Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Album: Wish You Were Here (1975)
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  • Remember when you were young?
    You shone like the sun.
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    Now there's a look in your eyes
    Like black holes in the sky
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    You were caught in the crossfire
    Of childhood and stardom,
    Blown on the steel breeze
    Come on you target
    for faraway laughter;
    Come on you stranger, you legend,
    You martyr, and shine

    You reached for the secret
    too soon
    You cried for the moon
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    Threatened by shadows at night
    And exposed in the light
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    Well, you wore out your welcome
    With random precision
    Rode on the steel breeze
    Come on you raver, you seer of visions;
    Come on you painter, you piper,
    You prisoner, and shine

    Nobody knows where you are,
    How near or how far
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    Pile on many
    more layers
    And I'll be joining you there
    Shine on, you crazy diamond
    And we'll bask in the shadow
    Of yesterday's triumph
    And sail on the steel breeze
    Come on you boy child, you winner and loser,
    Come on you miner for truth and delusion,
    And shine. Writer/s: DAVE GILMOUR, RICHARD WRIGHT
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
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  • Josh from CaliforniaTo all of you crazy diamonds shining on .... God bless and may you find the peace that you seek and undoubtedly deserve.
  • MarynellThis song's always touched my soul but today, January 1st 2022, it really touched me. It's my life for 10 years. Homeless at 63 years old. Who made the choices that caused me to have no home? The big, bad ugly world? No, it was my choices. I could choose to isolate, all alone blaming & resenting everyone else; anyone else. Or learn a lesson and enjoy my life with a smile on my face. Attitude is everything & if I choose sadness & isolation, it'll only hurt me. I've had enough of being a victim. This song says it all. Shine on you crazy diamond!
  • Rusty Russell from Apex NcI cannot remember the source but I read on the internet that someone had suggested that maybe Syd Barrett had been suffering from some form of autism. Maybe Asperger syndrome. I know very little of Syd Barrett. I have been a fan of some of Pink Floyds songs. I would never say a big fan. Some progressive music I can understand some I cannot. I think as I have gotten older some of it's music has grown on me. A buddy of mine in College (mid 70s) had this album. He showed me the album art and played me the song Wish You Were Here. Maybe I didn't give them a fair shake at the beginning. I really didn't take notice of them until Dark Side of the Moon.
  • KillerI much prefer Roger vocals and I glad he sang this one since he wrote those words which I'm sure is quite fitting. Waters voice is usually the intense and emotional one. But he can sing on softer tone like this one and some of the pink floyd earlier songs (granchester meadows, if, san tropez etc)
  • Suzanne BauerDavid Gilmour was better at vocals than Roger Waters ever was.
  • Fish from Brampton, CanadaWas chatting with a friend, telling her that I had been working out in my basement when this song came on, and I HAD to stop - then realized that any time it comes on, I HAVE to stop and listen. No other song on earth captures me in this way. The construction, the transitions, the sounds and their arrangement, the lyrics - all of it - perfection.
  • Thepinkfloydian from Canada"That was the last time any of the Pink Floyd members have seen him."
    This is not true. Roger Waters ran into him at a department store, and Gilmour visited him occasionally to bring him money as "royalties".
  • Josh from Miami, FlWaters sang lead. He recorded the vocal line by line over and over again, and killed his voice in the process. That's why English folk singer Roy Harper was brought in to sing "Have A Cigar." He was close friend of the band's, as well as Led Zeppelin. (thanks, Adrian - Brookings, SD)

    That is partially the story. The real story was that both David Gilmour and Roger Waters recorded vocal parts for this song. Neither version seemed to work. Roy Harper was recording music in another room that day and came in to watch Pink Floyd record for a bit. He noticed they were having trouble with the track and decided to give it a shot by recording his own voice. The band liked it but Roger Waters was a bit jealous. They kept Roy Harper's version though regardless of Waters thought.
  • Doug from Michigan, UsaIn the beginning guitar lead of the song David Gilmour plays four distinct notes. If you say "Are you out there" as he is playing the notes, it just seems to fit. Does anyone know if this is what Mr. Gilmour was trying to accomplish?
  • Darren from Auckland, New ZealandSpeechless, one of the best pieces of music ever written! what a song, what an album!
  • Greg from Mackinaw, IlMy theory is Syd Barret was a targeted individual "Cointelpro" government mind control and testing of LSD. Just as it is now... no one knew!
  • Geoff from Tionesta Twp., PaI may be only 14 years old, but that doesn't mean that I'm ignorant to music such as this and its significant impact on everyone that commented. Honestly, I stumbled upon this song about a year ago while looking up long songs. I listened to it and instantly loved it. Not just it, but all of Pink Floyd's music, and the psychadelic rock genre in general. I plan on having 2 songs play at my funeral: this and Movin' On Up by Primal Scream. I may not have been around for much of this music, and had no clue who Syd Barrett or Richard Wright were when they died, but I still love this music and will continue to until the day I die.
  • Crash from Falmouth, MaIt was this song that invented the Internet.......... not Al Gore.
