Album: Reise Reise (2004)
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  • We're all living in America,
    America ist wunderbar
    We're all living in America,
    Amerika, Amerika

    Wenn getanzt wird, will ich führen,
    Auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht,
    Lasst euch ein wenig kontrollieren,
    Ich zeige euch wie's richtig geht
    Wir bilden einen lieben Reigen,
    Die Freiheit spielt auf allen Geigen,
    Musik kommt aus dem Weißen Haus,
    Und vor Paris steht Mickey Maus

    We're all living in America,
    America ist wunderbar
    We're all living in America,
    Amerika, Amerika

    Ich kenne Schritte, die sehr nützen,
    Und werde euch vor Fehltritt schützen,
    Und wer nicht tanzen will am Schluss,
    Weiß noch nicht das er Tanzen muss
    Wir bilden einen lieben Reigen,
    Ich werde Euch die Richtung zeigen,
    Nach Afrika kommt Santa Claus,
    Und vor Paris steht Mickey Maus

    We're all living in America,
    America ist wunderbar
    We're all living in America,
    Amerika, Amerika
    We're all living in America,
    Coca-Cola, Wonderbra,
    We're all living in America,
    Amerika, Amerika

    This is not a love song,
    This is not a love song
    I don't sing my mother's tongue,
    No, this is not a love song

    We're all living in America,
    Amerika ist wunderbar
    We're all living in America,
    Amerika, Amerika
    We're all living in America,
    Coca-Cola, sometimes WAR,
    We're all living in America,
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  • Jen from TexasIt’s funny because it’s true
  • Mike from WyomingI think folks are a little too riled up about this song. What is wrong about it? Are you mad that it's real? Our country has spread its cultural influence to every part of the world and it hasn't always been done with consent. The kid taking off his nikes to pray to Allah, think of all the meddling and manipulating we have done for a century in the middle east and as much damage as we did with no thought to what it did to the people living there, our products and our ideas are still spread damaging the original culture of the people living there. Rap music in Iran and coke or Pepsi in Russia, Mickey mouse in Europe. That's all it's talking about, and it's true, we sell ourselves as the greatest and act like everything we do as a nation is for the benefit of those we invade or meddle with but all we are doing is manipulating the world for our benefit and even then we are terrible at it. No accountability for the democracies we have destroyed and installed brutal dictators in control, we repeatedly did this and still do and it NEVER works. Sadam hussein was put in power by us. Many many conflicts world wide are caused by us wanting to fight Russia without actually fighting Russia, our proxy wars killed hundreds of thousands of people who never asked us to go there in the first place! We created bin laden and his terrorists, armed them to the teeth and gave them millions of dollars to fight Russian invasions of the middle east, then we invaded the middle east and were shocked that they didn't want us to dismantle their governments and occupy their holy lands. We aren't the benevolent wonderful society to many people and they have every reason to be angry at us, it's our entitled behavior that earns us so many enemies. We expect every nation to learn our language but we don't bother to learn theirs. We manipulate their societies and behave as if their traditions and belief systems are wrong and worthless, we act with an air of superiority when we travel, we send troops everywhere, we co-opt their governments and take away their land and resources so thay while they starve under a brutal dictatorship that we installed in their country, we live in wealth and security off of those resources and when we use them all up we leave them to be devoured by extremism and violence while we go off to find our next target. That is what our country does, that does not mean we are each bad people and rammstein did not mean for that to be a take away.

