Dinosaurs Will Die

Album: Pump Up The Valium (2000)
  • Keep back, watch it crumble
    See the drownin, watch the fall
    I feel just terrible about it
    That's sarcasm, let it burn

    I'm gonna make a toast when it falls apart
    I'm gonna raise my glass above my heart
    Then someone shouts that's what they get
    For all the years of hit and run
    For all the piss poor bands on VH1
    Where did all their money go
    Don't we all know
    Parasitic music industry
    As it destroys itself
    We'll show them how it's supposed to be

    Music written from devotion
    Not ambition, not for fame
    Zero people are exploited
    There are no tricks up our sleeve

    Were gonna fight against the mass appeal
    Were gonna kill the seven record deal
    Make records that have more than one good song
    The dinosaurs will slowly die
    And I do believe no one will cry
    I'm just fucking glad I'm gonna be
    There to watch the fall
    Prehistoric music industry
    Three feet in La Brea tar
    Extinction never felt so good

    If you think anyone will feel badly
    You are sadly mistaken
    The time has come for evolution
    Fuck collusion, kill the five

    Whatever happens to the handshake
    Whatever happens to deals no-one would break
    What happens to integrity
    It's still there it always was
    For playing music just because
    A million reasons why
    (All) dinosaurs will die
    (All) dinosaurs will die
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  • Goo from Bowie, MdNoFX will always be cool.
  • Anaïs from Paris, United Statessorry to finish the sentence : these days you gotta take in account the fact that there are different kinds of punk music, with different influences and stuff.
    originally to listen to punk, is wanting to listen to something different. therfor, it is a good thing that NOFX does not really sound like the first punk bands.
    nevertheless, one has to remember the important influence that the original bands have on the music of today (they even "contributed" to it). so one can remember that all along accepting the variety.
  • Kim from Stuart, FlI read someplace that Fat Mike included this on Pump up the Valium because it was the first NOFX album they were going to allow on the radio, and they thought it would be wicked funny for a song about the death of the record industry to be played on commercial radio. Unfortunately, the record execs must have actually listened to the lyrics, because they never played "Dinosaurs will Die" on the air.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcNoFx isn't the best band of all time, but they are an intriguing band most definently. They aren't punk in a traditional sense, but they are definently more punk than anything in the mainstream
  • John from Barrie, CanadaNOFX is the best band of all time and almost everyone of their songs has awsome lyrics.
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