Breaking The Habit

Album: Meteora (2003)
Charted: 39 20
  • Memories consume like opening the wound
    I'm picking me apart again
    You all assume
    I'm safe here in my room
    Unless I try to start again
    I don't want to be the one the battles always choose
    'Cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    I don't know why I instigate
    And say what I don't mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I know it's not alright
    So I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit tonight

    Clutching my cure
    I tightly lock the door
    I try to catch my breath again
    I hurt much more than any time before
    I have no options left again
    I don't want to be the one the battles always choose
    'Cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    I don't know why I instigate
    And say what I don't mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I'll never be alright
    So I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit tonight

    I'll paint it on the walls
    'Cause I'm the one at fault
    I'll never fight again
    And this is how it ends

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    But now I have some clarity to show you what I mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I'll never be alright
    So I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit tonight

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    I don't know why I instigate
    And say what I don't mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I'll never be alright
    So I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit tonight
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  • Mike from St. LouisSpeaking from my own personal experiences it sounds to me that this is someone battling an addiction of whatever kind (I personally think drugs due to similaritys I see in the behavior described in the song and my own experiences) the self harm comes in when he knows he has a problem that is going to kill him and he wants to stop but can't. Again this is just my personal option but it sounds to me like this song describes the state of mind you have to reach before your actually willing to do what it takes to break the habit.
  • Kia from Cabo Rolo, Puerto RicoThis song is about trying to break through bad habits, let's say, drugs, self- harm, others. It expresses that these addictions take over you but you want to get away from them you want to break from the madness in it. The person in this song for example, in the video, it shows people with a lot of problems. And those problems take over them... To break away, the solutions they find pleasing are these: Self-harming, alcohol and drugs. "I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know Why I instigate and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way I'll never be alright," is the part of the chorus that expresses the feeling of confusion or struggle. It expresses the fact of thinking that you'll never get through it. "I'll paint in on the walls, cause I'm the one at fault. I'll never fight again. And this is how it ends," means that the person is ready to fight through these habits.
  • Kia from Cabo Rolo, Puerto RicoYou're good at understanding lyrics Tom! I totally agree with you!
  • Steven from Greenfield, Wihey -me., not telling you:) I think we are the same because it describes me as well and it is awesome.
  • Jennie from Ansonia, CtThis song reminds me of Ponyboy from The Outsiders b/c of how he questioned the lifestyle he and his brothers and friends were living.
  • Thyrocyte from Bangkok, ThailandMany people believe that the song has something to do with the idea of committing suicide to flee the grief resulted from drug addiction. This may be true because certain parts of the lyric imply us that the person in the song is under immense psychological depression and he is about to lock himself in his room an doing something. The song hints that he is holding something which may be a knife or anything that he can use to terminate his life. To end is life is to end that habit.

    Somehow, we can still perceive the song from other viewpoints. The habit to be broken may be any other dangerous habits such as pedophilia, stealing things, or even a radical political obsession
  • Peter from Hamilton, On"I don't know why I instigate, and say what I don't mean"
    I think it's about someone with a darker, manipulative side that they can't help.
  • Effy E. Goodwin from Cov, United KingdomThis song is about a person who has a painful addiction or self-harming habit, and keeps it very secret from the people around them, and they end up committing suicide by slitting their wrists or overdose in their room after feeling finally broken.

    "I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean"