  • Ed from Lebanon, NhThe Irish musician Christy Moore has an interesting cover version of this tune on his 2009 album "Listen".
  • John from Brownsvalley, Cathank you Pink Floyd, thats all i have to say
  • Travis from Mission Viejo, Camany of the words "threatened by shadows at night/exposed in the light", "you reached for the secret too soon" are about secrets of life and many experiences that LSD gives you
  • Arturo from Brownsville, TxRune Hoel from Norway you are an absolute inspiration, and a true student of life. Your testimony is completely understandable and is truly eye opening. What you wrote should be an eye opener for people who take their health and sanity for granted. Your words sound like something Roger Waters might have written. I hope you read this and understand that you are not alone and you are a very valuable part of this world we all share. My friend as the late great Jim Morrison said, "when the music's over, turn off the lights".
  • Deb from Brisbane, AustraliaI got inot Pink Floys when my brother recently passed away and I had to organise his funeral - I didn't play SOYCD due to parents probably not getting it (Wish you here instead). I bought all the later Floyd albums to pick a song from but it occurs to me that SOYCD is not really a tribute to Syd but about being sad and angry about what he did to himself and taking his genious away from them and the world - just my thoughts - I feel a lot of anger in the lyrics of this song and sadness in the solos.
  • Rune from Kirkenes, NorwayThis is the truth of my life situation. This is my reality. I am now being in grown up age a psycaiatric pasient. I could get schizofrenia out of my background with this truth. Now I am seeking some of my thruth of my background. This is a my key for heaven, hou I was in my youth, why I am clean to past the gate after I have passed away. Rune Hoel
  • Terry from Wickford, RiIn the intro, one can briefly make out the sound of tuned crystal wine goblets being played. It blends wonderfully with the synth so as to almost be indistinguishable, but that's why the live intros never sound exactly the same as the album. For a brief period after Dark Side,while trying to figure out what to do for a followup, the band toyed with the idea of a project called "Household Objects" which involved making music with non-instruments such as crystal goblets, giant elastic bands and rolls of tape. The only usable sounds were the ones the wine goblets made, so they incorporated that beautiful noise into the intro of Shine On. In 2006, David re-introduced this concept on the last few performances of his tour and you can see them playing the Shine On intro on wineglasses on the DVD. Pretty cool. And veeeeeery Floyd.
  • Mike from Stratford, CtI remember getting this album the day it came out, setting up the speakers in the window, laying out in the side yard, blowing a joint with my friend and firing up the music. Truly amazing. Saw them on "Animals" (terrible album) at MSG and "The Wall" (claustrophobic/paranoid/disturbia classic) at the old Nassau Coliseum. Cannot believe the video clip from the PULSE concert stops just after the vocals start - what a rip!
  • Harold from Detroit, MiBy far, the best tune, from the best album, from not only this band, but any band that ever existed.
    Just as sad, as it is true, Syd was a tripster casualty. Both David and Roger worked on this one as a tribute,this was absotulely the peak of the band, and it's never been the same since.It just don't get any better than this. Period.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mothats "Soon after dark, Emily cries", oldpink. cant describe this song. Ive been trying to figure out how to comment and i cant. so why am i talking? i dont know, dont ask me.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InOne small note I forgot is that, at the very end of the song, Rick Wright plays the notes from the "Soon after dark, Emily plays" lyric from Syd's "See Emily Play."
    Definitely a nice bit of goodbye.
  • Pete from Houston, TxWhat can I add? Pink Floyd is the rock band greatest and SOYCD is one of their greatest. Without getting into the meanings of their lyrics, their musical performances are suburb!
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InWhat else can I say about this masterpiece?
    Probably Roger's finest lyrics, and Dave's opening solo especially is so beautiful that it will bring tears to your eyes, and I am not exaggerating.
    Even now, after having listened to this scores of times over these years, this song still just GETS me.
    Threatened by shadows at night/And exposed in the light
    Doesn't that perfectly encapsulate the torment of Syd's madness?
  • Pink from Kolkata, Indiacome on your target
    for faraway in laughter
    come on you stranger
    you legend,you martyr
    and shine!
    too beautiful to describe; feel it deeper.
  • Jeremy from Ventura, CaI want Shine On and Wish You Were Here played at my funeral, by my (well not my anymore but my buddy's) band.

    Shine On!
  • Swati from Mumbai, Indiai guess the music and the people behind pink floyd are immortals... they are the best band to ever walk the planet.. people believing other are living an illusion.. i m crazy about them all but i believe gilmours has mastered the art of combining his mind, soul and music... And Mr. Waters just creates magic when he sits down with a paper and pen.. i am a music illiterate but one thing i know that you don necessarily need to know music to fall in with their creations.. one just needs to have a heart.. and shine on is just another one of their gifts tht they have showered upon us mere mortals.. there is nothing like catching the band live... Mr. Waters had a gig in India last year.. that was beautiful beyond words.. they played the dark side of the moon.. that was by far the biggest event in my life.. i pray to God to either have them play another concert here or to make me a millionaire so i can follow the band everywhere they play..