    We act as though we have the best freedom and the best of everything while we defund our schools and teach our children to hate foreigners and anyone else that isn't just like us. We don't have the best democracy, we don't have the best schools, we don't have the best Healthcare, we don't have the best government, we don't have the least poverty, all we have is our consumerist garbage. The world is advancing ahead of us in every conceivable area even our military will soon be less advanced than china's. We can't keep letting corporations decide what our nation will look like and behave like. We can't keep going backwards on education and science and tech, we need to stop encouraging people to be mindless consumers. Our nation once approached the level of decency that we pretend it has now and it has to be up to us to make it right again. Our two party government is incapable of functioning any more, corporate influence makes the rich and powerful the only ones that matter, you can't go to the hospital without them trying to make a million dollar off of you and driving you into so much debt you lose your home. Banks have driven up property value to ruin any hope of our children owning a home. The high paying jobs don't exist any more. Every thing about your life is solely designed to keep you in debt and forcing you to make money for someone else. It literally is a modern interpretation or slavery and the people at the top own us. Gay and Trans people keep having their rights attacked and there is no reason for it, how do they hurt anyone when just trying to live their lives as happy as they can? Women just lost body autonomy. We are letting religious zealots and insane conspiracy theory peddling psychopaths run our country, we are more divided than ever and both political parties blame each other for the garbage they both created. Welcome to the start of the end of our empire, by the time the corporations are done with us all that will remain are homeless starving wretches surrounded by our cheap plastic garbage and a world that's sick of our s--t. We have to change. We have to make real connections with other nations, we need to prioritize education and health care for EVERYONE we need to make sure everyone in this country is happy, healthy, educated, treated with respect. While you waste time hating people for their personal beliefs and sexuality and skin color, while you support and salute hate filled bigots and insane politicians who strip your rights and defund your schools, the rest of the world is passing us by and if we wait too long there won't be an amerika left to critisize.
  • Leftcoast from CaliforniaThe English version of this song that Rammstein released is genius. It is not a translation of the German, but rather doubles down on the irony of the original. The German lyrics are much better, but the English version basically says, "we are not even going to bother coming up with something too complex if you can't be bothered to learn German!" They did keep, "Coca Cola, Sometimes war." Love this band. Love this song.
  • Burghley from SomewheristanThe Americans seething in the comments is pretty hilarious! The downfall of the GAE is inevitable, die mad.
  • Langfrd from SomewhereGuys, quit crying. I know you're all butthurt after having nationalistic propaganda shoved down your throats since the age 5 but get over it. The US is evil. Any help it gives to other people and countries is far overshadowed by the damage it continuously causes on a daily basis. Your claim to fame is from a war that happened 80 years ago. And's gone downhill since. It's become a greedy, self-righteous parasite that's never satisfied and never stops. The country is full of obesity, human rights violations, out-of-control capitalism, homeless people (including your VETS), disease, no universal healthcare (except ironically for politicians), and ranks close to the bottom of lists among developed countries for everything that isn't military-related.

    The last few generations screwed things up so badly that they basically damned Millennials and Gen Z to live a life of debt and renting because they don't own property. Only 15% of Millennials (the largest generation) own a home. 15%. You can't blame that solely on laziness and lack of motivation. That's MILLIONS of people. Meanwhile, boomers who heavily benefitted from the Golden Age and international companies buy up all the properties to create artificial scarcity and drive up the prices. AND the US has become nothing more than an international laughingstock in the last decade. It's embarrassing.

    So while you cling to the 'Murica is the best!' bs you've been fed your entire lives, maybe wake up, look around and realize everything is on fire. You can't erase all the evil the rich and powerful have done in the past, but you can try doing something now. The children are hungry and homeless. They're dying. You're letting them be crushed under the boot of unregulated capitalism and instead of doing anything, you turn away because it's more comfortable to play pretend and bury your head in the sand.
  • Nachobuddypal from Live Oak, TxRammstein is not anti-American and neither is the song. Nobody is perfect. We're materialistic, boisterous, and most of us are completely oblivious to our own ignorance, yet lack the humility to acknowledge as much. To anyone suggesting otherwise I thank you for the validation, for which you all are hereby recognized as honorary recipients of the Krueger-Dunning Case Study Award. You are shining beacons of the entire point of the satyrical point of the song and ironically the reason it exists at all, so.... Wooo hoo? Aaand in response to the other comments from others who felt strongly enough to be inspired share their passionate and thoroughly thought out position as a loquacious troll of random nothingness 1) You're not helping and 2)TL;DR AT ALL
  • Cp from Texas U.s.a.For the same reason my fellow American that has posted in defense of our nation, I too have created an account with a wish to post as a TRUE southern proud and lifelong Texan. With that said I have to admit that the poster of the below comment prior to mine in defense of America, my American brother Nick, is completely full of American bulls*** and the most prime example of what the problem is. And I'll tell you exactly why..

    A. We'll start with true facts.. the first being the story of WWII which he incorrectly states many completely false and backwards claims about. He mentions all these "selfless acts" that America performs as if it's the equivalent of old Saint Nick aka SANTA CLAUS selflessly flying around the world performing the miracle of delivering gifts on Christmas eve within the time frame that would be considered impossible even on a miracle level event in a sort of representation of the birth of Jesus who brought miracles to world and was "born" on Christmas eve. That sounds pretty great except history shows that Jesus wasn't actually born on this day and more than likely born in the summer time but never mind those facts since it's a holiday founded all about the giving... and the presents... aaaaannd the delicious foods.... and the incredible amount we now have a "religious" and oh so wholesome reason to spend all those darned perfect George Washington's of ours on.. not to mention if you shop early and support black friday.. ahem "the American economy," you'll get your family just wunderbar discount today!!! On this special special occasion.. notice what I've done there?

