Shoulda Put Something On

Album: Against All Odds (2009)
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  • Listen to what I have to tell ya
    Nana nii true stories

    U no we ain't kl with one another
    You don't deserve to decide wen I'm gonna be a papa
    However much I hate you think I'm gonna sit around and watch the little one suffer (NO)
    I ain't gonna lie I'm always behind when you get on all fours
    But when your belly popped out you said it was my fault, you told me, (you should of put something on)
    You weren't sayin' shit wen I was lickin' on your pelvis
    Now your tryna act up saying that I'm selfish
    Na na I ain't ready for no pikni I cant help it
    And its too late 2 say I should of worn a helmet
    I would love to be the perfect dad
    I would love to give my kids everything I never had (straight)
    All I'm tryna say is now ain't the time so if you don't wanna listen its best I just leave

    Who do you think you are I ain't gettin rid of shit
    This is a part of me don't blame me, u should of put something on, (but I'm just a man, you know how we are, I don't wanna be involved its not my fault)
    Its like you thinkin' about yourself, its only you you you and no1 else, so take responsibility, You should of put something on, so who do you think you are I ain't gettin' rid of shit, don't get this, don't blame me, you should of put something on

    Something let me tell you bout something, recognise you cant tel me nothin but one thing boy u got my blood pumpin, I'm ragin at u, u got me so damn angry, your selfish and ruthless so useless excuses mean nothing 2 me, this child is a part of me, you cant begin to understand so while its living and growing inside, but your just a man, you don't understand, get outa my get outa my get outa my face my face my face.


    I feel for you but u knew the deal
    (you was lying wen u said u was on the pill)
    I have to be real with you
    I think we both know that the both of us ain't got much doe
    Im afraid I cant be involved, Its just the same old selfishness with you
    don't pretend your understanding
    Its a little too late to act confused
    Cause I know what I'm gonna do do do do do
    Who do you think you are?

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