Another Home

Album: Ashes and Roses (2012)
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  • There's another home somewhere
    There's another glimpse of sky
    There's another place unlearned
    And a face not memorized

    There's another quilt of green
    Where the trees throw down their shade
    There's another way to lean
    Into the wind unafraid

    There's another life out there
    Beyond your quiet room
    Use dead reckoning
    The sky, the stars and the moon

    There's another storm to chase
    There's another bridge to burn
    There's nothing perfect here
    Another lesson to learn

    There were days I gave into losing
    Empty spaces of my own choosing
    There were nights I forgot to hold on
    So I let go, I had to let go

    There's another home somewhere
    That I close my eyes to see
    I will find you there
    You will know it's me

    By my shield and sword
    By my soldier's heart
    We made it through the war
    We made another start
    Just beyond the trees
    Not so far I swear
    There's another turn that leads
    Towards another home somewhereWriter/s: MARY CARPENTER
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