    Anyways first incorrect statement I'll choose.. he makes an outrageous comment about how the Russians wanted to assume control of all these enemy territories post WWII and how the the USA has spilled all this blood in the names of freedom and rights and then as an act of being just such a richeous nation we chose to not take control of enemy territory.. are you freaking joking me Nick? I mean all seriousness.. Are you even an actual american? Or just another puppet meant to paint this picture that makes us look even more stupid than I already feel we are..? I only ask because is my AMERICAN history class and college course we were taught that the Russians, the USSR that was so damn evil was the one who sacrificed the most men in that war and that the allies begged us for help to which we graciously agreed but not before being attacked on our military bases aka Pearl Harbor which has been seen as any American military or law enforcement establishment has in our history.. an establishment created for its own agenda.. do you truly believe we completely washed our hands of any war involvement prior to that and that the Japanese civilization which I will point out is EXTREMELY intelligent and has found ways to be so outrageously technologically advanced for as far back as technology even existed just openly chose to blindy attack American military occupied areas with zero provocation at all? Or do you remember the resources that we have always argued are the key to winning wars is the reason for that attack? Even further that our resources went to the allied forces. Now remember a most simple to understand form of war and ideology is to cut-off enemy resources to take advantage. Well as far as I remember learning.. we provided much of the supplies needed in the war and made money on that.. then when our support to our allies resulted in attack on US soil.. we declared war ourselves and attacked. Not before of course allowing the Russians to deplete the truly highest amount of allied casualties of the war but once defeat was locked in and us Americans being fashionably late still held enough strength in comparison to everyone else to claim the land we wanted that more than likely the Russians should have been entitled to except what can a nation do when they've been decimated in a war that destroyed millions of soldiers and resources in the process and then here comes America late as usual to intervene and take the glory and the land. Look at actual treaties and agreements post WWII. I often wonder how many of my own Americans think to where they actually believe that the world exists in sections aka countries... each with their own beliefs and struggles and ideology/way of life yet that so many of these oppressive countries have civilizations of ppl that date back thousands of years who have never chosen to leave and come to America when quite clearly they can. I mean what reason is there not to come to America when it's so great. Right? Not unless you're being forced to stay where your current oppression and freedom is keeping you? That's the only thing that makes sense rjght... I mean the world is filled with angels and devils and so there are those of us who seek daily violence and risk of life and complete chaos with no clear direction to head that we would enjoy life solely to have each day entail the next moment where we have to watch our backs or to exploit the next weak moment of our fellow man or those we seek to oppress with the sole intention of leaving the world in complete uncertain chaos so that we can find the opportunity to rise and gain once more today. I mean I'm a southern American Texan and my agenda is to oppress the ni--ers and minorities who oppress and oppose me daily right? Or do I want the same thing as the rest of the world? No violence or at least structure to it not allowing it to get out of hand but we can never be without disagreement and with that comes emotion which circles back to violent action to wind up with no solution to the problem. The problem is this.. every empire on earth has followed cycles along time..
    1. Organization
    2. Ideology and beliefs
    3. Unity, structure, and policy or religion as governing bodies
    4. Further growth and want to share beliefs and make connections to further unify.

