Long Tall Sally

Album: Here's Little Richard (1956)
Charted: 3 6
  • Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John
    He claim he has the misery but he's havin' a lot of fun
    Oh baby, yeah baby, woo
    Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah

    Well long, tall Sally
    She's built for speed, she got
    Everything that Uncle John need, oh baby
    Yeah baby, woo baby
    Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah

    Well, I saw Uncle John with long tall Sally
    He saw Aunt Mary comin' and he ducked back in the alley oh baby
    Yeah baby, woo baby
    Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah, ow

    Well, long, tall Sally
    She's built for speed, she got
    Everything that Uncle John need, oh baby
    Yeah baby, woo baby
    Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah

    Well, I saw Uncle John with bald-head Sally
    He saw Aunt Mary comin' and he ducked back in the alley, oh, baby
    Yeah baby, woo, baby
    Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah

    We gonna have some fun tonight
    We gonna have some fun tonight, woo
    Have some fun tonight, everything's all right
    Have some fun, have me some fun tonight Writer/s: Entoris Johnson, Richard Penniman, Robert Blackwell
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaIf you get the chance check out a live performance of the Beatles doing this song, RINGO IS JUST ROCKING OUT. His drums are about to fly away. it's great.
  • Elmer H from Westville, OkI first heard Little Richard's hits when I was 7 yrs old in 1955 & got hooked on rock & roll. At that time, it wasn't called "rock & roll" though. "Long Tall Sally" was Little Richard's first gold record award on Specialty Records. When I recently bought the CD "Little Richard: The Georgia Peach," the enclosed booklet mentioned his career highlights & a discography with chart rankings. Little Richard did have many top ten & top twenty hits on the Billboard R&B and Pop charts over a 3 to 4 year period. Little Richard's songs were very popular in my home state of Oklahoma and surrounding states where early rock & roll records and artists were getting increasingly more airplay on southern AM radio. Little Richard directly & indirectly influenced the evolution of rock & roll into rock and related musical genres.
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationDave Grohl almost got the chance to play with Little Richard on a cover of the song "Long Tall Sally" for the movie Backbeat: Grohl told NME, "Little Richard was living in a hotel just up the street from the studio, so we gave him a call, to see if he would come down and jam with us. He said he wanted $10,000 to do it. We were all like, 'Well, I'll put in $2,000...' but in the end we just decided, 'Nah.' I wish we'd have done it."
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyLove Little Richard; most of his songs had the same format. A great beginning, Richard's vocals, a scream, a killer sax solo, followed by a repeat of the lyrics. The sax solo I loved the best was the one on "Slippin' and Slidin'", especially the solo at the end of the record!!!
  • Rich from Tampa, FlI never heard the transvestite claim before, but who's to say? "Bald-headed Sally" Hmmmm???
  • Eric from Shanghai, ChinaScorpions played this in their Tokyo live at Sun Plaza Hall, 24th and 27th of april 1978.
  • Jayhonk from Lawrence, KsReading the lyrics, the transvestite claim is a stretch.
  • Leya Qwest from Anchorage, AkIn another terrific scene from "Predator", Sergeant Mac (magnificently played by Bill Duke) deliriously recites a few particular verses of this hit tune while making his way through the jungle in search of the alien who's just killed Blaine, his brother-in-arms, and hunting for the rest of the commando team. Hearing "Gonna have some fun tonight" repeated over and over by the frenzied Mac electrifies the viewer during this intrepid soldier's episode of do or die.
  • Leya Qwest from Anchorage, AkThis smash hit is featured in the ever-popular sci-fi movie "Predator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke and Jesse Ventura. Little Richard's music is blaring out of a boom box inside the helicopter where these elite commandos are being flown over the jungle on a clandestine assignment. In the scene, Blain (Ventura) expresses his machismo amongst the other soldiers, all whom are getting psyched up for the rescue mission. The song blasting from the tape player pumps so much testosterone that the viewer can't help but feel thrilled and exhilarated during the chopper ride in the classic action film, thanks to LR's LTS.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThe lyrics on this are different from those on the Beatles' version.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhI think the lyrics on this site are completely wrong. Where's the line 'Long Tall Sally built for speed, She got every thing Uncle John Need'?
  • Mike from New Point, VaThe line "sure like to ball" is from "Good Golly Miss Molly", not this song. Read the lyrics!
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