Free Bird

Album: Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd (1973)
Charted: 21 19
  • If I leave here tomorrow
    Would you still remember me?
    For I must be travelin' on now
    'Cause there's too many places I've got to see

    But if I stay here with you, girl
    Things just couldn't be the same
    'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
    And this bird you cannot change
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    And the bird you cannot change
    And this bird you cannot change
    Lord knows, I can't change

    Bye-bye baby, it's been sweet love, yeah yeah
    Though this feelin' I can't change
    Please don't take it so badly
    'Cause Lord knows, I'm to blame

    If I stay here with you girl
    Things just couldn't be the same
    'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
    And this bird you cannot change
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    And the bird you cannot change
    And this bird you cannot change

    Lord knows, I can't change
    Lord help me, I can't change
    Lord, I can't change
    Won't you fly high, free bird yeah Writer/s: Allen Collins, Ronnie Van Zant
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Travler from West-by-godGet a copy of"First and Last" and listen to "That cut"! Consider music today....and what charts at #1....Skynyrd,who's first 5 Albums didn't have a "Bad Tune" on 'em.....never got close !!!
  • Kaye Capiral from Pampanga, PhilippinesI really love this song, one time in my youth days we have a local band and this became our piece and i am the one singing. Thank you.
  • Rabbit Bunny from Westminster MdBelieve me Ronnie! We will always remember! Skynyrd will never be forgotten!
  • Kawa from Tokyo, JapanHi Music lovers,

    I think that idea of the lyrics of the song came from the song called 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' written and sung by Carole King in 1971. Take a look at the first line from the song 'Free Bird'. You can find the almost same line saying that 'If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me' comparing with Carole's song 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow'. I think that two lines are almost the same. So I think that the songwriter of 'Free Bird' got the idea form the song 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' Also the first recording of the song was the year after the year of 1971 when Carole's album came out. And the rest is history.
  • Michael from Southern CaliforniaBlaine - from Charlotte ... just saw your post ... I was at that show ... it was my senior year in high school ... a bunch of us from a little redneck town down the road, Salisbury, drove to the big city for this one. We were pretty close to the stage ... and Van Zant could hardly make it through those first 2 songs. But the show ended up being good ... and as I recall the rest of Skynyrd and all of MTB finished with a blistering Free Bird collaboration. I loved early Marshall Tucker Band ... and of course Skynrd is a legend.
  • Blaine from Charlotte, NcIn 1975 I saw Marshall Tucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd together in Charlotte NC. Van Zant fell off the stage after about 3 songs and was taken to the hospital. Doug Grey of Marshall Tucker along with the Caldwell brothers joined Skynyrd on stage with Doug doing all the vocals. I wish I had a recording of that show. Very fortunate for Skynyrd that MTB was there and knew all of their music because Van Zant was the only one who sang.
  • Mike from Mt Ida, ArIt is the greatest instrumental rock anthem ever. Yes I know it has vocals and the songs lyrics are great but if it weren't for all that guitar/drum/piano it would not be AS remembered as it is. I left the hearing in my left ear to this song. That speaker was a bit too close to my left ear in my old truck and Free Bird is the song I ALWAYS turned up to the max.
  • Phil from Pittsburgh, PaHeard them do at live in Kent, Ohio in 1976
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlGets me everytime! I love this song. It was played at my granny's funeral.
  • Sav from Yuma, NeWe played this at the only thing I've ever even come close to calling my Dad he was in a car reck he was crazy loud and needed to be free I love you Shauny boy we all do. We jammed in the church to this and Thunder Struck by AC/DC sad day. We love you and we know your watching over use!
    - Savannah, Wray, CO
  • Dawn from Jacksonville, FlFor the person who stated that Allen Collins worked on this song for two years, that is not entirely true. Allen's wife, Cathy did ask him "If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?", but she was also a huge part in writing the lyrics of the song. One day while she was in the mall she was walking with her 5 year old daughter and collapsed and passed away. After her death, Allen and Ronnie (maybe Gary?) continued writing the song in her honor.
  • Jenni Lynn from Detroit, MiThis song means the world to was played at my fathers funeral every 15 mins and noone knew that it was even suppost to be played so everytime I hear it now, it just reminds me of him. 10 yrs and I still cry everytime :( Miss you dad
  • Emma from Gibraltar, GibraltarAnd this song is also at the end of The movie Devils Rejects the awesome sequal to house of a thousand corpses ... Rob Zombie I salute you in your soundtrack choices!
  • Emma from Gibraltar, GibraltarMy fav band in the world. Over-rated? I think not. I only go to live music events where real music is played and YES i shout out FREE BIRD every chance i get. lol.. it 1 part hope they play it and 1 part get everyone in on the fun ride. This song is awesome but then most of their songs are..
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song was featured on a couple of King of the Hill episodes.
  • David from Liverpool, United KingdomThis song was already legendary WAY before the plane crash. I'm old enough to know these things. :)

    I'm not too stoked about the slow song itself, but when the beat picks up and the guitars kick in, it's true 'hairs on the back of the neck' time. YEAHHHHH!!!!!!
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmI saw the Rossington Collins Band (a band made of surviving members of Lynyrd Skynrd after the plane crash, plus sidemen and a female vocalist) once, years ago. They played Free Bird as an instrumental only.
  • Tyler from Greeneville, TnI've drove my marching band director crazy over this song! Me and two of my friends will ask him, "Are we gonna play Free Bird yet?" During a performance, I got some body to run up to where we were playing and yell, "FREE BIRD!" It's funny!
  • Johnny from Ct., CtThe first time I heard Free Bird the live recording is when I fell in love with the song. It is the recording where Ronnie says, "play it pretty for Atlanta."

    The adrenaline rush is undeniable in my opinion and the momentum is intense and dramatic. The pace is phenominal, and all the crescendos!

    Every time you thought the song was about to conclude, it doesn't. It keeps on going but not for the mere sake of being long, but because it still had something to say through those magnificent guitars..piano...drums.

    I will love this song 'til I die.

  • Mike from Matawan, NjIf not for 'Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida' and 'Do You Feel Like We Do', it might be the most overrated Rock song. Ever. It's good but DONE TO DEATH. 'Needle and Spoon' s--ttes all over this song.
  • Kike from Laredo, TxI used to be a dj at a oldies rock station and people would always call to request this song and just with "the joker" by the Steve Miller band, I was fed up with this song. So years later when I quit djing, I was watchin the news about this girl missing in Aruba by the name of Natalee Holloway and it said that in her yearbook entry she put "If I leave here tomorrow, would u still remember me? For I must be traveling on now cause there's to many places I've got to see" and that just did me in, now I can't stop listening to this song, RIP Ronnie and Natalee
  • Riki from Tampere, FinlandSadly enough, I heard of Freebird from GH...

    But back then, I didn't really know ANYTHING about music...

    I slowly started to listen to REAL music.

    Like Blues, Metal, Jazz, classical music... Many different genres.
  • Laurice from Aurora, CoAwesome....I love the way at any kind of band playing live someone shouts out "FREEBIRD" haha. Sad about the band members. Only one original remains. Even the bass player Ian Evans died not too long ago. may they all rest in peace and may the music of Skynyrd forever live on.
  • Micky from Los Angeles, CaIn the whole spectrum of things, as far as the literally thousands of songs from the twentieth century, this really isn't that great of a song. sorry.
    I fail to see what all the fuss is about.
  • Jessie from Hillsboro, Kylynyrd skynyrd is the best band ever, the best band for the south
  • Frank from Granchester Meadows, GreenlandNavarre----hey, put a sock in one cares if you think this song ISN'T overrated---don't waste precious seconds of your life thinking they do. have a great day!
  • Harold from San Bernadino, CaJeff,AZ-maybe you're Ronnie 'reborn'...ya never know.
  • Ernie from Seattle, Way'all CUT YER MULLETS!,now...hear?
  • Klitoris from Loveland, AzThis song gets me goin'------BIG TIME!
  • Jd from Fairfield, OhOverrated? Maybe.
    Garbage? Definitely not.

