Good Lovin Ain't Easy To Come By

Album: Easy (1969)
Charted: 26 30
  • Good lovin' ain't easy
    Good lovin' ain't easy
    Good lovin' ain't easy to come by
    Oh, darlin', that's the kind you offer me
    It's just the love to be found
    'Cause we're workin' on a buildin' nobody can tear down
    Look what we've got, ho-ho-ho-honey

    Good lovin' ain't easy
    Good lovin' ain't easy, darlin'
    Good lovin' ain't easy to come by, oh no no
    I've tried the good life and I know
    It's a playground where no one cares
    But at last you'll find out that don't compare
    To what we've got, ho-ho-ho-honey

    It takes more than just a song and dance
    You've got to work and fight to give it a chance
    If the rain comes down on us
    And there ain't no place to run
    We'll just cover ourselves with a blanket of love
    And wait till the mornin' comes
    Oh baby, let's do it today
    Give us protection

    Good lovin' ain't easy to come by
    Some think it's a plaything
    You can toss away when it's old
    But when love's valued in pieces
    It's worth more than gold
    That's what we've got

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  • Staley from Dallas, TxThe vocals are actually just Valerie Simpson (doing a halfway-decent Tammi Terrell imitation) and Marvin Gaye. Interestingly, accounts vary as to who admits Valerie was singing and who denies it. You can tell by listening te most of the album it came from ("Easy") that it's not Tammi singing, though. There are some pretty good songs on the album (including "Good Lovin'"), but it doesn't rise to the heights of "You're All I Need to Get By" or "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You."
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