War at 33-1/3

Album: Fear of a Black Planet (1990)
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  • [spoken]
    Yo, move on 'em! Grab his soul and get the black mind back!
    They just hope that he'll never wake up! Because they never wanna meet him on the battlefield.


    War at 33 1/3
    Haven't you heard
    I got quick and clever
    At the level of a scientist
    With this list my fist pumps chumps
    And don't miss
    Sorry majority grudge against the enemy
    And any other nigga wit an attitude see
    And any other rapper who's a brother
    Tries to speak to one another
    Gets smothered by the other kind
    Not so divine so I heard through the grapevine
    Sent the feds out to get mine
    Time yo-yo to go Bronco in 90-91
    Laughin' while they're searchin' for my 98
    Accelerate the race from the chase
    Look at my face
    That they hate, but they don't want a debate
    To take, great
    Can I live my life without 'em treatin'
    Every brother like me like I'm holdin'
    A knife alright time to smack Uncle Sam
    Who don't give a damn, look at the flag
    My bloods a flood
    Without credit
    Black and close to the edit
    I fed it, you read it, just remember who said it

    If you challenge them in theology, don't challenge their political thinking. Don't challenge them in education. Don't challenge them in science. For that breaks the mold, that they are not used to.

    Yo, listen

    War at 33 1/3 not really live
    I rather do it at 45
    Went west in the quest for my intelligence
    Climbed a fence took a teacher on
    Ain't seen him since, hence he winced
    And convinced that the Black
    Was back revolving to a renaissance
    Bronze to gold I told felt bold
    Taught a so called teacher our role
    In civilizin' the whole globe
    Banned unplanned as I said
    I don't break down religion, why?
    There ain't a smidgen for a pigeon
    Just nature for bird, dog, worm or lion
    So my question to man is
    So why the lyin'
    God's law I saw is natural factual
    Only man creates a waste
    Defiance in his haste
    Based on a scheme a scam
    From some mastermind damn we read it
    And still be blind
    No need to search a fake church
    Evangelical hustler
    Anglo taxin' to muscle ya
    Check I wreck you guess yes
    All the bullshit, yeah, now that's progress


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