    One song that doesn't get as much credit though is Green grass and High Tides by the Outlaws.
    And No, I did not hear that on Rockband.
  • Kike from Laredo, TxNot that this song is over rated but I used to work at a Classic Rock radio station and people would call and request this song all the time and even though this song is genius, it gets to u after listening to it after more than 3 times in one week
  • Navarre from Akron, OhHey Reed from new ulm put a freakin sock in it.No one cares in you think the song is overated. Go leave a comment for another song and make it worth wasting seconds of my life to read.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzYou want to hear some crazy sh/t? This is no joke. The day that Ronnie Van Zant died in that plane crash . . . I was born. October 20, 1977.
  • Sam from Hipsville, CaDarrell,KY-----I do agree with you. You mentioned the stage...i take it you're a musician. Alot of barbands get requests to play this song, i think because people figure they can't do it. I myself was at a gig once and someone yelled out: "play Freebird"---the other guitarist simply held up his middle finger and yelled back: "no charge". So, i guess this one's not liked by virtually everyone.
  • John from Gaithersburg, MdSimply the best song EVER written and that Solo, OMG simply amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnHow can ANYONE say this song is over-rated!!!?
    Really makes you wonder.
  • William from Pheonix, AzFREE BIRD= BEST SONG EVER!
  • Jonathan from Paoli, InFree Bird is the greatest song ever to be recorded. As Many people may have noticed, San Andreas wouldn't be a great game without it. Thanks Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  • Alec Thorp from Yorktown Heights, NyOn "Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special" Walter says that this would be a Caucasia carol. For more information, see the comment I posted up on the page for Margaritaville.
  • K from Baton Rouge, LaDavid from Glendale, your input serves absolutely no purpose on this page and was not asked for, so would you politely die?
  • Daevid from Glendale, Caby far the most absurdly over-rated piece of crap song ever recorded!
  • Lester from New York City, NyFirst few times I heard the song, the singing portion reminded of Procol Harum, and the ending screaming dual guitar break reminded me of the dual guitar break that ends Black Oak Arkansas' live song 'UP' (although Free Bird's break is much longer).
  • Doug from Bowling Green, MeI bought their first album guess it was 1974 and have always been a fan. They were the essense of southern rock although the van zant brothers grew up in orange park, florida and my wife insists that is not the south. I dont care I loved their music especially curtis rowe and free bird.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InYes, folks, we have all heard it hundreds of times, and yes, it has become a joke to shout it at concerts, but DAYUM! what a song!
    I saw Skynyrd in 1995 at Verizon Wireless center in Noblesville, IN, and they were simply stellar, even though Ronny and Steve were long gone.
  • Jimmy from Knox, TnFree Bird is the best song ever recorded "FLY FREE BIRD FLY,REST IN PEACE RONNIE,STEVE AND CASSIE"
  • Alex from Chicago, IlI got into rock music by listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zepplin in the 1970's and they were indeed the 2 greatest bands ever. Free Bird is indeed the greatest song ever written on this planet. The lyrics, music and song as a whole just make everyone who listens to the song thank God that they are alive. It was Monday night that their plane crashed when Howard Cossell made the announcement on Monday Night Football and that was indeed the saddest day of my life. Every time I hear the song I just become the happiest person. Unfortunately I never saw Ronnie Van Zant live but I did see them play on their Reunited Tour and Carlos Santana came out and played Free Bird with the. Every single person in the stadium was dancing during the whole guitar solo. It is one of the happiest moments of my life.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlThis is a very beautiful song. An episode of "Freaks and Geeks" has it--very cool.
    I feel bad for people who only know it from Guitar Hero.
  • Mary from Oakhurst, NjA GREAT song need I say more!!!!!!
  • Zubin from Mumbai, Indiaon eof the few songs that make u high !!!
    imagine u having alot of pot/dope enuf to keep u high for 4-5 hrs wat this song does is it gets u high as that much but only for 10mins.the opening tune is lovely it makes me sometimes cry !!!
  • Diane from Orlando, FlWhen I was getting ready to graduate high school we had a picnic for all the seniors and they played this song,as the theme song. The words really fit how we were feeling, leaving each other wondering if we would stay in touch, remember each other, yet ready to leave into the rest of lives, free from school, etc. So I always love to hear this song and think of that time.
  • Cory from Freeport, Nyokay I did play this on guitar hero, BUT all that did was turn me on to lynyrd skynyrd and now its my favorite band I didn't even hear about them before guitar hero now I listen to all their songs.
  • Lynyrd from Jacksonville, FlI chanted Freebird at the last concert I went to. THEY PLAYED IT TOO! Of course, it was a Skynyrd concert...
  • Michael from Summerdale, Al Say what you will people, but this song was the epitome of Southern guitar rock. For those of you in Lobo Linda, that means, "it don't get no better. A lot of what I read here is ok, but for the most part is argumentative.
    I have played guitar for over 30 years now, both on stage and off. And I have been Allen Collins' biggest fan. He taught me a big part of what I know on guitar. (see post for Sweet Home Alabama, Mike Gulf Shores). I miss him. There will never be another as great. Well, ok, maybe Steve Gaines was that good too, but was taken before we got to know him.
    The guitar solo in this song, added after the initial recording sessions, was Allen's way of paying tribute to his biggest influence. Duane Allman. It took him some 18 to 24 months of work to get what you hear now.And every time he played it it was exactly the same. It wasn't until Gaines came along that the solo changed, albeit ever so slightly. I think Steve complemented Allen's work here.
    I had to laugh at these references to guitar hero. What an insult to any true guitarist. The game is a joke just as karaoke is a joke. It was invented so that drunks and no talent idiots can pretend. Grow up people and get a life away from your TV's. You want a challenging game to play, try a real 6 string electric guitar that weighs from 10 to 16 pounds, instead of a plastic toy with buttons.
    Back to the song now.
    The new line up of the band does a very reputable job of the song, and I think Rickey plays Allen's part to the note. But, I think even he would tell you that he would rather hear Allen than himself.
    Noting else can be said. It is and always will be one of their most requested songs. Like it not, it was an inspiration for thousands of guitar players both on and off the major stages of the world. I think most would be surprised to find out that some of heavy metals greatest players of this day were inspired to pick up their first guitar because of this tune.
    So drop the tailgate, pop a top and crank up the system, cause FREEBIRD will fly with or without you permission.

