No Self Control

Album: Peter Gabriel (third, melt) (1980)
Charted: 33
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  • Got to get some food
    I'm so hungry all the time
    I don't know how to stop
    I don't know how to stop

    Got to get some sleep
    I'm so nervous in the night
    I don't know how to stop
    No, I don't know how to stop
    I don't know how to stop
    I don't know how to stop

    Got to pick up the phone
    I will call any number
    I will talk to anyone
    I know I'm gone too far
    Much too far I gone this time
    And I don't want to think what I've done
    I don't know how to stop
    No, I don't know how to stop

    There are always hidden silences
    Waiting behind the chair
    They come out when the coast is clear
    They eat anything that moves
    I go shaky at the knees
    Lights go out, stars come down
    Like a swarm of bees

    No self-control

    You know I hate to hurt you
    I hate to see your pain
    But I don't know how to stop
    No, I don't know how to stop

    Street after street
    Night after night
    I walk on through the rain
    I walk on through the rain
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  • Batekush from Minneapolis, Minnesotai knew those phil collins drum phills from the moment i heard em
  • Mike from New Haven, CtCocaine addiction? Methamphetamine? You take your pick! This track illustrates well, the paranoid psychotic mental state of an Uppers Addict. Actually, the dark and intense chorus "No self control" pretty much sounds the way a Meth high can feel. I did that drug once and absolutely hated it. It makes you completely obsessive and inhumane, somehow almost robotic. Meth addicts become very paranoid and delusional, spooked by shadows, thinking they are being observed by the government, you name it! This song pretty much covers those bases. I've also read that Gabriel had his battles with addiction...and I seriously doubt it was Heroin.
  • Jim from Dayton, OhKate Bush can be heard singing backup on this song.
  • Robbie from Honolulu, HiI think Alice Cooper was recording an album next door and came in to hear this cut, and they (the group) were blown away by it. Alice and the Gabriels had a mutual admiration society.
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