright
    The song remains the same
    Ooh, ooh, oh, oh

    Here we go, here we go
    All you gotta do, now
    All you gotta do, now
    Sing out Hare-Hare
    Ooh, dance the Hoochie-Koo
    City lights are oh so bright, as we go sliding, sliding
    Sliding, sliding, sliding, sliding, sliding, sliding
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  • Mark Riva from L.a.Come on cosmic rockers, you're just skating the surface, my friends. With these mystic bards there is always a deeper meaning and this one is also quite simple, indeed, song title-wise I mean. When you're up it's a long way down. When you're down it's a long way up. It's all the same thing. No new tale to tell. The song remains the same.
  • Anthony from Westbury, NyThis song is played a whole step lower in Celebration Day compared to its studio version to accommodate Plant's lower voice.
  • Willie from Scottsdale, AzOh, also, I read that when they played TSRTS live, Jimmy would leave the pickups on all the doubleneck open, so that the reverb from the strings being played would be felt by the other "guitar," aiming more towards the studio version, which required both guitars to be playing at one time.
  • Willie from Scottsdale, AzIn live shows, Robert would improvise the line "and a pocket full of gold," with "...Acapulco Gold..." aka hippie lettuce.
  • Chris from Mchenry, IlI had a dream that I traveled with Led Zep back in the 70's. If only it were true.
  • David from Los Angeles , CaJonesy (as called by his band mates) is playing an amazing bass line
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniai love the way roberts voice sounds on this track but...this song is 100% about guitar amazingness!! who cares what he says, listen to those riffs! my lord
  • Joshua from Frankfort, KyJust wish I was born earlier so I could've sen em live. There music transcends time and space tho
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InStrange way to open "Houses of the Holy," but it really grew on me when I first popped my tape copy into the deck.
    There are some songs that rarely, except on radio station "Get The Led Out" segments, get airplay, that are more enjoyable because the have not yet gotten drilled into your head.
    This is one such song.
  • Michael from Honolulu, Hi"The song remains the same"...even if it grows. What is universal?...everything grows...souls,humans,plants,weed,trees,love,snails,you and me, etc.....That is the the point....This song will stand still in time as you will grow, with everything around you will. Rain is well spoken in this song and what does rain do?
  • Roy from Granbania, MaNothing against this song's originality, but it reminds me of a faster, modified version of The Who's "Sparks" from Tommy. Also the similarities in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor" are only vaguely present, but you can hear them. Anyways...JPJ's Bass Guitar is amazing in this song I wanna hear it without accompaniment.
  • Scott from Burlington, CaEveryone is completely off on this one.

    This song (and the movie) were written about the exploitation of Led Zeppelin and how they were a pawn for thier label and their management. The lyrics talk about the places they go and the things that they do and that no matter where or what they are all the same in the end. This is the constant theme throughout the movie as well as the song.

    Shame on anyone who cant see this metaphor from the get go. Get on amazon and order the remastered DVD of the SRTS and commit to memory!
  • Kirk from Waterford, MiWhat these guys did cannot be even approached by any of todays contempoaries. The talent and imagination that created this song can't be recreated
  • Tim from Boulder, CoGreastest band of all time... hands down.
  • Luke Taylor from Manchester, United KingdomTSRTS version is the best. Plant sings it with more power and a rockier tone. AND the mix into the Rain Song is just sublime!
  • Ben from Nashvegas, TnPage recycled some of his Yardbirds riffs on "Tinker, Tailor, Soilder, Sailor" for TSRTS.
  • Ledhead1234 from Agusta, Gathis song is about 10000000000000000x better live... plant doesnt sound like a little girl
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiWhy did Plant lose his ability to scream very loudly that he had for the first 4 albums? He just lost that ability suddenly. Why? How?
  • Jambi from T-town, Mijimmys guitar in this song is far greater than in any other song
  • Paul from Columbia, Scgosh led zeppelin is just amazing
  • Åge from Arendal, NorwayMy God,what a band!!!! Åge,Norway
  • Åge from Arendal, NorwayMy God,what a band!!!
  • Bill from Topeka, Ksgood tune nice guitar sweet drums
  • Scott from Chicago, IlRecently I purchased a remastered DVD of The Song Remains the Same, 30 years later.While not much is gained in the video, Page worked his magic in the remix. Now having the best audio equipment I've owned in years,it's amazing, almost daunting.
    Jimmy, dwarfed by the double neck, feeding the audience, owning the stage. A completely awesome
    song live. The percussion and bass just course through your flesh.My 7 year old daughter is hypnotized by the fantasy sequence.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiI love the drive of this song. It really shows the band in top form, blistering through some rough terrain. As much as I'm a fan of Plant, for some reason, to me anyway, the lyrics struggle a bit in this song. Maybe something that just kept time with the music with no message might have worked better? Just a thought.
  • Ryan from Cincinnati, Ohpage..enough said
  • Marc from Niagara Falls, Canadagoood song really fast
  • Al from Yick, EnglandI like it, but i'm sure i heard bits of it in Tommy
  • Spencer from Richmond, Vathis song is one of JPJ's best works too. this song wouldnt be half as good without sych a genius bass part
  • Joel from Stockholm, SwedenThis has to be one of the very best songs they ever made, if not the best of them all. They are the greatest band of all time, and if there is a god, it's definitely Page. Actually, I consider the little intro solo which starts at 0:57 into the song the best solo Page ever made - there's just something simply geniously about it!
  • Sean from Colorado Springs, CoAn amazing song, but I found the interplay between JPJ and Bonham to be the crucial play in the song. JPJ's bass is incredible in this effort.
  • Chris from Paradise, CtTo kuet bain....i agree jimmy Page is the best in the world and is a guitar it rips in that of my favorites
    -Chris Galea-
  • Bill from Bedford, NhAwesome on the album, even better live (like most Zep songs).
  • David from Orlando, FlI always thought the lyric was "sliding out" at the end? Anyway, this song kicks!
  • Kurt Bain from BracbridgeWICKED GOOD SONG UNDERRATTED like the people in this world not getting the fact the jimmy page is the best in the world then need more credibility
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cai used to hate this song...i considered it too poppy, but now i love it. its good.
  • Jimmy from La, CaThanx Tay - I never realized the MLK reference before.

    Incredible song - prog-rock-ish?
  • Taylor from Austin, Txto chris from Lansing, MI: When they say Plants lyrics were sped up that means he sang it slower and then they sped up the tape. This gives him that shill sounding voice that is also on songs like Dancing Days and a few others.
  • Nick from Baton Rouge, Lagreat song.... you know when your in a bad moment in your life, and you were listening to a certain song, or band? and you listen to them later.. and its unlistenable, because it brings out bad memories? zeppelin songs dont do that.. they make you wanna remember those nights when you were sprawled out over your bed, zoning out to a blusey riff, made by the 4 gods of rock, and the world..
  • Chris Smith from Lansing, Miwhat does it mean when they say plant's lyrics were sped up?

  • Bobby from Cleveland, United StatesCan u get more energytic song then keeps up throughout and i really get high on it ...Hail Zeppelin
  • Tay from Minneapolis, MnThe song lyrics are actually in reference to MLK's I have a dream speech and the 'vibe' that Plant got when he read it.
  • Don from Philadelphia, Pagreat uplifting song.
  • James from San Francisco, CaPlant could never resist talking, often to the audience's dismay, before playing this song.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhThe second-best song on Zep's best album
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeJust more proof that Jimmy Page is a Guitar God!
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