    "Clutching my cure, I lightly lock my door"
  • Troy Wilson from Jabalpur, Indiai'ts a cool song
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArThis song really explained me about a month ago. I thought I had found the guy who would save my heart. Needless to say, I was wrong, and I dont feel this way anymore.
  • Thomas from Surabaya, IndonesiaThis song has a strange/weird sound before it plays. Near the end of Figure.09 (the song before Breaking The Habit on Meteora), I heard it was like gears spinning together. When I watched the video clip, it was gears turning together below the city and controlling all of the people on that imaginary city. It's proven from the 3 huge gears in the middle of the city, and it's stopped when the song ends.
  • Liam from Hull, United Kingdomi no the feeling i did self harm with a razor no where fatal but im certain it would of got worse if you are selfharming get help now before you do some serious harm the worse thing is the scars. the line memories consume like open wounds again has reminded me of when i did it then i stoped then a week or so later i did it worse it never goes away its all ways there it never leaves i come close to doin it now u just have to cope it starts with one cut then u do it more deeper then you go fether untill you a mess it may make you feel better then it become routine you then convince you self like i did that its not a problem but it is
  • Hope from Naperville, Ili think it's about cutting. or drugs. my friend thinks it's about video games!
    (i can see, he does have a slight point, the lyrics would work but it's not something i would expect out of linkin park.)
  • Taylor from G-ville, OhI read through the comments on this and can't add anything that hasn't already been said
    This is my favorite song by LP and it USE to be my theme song for life
  • Hayley from Melbourne, AustraliaChester and Mike constantly tell fans and other people not to take their Lyrics as meaning anything direct to themselves.... they encourage fans to interperate their own meaning and hope that it will help the fans at the end of the day with their own issues
  • Matt from Houston, TxAless why would you quit? This may seem strange but cutting is sorta like your body's way of telling you that people solve their problems in your own way and that you accept being normal and not perfect. but if you are doing it for the wrong reasons then you should quit.
  • Aless from Houston, TxI really love this song. I listened to it when I was trying to quit self-harming, and it really said everything I couldn't. it was a silent scream for me. I still listen to it when I need some helping fighting the urges.
  • Elmer from Zamboanga, Philippinesat first i thought all *their* lyrics were senseless...but when i read all this(well not all) really makes pure sense at all.!!!!
  • Tilsen from Lewiston, IdThis is probably my favorite song from Linkin Park. listening to it makes me feel better but sometimes it makes me feel sad to.
  • Janet from Orlando, FlWell I thought this meant Breaking the habit of sumtin' like drug's cuttin' dunno?I JUST LOVE EM!
  • Michelle from Dallas, TxIts has been said before that Chester Bennington thinks Mike Shinoda wrote the song about his writing partner because Chester dealt with thoughts of suicide, a child malester for three years and drugs. So the song brought back some not so good memories.
    Chester has also said that for many months he could not sing the song live because he knew he would 'burst out crying'. But, today it is one of his favorite songs to play at the shows.
  • Chris from Claremont, CaIt seems as thought it could be about drugs, excessive drinking, anger; or all those things
  • Meghan from Portland, Mei think this song is about some one who has a lot of botteld up feelings and dosnt express themself in the right healthy way. So they start feeling numb like theere not sure what to do. They feel confused. "I don?t want to be the one
    The battles always choose
    ?Cause inside I realize
    That I?m the one confused"

    So they relase there feelings in angery towards others. "I don?t know what?s worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    I don?t know why I instigate
    And say what I don?t mean "

    He is probelly feeling numb so he resorts to cutting to feel at least something, but then it gets to far and out of control and he gets addicted once he starts but relises it all has to stop. "I don?t know how I got this way
    I know it?s not alright
    So I?m
    Breaking the habit
    Tonight " yes so im sure you allready new what the song ment but thats my opinion ^_^
  • Sarah from A2, Mii have heard that mike did not just write this song for any friend...but about chester and his drug addiction,in the packeet book that comes with the dvd the making of brealing the habit they say the video was inspired by the fans, not neccessarily the song
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI think that some songs are vague on meaning intentionally, simply to allow everyone their own inerpretation. Not even the band's interpretation of their song is the ONLY interpretation, because everyone goes through different life experiences and has issues and opportunities that other people don't. Therefore, whatever conclusion has meaning for you is the right meaning FOR YOU. And hey, someone else's ideas can be right also.
  • Brandon from Chaska, MnThis song is obviously about a drug addiction, because i myself have a drug addiction that i have been struggling with for about 3-4 years and this song shows every single emmotion that u feel while kicking a habit no matter what it is, like, "You all asume im safe here in my room unless i try to start again" obviously means that everyone assumes ur safe in ur room unless u "try to start again" with drugs or cutting or whatever it is. and also "Clutching my cure I tight and lock the door i try to catch my breath again" the cure being the drug in mine and chesters case,. it may be about suicide or something totally different, its all in how u hear the song and what ur going through, cause once u go through something like a drug addiction ul truely understand the song. Its also my FAVORITE song by LP and most deffinately one of my favorite ever!!!!!!
  • Hillary from _, United StatesThis is my favorite song. I read somewhere that at first the lead singer couldn't sing it without crying. He wasn't the one that wrote it, as you know, but it related to the problems he used to have with drug abuse.
  • Me. from Not Telling You : ), Kyi really want to see the video for this! i heard its really good. but anyway, i love this song so much.