  • Scott from Boston, MaEvery time this song comes on I have to play air guitar, no matter how many people are around. It's definitely one of my favorite songs ever.
  • Lewis from Portsmouth, Ohgimmie three steps is my favorite song of all time
  • Andrew from Bartlett, Tnone of my favorite songs of all time, the solo is THE best guitar solo of all time, in my opinton.
  • Erik from Knoxville, TnThis is probably the best song of any genre of music ever writen. I hate the shortened version of it. The box set is still awesome
  • Joe from ??, KyFree Bird is one of the few southern rock related songs that people recognize today. Then again, Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the few southern bands people recognize today. When you mention southern bands like Molly Hatchet, or The Outlaws, people are like "what the heck are you talkin about", but when you say Lynyrd Skynyrd, it rings a bell with most people.
  • Rob from Detroit , MiI know it's overrated. I know it's overplayed. But, this is my favorite song, ever! I first heard it at the end of "The Devil's Rejects". Only half of the song was played, but by the end of the scene, I was standing on my couch air-guitaring. After the movie, I drove to my local Target, and bought Lynyrd Skynyrd's greatest hits album. This song defines me in a way that no other song can. If you met me, you'd know why. Furthermore, I didn't like classic rock or any rock in fact until I heard this song (I was a country fan; cringe, I know). This song opened the doors to all the other great bands; Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, KISS, The Stones, The Allman Brothers, etc. So, "Free Bird" may be the most overrated, overplayed song in rock history. But if I had never heard it, I'd probably be listening to Tim McGraw right now (shudder). Thank you, Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins. Thank you.
  • Stick from Carrollton, TxLet me say this....IF you listen to FREEBIRD and you do not get wrapped up in the solo...your EITHER DEAF....or DEAD...I'm 64 and I STILL get chills....
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pai think anyone who has had ruff times in their live can definatly relate to this...i sure can
  • Russ from Kilkenny, IrelandFree Bird is A christmas Song! The first line refers to people beleiving in Santa Clause. The second refers to him traveling around the world. If you go down the line and think, It will Make sense.Slainte.
  • The Cat from New York City, NyI just want to let you know ive been playing for 12 years, so I know how to play guitar. I wasnt really into Lynyrd Skynyrd so hence never took the time to learn the solo, but when i played guitar hero, it made me appreciate the song because it showed me the solo is very different rhythm wise, albeit it not pitch (gotta love that pentatonic scale!). Obviously you gotta play it on expert to see the real fast licks...and i have, i got 5 stars! Collins is quite awesome though. His guitar are extremely hard to master. He was unique.
  • V-starr from ?????????, Mii love this song alot and i just 5 stared it today on Guitar Hero on medium :p
  • Hank from Tampa, FlAlright Cat, here's the deal. If you really do have that solo down (That is played by multiple guitars.) I would pay to fly up there to here you play it for me. Also, I love guitar hero, haha, and I'm glad it turned you on to the greatest song of all time but it's difficulty in the game isn't even close to it's difficulty on a six string.
  • The Cat from New York City, NyFor years, I never understood why people liked this song. However, playing Guitar Hero made me like this song a lot. I realized how hard the solo was, then tried learning it on guitar (which took me a while, but ive got it down.) Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant are geniuses, and Free Bird is an immortal tune, but check out the original demo, which I just discovered today. Ronnie's vocals are the most powerful I have ever heard, and Collins guitar solo is more of an actual duel than a structured solo. Point is, this song is great!
  • Dani from Fuquay Varina, NcI love this song so much. The lyrics are just incredible, and the solo sends chills down my spine.
  • Nick from Gardena, CaBest ever if you get the tabs from its not very hard song to play even the solo.
  • Evan from Winchester, EnglandWhy does this say that Skynyrd has only played this as an instrumental? I saw them last Sunday and they played Free Bird, with Johnny singing.
  • Jacob from Fresno, CaThis song is amazing. It is definitely in my top 10 songs of all time.

    Every time I hear this I can only picture it on a movie soundtrack... kinda like at the end of the Devil's Rejects.
  • Mike from Vicksburg, MsI grew up with this song while traveling through Alabama and Georgia during the years history was being made with the recording of this (1973-1975). You just had to live in it to really appreciate where it came from plus read their band biography and how they met and faced the challenges of that era. I've played in bands 35 years and never attempted this one and personally I think even thought the "New Skynerd" keeps doing it for a tribute, I think this song died when Freebird crashed 150 miles from here in 1978. I'd rather remember it that way as seen on their old concert footage. This band was just getting it together from an image associated with the drunk drug using rebel band when the remaining members world was turned upside down. Read the Book. Mike
  • Mckay from Hettinger, Ndfree bird is AWSOME one of the best songs of all time not over rated this song simply kicks a**
  • Garoud from Arica, Chilecould this website start a thread with "how many bands have played freebird after someone of the audience shouted?"

    BTW I have shouted freebird two times with awful results... one in my high school, to a band made from classmates, one of them, the guitar player, knew what I meant by shouting freebird and left the guitar and the satge to beat me (...)
    the second time, in a PLACEBO CONCERT that I assited without my girlfriend (and without her knowing it) and shouted freebird to the band just to see if they were able to do it...but here in Chile no one Knew WHAT I WAS DOING and security surrounded me pretty quickly... (I think THEY DID KNEW)...

  • Mick from Yungshuo, ChinaBack in the old country (Australia) I guess we were lucky that Free Bird was never over played on the radio (I actually only ever heard it once on the wireless). Sweet home Alabama is however mercifully floged on the airwaves Down Under.

    But I have a close connection to the song because the lyrics pretty much describes me and the Guitar solo at the end kicks arse.

    As an English teacher in China I will be teaching this song to my students this week. Its a hell of an improvement on Celiene Dione, The Backstreet Boys and westlife that the poor Chinese youth enjoy (-:

    I want Free Bird played at my funeral.
  • Charles from Bronxville, NyFREEBIRD!!!

    "This is a Classic Rock anthem. Shouting it out as a request at concerts has become a Rock N' Roll joke. Every now and then a musician will actually play it."

    Too bad it has become such a joke.
    A deejay in NYC once said that he loved it because it was so long that it gave him time to use the can or AND grab a butt.
  • Ronnie from Cincinnati, OhAt 42 years of age I can safely say that I have heard this song more times than I can count, and I never get tired of it. To be honest I think " Gimme Back My Bullets" is Skynyrds best song but I can be bias cause that tune has special significance to me. I was sitting back one night watching "Devils Rejects" with my kids and near the end of the flick "Free Bird" started playing, perfect end to a great movie....ROCK ON SKYNYRD.
  • Debbie from Ellwood City, PaThis past week we found my brother Ken dead in his home. He was 45 years old. Back when Skynards Plane went down I remember him sitting at my grandmothers house commenting on how tragic the accident was. When I actually listened to the "Freebird" song it gave me chills. The opening is so haunting. This song was for sure one of my brothers favorites. Now that he is gone we all know that he is a "Free Bird at Last"
  • Kevin from New York, NyI think that the "Free Bird" song is one of the greatest songs ever writen. Lynyrd Skynyrd did an great job with it. I am a song writer / poet. I can respect and appreciate quality songs and lyrics. The piece was well done all together: from the lyrics to the instrumental.