    What I mean is it's not all that complicated.. it only takes one person.. one Hitler to begin the process of spreading the ideals of a single organization that can pick up the despaired and suffering of the German common folk post WWI and in times of desperation and despair new beliefs and ideas are the only way to move forward seeing as that to try what only failed previously is an act of chaos by definition and so someone has to spark that reason and belief to move forward what is easier than to provide another belief that is suppressive by nature and requires you to complete a process that can only be completed by those who are born into that idea? When those to blame are the minority and can manage to go completely unnoticed in their terrible discrimination on account of the suffering of the country as whole then how hard is it to turn the cold shoulder to that minority when you have a respectable reason as a man or woman yourself.. to protect yourself, your spouse, and your family is the most basic of human desire to keep those around you safe. At this point it's hard to differentiate between who I'm now talking about right? That's bc we are all the same. Personally right now what is going on in the US is what I fear the most. I'm scared to go places or at least I feel a lot less than free.. I'm scared to share my opinion.. whenever I'm driving as a license holder of a class a commercial driver's license which btw is not even close to the regular easy license an American can obtain that leads to countless amount of dumbasses on the road.. I'm worried about what reason the American, tax payer funded dollars are about to come and completely exploit my so called freedom in the form of some mam or woman who has the right to judge me bc he had a stupid uniform and a vehicle with special lights not to mention a shiny little badge which I suspect is probably made of cheap plastic which says he is apparently of importance.. freedom yea. At this point I believe there's no way the American govt is what it tries to claim and that every other country that says the same exact thing is wrong. Hundreds of countries and beliefs all wrong bc America said so.. and freedom.. yea that makes perfect sense. So does the current state of politics.. minorities are suppressed here thinking because there is freedom to vote as citizens there's a true way to make a difference and so they vote democratic.. those of us who care about the well being of the American ppl as a whole vote how we do and are seen as the opposite. How is it minorities vote for the democratic party and claim all these American caused oppression they endured or at least their family did yet they continue to support those who supress them the most. What party was Abraham Lincoln the man who signed off on the emancipation.. republican. That same presidential race prior to that man who signed off on and supported not only the emancipation of slaves but the northern Union who housed and risked their own lives in attempt to seek true freedom.. what did that electoral college look like that year that elected that man? Take a look at facts. The south was blue and the north red. The south democratic and the north republican. Want to know about the minority hated kkk.. and part of an initial into becoming a member? You actually took a verbal quiz one of which questions asked you if you ever were or are a member of the RADICAL REPUBLICAN PARTY.. know why bc they were the ones responsible for freeing and supporting alllll the generations of blacks, Mexicans or any other race oppressed by slavery prior to emancipation.. the same party they vote consistently against in each election. My point is.. that misinformation and propaganda are extremely easy to coercing a ppl to support to most disturbing ideas you can imagine and so if such a great nation is capable of widespread media propaganda resulting in the suppression of yourself and not just a person you don't even know or have anything to do with.. then how in the hell does the world not hate America or at least most of the world compared to what a Hitler had done? Oh wait it does. So that can only mean one thing right.. this song is totally about how great we are and despite the fact that we might as well be the only ones who think so.. our American ways are superior in every way despite being a much younger nation of experience we are the true experts of the world despite all the backlash and hatred the rest of the world shows us out of jealously for having so quickly figured out the true answer of a connected human nation despite thousands of years of experience and wisdom over us.. yea that's the answer that is so clear.. I mean.. Coca cola, Mickey mouse, amerika is wunderbar fur immer right nik?
  • Vietnam Veteran{1967-1968} from U.s.Life is short so get out and support rock music including Rammstein.I wish i would have discovered their music earlier than 2019---they are kick ass---in your face music i enjoy to the max even though i'm 74 years old.Music keeps me thinking young and Rammstein is the best out there right now in 2021.WW2 was a tragedy and won't be forgotten but give Rammstein a break----music should be about having fun and enjoying life.Anyone who has seen them or their videos of them in concert know they are just a fun band to watch.Get a grip--it's only rock and i like it!!!
  • Brown Dude From Usa from AlabamaBeing an Immigrant in US for 7 years now I've seen both sides of the country everyone's talking about in the comments. People are nice and also dumbasses. But that's everywhere tho. No one's perfect. I understand the pov of Americans being hurt cuz the song is speaking the truth to the most extent and if someone made a satirical song about my home country, I might not like it too. I'm not well versed in how much aid US or other countries give yada yada but some Americans have to admit that US has always exploited other countries and had tried to gain control, that's why it's been seen as a superpower since 1920s. Take for example Teddy Roosevelt building the Panama Canal for the sole purpose of asserting dominance in South America and the Caribbean. No doubt US has a strong military and has 6000+ nukes but it got to that point of being in conflicts and mainly asserting itself. Sure some other cultures might like the American way so they've adopted it but let's see Japan is where it's at after US's aid after it dropped two hydrogen bombs. That way wayyy too extreme even tho Japan attacked Pearl Harbor first and sided with the Axis. Even Germany got it's aid after they lost the war and that was a good thing to help them rebuild after what Hitler did but it's not like that all the time. And do some idiot Americans really think US is the only country that takes in immigrants and cries about it? Look at Europe, they took in muslim immigrants and look how many terror attacks happened in France alone. Also let's not forget US pretty much created ISIS by it's constant involvement in Middle East and they've always had the tendency to aid countries like Pakistan that literally housed Osama bin Laden just cuz for some airforce bases and stuff. US usually has allies till they serve its purpose for US alone. It might look like US is doing good but the reality is it's all a big complicated political game. In the end, have some guts to take some f--king criticism before bantering about patriotism and that Murica is the best country in the world.

