Immortal Rites

Album: Altars of Madness (1989)
  • Gathered for a sacred right
    Subconscious minds allied
    Call upon immortals
    Call upon the oldest one to intercede

    Rid us of our human waste
    Cleanse our earthly lives
    Make us one with darkness
    Enlighten us to your ways

    From churning worlds of mindlessness
    Come screams unheard before
    Haunting voices fill the room
    Their source remaining undefined
    Shadows cast from faceless beings
    Lost for centuries

    Lords of death, I summon you
    Reside within our brains
    Cast your spells upon our lives
    So that we may receive
    The gift of immortality
    Bestowed on those who seek you

    (I pray)

    Repeat 1st verse
    Repeat 3rd verse

    [Solo: Azagthoth]

    (Now immortal) Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Zach from Columbus, OhioI cant believe I'm the first to comment on this.

    The intro to this song is actually the opening riff recorded backwards which I always thought was cool.

    The lyrics are also pretty bad ass 'rid us of our human waste,cleanse our earthly lives, make us one with darkness..enlighten us to your ways!" The over arching theme that I got from the album, especially from immortal rights and visions from the darkside, is to think for yourself, don't be a prisoner to pre-conceived man made notions. It's dressed up in a lot of pagan/Lovecraft imagery, but the message is ultimately not too different from the themes a lot of punk music touches on, which is refreshing in a genre that is all too often rather shallow in terms of lyrical content (just check out cannibal corpse).

    Altars of Madness is one of the best metal albums made, and 'Immortal Right's kicks it up to 10 from the start. I remember when I first got into heavy metal I couldnt get death metal for a long time, but this album and Slayers Reign in Blood changed all that for me and how I listened to music in general. The rythym work is absolutely brilliant, and though I love Blessed Are The Sick, Altars of Madness is my favorite MA release.

    Imo, this was the true successor to reign in blood. Morbid Angel pushed the envelope in terms of what death metal could be, they're a great live act, I had the pleasure of seeing them live in NYC after David Vincent rejoined the group and they were amazing. The encore was the entire altars of madness album.
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