Every You Every Me

Album: Without You I'm Nothing (1998)
Charted: 11
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  • Sucker love is heaven sent
    You pucker up our passion's spent
    My heart's a tart your body's rent
    My body's broken, yours is spent

    Carve your name into my arm
    Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
    'Cause there's nothing else to do
    Every me and every you

    Sucker love a box I choose
    No other box I choose to use
    Another love I would abuse
    No circumstances could excuse

    In the shape of things to come
    Too much poison come undone
    'Cause there's nothing else to do
    Every me and every you
    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Sucker love is known to swing
    Prone to cling and waste these things
    Pucker up for heaven's sake
    There's never been so much at stake

    I serve my head up on a plate
    It's only comfort, calling late
    'Cause there's nothing else to do
    Every me and every you
    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Like the naked leads the blind
    I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind
    Sucker love I always find
    Someone to bruise and leave behind

    All alone in space and time
    There's nothing here but what here's mine
    Something borrowed, something blue
    Every me and every you
    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me

    Every me and every you
    Every me Writer/s: Brian Molko, Paul Campion, Stefan Olsdal, Steven James Hewitt
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 11

  • Jessica from Newport, PaI watched Cruel Intentions with a friend and heard this song in the beginning. As soon as I did, I knew I had to find out what it was and who performed it. Luckily, there was a music video on the DVD and now I'm in love with the song. It goes so well with the movie. It almost makes me cry listening to it!
  • Louise from Newcastle, United KingdomI love this song... I need to look over the lyrics again.
  • Sam from Jo'burg, South AfricaThe day I passed my driving test, I cranked this song up and drove ridiculously fast on the high way! It was amazing!
  • Lizza from Mexicali, MexicoPlacebo said on the Once More with Feeling DVD, that if the movie Cruel Intentions had a happy ending the movie was not going to get the song!
  • Sean from Toronto, CanadaThis is one of my favorite songs. :-) Every time I hear it, I always flashback to the beginning of "Cruel Intentions".
  • Ellen from Graz, AustriaThis is one of the songs that really marked a turning point in my life. I heard this song for the first time at age 13, in a club. I was drunk for the first time in my life, I almost completely blacked out, I only remember a few things. I still know that I walked around asking everybody what song this was. The barkeeper knew it and told me... And I had to try real hard not to forget what he had told me, so I repeated "Every you, every me, Placebo" in my head almost the whole night. I love the lyrics, too. I've seen Placebo live in concert three times now, and I'm looking forward to see them in two weeks again. I scream out the lyrics and just feel great. That's why I love Placebo!
  • Mel from South Australia, Australiathis song was PERFECT on the cruel intentions soundtrack
  • Joel from Johannesburg, South AfricaThis is my favourite song of all time.
    Placebo is definitely, weird as it may sound, the band that have changed me as a person the most. Brian Molko's edgy, cutting lyrics as well as the way he unashamedly presents himself has taught me that individuality is still possible to acheive in the world today. I don't think I could live without a liberal dose of Placebo every day...
  • Vegard from Haugesund, NorwayI love Placebo! This song is not my absolute favourite, but it is incredible nice.
  • Bleach from Qld, AustraliaI love Placebo, and this song has special meaning between my friends and i. We felt so much for this song, when it had only been released and no one really knew it.
    I know its hard to believe a song could have much influence on someone, but it has really changed us. After we all left school, and were all together we'd play this in my car and sing, its our little thing that keeps us connected. I danno, sounds strange, but to K and J who have been my besties for a few years now, thankyou for always being there. "Sucker Love xx"
  • Yiota from Sydney, Australiathis song is so cool its about a player who knows he is doing wrong but still continues to use sucker love . i especially like the line "my hearts a tart, your body's rent" very creative
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