    Also, going back to the actual video of the song, it might not even be mocking US but sorta praising it in a way and its global outreach and showing it as a global superpower and what is considered the standard for Freedom and Democracy. Also read Cam Mcguire's comment, he literally says what I'm tryna say.
  • Merica from ArizonaI am a RAMMSTEIN FAN and when I listen to this song I pretty much knew what it was about.. well some people tend to get their feelings hurt.. so what, I have seen what america has done and especially now in 2021.. SMH... RAMMSTEIN still rocking... America is copacetic.
  • Jdm from UsaI am a Rammstein fan until reading this article. Hey RAMMSTEIN I have a few questions for you since you believe America doesn't give "money" to help the poor. Can you name the country that gives the most $$$ to the world in aid each year? Answer: #1 USA. Germany comes in at #2 or #3 depending on the year. USA gave more aid to Haiti after the island country was devastated by the 2010 earthquake. American president Ronald Regan influenced the tearing down of the Berlin wall and its likely RAMMSTEIN would never have formed if Richard Kruspe hadn't needed to escape from the hell hole that was East Germany. Millions of Americans support you with American $$$. I'll support you no longer. American Metal is #1
  • Tatonka Chat-ka Lakota Nations from Lawrence KsAmerikkka is America either way.
    What's worse were the nations first people here. Indigenous natives and it's still not our country. We all faced multiple aptitudes of slaughter murder rape and force assimilation of our native children and kidnappings only to he forced to americanized from Indian boarding schools. And the facing an onslaught of missing. Murders of indigenous women to this very day. And our government is refusing to lift a finger to help out native Americans.
  • Lol from MuricaGermany's culture of killing jews and undesirables has really suffered from American influence. Lol.
  • Listen from UsaI see a lot of sad, left winged idiots that want free things. Capitalism is superior, socialism bad, deal with it. If we don’t have this way, what’s preventing europe from another world war? and this time everyone has nukes. not something i wanna deal with.
  • Mary Mogwai from UsaThis has to be the most idiotic song I’ve ever heard. However, it made me laugh like crazy when I heard it driving home from work. “Coca Cola and Wonderbra”!!!! Hahahaha.
  • AnonymousHey Kevin from Kenner, but what about the homeless veterans that the our government doesn't help, what about the fact that our government decides that other countries are more important than its own citizens
  • Mike from U.s.ahey Nick ever heard of how our goverment treated the natives
  • Mike from U.s.aI share some views with Rammstein but they don't know about us poor plebs that don't get enough help. Its the rich political elite that probably comes to mind when they think of the U.S. Not-so-patriotic fools say we are the best country. Well I have one thing to say. WE ARE NOT. While yes there is a lot of good things, we are still behind morally, educationally our system sucks, and we have a bunch of corrupt politicians
  • Cam Mcguire -american from New Jersey, United States Of AmericaToo much anger and argumentative comments about this song. Rammstein is describing the world as they see it. I am a proud American. For my entire life the USA has been the most powerful country in the world. I can hardly imagine a world where the USA is not the dominant world power. 'Amerika' describes the world from a non-American perspective.

    Hubris is dangerous to any civilization. I am guilty of it, as are many Americans. Ignorance and pride have been the ruin of many great countries. To me, Rammstein's 'Amerika' softly and sarcastically describes the unprecedented global influence and dominance of the United States of America. I believe the song describes how American economics is our true source of power. The American military may be one of, if not the best, in the world but the true source of American power is our economic strength. Rammstein describes the global reach of Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse, which imposes American culture on foreign cultures.

    All in all, we Americans need to remain open to discussion!
  • Nick from UsaI actually created an account just to comment on this topic because I see a lot of ignorance on display here.

    For starters, I have been a fan of Rommstein's music for 20 years, I just respect their music as a musician and like their talent in that department.

    As far as their politics or their constant ragging on the United States, in that regard Rammstein are complete hypocrites and I find it ludicrous that they sit there with a self righteous smug indignation look as they do songs like Amerika and want to rip on the United States or capitalism, and yet they have made a vast amount of their fortune touring in a nation that they supposedly think is evil or likedit rip on and yet have absolutely no problem exploiting and capitalizing on the money they make from that nation.

    Nothing is more disgraceful then the self proclaimed socialist screaming about the evils of capitalism while at the same time making money and capitalizing on the very topic with their books and propagandizing.

    Hypocrisy is one thing that I have little tolerance for and it really rubs me the wrong way.

    It's also ironic an absurd for Germans to be of lecturing the United States about oppression or forcing its influence on other people considering the history of their own nation and it was in fact America not once but twice that had to step in and help correct that nonsense that they tried to impose on everyone else forcefully through violence and destruction.

    As far as everybody ragging on the United States and claiming it forces its culture on everyone else, or people saying ridiculous things like leave other cultures alone and so on.

    Please wake up, and please do a little genuine research about the history of the United States.

    For starters, the United States allows in more immigrants from around the world than any other nation on Earth, the United States also gives more money, food and aid to other countries around the world than any other nation on Earth.

    The United States also, has shed more of its son's blood and has given the lives of its sons in the name of liberation and freeing other nations from tyranny and oppression than any other country on Earth, and has even done so much as to spend its own money to help rebuild the very countries that it had to go to war with and destroy in self defense.

    That in of itself is an amazing noble aspect of the United States.
    That very action the United states has broken a long standing mold of when a nation conquers another, it instead annexes that conquered nation into its own territory.

    Just like what the Soviet Union did at the end of World War II with the nation's it "liberated", but instead occupied and annexed into the Soviet Union.

    United States didn't do that, instead the United States returned the lands and helped to rebuild them.

    A very unique action that nations in history rarely have done.

    The only thing the United States has ever asked for in return for the blood it had to shed and the treasure it had to spend was a small place to bury its dead.

    Amazingly though, you have ignorant moronic people who live in countries that benefited and exist today because of those Americans that died in the 1st place for the nations in which they live, sit there and bad mouth the country that sacrificed everything so they would have a country to live in themself, and yet no thank you, no recognition...instead they gnorantly bad mouth another nation of which they themself most likey have done nothing to have helped their fellow man in return.

    Finally to all the morons that sit here and say leave other cultures alone or quit pushing your culture on other countries, the United States doesn't run around and force other countries to open up Pizza Hut or any other pop culture influence such as music, food or clothing style.