  • Kelly from London, United KingdomWow interesting debate happening from devout Floyd fans! Mitchell I have to agree with the comment just below, you may not believe in all the darkness "crap" but what do you think the likes of Jim Morrison/The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Floyd, Zeppelin and other greats all have in common? They were balancing on the fence between life and death, 3 of those artists are now gone and their music was so deep and inspiring and touched many people on a deeper level. You can't deny that they weren't traveling in some way towards a higher knowledge in some way or another. Look at what their music is about, look at what those figures stood for and tell me what you think they did that was different to other artists.
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandMitchell from Redding - you're entitled to your opinion, you don't have to agree, but I was simply describing the spirituality of Floyd's music, which is hard to deny is the essence of most their stuff. Anthony from Everett touched on that when describing his condition, the visions etc.. Maybe my style of writing was too poetic or descriptive, but eccentric ones can't help it. It is hard to fit in with "mainstream" ways of thinking or talking. Clearly something Syd lived with. Whether it is drugs, or mental illness or being in touch spiritually that shows these visions is irrelevant. It's there and whilst it may at times be scary Anthony, it's a gift. Because you're not oblivious, you understand and see through the matrix. Some people shy away from it or find ways to deal with it, some thrive on it and try to go further - ie. Barrett, wanting to fly out further and reach for the secret. Probably still not making alot of sense to some of you, but doesn't matter - we all view art in our own light, this song speaks to me and shows me things, probably does for most people on this page, just in different ways. So don't diss other peoples' thoughts or opinions on the subject. Unless of course they are talking bad s--t about it =)
  • Peter from Huddersfield, EnglandAaron, Fletcher Memomorial Home is about Roger Water's obsession with war and his dad.
  • Bella from Pretoria, South AfricaDefinitely some of my all time favorite guitar solos in this song! Especially the third one! It makes me high!
  • Bella from Pretoria, South AfricaMarsha from Inglis, FL, I am so jealous of you for having been alive and present in the most brilliant eras in musical history!Wish I could have gone to a real Floyd concert!!!
  • Florencia from Santiago, ChileRIP Syd Barrett. I miss you too much!!!...
    This song is one of my favorites songs from Pink Floyd..Yeah, this song is perfect =)
  • Daferdaty from Leicester, Englandthis song is amazing, it's got so much feeling to it, especailly in the guitar, this song wouldn't be as incredible without Gilmour, just as many other Floyd songs, along with Waters's lyrics, the Floyd were amazing, i wish they'd get back together, the live 8 wasn't enough, four songs! they should have been given at least 2 hours so that they could do songs like shine on you crazy diamond and on the turning away and us and them because they are by far better than any other musicain that played and desserve to have that recognition, i love them so much
  • Marsha from Inglis, FlI am 55 years old and have lived r&r from it's inception to present. I join with all of you who feel Pink Floyd is the ideal that all other bands strive for, but will never achieve.
    Thank you, Floyd, for the great sounds.
    anyways this song is pretty good and even though its like half an hour, it was nice for the other members to do something for syd.unfortunately, when syd left, so did his genius and pink floyd was left with millions of fans but no real charm to me...shine on you crazy diamond
  • David from Youngstown, OhA minor point about sourcing: A Saucerful of Secrets by Nicholas Schaffner is called an autobiography in the song facts. It's actually a biography. An autobiography is written by the person or persons who lived the life. A biography is a book written about a person or persons by someone else.
    Great song, btw. I love how the lyrics don't start on the first SOYCD until about 7 or so minutes into the song.
  • Shelby from The Other Side , United StatesWow. There aren't any words to properly describe this song. Some artists and songs have the ability to just make you smile- Roger "Syd" Barrett (may his sparkling soul rest happily) was one of those people. So are the others in the Floyd when they're not singing about, um, serious things. "Shine On" is very sad and sweet at the same time. But we all knew that already. =]
  • Daniel from London, Englandok the band didnt act notice that it was syd wen he walked in to the studio they just thought it was someone who worked ther i think it was either rick wright or david gilmour that eventually clocked that it was syd. and they fired him from the group amusingly enough by just not picking him up for a gig in late 69 and that was it he was out the band and all because of LSD shame
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhGee Emma, you are so observant. I am sure that no one else had noticed that 'Shine on You crazy Diamond' was meant for SYD. 'Shine on' definitely is not a reference to you- because you must not be very bright. This is a good song, but it does have a long introduction. Many people may not have even heard this song in its entirely, due to it. Sure, Dave Gilmour's guitar work stands out in this song, but I also like the saxophone solo that accompanies it.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScProbably one of the greatest lead vocalists in history. Syd used LSD and went crazy.
    RIP Syd...
  • Zuzana from Bratislava, EuropeAnthony from Everett - best of luck coping with your illness. This song is awesome, and it's really touching and very sad. Mental illnesses are real tragedies. Everyone who's reading this - take care, people. Drugs are crazy stuff. Don't let it ruin your life, please.