    Kevin Timm,. NYC currently FL.
  • Mb from Newburgh, Nythis was played in Forest Gump, when Jenny was about to commit suicide, I like the guitar solo, but it is really long and boring.
  • Darrell from Williamsburg, KyThis is by far the most over rated song in the history of music! Free Bird Freakin Stinks! Lynard Skynard was or is a talented group of guys and girl back up singers. Let me take all of my prior words back! Free Bird doesn't stink, it is just that If I have to hear this song one more time I might just have my ears deafened! I will say this. The freakin song is over killed. They have tons of other songs better than freekin Free Bird! Why does this tune get so much credit? I have tried to understand and can not do it. I am not a profound character, I do not have any great wisdom, and I always felt that anything I have to say is not of any great importance to anybody! But Free Bird should be banned! If I have to get on another stage and hear someone yell Freeeeeeeee Bird! I might go crazy! I take that back I already am crazy! When someone yells Freeeeeeeee Bird! they should treat that like saying hijack in an airport!
    Valhalla I am coming!
  • Joe from Chicago, Ar** big lynard skynard fan :P
  • Joe from Chicago, Ari have to say i am not a big lynard skynard song....... could just never get into them i guess......... but this song is truly amazing i love the vocals and i ecpecially love the long but excellent solo......... probably one of the best solos i have ever heard.
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaMy Dad heard this for the first time and thought it was one of the best songs ever.
  • Dennis from Slatersville, RiI'mn going to your concert in June at tweeter center and would like to ask someone to marry me and was wondering if you would announce my intentions?
  • Street Strategist from Hong Kong, Hong Kong"Free Bird" is number 13 in the list called "Sounds at the Speed of Music: 50 Rock Anthems at 100 kph"
  • Ben from Oakdale, CtYo RYAN! This song sucks. It is sooo boring i dont know what all of you think is so cool about it but you should definitley shoot me cuz i would rather die than listen to this song! It is the worst song ive ever heard!!!!!! Hit my cell if you want i would be glad to share my fellings with you. 917-2788
  • Street Strategist from Hong Kong, Hong KongFree Bird is a sound track of the TV series The E-Ring. In one episode, actor Dennis Hopper was listening to his office stereo with Free Bird on.
  • Ray from Palm Bay, Idi can't turn the radio off fast enough when this comes on. simply dreadfull song with the guitars at the end sounding like school kids with no sense of what they are doing. i hate this more than "born in the USA" AARG !
  • John from Kirkland, WaI hate to say it - but this song has been associated by some with suicide. Several years ago, two teenagers comitted suicide by driving at a high speed into a brick wall - this was the song they were playing at the time )-:
  • Jenny from Panamacity, Flthis is my favorite song.It has helped out through a lot of problems that i have come across.It is so inspiring.Every time I hear it I start wanting to go out and do something ambitous.The lyrics are so meaningful.My favorit part of the song is"Bye and bye baby its the sweet love."This song is the all time best.The solo is so powerful,it blows my mind.Anybody who doesnt like this song is stupid
  • Darden from Montgomery, AlIt was Allen's girlfriend who asked him the lin "if i leave her tomorrow would you still remember me" cause she knew there would always be another love in his life besides her and that is music....he asked Ronnie for help and he did the song oringally had no slide no piano and no solo all those came later
  • Zach from Darlington, ScHotel California is america's "Stairway to Heaven" over this IMO.
  • Shikhar from Kathmandu, Otherone of the greatest song ever....
  • M=f from Moncton, CanadaOMG! ok This song is one of the best songs in the intayer History
    like everybody has to like this song!<333333333
    IT ROCKS!!!!!!! When i play it on Guitar Hero 2 i rock at that song! and i love Lynyrd Skynyrd THEY ROCK!!!<333333333
  • Jimmy from Tai Chung, TaiwanIn one of the episodes of the Simpsons, where Bart got his first electric guitar thought it was broken and handed it to Otto, where he played a riff of this song, thats how I first got this song in my head anyways, "If I leave here tomorrow~~" peace. anyways, then Otto lived in their basement, clogged up the sink.. haha
  • Jenna Madsen from Eureka!, CaLike 99.9% of everyone else who's commented, i must agree with the fact that this song is TOTALLY the best. simple and slow and definitely defines a great point in life. the break-out guitar solo is amazing and the vocals are superb. it has real meaning to me and it always will. live on lynyrd skynyrd, live on!
    luv 2 all,
  • Thomas from Staten Island, NyWell I do agree this is kinda America's "Stairway To Heaven". I love everything about it, the words are really amazing. And maybe I have just listened to it to much but during the solo where it the guitar continues playing while the drums keep going dum dum.......dum dum(wonderful description dontcha think?) That whole part listen VERY carefully to that whole part at the drums right after they play I kept hearing some weird noises Im not sure what but I thought I'd just put it out there for you all hehe. Well anyway this is an awesome song by far.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis is another excellent song by Lynryd Skynryd. I love the solo, and I love the lyrics. Does anyone think this sounds like "Tuesday's Gone"? I do.
  • Rocco from , CanadaLove the solo
  • Jeff from Columbia, ScStill has to be the greatest song ever written and it is the National Anthem of the South. No matter what show I'm watching I always yell Freebird-even kids parties and church. I was at a private party with the 2006 Marshall Tucker Band and of course I asked them to play and that's when I found out the reason most bands don't play it is the guitars are so complicated most can't keep up. So if you want to judge how good a band is see if they'll do it. If not you know they suck. BTW-Marshall T killed it that night on Lake Wateree.
  • Jamie from Bowmanville, CanadaFree bird is by far my absolute favourite song, the lead voice, the lyrics and who could forget the amazing and talented guitar solo, everything is perfectly placed in the song... everytime i hear free bird on the radio, no matter what mood, it automatically changes and can put you right again, its mellow and got an edge that grabs your attention. But i think the radio edited short version seems to rob the song of its dignity, its an insult to the solo and talent behind free bird and the guitar solo is the songs signature that would be hard to ever measure up to... But free bird for me, its inspiring, and the only song i can relate to on such a personal level... Long live lynard skynard, free bird, and much love and thanx to ronnie rip....
  • Dee from Northfield, IlWhy do people always request this song? Because they usually don't care about the first part (half the people who request the song like the whole thing). They wanna hear that solo! That solo kicks a** and competes with "Stairway To Heaven's" solo for the best solo ever. It's America's "Stairway To Heaven". Well I think so, anyways. I'm not sure what others think, but it's still a fantastic song, despite its length. It kicks A**!
  • Nate from Chateaugay, NyThis song has changed my perspective on music. I first heard it on my dad's Charlie Daniels Band LIVE CD, and have loved it ever since. After listening to and downloading every version recorded I have to say that no one can top the Lynyrd Skynyrd origional cut. I've always hoped that they would do a show around where I live. This is the best ballad, guitar solo, love song, dance song, overall song, etc... in history, made by quite possibly the greatest group in history.
    -FREE BIRD FOREVER!!!!!!!!
  • Justine from Haverhill, MaHey Dennis from Anchorage!! I saw your comment...and i've loved this song for i dont know how has helped me along, and do some pretty cool things!! just until now sept. 14 2006 i found out that this song was about a tragic accident, so therefore you are wrong!!! I always said how i love the amazing guitar this just proves, everyones different and you cant please everyone, and always be right...'cause someone proved you wrong...ME!!!
  • Vinny from Durham, NcLynyrd Skynyrd was originally spelled Lynard Skynard so, technically Sara's not mispelling anything, just a little more old school...
  • Norbert from Oaklahomacity, OrWhen I went to Go see Skynyrd in 1975 they were mindblowing with the trio of gutarists this song lasted 12:50
  • Jordan from Menominee, Mihey come on now you shouldnt be putting dumb stuff on this site especially if you cant spell Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • David from Guelph, Canadayeah and how could Ronnie Van Zant have sung this song if he was dead? (and he did sing it not his bro) Your facts do not add up Sara, Savannah, GA
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlThat's not possible. The plane crash was 4 years after this song was made.
  • Sara from Savannah, GaThe song called "Freebird" was a song by Lynard
    Skynard, that they wrote for Ronnie Van Zant when