    That is solely a choice of those other countries, every nation around the world by their own choice buy jeans, listens to American music, eats and drinks American beverage and food, it's no secret that countries all over the world love and enjoy American pot culture.

    In fact, the very people complaining about America are most likely using technology and devices to do so that were created by the United States and spearheaded and pioneered by the United States or the fact produced and yet they complain on the very device that came from the country they bitch about.

    They erroneously complain about all kinds of products that they probably consume, and nobody forced them to do it.

    Nobody forced them to use an iPhone that they probably are using to talk s--t on.

    People all over the world use all of these products by choice and choice alone, so to sit there and demonize a nation's culture because the rest of the world loves that culture is absolutely absurd.

    It really comes off as an old true case of jealousy and envy, you always have people that love the quarterback in high school, and then you will have those that resent him and hate him because they can't come to terms with their own shortcomings or they secretly want to be him.

    It's about time people grow up and have an adult mature conversation about the virtues of the United States and all of the light, technology and innovation it has brought to the world to improve the lives of everyone instead of sitting here and juvenilely speak sphoftmorically as they go for low hanging fruit and take cheap shots at the United States.

    When you do this, you are foolishly standing on the shoulders of giants telling everyone you are flying.
  • Christopher from Vermont, UsaAnd yes America has to use some of its influence and power to police the world, but most of the world enjoys relative peace because of that. It’s understandable that other countries don’t like being the underling or subordinate, but if America wasn’t being the world police some other country would be. It’s human nature that there is always some at the top, always someone at the bottom. There are always leaders and followers. We were established as a free and independent nation, but the rest of the world repeatedly dragged us in to conflict. I don’t always agree with our politics and means of protecting our interests and resources needed to maintain our position at the top, but once again if we weren’t doing it some other country would be, which might be much worse than what we are doing. We are a proud nation and determined to protect our country and freedom which was what we were founded on. The entire world enjoys relative peace because of US. “Pax Americana”
  • Christopher from Vermont, UsaI like the tune of the song, and yes they make some good points and social commentary, but it is pretty damn hippocritical given the fact Germany tried to take over the entire world TWICE!
  • 0x0000007b from LaI think it is not America (U.S.) who forced other countries, but people from other countries made their choice to consume American products. There are world-wide corporations like PepsiCo, McDonald's, etc available in many countries as an element of free market (capitalism) when an individual can have a choice. There are brands from other countries (Yamaha, Grundig, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, bunch of French and Italian fashion brands, JVC, Canon, different types of electronic companies) well known in the wored but nobody talks about Japan force people to buy their cars or cameras, Germany forces others to buy their cars. What pizza has to do with U.S.? U.S. expands it's market in the same way other countries expand theirs. Is that a problem? Ask yourself why you have a job. Because you have something to sell or you have services to provide. Countries have trades with each others. Fruits, veggies, parfume, electronics, goods, etc, everything comes from different countries. Why you people keep blaming America all the time? It's all global corporations and people behind who have us, the rest of the world. America (i.e. U.S. as a country) just happen to have the strongest economy in the world. Oh, and remember who lives in U.S. - people from around the world including your country.
  • Harry from UkI have always thought "and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris" is in reference to the famous picture of Hitler in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Daniel from Wilmington, NcAmerican people defending the country saying it's the best over all the other and claiming to have HELPED other countries during war, as it had always been pacific and everyone else came and bothered their rage, it makes me VOMIT. I'm not even dropping a single word on Britain-America old rivalry, it's endless, they won't ever get into agreement. In my opinion a BIG HUGE ENORMOUS problem in the United States is that the people aren't educated in their schools for a WIDE WORLD VIEW. I'm sorry to say that, it's true. Americans, come and say the opposite, it's still true. I don't really know what's the main reason or why that whole process actually happen, however, MAYBE the American people are SO proud of their country that they sort of get blind (or fake it) about the rest of the world, or they are so SELFISH that they learn the World's history as they were the good guys and the whole world was bad, this is a shadow-concept, nobody sees or feels it, however it's there. It SHOCKS ME when I read a guy saying "we invaded country X to HELP them". I'm sorry, your view of the World's history is/was completely affected by the Americanism. The US have NEVER invaded a country to help that country, otherwise it wouldn't be an invasion, but a bilateral agreement or such a thing. It's the same as thinking the following: Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting each other, they have no peace between them. Thus, the US, where the democracy and the peace give themselves their hands and eat McDonalds, must invade and kill everybody so that the peace may rest in that area. and God bless America. It's OUR DUTY to PROTECT THE WORLD against the violence. Oh, and let us get some billions of barrels of oil, so that we can pay the bill for being so kind and delivering the peace to your beloved lands! As that guy said "America