How Do You Do?

Album: N.B. (2007)
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  • Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh
    Ya... Ya... Ya... Ya
    If it's weird for girls to give guys flowers,
    Then maybe that's a reason too,
    You're not climbing up my ivory tower,
    So I'm comin' down for you,

    Is it wrong to write our names in love hearts,
    In the dust that's on the car you drive
    Droppin' hints can only get you so far,
    When you don't know that I'm alive

    Is it wrong to be the instigator (is it wrong, is it wrong?)
    Is it bad to be the move maker
    Guess I gotta be the first to say a
    to say a, to say a

    How do you do?
    If you won't say it, I will,
    How do you do?
    I'm really pleased to meet you,
    How do you do?
    Gotta say it how I feel it,
    Say it or I will,

    When you're hanging at the point of stalemate,
    It's not the time to bite your tongue
    So at the risk of looking really stupid,
    I'm gonna take the plunge

    Is it wrong to be the instigator (No)
    Is it bad to be the move maker
    Guess I gotta be the first to say a
    to say a, to say a


    Say it or I will

    It's not a good life just sittin' round drinkin' tea
    Touching all each other
    Exchanging pleasantries
    I've been too retired to sink except
    Sick of crosswords
    Now I want to connect


    Gotta say it how I feel it,
    Say it or i will

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  • Steve from Whittier, Ca"How do you Do?" was written in 1972, and recorded by the Ducth duo Mouth (1937-2004) & (Maggie) MacNeal (1950- ).
    Released on Phillips Records, it may be what Natsha Bedingfield is referring to, but Mouth and MacNeal's own song isn't mention and I haven't heard the later recording.
  • Steve from Whittier, CaThis was first by Mouth and MacNeal, from The Netherlands, Hollna.d BTW...why isn't there an entry for that one, from 1972? Some very important songs missing from the database.
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