    he was killed in a plane crash. Van Zant's brother took Ronnie's place as lead singer for Skynard.
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlIn the 2006 Disney/Pixar film "Cars" during an awkward group silence, someone yells out "Free Bird." It was a hilarious and classic pixar joke, but me and my brother were the only two in the theater that laughed.
  • Jordan from Menominee, MiFree Bird has got to be the best song ever writen, no joke nothing can match it and we can only imagine what Lynyrd Skynyrd would have done if their plane wouldnt have gone down... and in Free Bird Ronnie says "If i leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" I know i will always remember i hope everone who reads this will too. Lynyrd Skynyrd has tought me how to live life to the fullest, by just enjoying what we have and not lusting for the rich mans gold because it is true all that you need is in your soul
  • Jim from Coopersburg, PaI came to this site because I was curious how many groups that sell cd's have actually covered
    this song and Stairway to Heaven. Thirty years
    ago in college I had taped a best of lynyrd Skynyrd on cassette( my own favorites) only to find the tape a couple of years ago. I had a reunion with my musical tastes in the late 90's due to my late brother in law Chuck Roam playing
    piano in Treasure Island ,Florida and his favorite piano player was Billy Powell. It is funny how you listen to music at 21 and then at 52. Chuck and his brother and sister recorded some songs in a studio that you would swear Billy Powell played for them... I would kill for where i could find an instrumental copy of Free Bird which I understand survivoring band members
    played between 77 to 87 .. If the band ever stops playing I hope Billy Powell takes his act on the road solo ..Chuck played all the instrument parts of Free Bird at the same time on the piano and I write this note to honor his passing as well as the live sounds of the current band. I wanted to see Skynyrd play with the Allman Brothers a couple of years ago but our concert was cancelled in York,Pa due to a medical problem in the band. Going to Hershey in July 2006 to see them live .At least they added a third guitar.. "the army was playin' shorthanded" ...If anyone in Treasure Island,Fla
    ever got to hear Chuck play at Katiki's 1998-2001
    you miss him too. Music brings out the passion in people and so does listening to Free Bird. Thank you for letting me honor Billy Powell and my late brother in law ..A fan forever
    Jimmy the Greek,Coopersburg,Pa.
  • Andrew from Wimauma, FlFREEEEEEEEEBIRD! I could be at a Barry Manilow concert and still have the patience to live 'cuz this song still rings in my ears. Mind blowin' with a twang of countray.
  • J.l. from Moss Point, MsLynyrd Skynyrd Is By Far The Best Southern Rock Rock Band Ever In The History Of Southern Rock. Free Bird Is Also A Great Song And Will Always Be Remembered As The Greatest Rock And Roll Song Ever Written.
  • Lucky from Bressanone, ItalyFree Bird is the best lynyrd skynyrd's song....i'm not american or english...i'm italian...but i love lynyrd skynyrd and free biird!!!
  • Steven from La, CaThis is the best song ever by the best band ever.
  • Scott from Jacksonville, HiRossington/Collins played Jacksonville right after they released their first album and all the members who were not in Skynyrd left the stage and Billy started Freebird and the place went wild and Allen had played all night sitting on a stool because his foot was in a cast but when he went into the solo he was hopping around the stage on his good leg and the I can't descibe
    the energy they had that night, It was a great great show. I felt the same way watching shorty Medlocke playing the intro for Train Train, Its great to be from Jacksonville, Scott, now in Stoke-on-Trent england
  • Paul from Warrenpoint, IrelandThis song is the worlds greatest song ever!!!PERIOD!!!, If you have problems, blast to number 32 and enjoy. This is me and my girlfriends song.
  • Elie from The U.k, Englandif you have any problems just listen to the free bird and they will go away. at least for a wile
  • Joseph from Wise, Valike John SMith i first heard this on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I could listen to it over and over again without even thinking of changing it. The opening Line is great: If I leave here tomarrow, would you still remember me? Easily Skynards best song.
  • Joe from Foxboro, MaFreebird is by far the most insane guitar solo i have ever heard. I could listen to it over and over again and never get sick of it. Lynyrd Skynyrd may just be the best band to ever live.
  • Jeanette from Mcgrady, NcStephanie, Freebird is in Forrest Gump when Jenny is messed up on drugs and is on the ledge of a high rise building.
  • Brittany from Hamilton, CanadaThe first time I heard this song was in Outside Providence. I had no clue what the name was or who sung it but I loved the song. I must have been lookin for this song for about a week before I found it I love this song its great!!!
  • John Smith from New York City, NyI heard this song for the first time in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and after a while I figured out that not only do I plain love this song but I never crashed a car in any videogame while listening to it. What a great song and what a wierd effect it has on me.
  • Andy from Rogers, ArI saw Ricky Medlocke's Free Bird solo on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction broadcast and he truly does the original proud. I've heard thousands of guitar solo's and Free Bird is definitely the best I've ever heard (live and studio).
  • Jj from Jacksonville, FlIf you where still slow dancing at the end of freebird you knew you were gettin laid
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkI'm going to open a can of worms here, just for fun. This is the most overrated song in the history of classic rock. The lyrics are fairly trite and the guitar work at the end is masturbatory and goes on for way too long. It's a hell of a lot more fun to play than to listen to, so maybe it works better in concert, but I'm incredibly tired of it. Skynrd did some good songs, but a lot of their songs weren't nearly as good as they were trying to be (Gimme Three Steps leaps to mind). They were very good musicians, to be sure, and Sweet Home Alabama is a brilliant recording, but this song is only holding on to its popularity because the members of the band died tragically at the peak of their fame. If there were still alive today this song would be remembered as a bit of self-indulgence from their youth. By the way, the best Skynrd song ever is very little known except among Skynrd fans (and dj's at classic rock stations). It's called The Ballad of Curtis Lowe. It's a beautiful and heartfelt song and blows this one away.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScYeah Patrick. that was a pretty cool performance.
  • Patrick from Humboldt, IaI watched the rock hall of fame induction last night and this was simply amazing.
  • Sam from Provo, Utif you're not amazed at the solo you're an idiot who knows nothing about music. anyway, listen around 8:00 into the song and the coolest part is when its building up and finally relases! SOO SWEET!
  • Kristina from St. Louis, MoThis is one of the greatest songs ever. You can sit there turn it on, close your eyes and your problems are gone for those minutes.
  • Josh from New York, Nyi dont understand the first fact... how could the song have been 7 1/2 minutes w/o the solo when it lasted for 4 minutes... and the song is 9 total? it makes no sense they would have had 2 completely rewrite it if it were 7 1/2 w/o solos.
  • Lacey from Slippery Rock, PaNot quite sure it's been mentioned yet, but this song plays at the end of The Devil's Rejects. Rob Zombie said it was perfect, because it was the "ultimate American saga song," or words to that affect. It's on the DVD's special features. The song fits the scenes, too.
  • Allox from Qld, Australiahey, and they DO play this song in Forrest Gump though it's not on the soundtrack; it's the bit where the girl is about to commit suicide (while the solo is totally goin outta control).... -man, I can't get over dat solo.
  • Allox from Qld, AustraliaWOAH. The solo at the end totally blows my brains out- that is so awesome....
    In the ending, when the song speeds up, I put the volume RIGHT UP- dats da best bit....
  • Matt from Haddon Hieghts, Njmy friend loves the solo at the end tottaLY AGREE WITH HIM
  • Jon E. from Washington Court House, OhLarry Cordle recently released a bluegrass version of Lynyrd Skynyrd music. The best cover of Skynyrd music I have ever listened to. Check out "Lonesome Skynyrd Time". Well worth the listen.-Jon Williams, Washington Court House, Oh.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis one isn't in Forrest Gump. That's "Sweet Home Alabama" you're thinking of.
  • Jon E. from Washington Court House, OhFreebird is a master piece of music. I recently purchased a version many of you will turn your noses up at, but it very much compliments Lynyrd Skynyrd. Give a listen to "Larry Cordle; Lonesome Skynyrd Time". Skynyrd sounds great in bluegrass form.
  • James from Vidalia, GaNo matter what station I'm at when my aunt visits she requests this song. My aunt is cool!!

