I Never Play Basketball Now

  • I'm not looking to disturb you,
    Just a little to unnerve you.
    I have nothing about games
    And always looking back.
    After the last unholy row
    I never, ever play basketball now.
    It joins a list of things I'll miss
    Like fencing foils and lovely girls
    I'll never kiss.

    Leave it behind on an overcrowded desk
    Where the in-tray is higher
    Than the OUT ever will be.
    Before the tea rooms fill
    With flirting couples call.
    Remember to call.
    And FLOW, it skips like a river
    And it rolls flow,
    You'll swear it's a chapel
    Isn't that so?
    Think of all the things that grew here,
    Long before we moved here
    All of it good and strong,
    And all of it gone.

    After that last unholy row
    I never, ever play, basketball now
    It joins the list of things I'll miss
    Like fencing foils, and lovely girls
    I'll never kiss.
    You may say I've got plenty,
    But no one knows how long
    Things stay big Roger D.Writer/s: PADDY MCALOON
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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