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    or why I have to scream
    I don't know why I instigate
    and say what I don't mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I know it's not alright
    so I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit tonight

    those lyrics describe me so well thats how i feel alot of times. i love this song and i love linkin park for making it. : ) ( :
  • Peter from Athens, Greecewell the whole song is complicated... but in the end i think it is about a girl/man that disappointed him. "I ll never fight again, and this is how it ends" maybe that was the hard trying of the singer to prove something to someone. then the refren again.
    "i dont know whats worths fighting for+++...
    BUT now i have some clarity to show YOU what i mean."
    eventually he maybe found the way to prove something but this is the end for his action... now some other must fight for him...

    maybe this song is about some fight... without knowing why you do it... i felt it many times, maybe you too, some times people fight for something without knowing why....
  • Claudia from Moscow, EuropeI think this song might have also been inspired by Chester, and his battle with drugs and so on when he was younger. Chester over-came a cocaine addiction - "breaking the habit". This was also a very hard song for him to sing live.
  • Ganesh from Chennai, Indiai agree that this song could have various interpretations. the video starts with many people(sick) walking and gears moving backwards right?? the video starts with the person dead on a car and during the second verse he sorta like goes back in time and sorta becomes chester singing this song.. so does breaking the habit mean ,BREAKING the suicide???
  • Yaya from Amsterdam, NetherlandsI love this song i have problems with a habit myself so it really speaks to me but my habit is way smaller than what this song is about i have no idea what that is but maybe its that we have to stop doing the same things all the time
  • Amanda from Wabash, InThis song says how I fell at times. People do not understand that the songs I like say something about me.
    -Amanda Wabash,IN
  • Ele from Vernon Hills, Ilits just an awesome song, we sometimes say/or do things that we dont really mean and at the end it causes nohing but pain.It just sad.
    vernon hills il
  • Ashley from Decatur, IlI love this song. Its pretty much my profile in a song.
  • Steve from Hamilton, CanadaWhat makes linkin park so great is that it doesnt give away its lyrics meanings in a snap. To understand them u most show empathy to the song and give your own opinion.
  • Justin from Sierra Vista, Azryan, I don't think Chester is actually suicidal. I don't think theres much reality in any of Linkin Park's songs. They write music simply because it sounds good, which many artist (in my opinion) seem to do...especially those annoying emo bands.
  • Steph from Oceanside, Ca I heard this song in the middle of Detoxing. And I have NO idea the true meaning, however in the video there is clearly a needle and syringe and other paraphenalia in the brief case. So, to my advantage I'd say this song is about drugs. the whole, No options left again, and clutching the cure. unless you've been there. sweating and coming down hard, holding your " cure" i don't guess you would understand, how there are no options again... I think this song was put out there to help people through these rough times, so embrace it and use it for however you see fit.. thank you linkin park!
  • Lea from Silver Springs, NvMaybe I'm wierd, but everytime they say the word "habit" I think of that thing the nuns wear on thier heads (also called habits), then I get this picture of some nun ripping off her habit and like tearing it.
  • T. Michels from Venlo, NetherlandsAwesome and beautiful song.
    I first thought that this was about a killer who escapes from an establishment and confesses everything before killing himself.
    But now I notice the true meaning. He doesn't want to hurt himself anymore and therefor he wants to break the habit, because hurting himself is like his 'disease'. Awesome great band!
  • Obiwan from Somewhere, PaMy interpretation is a little different. I look at it in a more positive way. For me it I associate it with my Obessive Compulsive Disorder. "You all assume I'm safe here in my room, unless I try to start again" (start doing compulsions, patterns) "So I'm breaking a habit tonight" (I'm fighting my OCD, fighting the compulsions and obsessions) "The battles always choice, I'm the one confused" (OCD is sometimes a battle for me and it seems like I choose which battles (compulsions) I want to fight. "I'll never fight again and this is how it ends" (Sometimes its hard to fight the compulsions and I may not fight them for a while. But I'm going to keep fighting and "Breaking The Habit". Sounds pretty deep huh?
  • Azzie from Manitoba, CanadaI love the video for this. :)
  • Greta from No Where, AustraliaThis is my fave. song of all time... to me its about a guy whos really confused... watching the video clip explains a lot. When he says that hes breaking the habit, it means hes going to kill himself. "I dont know whats worth fighting for, or why I have ot scream, I dont know why I instegate or say what i dont mean, I dont know how I got this way, I know its not alright, so im breaking the habit... tonight"- he is confused about everyhting, and all he knows is that what hes doing to himself (hurting) isnt ok, and the only wat he knows to end it is to kill himself. "You all asume im safe here in my room" that says that everyone just guesses that hes ok up in his room alone, when really he isnt, it just gives him time to hurt himself without interuption. This song is really sad, but touching all the same... i love it.
  • Azzie from Manitoba, CanadaWhen I first heard this song I thought it was about drugs, but now that I read the meanings here I think they make perfect sense.