  • Perry from Detroit, MiWish You Were Here is a masterpiece and one of the finest albums ever released and this is the best song on the album(both parts)
  • Jordan from Calgary, CanadaShine On You Crazy Diamond. Shine on, Syd Barrett, may you rest in peace.
  • Anthony from Everett, WaI believe 'Syd' (his real name is Roger Keith
    Barrett) did suffer from a condition similar to
    mine. I would not label it 'Schizophrenia' as
    the doctors would, as they really have no clue
    about its characteristics . . .
    One symptom is receiving visions through the
    eyes and through the mind's eye. This is
    nothing to envy. It usually takes the form of
    a spiritual environment, a non-physical one,
    and oftentimes it is overwhelming or heavy
    with sinister emotion, like a nightmare.
    Also, people like us have one hell of a time
    growing up, usually latching onto substances
    (most commonly coffee and cigarettes) that
    can include LSD. Syd's story was not only
    using LSD every day, but having his room-
    mates spiking his coffee with it unbeknownst
    to his knowledge. Dave Gilmour would be shy
    to accept a drink at his flat because he knew
    about the spiking operation going on there.
    The other things I can relate to that probably
    are in common with him are feeling set apart
    from others; feeling abandonment from others;
    and afterwards feeling the need to 'shock'
    society. I am one of the lucky ones who
    survived the institution and lead a normal
    After returning to his Cherry Hinton home,
    he had no desire to be exposed to fans or
    reporters, or even his old bandmates
    (supposedly). He was an excellent painter,
    and a carpenter (he made all his own furniture)
    and he enjoyed bike riding and entertaining
    the neighborhood kids.
    But he was in the top 5 of the world's best
    guitar legends, by virtue of talent.
    Quote: "Please leave us here...
    close our eyes to the octopus ride..."
  • Rebecca from Redding, CaI am planning a very non-traditional wedding. I am planning on using the "very long intro" to SOYCD as my seating music AND processional music. Just as the bass line kicks in, the processional starts down the aisle. I am working with the DJ for a perfect fade before the lyrics start. Now how is that for a tribute to one of the greatest songs of all time?
  • Ritsa from Vancity, CanadaIm a Huge Pink Floyd fan! I love all there music(a little bit TOO much..hehehe)but after just listening to all there albums and rare songs they produced, i've loved Shine On You Crazy Diamond prts 1-9 for about 7 yrs now. I think everytime I listen to this song it reminds me of Syd cause he brought PF together to form Classic rock that people dont forget. But if no one has ever listen to Pink Floyd I recommend you to buy 3 albums (1)Wish You Were Here (2) Pink Floyd - The Wall (3)Dark Side of the moon FORSURE~
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlSyd contributed to Saucerful of secrets, just not as much as Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The album after Saucerful was when Syd left, Casper from Netherlands
  • Bob from Corpus Christi, TxSimply the pennacle of the rock and roll era.
  • Joseph from Union City, NjSyd Barrett.......its a shame that he totally lost his mind.....R.I.P SYD We'll miss ya......:(
  • Bill from Erie, PaThe concert version of this on the P*U*L*S*E DVD is mind-blowing. The band is at their best, and it includes a sort of music video from the ovular screen above.
  • Jackie from Virginia Beach, VaGilmor's guitar work is all about tone. With so many guitar "gods" showing off speed and technique, none can match Gilmore's pure tone and expressiveness, and this is one of his great tonal works, perhaps due to the emotions connected to a work about Syd.

    The difference between a madman and a genius is all a matter of perspective.
  • Andy from Apex, NcSyd Barret's death was sad. Yet Pink Floyd still did better without him
  • Aylin from MontrealI guess we can imagine that Syd is finally at peace now.

    I guess we can hope.
  • Steve from Laconia, NhI cried when I heard Syd died... I knew it would happen soon though. Next to Roger Waters, he is one of my favorite musicians of all time.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScIt's sad to hear that Syd has died. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. I heard it a couple days ago on NPR.
  • Bill from Erie, PaIn pace requiescat, Syd. Shine on, crazy diamond.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaSad to hear that Syd has died. Listening to this song now, It's sad that one of the founders of insanity- and acid-inspired psychedelic music had died. I guess Syd never had an easy life; all the LSD and stardom turned him into a troubled man, gripped by insanity and trips. We'll never see another mind like Syd's.
    RIP, you crazy diamond.
  • Shannon from Bainbridge Island, WaRIP Syd. Shine on...
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaUh... Syd Barrett is still alive. I'm 100% sure. He just lives somewhere in England, really secluded. He doesn't get out of the house much
  • Pat from Georgia, AlI think 'You reached for the secret to soon and you cried for the moon' was Syd doing LSD(the secret, which can make you very creative)and he did it to soon because they hadn't even realesed an album yet. and the 'you cried for the moon' being him going insane.
  • Mitchell from Redding, CaElysia from New Zealand, what the hell are you talking about?!? You're right, no other band comes close to surpassing Led Zep's ande Pink Floyd's greatness, but I disagree with all that darkness crap. Oh by the way, this is an amazing song, one of the 10 best of all time.
