Lynyrd Skynyrd

Ronnie Van ZantVocals1966-1977
Gary RossingtonGuitar
Allen CollinsGuitar1966-1977
Bob BurnsDrums1966-1975
Leon WilkesonBass1966-2001
Artimus PyleDrums1975-1992
Steve GainesGuitar1975-1977
Ed KingGuitar1973-1975, 1987-1995
Johnny Van ZantVocals1987-
Dale Krantz-RossingtonBackup vocals1991-
Randall HallGuitar1987 - 1995
Billy PowellKeyboards1970-2009
Ean EvansBass2001-
Michael CartelloneDrums1998-
Rickey MedlockeGuitar1971-1971, 1996-
Hughie ThomassonGuitar1996-2005
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