    A friend of mine thought it was a love song. I don't really know how she got that out of it, but it goes to show how different people have different oppinions. XD
  • Thom from Johnson City, TnOK, I don't know what this song means to you people, I honestly don't know what it means to me. i used to cut myself, &, it does sound exactly like that is what he's dealing with. But, I write poetry, &, sometimes, I don't even know what it's about. It just comes out of my pen. Maybe later I'll figure it out. I'm not saying this is right, but, maybe he didn't even know what it was about when he wrote the song. I think it's just a great song...I read everyone's comments..this song has helped a lot of people...maybe that's what he was trying to do..relate to people...Linkin Park is different from most bands...they relate to the listeners, let it be known they feel the same way we do. I love Linkin Park, my favorite band. What I'm saying is...interpret things the way you see them. It doesn't matter how any one else does, as long as you get it. Does anything else really matter?
  • Mikey from Galesburg, IlI think this is one of my favorite songs by Linkin park, all their songs are great, but this one knows what I'm feeling. Every song that Linkin park has performed has been based on what us teens are goin' through. I give this Breaking the habit 5 stars along with Linkin Park!!!
  • Claudia from Los Angeles,california, Azwow i love linkin park you guys are great!I love the passoin in this song
  • Iluvmlp from Does It Matter?, CanadaThis song is about someone who's feeling lost inside because they've been hurt by someone or something. It's about trying to break the endless cycle of hurt. It's about a lot of different things, but to me it is like an almost-theme-song for my favorite anime and manga. This boy is trying to get this girl, but the girl is in love with another boy. Even though the boy doesn't get the girl (and believe me, he tries EVERYTHING to get her) he still loves her. That's how this song speaks out to me... :)
  • Sarah from Walnut, Cawow i love Tom's analysis. I'm trying to write an essay on also analyzing this song for my class so thanks for showing me what you guys thought =) it's really helping me! ^^

    oh and i love this song! <3 very strong in words and can teach you something =)
  • Bekki from Dudleythe Nick guy who wrote his "facts" copyed it from the album interpretation, anyone could do that! I think that the song is really effective becuase it can bring out so many feelings that people lock up inside of them. Linkin Park are such a great band, they make you realise that you have emotions and thoughts that you never thought you had in you.
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandA guy I knew killed himself last year and it was so unexpected and out of the blue. I was shocked and trying to find some clarity in the situation. I couldn't rest without knowing what had been going on his head.
    Tom, I totally agree with you as to what this song represents.
    This song was released the same week he died and it really spoke out to me. It felt like a subtle answer to what I was asking. Trippy stuff, but it felt that he was telling me how he felt. Then I was eating dinner a few months later and the video came on TV; The food nearly dropped out of my mouth. It was exactly what I had been asking about. The video explained everything for me; the meaning of the song and what he was thinking and feeling that night. This song truly captures how alone some of us really feel sometimes.
    I have been there myself, it just truly saddens me that he could not have held on. This song really holds the memory of his death for me so speaks huge volumes about suicide. Awesome work from Linkin Park
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Cafirst off chester is NOT suicidal. hes been thru many things and i dont recall suicide attempts being any of them. second of all i like ur interpretation, tom. and lastly, my comments on the song. I have been a linkin park fan since 1999 and i must say they have yet to let me down. their music inspires me to see the best in myself and cope with my problems. while linkin park is around, im free to be myself and no one (not even i) can hurt me. when i listen to breaking the habit i see the reflection of my own problems in the song. while there is obviously a main reason mike wrote this song (for a friend, i believe), it can reach out and help people with many problems such as suicide attempts, cutting, depression, angst, drug and alcohol abuse, and so on. what makes this song so beautiful to me is that not only is it written to put many problems out there on the table, but the video (and the song in may respectable ways) is for the fans, to say thank you and to let them know that the band is listening and cares abt what we're all going thru according to mike and joe. the depth of this song overwhelms me with emotion and reassures my oppinion that linkin park is one of the most respectable bands out there
  • Liz from Inthewall, PaThis song is like 'what's your poison,' it can be applied to more than addictions/problems and I really like that.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hii love this song. linkin park is great. my friends cousin married a guy from the band. its one of those songs that completely defined last summer, and whenever i hear it, its like a time capsule bringing me straight back to summer '04.
  • Shaun from Chandler, Azwhen i heard this song for the first time it just hit me like a sack of bricks in the face. Listening to linkin park has helped me so much. Now instead of trying to kill myselfor my sister, i Listen to LP. I dont care how dorky it sounds, but its true. If it weren't for LP, I might not be here right now. It lets me know others feel like this too, and helps me control my anger. THANK YOU LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Natalia from Fenton, Miomg, the first time i heard this, i like flipped out. the lyrics fit me perfectly, best song ever!
  • Sarah from St Simons Island, CtI believe that the song relates to a coke habbit that is intact and that in order to get away from all of his problems he locks himself away from the world and tries to solve his problems through drugs
  • Chasidy from Hampton, GaI actually heard (I *think* it was from Mike himself) that Mike wrote BTH about a 'friend' of his. I don't totally buy that, but it doesn't take away from the song in the least. Linkin Park is my favorite band ever, and I think this is one of their most moving songs.