  • Michelle from San Diego , Casyd is very much still alive. hes supposedly got diabetis, chronick stumach ulcers, hes really fat and not the same cute syd barrett from the 60's. nowadays he sports the shaved off eyebrows bald head look(he showed up and one of Pink Floyd recordings sessions of "wish you were here" w/ this look). hes also reportedly a skitzo. if you just go on google you can find interviews with david gilmour or Roger waters where they express their feelings about syd. also there is a 3 books that i know of that you can buy about Pink Floyd if you wanna knoew more. one of theme written by Nick mason the drummer, and one even writtern by Syd Barrett's sister Rosemary. CHECK IT OUT!
  • Alex from Fort Mill, ScSOYCD on Pulse (live album) is really good
  • Ian from Manchester, EnglandI've always assumed that "now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky" refers to the dilated pupils of someone tripping on acid i.e. Syd. Plus i reckon Dave Gilmours artful guitar work is more emotive than technical. But then trying to copy his notes i found that what we hear as 'simplicity' is understatement and precision - its hard to make your guitar as expressive and fluid as Dave's.
  • Pinchas from La, CaThis is one of my all-time favorites, and I think it matters, because I am a complete layman, and I know as much about music as I know about rocket science. Thus, I am devoid of any possible intellectual pretention that a man knowledgable in music may have! I have tried to make all my friends listen to it, and most of them (unlike me, they are smart and wise people) get bored and often refer to this song as "that long song without vocals". to me, that is a good sign, because I think what Sarte said about humans -- "When people write a lot about you, they actually want to bury you" -- equally applies to music as well. We all wish at times that we were insane, and envy the people who, due to their meantal instability, are above and beyond human pain and suffering. Oh, how I envy Syd Barrett!
  • Juan from Miami, FlFirst time I listen to it, it was too long and boring. The second time it was too short, it a great song/opera and its one of my favorites. Songs that are longer than 4 minutes are great like Stairway, kashmir, hotel california . . . .
    I Like the guitar, the lyrics, and the assembly of music from shine on you. Nick's drumming is so underrated but it gives quite a good sound to the song. David's guitar is great as usual. It's not their best song, but is problably their greatest work together. A masterpiece of Music
  • Joey from Hw, United Statesim not saying it's bad though
  • Joey from Hw, United Statesbrilliant. one of my favorites, im sure the only thing that's not awesome is the long intro
  • Nathaniel from Pittsburgh, PaSyd Barrett is suposed to still be living. this web site has more things about him and some 2005 pics of him
  • Brian from Why?, IlDoes anyone know where syd is or if he had died, because it is kind of like he just dropped off of the face of the earth
  • Emma from ...Wanna see something crazy? Shine on You crazy Diamond. It spells SYD. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence because the song is about him as well.
  • Floyd from Dallas, Txgreat song. i think that wen the floyd lost syd, they lost him "physically" but never emocionally. He always gets their songs dedicated 2 him (brain damage, all of the record wish u were here and most of the wall)
  • Pinkfloyd from Abbey Road, United StatesGREAT, GREAT, GREAT, AND GREAT!!!!!!!! this is my 2nd favorite song. The floyd rule. This is definentaly about Syd. i have heard different things that this song is about that are crazy. The lyrics tell u. it says "come on you painter, you piper, and shine." Syd was a painter before the floyd and the firt album was called "piper at the gates off dawn" so syd was then reffered 2 as the piper.
  • Stephen from Steamboat, CoThe Pinnacle of all Free-jam groove songs. It has a sick beat to it, as well as several wonderful guitar solos, and can get stuck in your head for hours, maybe even days. This is one of the few songs that I have no care for anything but the song. not the lyrics or the meaning, but just the song. When I play with a band in my town, to groove this well, with this much life and voice, is hard to do. And you cant deny that it is a sweet jam sesh, because it hase a very loose tempo and theme. If there is any song you should learn to play that you don't know yet, it's this one.
  • Max from Austin, TxOk Tormod if you have read any decent amount about Syd, you must know that he truly is insane. There's a very good chance that he had latent mental problems (along the lines of schizophrenia) before he started dropping acid, and the amount he was taking (at some points pretty much daily) would have no doubt caused them to surface. He may have been a musical genius (almost definitely), but with his noe fragmented mind he's lost the ability to keep his train of thought together for long enough to actually create a complete song. The touch of madness in him was what made him "shine", but he "reached for the secret too soon" and was "blown on the steel breeze". The look in his eyes is described as being "like black holes in the sky" came from his empty, glazed stare. Plus, who would drop the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist who happened to be a genius who could often write a song off the top of his head from their band unless they knew he wouldn't ever come back? C'mon David, Roger, Rick, and Nick loved that guy. Why else would they agonize over trying to put Madcap Laughs together?
