House For Sale

Album: The Old Magic (2011)
  • House for sale
    I'm moving out
    I'm moving on
    This bird has flown
    House for sale
    I'll tell you where to redirect my mail

    House for sale
    Take a look inside
    This is where love
    Once did reside
    But now it's gone
    And that's the reason I'll be traveling on

    Well the roof has given in to the weather
    And the windows rattle and moan
    Paint is peeling, cracks in the ceiling
    Whatever's happened to my happy home
    House for sale I've had enough
    I'll send a van to get my stuff house for sale
    I'm leaving like I'm getting out of jail

    Do do, do do, who who who who
    Do do do do do, do do do do do

    The stairs are alarmingly shaky
    And the carpet threadbare and worn
    Fence needs mending
    Garden needs tending
    How soon it's become overgrown

    Oh house for sale
    I've had enough
    I'll send a van to pick up my stuff
    House for sale
    I'm leaving like I'm getting out of jail
    I'm leaving like I'm getting out of jail

    House for sale
    I'm talking to you
    Because with time, care, cash
    Peace, love and understanding
    It can be as good as new
    House for sale, house for sale Writer/s: NICK LOWE
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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