    I remember these "pro" wrestlers in the late 70s early 80s called "The Freebirds" would come out with this song playing. Too bad that's what I think of half the time when I hear it.

  • Myles from Seal Beach, CaThe first time I heard this I thought it was boring, and the guitar solo dull. Then, I listened to it a week later and kicked myself for thinking so. This song will never get old. Ever.
  • Kayla from London, CanadaThis song is such an incredible song. The first time I heard it was when my friend played it for me at a party on his guitar. He didn't play the guitar solo, but he still played and sung the rest of it. Hearing it like that really made me feel the lyrics and not just the amazing music. The words speak so much regardless if they are repetitive. I feel its talking to all the free spirits out there. And when listening to the whole song, the guitar solo and all, it just has this sort of calming effect on me. I always listen to it when going on one of my unknown destination road trips. In my opinion, it is Lynyrd Skynyrds best song.
  • Danielle from West Chester, OhWe played this song at my brothers funeral in 1998, it fit perfectly. Now everyone relates the song to my brother and its like a presence is in the room! Everytime i get in my car this song seems to be playing. My brother was in a car wreck an it almost seems like hes there watching over while im driving. very touching song, family loves it!
  • Dean from Bayonne, NjTo Daniel, from Kenner, LA. U have good ears. On the solo, Allen does both layers of the lead, but later on Steve Gaines re-recorded Freebird with the band and did the other solo on it. Steve Gaines, I believe, in many ways, is a better guitarist than Allen, but together along with Gary make the most amazing guitar ensemble ever.
  • Dean from Bayonne, NjWhat alot of the Skynyrd faithful don't know is that the first public showing of Freebird was at guitarist Allen Collin's wedding. The band had showed friends the lyrics and basic tune, but the guitar solo was completely new.
  • Garrett from Clermont, FlFree bird is what inspired me to pick up a guitar since the time I was little Allen Collins and Gary Rossington have been my guitar heros
  • Bob from Jacksonville, FlHello again, it's Remembering The Free Birds of Southern Rock, AND if you guys follow the news Lynyrd Skynyrd will be inducted into the Hall of Fame March 13 2006 and will be broadcast on VH1.
  • Bob from Jacksonville, FlIf the fans really "knew" Ronnie, they would know that Freebird was inspired by Allen Collins' girl, Kathy, when she asked Allen "if I leave here tomorrow,will you still remember me?That was the spark that gave Ronnie and Allen the lead-in for the rest of the song of Freebird. Allen still was not happy with the Guitar parts and had re-did (recorded) Freebird 29 more times, but the first was and is the best.If you want more facts about Lynyrd Skynyrd get the book Remering the Free Birds of Southern Rock by Gene Odem with Frank Dorman.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaI am not a big fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd but I would have to say this song has the greatest guitar solo in it.
  • Jonna from Dallas, Txi do love this song. when he says that "im as free as a bird now, and this bird you can not change" i think of all the men who can't make a commitment, and thats fine. they want to be "free". this song is very powerful and passionate. the guitar solos are absolutely amazing. you couldn't ask for more in a performance. this band is ultimately one of my favorites.
  • from Delhi, IndiaBest song ever when i hear this one i can see all my life flashin in front of my eyes i really wanna be a Free bird
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaSomething about this song bothers me....I think it's the lyrics. It reminds me of "Travelin' Man"- another song about a man so free, he can't be bothered with a woman's feelings. Maybe he shouldn't date? Jerk.
  • Brett from Moore, OkFree Birds is and always be THE GREATEST SONG ever writen. The soft and beautiful melody at the beginning with some of the greatest lyrics ever. Then goes into the greatest solo ever. I don't care if its repetitive, or easy to play(I dont think it is). It was put together perfectly. When i'm listening to the radio and i haven't changed the channel in a while, it doesn't matter what song is on, I do what i call a Free Bird check. Thats when i check every station for Free Bird. I will never turn off Free Bird with out listening to the end. Last year, If i got one more tardy in my first hour i was gonna fail off absences. I'm not even joking, on the last day i had that class, Free Bird came on the radio before school. I sat in my car and listened to the entire thing. I came in late and my teacher asked why I was late. I told him Free Bird was on the radio. He just smiled a told me to take a set. When I got my report card, it showed that i passed. I thought that was just kick ass.
    Me and my buddies have a place that is kind of in the woods. We call it Lost Lake cause thats the beer that we always drink there, and its by a lake.One time me and some chick got drunk and then got naked and jumped in the lake. But thats a whole other story all together. At the end of the night, just before everybody leaves we do what I call redneck surround sound. We make a huge circle with our cars, and everybody plays Free Bird. We always pour out a little of our beer for Ronnie Van Zant. Not a lot, cause we know that would piss off Ronnie wasting beer. If I leave here tomorrow, or any other day, I have told everybody to make sure that they play Free Bird at My Funeral!!! God Bless Ronnie Van Zant and Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!
  • Jay from Derby, Englandif i leave here tomorrow,would you still remember me? Wow..these words and music haunt me.Born and raised in England i cant explain what this whole thing means to me is it a southern thing i dunno.keep on keepin on .Jay Liverpool England
  • Olivia from Perth, Australiaall of their songs ive heard(sadly, i havent heard nearly enough) are really touching in some way. They seem to all be based on peoples lives. i think i will definitely get more into this band. theyre awesome!
  • Jeremy from Nyc, NyI am a big classic rock fan but this song is not that good. Honestly, listen to the lyrics, they are terrible. The guitar solo is the only redeeming quality. The melody for the song is not that good, it is very unoriginal. And technically, except for the solo, it is not that impressive. Sweet Home Alabama, while the lyrics are not good either at least it was technically very good. The only good thing about Free Bird is the solo otherwise it is not very good.
  • Travis from Phoenix, NyBrett from OK i agree with you about the guitar solo at the end of Free Bird being one of the greatest. Unfortunately i must disagree on the Eruption by Van Halen part. This is a decent instrumental, but nowhere near as good as Free Bird, and i can think of many more that are a lot better. Frankenstein by Edgar Winter is a classic, Angus Youngs solo at the beginning of ACDC's Thunderstruck is awesome, Alex Lifeson in many of Rush's hits, even Brian May at the end of We Will Rock You, these are all better than Eruption.
  • Melissa from Kingsley, MiI have always loved Free Bird, but when my brother commited suicide back in 98 I heard it in a completely different way. I listen to it frequently and remember the way my brother also loved Skynyrd. Here's to you Bubba. -Melissa, Kingsley, MI
  • Corey from Woodstock, Vtfree bird 4 ever. Ultimate song of all time. my all time fave.
  • Matthew from East Brunswick, NjI love this song, it's absolutely terrific. The guitar solo is probably the greatest one I have greatest.
  • Jon from Sunnyvale, CaWill justice finally be served? Maybe attempt number seven will be the lucky one for Lynyrd Skynyrd to enter the Hall of Fame.
  • Joe from Buffalo, NyMy local classic rock station has a top 500 countdown. Stairway was #1 every year for 30 years. finnally in 2005 Freebird was #1. Stairway is SO overrated. great song, but overrated.