is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Mexico is not free. Canada is not brave". How in the world can a person be so selfish and stupid. "Mexico is not free"? who are you to say such a thing? Have you been to Mexico? It wouldn't scare me if you thought Mexico is socialist, it would only reflect how tiny is the brain you've got, if you even have one. I bet you don't even know how to say HI in Spanish, the THIRD most spoken language world wide. "Canada is not brave". Aren't they brave? Why not? Because they didn't leave their country in the "person" of their Army, Navy or Air Force to impose itself over other nations and take what they have of best? Say natural resources or whatever? WOW what a 'braveness' the Americans have, it makes me cry even! And I'm not even citizen of those nationalities, that certainly are proud of what they've achieved, even if they aren't as rich as the US are in terms of economy, as is the Mexican example. I can't put a word on every comment down here, however, the song isn't (in my opinion) really talking about the American people. Having said that, end even with my personal belief that many Americans are illiterate about the world, I still think, I mean, I know by experience, that MANY of them are hard working, they need to wake up every morning and go to work to put food on their family's table, that's not only in the US, it's everywhere. They are talking about the companies and the government. Absolutely right, I'm not here to attack any American citizen, although when I see comments as "people are jealous about what we have" and "nobody is jumping the borders to go to Germany", I must say that I personally am not jealous about what the US have. Money? What's the point in having so much money that you kill for money, you take over nations for money, you enslave people so that your businessmen have enough money to sit their bu77s on. To provide those products to make,you guys mostly, and the world by its spread, a bunch of fat a®ses (talking about fast food chains) and think about people in China, Malaysia, Indonesia that receives what's equivalent to 2 dollars a day to manufacture Nike, Adidas' trainers and many other products we're not mentioning? Is it to be "free and brave"? Not in my opinion. That's "take others' freedom cowardly". And for those who don't know, Germany is the 4th most powerful economy in the planet. and YES, there are MILLIONS jumping onto German borders seeking a better life, a dignified life condition. Just as you guys are "sick" of Hispanic people mostly and other immigrants living in the US, the Germans have to deal with Turkish people, all different Muslim people, people from Morocco, many African devastated nations. People that maybe were once suppressed by the IMPERIALISM that Europe once "created" and America took over the concept, updated it and applies it silently with the entire world. The US offers an excellent quality of life, this is out of question. The life is enormously better than in many other countries, but not the best though. Norway does, thus, no room to say America is the best in this aspect. Its films? They show an America that DOESN'T EXIST, or maybe only inside some Americans' stupid heads. "The American Way of Life" for me personally, I'm sorry if it offends anybody, isn't something I'd not like to follow. I'm sorry, also, interchange students. Your "DREAM" is to come to America? As someone said here "people like our culture". Aw yeah, they do, without a shadow of doubt, I wish I could change that, but they do like our culture really, and we really don't force it on them. The problem is that the fatamerican culture is associated with MONEY, PROSPERITY, CONSUMERISM, SOCIAL STATUS, "I am what I HAVE and not what I really AM". Of course, it's obvious. People love technology. Where does it come from? People love money. What's the richest nation? People love fast cars and big engines. Where have this concept been mostly among people's lives? That list is infinite. That what's good about the US, and people unfortunately import those stuff impregnated with an ideal of life that isn't quite ethic, having said everything I just did.Maybe because this student need to learn ENGLISH. Why then? Why do you need to give up your culture to communicate in English, rather than in your native language, German, Dutch, Farsi, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Bahasa, be it any language. "English is the world's language". YES, it really is. The Americans invented the internet and ruled the world at the same time in terms of economy. It caused their culture and language to spread throughout. Right. An American citizen told me the following once, while questioning me why I chose to learn the English accent/British English/GbE/Received Pronounciation or whatever the name you want to give. I told him I thought that it would be nice for me to learn it better because it is the actual English language, the one that didn't suffer any major changes while in contact with another cultures (say American/Indians - Australia/Aborigines - South Africa/Blacks and Dutch etc). I just wanted, as a linguist, to be able to understand what Old English had turned itself into, and that I considered its pronunciation no be clearer and more precise therefore, easier to understand. This guy simply told me: You simple have to forget England. It's decadent, England was "something" centuries ago, now they speak an old language, full of pompous , they say some things nobody understands, and furthermore, American is the evolution of the English language, it's much better. Take this: about 390 million people (not sure if it's accurate) in the US speak American English, while ONLY 55 million people speak the British "version". If you want to be someone in the world nowadays, you should speak American. I'm really sorry, I can't even drop a word off about it. How can someone have such a racist opinion? We know that racism is quite common and usual in the US, even though they don't show it off, it's in the American inner self. Same as saying Swiss/Austrian German is better than German German; the old fight between the Belgians and the Dutch on who speaks the most correct version of the language; Spanish Spanish or South American Spanish? Portuguese Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese? French French or