    The lyrics, to me, deal with wanting to end something that taking over you. There is undeniably a suicial undertone here, some may even say it is a song completely about suicide. No doubt that the song is sad, but that's what makes "Breaking the Habit" so beautiful to me.

  • Ryan from Los Angeles, CaI like your interpretation a lot tom. i love it when people interpret each verse like that. iw onder if Chester really is suicidal though.....
  • Shaun from Chandler, AzI think the song breaking the Habit was about how he lived in his own little world or "room" because the real world was too painful and he was trying to get back in the real world, away from his cushie, painless little "world" no matter the pain.
  • Tom from Saltsburgh, PaWell, I know songs and everything mean different things to different persons, and no one interpretation is right, but heres mine.

    As it has been said, this song deals with suicide. However, when I first heard it, it didn't have a happy ending. When he says he says he's going to break the habit... he plans on killing himself.

    "Memories consume
    Like opening the wound
    I'm picking me apart again
    You all assume
    I'm safe here in my room
    (unless I try to start again)"

    Everyone who has been depressed knows this feeling, you thought you were over it until you remember and begin to think out everything, then , like a scab suddenly picked open, the emotions begin to flood out once more. He thinks (to me it sounds almost bitterly) how they believe hes safe in his room, that he wouldn't try to commit suicide again. They don't understand him (or thats how his depressed mind sees it).

    "I dont know whats worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    I dont know why I instigate
    And say what I dont mean
    I dont know how I got this way
    I know its not alright
    So Im
    Breaking the habit

    Hes mad at himself for hurting those around himself. Obvious.

    "Clutching my cure
    I tightly lock the door
    I try to catch my breath again
    I hurt much more
    Than anytime before
    I have no options left again"

    He locks the door closing himself from the outside world.... he trys to catch his breath because his emotions are running high... He hurts more than ever... more than the last attempt at his life that he said he made in verse 1? He has no options left... this could means he stops it or it means (I think) that he tried to stop, tried to better himself... but it didn't work. The final option is death.

    "Ill paint it on the walls
    Cause Im the one at fault
    Ill never fight again
    And this is how it ends"

    Paint what on the walls? His blood maybe? He blams himself for peoples problems, he wont ever fight again because he wont be around to. He's going to end it(by taking his own life).

    "I dont know whats worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    But now I have some clarity
    To show you what I mean
    I dont know how I got this way
    Ill never be alright
    So Im
    Breaking the habit
    Breaking the habit
    Tonight "

    He finally sees the only way to tell the world how he feels is suicide. He says he'll never be alright after all... rest is repeated stuff.

    At this point the song reaches its climax and repeats the verse I discussed just above the last one.

    The song slowly fades away... like his life.

    Woh! Not fun! I was suicidal the first time I heard this so thats why I though that. Remeber tose who contemplate it suicide is not the answer, and when you realise that your life will get better, trust me.

  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaSounds exactly like cutting and trying to deal with it.
  • Ghost from Winchester, MaThe first time I heard this song my brother though it was about somone addicted to drugs... i love all of linkin parks music
  • Kelsie from Milwaukie, OrThis song, helps me dwell and yet cope with my issue. And it gives me complete confidence that it will come to and end, and i'll break my habit.
  • Daniel from Hamlin, WvI don't know if this helps any, but I've been listening to Linkin Park since "Hybrid Theory" hit the shelves, and everytime I listen to each of their CDs, I relate to every song, so I hope my input is somewhat in relation to what you think it means.