  • Tormod from OrkangerSyd Barret was/is not a nuthead.. "back in thoose days" his life was ruined by drugs but the man was (may still be) genious! Through listening to Pink Floyd and knowing so much about them as I do, I get kinda attached to Syd and get a really sad feeling when I here the songs which is about him (ofcourse mostly the wish you were here album) U can see it in their eyes! Syd never left the band! He is still a MAJOR part of it! SHINE ON! (that one was for Syd)
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Canot that i'd use the phrase "nuts". although its not that far from what happened. and don't get me wrong, i love syd barrett. its just...true.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cawell sort of about syd. not completely.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caa lot of people say it takes a while to get into SOYCD, but immeadiately liked it when my brother had no cds except wish you were here and animals in the car so he played them multiple times. it is so long but it never even comes close to getting old! great song, album, band, etc. and its sad and scary that syd went so insane. i always sorta relate the wall to syd like its his story. like he built a wall that drove him insane or something. anyway i think pink floyd is my favorite band of all time except for led zeppelin, but they are so different its easy to love them both. anyway shine on pink floyd! (and all their loyal fans i love you all)
  • Matt from Telford, Chinathis is simply great straight ,stoned or trippin but very spiritual ,syd was ill maybe due to drugs or goin too far for too long ,but if you are reading this wondering if u will ever get back ,by listening to this u already are u just dont know it,
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanSOYCD parts 1-7 is the 2nd longest Pink Floyd song, It runs 17:50.
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandHey Ash, LSD is responsible for my ravings, a beautiful experience. Give it a go, just don't go overboard and make sure you have some Pink Floyd, Tool and weed on hand...ha ha.
    Shine On you Crazy Diamond = my favourite song of all time =)
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScHey Ashley from Canada. You spelled fascination right, but you misspelled exclamations and their. I'm sure you didn't meen to though. everything else was spelled right.
  • Casper from Veenenaal, NetherlandsI think the line: 'You reached for the secret to soon and you cried for the moon', can be explained in many different ways. One way to look at it is as a reference to 'A saucer full of secrets', which was the first album to appear after Syd left the band, and 'the Dark side of the Moon', which was the last album to appear before 'Wish you were here'.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvCOMMENT 1: Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I've just gotten used to the live versions on "Pulse" and "Delicate Sound of Thunder" but I think the above "songfact" stating that "Waters sang lead" isn't quite right. Gilmour sings the verses, if you will, ("Remember when you were young...") and Waters sings the higher-pitched stanzas ("You were caught in the cross-fire..."). COMMENT 2: I see lots of love here for Pink Floyd from Durham, NC. Either some fan has logged in under 4 different names from Durham, NC, or else Durham has a high per-capita ratio of Floyd freaks, in which case I may need to move. :) COMMENT 3: Scott in Chelan, WA: very eloquently put, my friend. COMMENT 4: Elysia in New Zealand: I'd like to purchase some of whatever it is you are popping. COMMENT 5: Wish You Were Here = greatest album of all time; David Gilmour = greatest guitarist of all time; Pink Floyd = greatest band of all time. and I'm spent...
  • Helen from Oxford, EnglandAt the end of part two, (at around 12 mins 06 secs) it sounds like they play the first few notes of see emily play: "emily tries but misunderstands". Any1 else noticed that?
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InMany voices to be heard about a great tune by one of the greatest bands to ever pick up instruments. This one gives me goose bumps, and to hear it live on their "Division Bell" tour was just amazing!!
  • Jimmy Bean from Averdeen, SdAlthough on tthe album Wish you wer ehere the song is split... on Pulse Gilmour made it into one whole 14 minute song. ITs also played on Delicate Sound Of Thunder.. but they only play part 1
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is one of the paintings/drawings I've done based on songs. Others that I've done include The Great Gig In The Sky, Breathe(reprise), and Someone's In The Wolf by Queens Of The Stone Age. I'm currently working on Comfortably Numb, and Echoes.
  • Scott from Chelan, WaIn the world of Pink Floyd, the sun represents Syd when he was well, and the moon represents him in his later state. This song expresses the longing for him to shine again.

    When Syd was young, he shone like the "sun". Later, he cried for the "moon". In Dark Side of the "Moon", we hear about the "lunatic" - an old term describing the insane as "moon struck". And sadly, the "sun" was eclipsed by the "moon".
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandPink Floyd and Zeppelin stand aside from the rest because they have travelled spiritually to the dark side; they have had a peek of what exists above our "reality" and have reached a zone that plays beautiful sounds through them. The music they bring us is a drop of heaven to show us a side of us we all know. This is the highest form of art and expression. Sadly Syd was too curious. You can call him mad, crazy or diagnose his psyche to a scientific term, but he simply wandered too far off the track, where the temptress on the dark side wants to take us..where the amazing music came from and he spoke from there to us. He 'reached for the secret too soon', so he was lost. Only death permits us to see the secret, musicians such as these dare to stay on that border between the two sides and create songs so deep and spiritual as Pink Floyd do.
    But we can always acknowledge Syd's courage, yet mourn that he did not hear the call when to come back inside from that place beckoning us all.
    True artists are humans too.
