Serenity Painted Death

Album: Still Life (1999)
  • Returned from a hibernal dream
    Voices fell like marble
    No longer by my side
    Gone all that would linger

    Ripped from my embrace
    Melinda reflected in shafts
    Red line round her neck
    Met the earth in silence

    White faced, haggard grin
    This serenity painted death
    With a halo of bitter disease
    Black paragon in lingering breath

    Saw here fading, blank stare into me
    Clenched fist from the beautiful pain

    Darkness reared its head
    Tearing within the reeling haze
    Took control, claiming my flesh
    Piercing rage, perfect tantrum

    Each and every one would die at my hand
    Choking in warm ponds of blood
    At last, weak and torn, I went down
    Drained from strength, flickering breath

    Came with the moon
    The wayward in conscious state
    Flanked and barred in destiny's end
    Underneath with hope in laches

    Swathed in filth, any would betoken
    Starlit shadows on the wall
    Finally there to collect me
    From the bowels of sinWriter/s: MIKAEL LARS AKERFELDT
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Fred from Sweet Home Chicago,This album is sick
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