    This is one of Linkin Park's many GREAT songs. My interpretation of this song is that it is talking about what alot of people go through. Alot of us have a side to us that we don't want anyone to know about (depression, suicidal tendencies, etc.)....and this song is saying that when in doubt, don't lock yourself away in your problems, but "break the habit" and do something that will bring out something good in yourself.
  • AnonymousThis song is about loneliness, and wanting someone to be there...I know, I met Chester Bennington and he explained it in terms that I cannot even repeat...the words were beyond beautiful...and it is a great song, one of the greatest...but a little too mellow. This song was designed to give the LP name a little more of a soft side...the butterfly wings on the soldier for example...the bands soft side. hehe, his voice is soothing and melodic, proving he's not only a screamer...but a true singer, with a beautiful is Mike's. An amazing voice as well...It is an apology, but it is so cold...lonely, and means something to all of us...this work of art is successful, and it means something to those who pay attention. So the work of art communicated wonderfully.
    - Sara, Killeen, TX

    i hope this answers ur question little dude.

    (aka linkin park psycho)
  • David from Philadelphia, PaBreaking The Habit is awesome, LP is great.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlThe video is awesome, especially when you start to look past the anime. You see these lives unfold with real problems. The woman with marital issues, the girl not feeling too good about herself, and the guy involved with drugs... I this song to death.
  • Tiffany from Racine, WiThis has to be my all time favorite song. It means so much because when I listen to it-it's me. I just wish I could Break the Habit.
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandIt's songs like this that help Linkin Park to excape the 'rap-rock' title that they hate so much, and shows variety in their creativity which makes them more appealing to more people.

    This song is less aggressive than most of their material, yet has such an energy to it that you can help but feel the song. This is one of Linkin Park's finer moments, and this song is very special to me. I relate to this most and find it lyrically inpsiring (it's not a song which complains about problems, it's a song which vows to "break the habit" and end the problems). The only thing more beautiful than this song is when they perform it live!
  • Rin from Brick, NjThis song is just beautiful. I remember when I first heard it I just felt like crying.
  • Joseph from La, CaI just saw the video and loved it, it was cool how they did it all anime sytle. And also when I first heard the song, I remember it really touched me cause it kinda reminded me of myself, like how people assume I'm just fine and dandy but deep down I'm a really troubled person...
  • Samantha from Weslaco, TxI love how they made the video. It shows the meaning of the song without hurting anyone! Wow, I wonder if those people drew the Kill Bill vol. 1 secnes!?@

  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis is one of the 2 songs that I can play on the guitar. The other is "Adam's Song" by Blink-182. This song has a very sad story. It's very similar to Crawling. This song reminds me about my friend and her brother and it touches my heart to know that there is a band out there that writes a lot about a teenagers' stages and problems in life. One of the reasons why I love LP. It's good to have a band like LP. This is a great song.
  • Mitch from Battle Creek, Mithis song kicks ass and mr.han rules and my brother is now a d.j. like him
  • Blair from Baltimore, MdThis song is so sad, though I sorta play it more than any onther song i know *some exceptions* This song helped my friends *no names mentioned* in ways I could never imagine. Thank you Mike, thank you!
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaI love the video for this!it reminds me when i used to watch,those were the days!
  • Brandy from Galy, CaThese lyrics have to do with the pain of addiction.
    to anything, drugs, self mutilation, alcohol.
    it sounds like its self mutilation.
  • Cain from Tweed, AustraliaThis song is about self injury, and about trying to break out of the cycle, ie; breaking the habit of cutting yourself
  • Bernadette from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song is the most meaningful song from Meteora and my favourite because you can think a lot about it and still not draw many conclusions from it, it is a very sad song
  • Jen from Manchester, EnglandThis song is about feeling serious mental health problems forever feeling low and dissadvantaged,and you want to hurt yourself for it n hide away in ur room,like 'i dont know how i got this way i know its not alright' u hav become so depressed yet u cant understand why n u know it isnt ok,ur wondering wat went wrong and feeling the only way to get better is to attempt suicide,and no-one understands wat ur going through 'but now i have sum clarity to show u what i mean' this song really means something to me. - jenn -
  • Kim from Long Valley, NjThe lyrics was written by Mike for his friend. It took him 6 years to write this song.
    The Song also features live strings composed by Beck's Father.
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