It's Good

Album: Tha Carter IV (2011)
Charted: 79
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  • Who are rich and troubles are few
    May come around to see my point of view
    What price the crown of a King on his throne
    When you're chained in the dark all alone

    I'm as real as they come, I follow the rules
    I'm still in the hood but I probably should move
    Made enough money, I don't fuck around
    I just felt they needed me, so I stuck around
    Feds got my man, shit is real son
    'Cause my god son just became my real son
    Think life is a game but all you get is a turn
    You live and you learn, either you freeze or you burn
    Kush in the air, I'm pushing the gears
    Love turned into hate, hate turned into fear
    If it ain't right, I don't sign the deal
    Shoot me in the watch, I got time to kill
    Gasoline, propane, ain't no salary cap in the dope game
    Ain't no collective bargaining on cocaine
    So in other words nigga, do your thing

    Mind in one place, heart in another
    Please pardon my brother
    He's just angry at you niggas
    Who don't have your heart in your rap shit
    And got too fuckin' comfy, 'cause we still fuckin' hungry
    Young Money, got the munchies
    Faded, fuckin' faded, aw yeah I'm fuckin' faded
    They tellin' lies about me, aw yeah I must've made it
    Rikers Island on this flow, eight months for that pistol
    But at least they had some bad bitches workin' in that shit hole ah!
    Three visits later, I went and did it major
    So fuck the judge, and the jury, and the litigator
    Watchin' all these kids who thought they had it figured out
    And then November came, they let my nigga out ow

    Stop playin', I ain't with that bullshit
    Niggas act like bitches.
    Shanaynay, oh my goodness
    This is Wayne's World, and y'all are just some tourists
    Give me three wishes, I wish, I wish, I wish, you would bitch
    Brand new pussy, pussy good as baby powder
    Two glock forty's, nigga you got eighty problems
    Swimmin' in the money, Imma need some fuckin' goggles
    Its better to give, but we don't give a fuck about 'em
    I just came home, shit then got real hoe
    Lil' Weezy-ana, the boot nigga, steal toe
    I ain't workin' with a full deck but I deal hoe
    I just touched down, kick the motherfuckin' field goal
    Talkin' 'bout baby money? I got your baby money
    Kidnap your bitch, get that "how much you love your lady" money
    I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga
    I'll take you out, that's a date nigga
    I'm a grown ass blood, stop playin' with me
    Play asshole and get an ass whippin'
    I think you pussy cat ha, hello kitty
    I just throw the alley-oop to Drake Griffin
    I lay 'em down, tempur-pedic
    This shits a game of chess, you niggas think its cleavage
    Its young money, yeah 'tis the season
    I give you the business, bitch this a business meeting
    My niggas hungry, my bitches greedy
    Will I die a bloody murder? Dear Mr. Ouija
    Nigga, I'm straight, my girl a faggot
    Potato on the barrel, pop pop tater salad, ugh! Writer/s: Alan Parsons, Andre Lyon, Aubrey Graham, Brian Pickens, Dwayne Carter, Eric Wolfson, Jason Phillips, Jermaine Preyan, Marcello Valenzano
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Gayane from Armenia Wayne is savage mothef--ker , but that’s why we love him
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