Album: No Name Face (2000)
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  • You could be right
    And I'll be real honesty
    Won't be a pain
    You'll have to feel

    Cause I don't need
    Your approval to find
    My worth I've been trapped
    Inside of my own

    Mind afraid to open
    My eyes to what I'd
    Find I don't want to
    Live like this anymore

    There goes my pain there
    Goes my chains did you
    See them fall there
    Goes this feeling that

    Has no meaning there
    Goes the world off
    Of my shoulders there
    Goes the world off of

    My back there it goes
    Does it scare you that
    I can be something
    Different than you

    Would it make you
    Feel more comfortable
    If I wasn't you can't
    Control me you can't

    Take away from me who
    I am have you ever felt
    That your only comfort
    Was your cage you're not

    Alone I have felt the
    Same as you have you ever
    Felt like your secrets
    Give you away you're not

    Alone I have been there,
    Too everyone is looking
    And everybody is laughing
    But I think everyone feels

    The same everybody wants
    To feel okay everybody
    Wants to everybody wants
    To feel 'cause you can't

    Change me you can't break
    Me there goes the world
    Off of my shoulders there
    Goes the world off of

    My back 'cause
    I don't want it Writer/s: JASON WADE
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  • Scarlet from Weed, Califehouse is such an awsome band

    ive been listening to them for a long time....

    one of their best songs.

    your all i want
    is another good song.
  • Silvia from Guatemala City, OtherIt is God the one that can lay down all our burdens down and make us free...this is what this song means to me..Don't you think the same?
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