God Went North

Album: Nothing More (2014)
  • A hospital bed
    A room filled with flowers
    Every monitor beep keeps the time
    As I count down the hours
    The petals they weep
    They're uprooted like me
    Cut from the cord of their mother
    Who created everything

    If You won't save her
    Please just take her away

    She pulls me close
    Says that she loves me
    That she wishes to still be around
    On the day that I marry
    Tightly she holds
    But the plan still unfolds
    Cutting the cord from the mother
    Who gave me everything

    If You won't save her
    Please just take her
    Nothing breaks her away
    From the promise of a better day

    This is your moment of glory

    It may feel like God went north
    And left you to be
    But all you need to know
    Is you have everything you need
    It's just a blink of an eye
    Until the next time we meet
    I'll hold you 'til the end
    I'll hold you 'til you're free

    If You won't save her
    Please just take her
    Nothing breaks her away
    Because she'll keep holding on

    I'll hold you 'til the end
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