  • Josh from Lanett, AlWow, this sng means a lot to me. When I fist heard it, I just heard the first verse and half of the solo. I always thouight it be a great song with the best 5 minute solo ever. Then, one day I found out that I might never see this girl I was in love with again.I went hom and played all I knew of this song on my guitar. I can't play nor sing this song without tears welling in my eyes when the words "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" ring. This song has really kept me going. The solo is one of the hardest in the world to learn, but it's great.
  • Lindsay from Montgomery, Albest song ever! means alot to a pretty nice tat on my back saying FREEBIRD when i got divorced. if u wanna check it out my aim is IXIoFREEBIRDoIXI
  • Max from Laguna Niguel, CaLynyrd Skynyrd not being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the worst kind of prejudice, the kind against awesome bands with southern roots.
  • Todd from Salisbury, Mdi just starting guitar ind made a bet if i could ever play free bird i would get something
  • Sophia from Chicago, Ilthis song is plain and simple this song is the : ULTIMATE STONER SONG
  • Shawn from Hiddenite, NcThis song is used during the excellent climax for Rob Zombies sequel to House of 1000 corpses, The Devil's Rejects!
  • Calvin from Kyle, Txthis song is totally awesome. i am a huge skynyrd fan and if i listen to any skynyrd i have to listen to this song even if itsnot on the cd. its a classic and the guitar solo is most certainly rockin.
  • Lindsey from Canton, OhThis was one of my father's favorite songs. He would always talk about how he wanted to be a "Free Bird". Shortly after hearing him say that, he commitied suicide. That was almost 15 years ago, but I still love the song, and everytime I hear it, I get chills. When I get together with his friends, the song has never failed to play...
  • Jimmy from Philadelphia, Pai started to chant free bird when i got out of school. i think it is one of the greatest rock n' roll songs ever!!!!
  • Ross from Independence, MoThis song is #191 on Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest songs.
  • Cody from New York City, NyI'm pretty sure this song is in Forrest Gump, a movie revolving around American history, and they chose this song to be a part of it. Pretty cool.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI love the guitar solos! I also think it's great with Johnny singing it! I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd last summer (2004), and they were great1
  • Maya from San Francisco-ish, CaThis is probably my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song. I just love the soaring guitar licks. So gorgeous, kind of like an eagle's flight (to me at least). And the lyrics are great too. =)
  • Brandon from Morristown, Tn'If you actually like freebird, then you either a) drive a flat-bad with a gun-rack, sport a mullet, have a confederate-flag-chain-wallet, and only date Texas virgins. or B) you are the last remaining member of Leonard Skynard who still likes this song.'
    No beleive it or not,not all people that like Freebird are people like that,I know prep like people and they know this song.This song is one of my personal favorites.In this area(east tennesee)People voted on there favorite 3 songs for the classic rock radio station in the area and out of 500 songs voted for the top 3 were:#3Stairway to Heaven-Zep#2You Shook Me All Night Long-Ac/dc#1Freebird-Lynyrd Skynyrd-gasp-I wonder why?This song as long been glorified and for good reason.And for some reason I shout play free bird at rap people.
  • Sam from Boise, IdA Mellotron is featured in the last verse before the soloes in this tremendous song.
  • Patrick from Cumming, Gagood song good song
    the first time i heard it i had chills
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaAt about 75 percent of the shows my classic rock band plays, someone will at some point yell out, "Freebird!" At which point we promptly bust it out, to invariably thunderous applause. People just love this song.
  • Alyssa from Prarievill, Laomg.. i love this song it has lots of meanings to me.. first off its special bc im oly 15 and the last thing i can rember about my dad is that he used to play this song for me to go to sleep.. as i got older i learnered the lyrics and then i met my dad and told him it was my fav song.. and then now im goin out with a guy who this is his fav song too.. and this is the first song we danced to and its our couple song.. and also i used to be suicidal and this song helped me get tro all my probalems.. and when ppl ask me my fav song i tell them free bird and most teenagers dont kno what song this is.. and i tell them its the best song in the world... i love lynryd skynyd and i ALWAYS will..... peace yall~alyssa~
  • Gary from Temecula, CaJohnny now sings the song but only after years of convincing by Gary Rossington who told him that Ronnie wrote the song so that it could be heard and enjoyed by all the Freebirds out there. Ronnie's Widow Judy was very upset about this at first at threatened to sue. She eventually calmed down and agreed this song needs to be heard to understand the genius that we know as Ronnie Van Zant. Johnny also said he had to sing it because he did'nt want Ronnie to be mad at him when then meet again in heaven.
  • Tom from Horncastle, EnglandThis song is definitely very inspiring to the mind. i am very envious of this particular song and have become hopelessly addicted to it. the 5 minutes of guitar solo at the end is magnificent, just like the lyrics.
  • Dan from City, Cathis song was played by the winning band at my high school battle of the bands... their double guitar solo was amazing and lasted even longer than the lynyrd skynyrd version! it was amazing
  • Miriam from Providence, RiYes Kieran, it plays in Forrest Gump when the girl leaves and almost jumps off the balcony...fitting b/c she wanted to be a bird when she was little and because it's kind of like drug addiction "and this bird you'll never change."
  • Angie from Morgan Hill, CaI like this song a lot. But it never meant that much to me until January 25, 2005. A friend of mine from high school commited suicide just 5 days earlier. It was a huge shock. I still can't get over it. Anyways, they played this song at his funeral. So for forever from that day, Brian, I will always see your face when I hear this song. We miss you!!! Fly High Free Bird!!!
  • Jasmin from Waterville, MeThis my opinion is the best song that they have ever done..yes, they have many great ones..but this one just speaks to me..
  • Matthew from Indy, InOk first of all..the people of this site are wrong...cuz I went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert last summer and believe me..his brother was singing "Free Bird." This I know becuz I was there...Second of all..Skynyrd is a great band but as far as "ree Bird" being the best..naw...the solo is awesome..for about the first 20times u hear it..then it's not good..But Ya know god bless the south and what comes from it..Take care everybody
  • AnonymousFree Bird and the breeze are my favorite lynard skynard songs.. They have lots of meaning to me as a friend of mine accidently shot and killed himself and these 2 songs were played at his funeral... They both fit his life style so well and let me remember him everytime I play them or hear them played... Fantastic songs.....
  • Kieran from Albury-wodonga, AustraliaIs this song on forest gump - when she is leaving the "drug house" for the last time (i think) everyone is passed out or sleeping and there is drug paraphenalia everywhere...?
  • Young from Earth, CroatiaAlthough I don't believe in confederacy and I actually believe in a left wing lifestyle, I absolutley love this song and the meaning behind it of being free. I would just like to say that i recently saw this on an episode on king of the hill and it was spectacular i would recommend for all.
  • Jordan from Asdf, NjYes PHISH did the a capella version. I think its way better than the original, or at least more original. This song was cool when i was 14. Since then i have heard WAY better guitar lines and songs, and this tune just became generic. If you wanna hear good guitar, check out Wanye Krantz, Pat Martino, and Mike Stern; Zappa's not bad either.