  • Aaron from Muswellbrook, AustraliaPatrick (from NZ), give yourself an uppercut! Shine On's one of the best Songs ever written by the greatest band to walk the face of the earth. Gilmour is not by any account a boring player, his solos aren't stereotypically flashy all the time. Knowing when and when not to show off technically is a sign of a great musician. Shine on is most definately about Syd. Alot of The Floyd's music is about Syd; Wish you were here, Fletcher Memorial Home, Brain Damage and Shine On are all really bluntly referring to Syd
  • Kelli from New Milford, Cti love this song perfect :)
  • Kirk from Vancouver, CanadaIf you watched the wall it is pink is based on syd barrett with his shaveyness and crazziness obviosly though
  • Siggi from Stavanger, NorwayAmazing tunes and lyrics,as a longtime fan it will follow me to my grave.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaGeez, a lot of people use exclamtion marks in writing thier thoughts about this song. "Now theres a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky" and "threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light" are like, the best lyrics ever. I seem to have a fascination with nothingness, outerspace, light and dark, and that you can't see sound. ...did I spell fascination right...?
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI can't believe that people think dave isn't a great guitarist, or that he is a boring guitarist! No one could put so much emotion in to those guitar solos. Especially on SOYCD!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScMan what a great song! The writing is great, and the guitar solos are the best! I don't play guitar, but dave Gilmour is my favorite guitarist! dave's amazing! Roger waters is amazing! Btw, the slide solo is the best! Rock on! SOYCD is my favorite pink Floyd song!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScMan what a great song! The writing is great, and the guitar solos are the best guitar solos! I don't play guitar, but dave Gilmour is my favorite guitarist! dave's amazing! Roger waters is amazing! Btw, the slide solo is the best! Rock on1
  • Nessie from Sapporo, Japan<> He should've signed up with Phillip Glass.
  • Doug from San Diego, CaSyd was more of a obstacle in the way of making PF the ultimate band they became for example "remember when you were you were young you shone like the sun, caught in the crossfire, wore out your welcome" and the lyric that makes me think about DSOTM and... "you reached for the secret to soon, you cried for the moon"
  • C from No., Englandi challenge all the john petrucci fans who say gilmour is a boring player to put the same feeling and effort into this as he did. hopefully gilmour tour in 2006...
  • Jan from Sterling Heights, MiRoger Waters said in an interview that Dark side of the Moon was mostly about Syd. When asked about it, in the same program, Dave Gilmour became agitated and basically said "leave it alone." He was a friend of Syd, and was recruited when Syd started becoming disfunctional. I got the feeling that he just would like the man to be left alone.
  • Nader from Durham, Nc"Shine on you crazy diamond" was the final line of my speech at graduation. *sniffle*
  • Erik from Lund, SwedenBits of trivia (but that's what we're here for)
    1. When Syd appeared at the studios he even asked when he should put his guitar on, like he was still in the band. THe band said that had already been done, which now seems like a shame, because it would have been interesting to hear if and how Syd would have done it.
    2. At there is a picture of Syd from this very session.
  • Patrick from Wellington, New ZealandHi There; I wonder if someone can help me...I once had an album that was pretty much female vocals and some good beats; now about 10 years old (at a guess). They had one track that had as part of it an instrumental that was the instrumental part of Shine on you Crazy Diamond (the first parts). Does anyone know the name of the band...?
  • Andrew from Toronto, CanadaPink Floyd is the absolute greatest band in the world, I'm sixteen but I'm probably the biggest Pink Floyd fan in existence, i know everything about them, i truly love pink floyd. They are uncomparable to any other band, ever. Not even Zeppelin (although F*ing brilliant, completely different). Never will Floyd die to me. I one day hope that Waters can make peace and do a reunion tour, or at least I can somehow meet Roger, he is my true hero, genius. Amazing, fantastic human being. Pink Floyd forever
  • Deepphreeze from Irvine, CaThis song was actually a congratulations for Syd. The Floyd expected The Madcap Laughs to fail, and instead it was a huge success. They decided to congratulate Syd by writing a song for him.

    Some of the members were jealous of Syd, because no matter what he did, the people loved his music.

    On stage once he had a breakdown and started untuning his guitar and picking wildly, and instead of getting agitate, the crowd cheered him on.

    During one segment in this song, as a tribute to Syd's technique, Gilmour plays a slide with a Zippo lighter, just as Syd did in Interstellar Overdrive.
  • James from Bransgore, EnglandThose 4 notes are probably the most instantly recognizable ever.
    A# F G E
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctalright young floyd fans, some of dark side is infact about syd barret and so is shine on, when you become larger fans like me, listen to there early stuff and you'll syd references all over the place.
  • Ben from Essex, EnglandObviously that didn't help, but it wasn't the only factor. I'm sure he had a predisposition to such an illness that already existed before he took a shed load of drugs. Same as with Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlDark Side of the Moon is not about Syd Barrett! Only
    this song is.
  • Corey from Vancouver, CanadaBut you dont disagree that it was the copeious amounts of ACID the eventually lead to his breakdown.
