Our Lady Of Sorrows

Album: I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love (2002)
  • We could be perfect one last night
    And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight
    And we can settle this affair
    If you would shed your yellow take my hand
    And then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity
    This riddle of revenge please understand it has to be this way and

    Stand up fucking tall
    Don't let them see your back
    Take my fucking hand
    And never be afraid again

    We've only got once chance to put this at in end

    And cross the patron saint of switchblade fights
    You said we're not celebrities, we spark and fade, they die by threes
    I'll make you understand and you can trade me for an apparition

    Stand up fucking tall
    Don't let them see your back
    Take my fucking hand
    And never be afraid again

    Trust, you said
    Who put the words in your head
    Oh how wrong we were to think
    That immortality meant never dying

    Stand up fucking tall
    Don't let them see your back
    Take my fucking hand
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  • Ed from Rugby, EnglandThis song pretty much shoves two fingers up at the Daily Mail.
    "stand up f**king tall" is saying not to back down and give up when things get tough.
    "take my f**king hand" is about friendship and like gerard has always said, when you are depressed, FIND SOMEONE TO TALK TO, SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST.

    Pretty much sums up what mcr are trying to do with their music.
  • Sammi from Candyland, FlI absolutely love this song its so awesome.=D
  • Morphine from London, EnglandIts amazing

    Gerard said it was his favourite out of Bullets.
  • James from Houston, Txthis song is one of the best on the first album, too bad it's short
  • Ben from Newcastle, Australiagood song my genre switches between rock, metal , scream and punk depending on what i want to listen to
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