Mrs. Right

Album: #1 Girl (2011)
Charted: 72
  • Where is Mrs.Right? I gotta find her

    Where is Mrs.Right I gotta see her,
    Travel all across the world just to meet her
    Get me on a flight I gotta see her,
    Travel all across the world just to meet her
    Travel to LA and maybe to the Bay,
    Come to Chi-Town, she might be out the states,
    Book a flight to London, book a flight to France,
    Can we go to Switzerland, can we hit Japan?

    Shawty say ya don't but I bet you do,
    MB on your ringtone, posters in your room,
    Sassy little thing,like the way you talk,
    Heard you got the goods go ahead show them off,
    Take a picture quick, send it to my phone,
    Dimple in your cheek, white Gucci stunners on,
    Don't know where you've been hiding from me so long,
    Prodigy, Roc, Ray Ray and Princeton we on
    So baby come on


    Light-skinned, dark dark-skinned,
    Long hair don't care long as ya hearts in it.
    Looking for my misses, enough to drive me insane,
    Matter of fact aye yo Prodigy sing.

    Hopping on a plane, coming straight to y'all,
    In Tokyo we say Konichiwa, is off the wall,
    London in the spring, Paris in the fall,
    We don't discriminate girls no we love 'em all,
    All my German chicks, let me kiss ya back,
    Open up your Mac Book, put me on your lap,
    Space and sending smiley faces on the chat,
    Met some good girls, yeah they're all over the map,
    But where she at, where she at?


    Flying so high, so high, destination everywhere,
    I gotta find a way to get to where, you are you are,

    Where's my Mrs.Right now,
    I need her right now,
    I got some things I wanna say, so I'm gonna write it down,
    Wipe me down wipe me down, if I like you, you wifey now,
    I predict one day we'll be together I'm a psychic ow,
    Been to the south, been to the bay, even take few trips out the states,
    I know you an angel so maybe I should look out of space,
    Aye D-I-Double G-Y is look for the right one,
    Prodigy, Double R, Princeton Ray Ray, let em know where we coming from

    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, INGROOVES MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC C/O SOVEREIGN MUSIC
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