  • Ben from Essex, EnglandSunny's right, that's what I was going to say. It's bad journalism and pretty offensive to call him 'nuts'.
  • Blackdog from New Milford, NjHas anyone ever heard that Dark Side of the Moon was written for Syd? I just heard it from a friend and have no idea whether it was true or not, but when I listened to the album the theme seems to make sense. Try it and let me know.
  • Kevin from Houston, TxI had listened to The Wall several times and a few Pink Floyd songs that came on the radio, and until 2001 I didn't really appriciate it. A friend of mine passed away of a drug over dose, and he knew that he was dying, he was at his father's home, so instead of calling 911, he recorded a message to his mother telling her all of his last wishes. One of them was to have SOYCD and Wish You Were Here played at his memorial service. I have since become obsessed with the beauty and wonder that is Pink Floyd. I think The Final Cut and Dark Side of the Moon tie for greatest album.
  • Sunny from Tulsa, OkIt's believed that Syd suffers from Disorganized Schizophrenia. It's very poor taste to label him nuts. He was amazing and would probably still be were it not for this disabling brain disease.
  • Dave from Marieta, GaDuring the final mixing sessions of this song in June of 1975, Syd Barrett came into the control room, where the remaining members of Pink Floyd were listening to the finished recording of the album. This was the eve before Pink Floyd were going on a US tour. David Gilmour didn't recognize him at first. They hadn't seen him in years. Syd was fat, bald, had shaved eyebrows and was wearing a white trenchcoat with white shoes. When someone tried to break the ice by asking Syd how he had put on so much weight, he maniacally replied, "I've got a very large fridge in the kitchen, and I've been eating alot of pork chops! That was the last time any of the Pink Floyd members have seen him... - fact taken from the Pink Floyd autobiography, "A Saucerful of Secrets", by Nicholas Schaffner
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, CaThe ending of the song is simply beautiful
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlMy favorite song by my favorite band. The live version on Pulse is way better than the studio version, due in part to the fact that David Gilmour sings instead of Roger Waters. The video for Pulse also contains cool visuals during this song.
  • Brett from Watertown, SdMy favorite Pink Floyd song, probablly one of the greatest albums of all time. While they were recording this album Syd Barrett made an appearance.
  • Corey from Dark Side Of The Moon, OtherThis is my 2nd favorite song by what I consider to be the greatest band ever. I am a guitarist myself and David Gilmour is my biggest influence, not for his technique but for his creativity. Syd Barrett was a genius musician, who will always be remembered by all true Floyd fans as the inspiring artist that he was. Shine On.
  • Athena from Athens, Greeceit is indisputable that Pink Floyd is if not one the greatest band then one of the top three(i would also like to enlist Led Zep and the third one it's up to you!!)
  • Bryan from Philadelphia, PaDid antone ever notice if you abbreviate Shine On You Crazy Diamond you get SOYCD. Then if you cut out the letters O and C it spells SYD like Syd Barret in which the song was written for. I have never heard anybody ever talk about this but I'm sure somebody must have noticed it.
  • Anthony from Wantagh, NyThis song is incredible. When my mother played (SOYCD)for me as a child, I simply couldn't apreciate it. 18 years later, I cant say enough about it. As i listen to the lyrics, the feelings and memories of being a child tear at my heart and fool with my mind. Me and my friends all love Pink Floyd. On the beach under a moon lit night, ladies, candels and the ever present beet of Floyd...My friends and I are living proof that Pink Floyd will live on for ever!
  • Jefferson from Nekoosa, WiYea I have to agree with patrick, Floyd and Zepplin are right up there
  • Brian from Paoli, InA true master-piece, a work of art. More than just a song, everthing flows so seamlessly and sounds so perfect. Beautiful.
  • Ben Russell from Durham, NcBest song in the world. Nothing else can describe the genius of this band. This was true music. Pink Floyd is by far the most creative band in the entire known world. No one beats them. it was an orchestra consisting of 4 people. no one else can do that and make it sound as pure and clear as they did. I love them.
  • Neil from Wyoming, Migreat tune
  • Lee from Durham, NcI am the keyboardist/singer in his band. I also believe pink floyd is one of the greatest bands of all time. Many people believe daves solos where simple and masons beats where boring. They dont know what they are talking about. their playing made the music great and they had some of the greatest jam sessions in their songs if not the best. Masons drumming match perfect with the song and it was his style. waters was a genious and a powerful song wrighter. My role modle Wright, had made pink floyd the electronic sound they are and had the excelent and trippy organ parts which were pure genious. our bands music was totally inspired by pink floyd and they should never be forgoten.
  • Patrick from Durham, NcI think this is the best song ever written by the best band ever. Waters you are my hero. Gilmour I love you. Mason you are the man. Wright you made the sound we now know as Pink Floyd. I love you guys. Someday if my band is famous I hope to play with you guys. I am a bass player/singer/songwriter. Everything about Floyd is brilliant. Thankyou for giving us all something special to cherish and love forever. If you guys are reading this... I just wanted to say thankyou. Most sincerely and with deep appretiation for all you have accomplished. -Patrick
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