    If you actually like freebird, then you either a) drive a flat-bad with a gun-rack, sport a mullet, have a confederate-flag-chain-wallet,
    and only date Texas virgins. or B) you are the last remaining member of Leonard Skynard who still likes this song. By the way. Has anyone heard that this song is about Duane Allman?
  • Alpina from Abq, NmBest song ever,.......reson you ask,.. the lyrics in this song are just so simple. so many people can relate to this song, basiclly anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship." if i leave here tommorow, would you still remember me?" and " bye bye baby its been a sweet love, thought this feeling i cant change,Please dont take it so badly, cause lord knows im to blame" if you have ever been with someone and after you part your seperate ways, this songs lyrics are the definition of your feelings, can relate to those lyrics. Its not like most mind numbing music today were you can only relate to the lyrics if your rich or a criminal. but thats what makes music great, is the diversity. but hands down best song and lyrics of all time.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaSide Note: This song is in a Simpsons episode where Otto Mann (Bus driver) stops the bus in the middle of the street and starts to play this song on Bart's guitar.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaThis is such a great song. I am addicted to it...Lynyrd Skynyrd is really awesome! This song gives me chills....If I leave Here Tomorrow, Would you Still Remember Me? great, just perfect
  • Monica from Milliken, Co This song reminds me of my friend that passed away four months ago. It's a very inspiring song and it means a lot to me. "John, if you are listening...I just would like to say "John I miss you!"
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis was a UK hit three times - making No. 31 twice in 1973/1974, later climbing seven places higher when released as a double-'A'-side with "Sweet Home Alabama".
  • Tom from K-town, NjOh ma Lord....this is definetely the greatest song EVER. it is my favorite song and it eocks the casbah. Not only is it the best song ever its the greatest guitar jamboree ever also. the drum parts (being a drummer) arent 2 shabby either. the song all together is just perfect and a chill giver
  • Jon from Sunnyvale, CaThe version performed live features a piano introduction as well as a piano solo between the verses. The length of the song depends on what live version. The "One More from the Road" edition (recorded at the Fox Theater, Atlanta) is a couple minutes longer than the version on the soundtrack for "Freebird: the Movie" (recorded at the Oakland Coliseum).
  • Geo from Eugene, OrEd King played guitar in The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Incense & Peppermints)
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Dcwhy does everybody think that this is the greatest guitar solo of all time its got an interesting pattern but not that great
  • Troy from Charlotte, Nc"and I'm just a smart-ass 16 year-old who plays bass." You must be my double. Anyway, I can't wait until Skynyrd comes to town. Skynyrd's my favorite band and freebird is my favorite song maybe tied with stairway to heaven.
  • Will from Portland, OrThis is definitely the best guitar solo ever
  • Bill from Hillsboro, Tx I attended the concert Halloween night 1987 in Houston, Texas. They said "only one person can sing this song." then they put Ronnie's hat on the mic stand and played it instrumental for thirty minutes or so. That was incredible!
    I had never been able to see them before '77 and then the plane crash, when I was in the 7th grade(also '77), dashed any hopes I had of a live performance. So, the Houston show in '87 was the next best thing. I did see them some years later in Dallas and Johnny did sing Free Bird. That was also a cool concert.
  • Dustin from Tampa, FlWhat a great song. This song gives all rednecks a reason to stand up and drunkenly shout at any dive bar in america. God Bless Skynard.
  • Brett from Moore, OkI'm going to tell you a long story. Most of it will have nothing to do with free bird, but at the end, you will see how it has something to do with my story. My story first takes place in the great state of Oklahoma. My baseball team entered at tournament. The winner of it, would go to the Little League World Series in Minnesota. There was about 16 teams in this tournament. We won all of our games up to the chamionship. I pitched in the championship game. We were doing great. I struke out everybody in the first 5 innings. Then in rthe 6th, their best batter came up to bat. I knew to throw the ball low and inside. I got two strike on him, then the next pitch got away from me. He took it out the park. Our spirts were down. Then in the eight inning, we got two runners on, and i was in the baters box. I was hoping he would walk the next runner. He did. They switched pitchers. When i got up to bat, the first pitch i hit hard on the ground down third base line. It was foul. He threw a ball. Then the next pitch, I knew this was it. I swung with everything I had. It was going, going, going, gone. But it was a foul ball. I was so mad. Then when i got back up to bat, I just felt right. Hit hit that sucker so far. I hit it well over dead center, past the street, into the woods. It was awesome. We eventually won the game. I couldn't believe it, we were going to minnesota. We had a lot of car washes, and other stuff to make money. We had to dirve all the way to Minnesota. Me, my brother, and two other kids left a day before the rest of the team. My friends had a PS2 hooked up in his car. So, we rode together. We played games, and watched movies all the way down. It was so much fun. We were the first ones to make it to the hotel. As soon as we got there, we went to the swimming pool. Guess who was there. A bunch of cheerleaders. Thats right cheerleaders. We were hitting on them the whole day. They were hot. But they had to leave the next day. So we gave them a day they couldn't remember. Anyway, the next day, the rest of the team arrived. We told them out the women. The were julious. The bad thing was, most of our best players couldn't make it. So we picked up anybody that could. We didn't do good in the tournament. During one of te games, our coach left. He just left after how bad we were doing. That was our fault. We stayed up all night long. I don't think that we ever went to sleep. We would go swimming until 1 o'clock in the morning. Then have a game at 9. All of our games were early in the mourning. They were scared of us. Cause in Oklahoma, we are good at sports. I know for a fact that we could have won that tournament. If we didn't stay up all night. We drove that hotel crazy. One night, a couple of us were in the hot tub with so women there. The hot tub wasn't hot. So we asked the front desk to turn it up. They wouldn't, the said that is was at aq perfect temperature. I was pissed. So I went into the Sauna (It is a room, where you put water on the coal and it makes steam). I was so mad, that I took a piss on the coal part. Most of the team did it too. The next morning it smelled SO BAD!!! So we didn't get back in the sauna again. The next day, I was swimming with most of the team. Then out the window, I saw two guys from my team calling me over so I went outside. Well it turns out, that the remote in their room worked on every remote in the hotel. So at about 1 o'clock in the mourning, we went outside. If we could see their t.v. through the window, we would turn on their t.v. If that didn't wake them up, we'd turn it up real loud. There was this one guy, when we turned it one, he flipped out. He called up the front desk, and was cousining them out. It was funny. After we had finished up the bottom row, we decited to do the 2nd floor. But we couldn't be inside, so we had to climb outside. On our first room, we talked Chris into climbing up there. When he was climbing, he kept kicking the door below him. We noticed it and ran. Chris didn't realize that we left. Then we saw the guy down stairs opened up the door. Chris had the funniest look on his face. He then took off for his life. It was realy funny. Well back to baseball. When the tournament started (the first of it was a round robin) we won a game, then lost. Then in the Losers bracket, we lost again. That was it we lost the tournament. Then, as we gathered up our stuff to leave the field ............. Free Bird came on over the speakers. And as we left the game, (glad to be out because of our coach) we all sang Free Bird as we walked up the Bleachers. It was the best way to go out. Then, with the whole team, went to Sturgis. It was the best vacation ever.
  • Brett from Moore, OkFree Bird is the greatest song!!! I get chills all through my body when I hear this classic. What makes this song stand out, is the lyrics. Those lyrics, "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me" are so meaning full after Ronnie's death. And the quitar solo at the end is by far the greatest. The only solo that compares is Eruption by Van Halen, but it isn't near as long. God Bless Lynyrd Skynyrd, and may their legend live on forever!!!
  • Irene from Beatrice, NeAwesome song...Just awesome.
  • Keith from Detroit, Mii can't even explain the feeling this song gives me it's literally beyond words but it's ronnie's keep it instrumental i can't stress that point enough.
  • Kevin from Ballston Spa , NyUnbelievable song -- musically, possibly the best song ever!
  • Gonny from Faketown, GaCan someone tell me if the a cappella version is really by Phish?
  • Jon from Mountain Home, Idgreat song, very good. Its got some kicking licks with the guitar and the solos are jaw-dropping. Truely a greatly remembered song.
  • Daniel from Kenner, LaThe solo at the end can be technically considered a three-guitar solo. Even though Skynyrd at the time had only 2 guitarists, Ed King was still playing bass (and very well I might add), the song had 3 guitar parts. A rhythm part(played by Gary), an acoustic part(played by allen), and an electric part(also played by allen). But in the solo there is a rhythm(Gary) and a lead (solo)guitar part played by Allen, but there are actually two. After Allen laid down the lead track, he rerecorded (he actually played it again) the part but played a little behind the original lead to give it that full sound, and thats why you get that full sound and those awesome double licks at the end. You'd be surprised how many people I've actually had to tell that to, and the've been listening to Skynyrd for 30 years now, and I'm just a smart-ass 16 year-old who plays bass. Go figure.
  • Lundi from None, MoThe idea for this song came from a question Collins' girlfriend asked. "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?"
  • Erik from Davis, CaGreat song, still a great band. Can't ask for more.
  • Brian from Paoli, InThe guitar solos sends chills down my spine. I liked the idea that they played it as an instrumental after Ronnie Van Zant died, as a tribute to him. Why they changed their minds on that, I dunno.
  • Greg from Abbeville, ScJohnny sings it at his concerts! I STARTED the chant for "free Bird" at a concert i recently attended. They did play it. What a solo!
  • Cathy from Middlesex, NcJohnny now sings this song at concerts, and has for years.
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