Swiss, Canadian, Belgian, Senegalese, Algerian French? ENGLISH ENGLISH OR AMERICAN, AUSTRALIAN, SCOTTISH, IRISH, WELSH, NORN IRL, NEW ZEALAND, CANADIAN, SOUTH AFRICAN, INDIAN, NIGERIAN, JAMAICAN, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese English? Unfortunately and VERY unfortunately, in my opinion, the US wasn't prepared to so much fame, admiration and glory. It's made the people and the government think it's them and no-one else. Maybe some education could solve the problem, after putting on a serious government that is really committed to making the United States the " Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". Free themselves from their egos and the world from their slavery and be brave enough to do that. The US isn't the good guy, I know many Americans don't agree to the Govermnent's actions (however, they sit on their V8's and don't go vote) but I believe every single American person, as they claim to be really good above everyone, should start this change inside themselves first, then later it would reflect on the government, or 'the most democratic land on earth' will disagree when someone says "the government is the people"? GOD BLESS AMERICA.
  • Zack from Noblesville, InIf America wanted to rule the world we would by now.
  • Aaron from Wheat Ridge, CoAmerica is great but I hope we can all get over racism.
  • Kevin from Kenner, LaAnd to "Oscar" in Stockholm, Sweden who said we "spend money for entertainment rather than helping the poor"...The United States gives more money and support to "the poor" than ANY other country in the world. We send billions of our dollars and food surpluses to famished countries and whenever a disaster occurs in another part of the world we open our wallets and give to the people who need it. We also send our troops and civilians to these areas to remove bodies and clean up rubble and then rebuild. I, myself, make sure I give to the American Red Cross and other charities EVERY year to help other countries (and my own) in need. We have more charities in this country to help other countries than Sweden does.
  • Kevin from Kenner, LaI'm sick of people saying that the U.S. "forces" our culture on other countries. Other countries embrace our culture because they enjoy it. I don't like to see the older culture centers of the world open up McDonald's or KFC on every corner but there is a reason this happens...PEOPLE LIKE IT! Same for our movies. Same for our music. Just like we Americans have embraced the music of Rammstein. We don't understand what they are saying but we like the music. They didn't force us to buy there music or go to there concerts. The U.S. government has done some things to mess things up in other countries BUT these days they are doing a lot to mess things up HERE. Our economy sucks right now because of all the FREE MONEY the government is giving out to people who don't want to work. I work too hard for the feds to rip money out of my pocket to give out to freeloaders.
    My wife is from Indonesia and moved here a year and a half ago. She loves it here and has a better life now. She has become a proud, flag-waving, red, white and blue AMERICAN. Why? Because she LIKES it here. She likes the people, the food, and the culture. The truth is that we Americans are good people and want to live in peace with the world. We are proud of what we have and what we have accomplished throughout history. We are innovative in science, engineering, art, music, entertainment, etc. The response is that others are fascinated and want a taste of American culture. They want what we have. Millions come here for what we have and what they can become. Why would the rest of the world be drinking Coca Cola and eating McDonald's if it was FORCED on them? Would it not be rejected if it was forced? To "Queen" in Carmel, NY who commented that they don't like living here...LEAVE! You are FREE to leave anytime you want. Go to North Korea and you will love what you lost... America.
  • Howard from Marlton, Njlook if u want to say american is influencing the world it really is, America when we first started we wanted were with no side, thats how we wanted to be. Then after the second world war America decided it wasn't going to let the world turn back into s***. America gave lots of money to Europe to rebuild itself, and we helped rebuilt Tokyo. If there is a reason were so controlling is because we didn't want war or socialism to take of Europe. If u want to be a dum*** and say that we didn't really help during WWII you are very mistaken, if we didn't supply the british people with supplies and ammunition, England would've been taken over. Also let me point out we were trying to stay a neutral nation and were fighting in the pacifac and the atlantic. Course we probably should've steped in sooner but politics are politcs, look at it from our point of veiw, wars costly and it puts us into a deficit. I dont like deficits, and war revolves around money. All im trying to say is really if Europe tried to get along with each other a little better before WWII i doubt we would even influence the world except through economic power. Also you must understand in every goverment you going to have some sort of curroption. Secondly every nation has its ups and downs , like right now, almost every country is in debt except China. I love to live in america even though sometimes we do influence the world differently. Also not every American agrees or dissagrees what were doing is right or wrong, its all opinion. Goverments arent all black and white (deffinit right or wrong). Oh yah rammstien can think anything they want about america, its they're right. Don't let other peoples opinions change yours about america but listen and find what you believe.
  • Morgan from Haskell, NjWow, this is one hell of a debate going on up here... might as well pitch in my two cents. Look, I like living in America, and I am VERY proud of the idea behind our country, the true ideals. But standing around and screaming "HOW DARE ANYONE INSULT AMERICA" is just as bad as sitting around and whining about how much you hate it. I don't think Rammstein has a beef with the American PEOPLE, but rather those who run the county. And let's face it, who doesn't wince when they hear the word "politician"?

    We are a proud country, but we also need to remember that we are a young one as well. About 99% of our culture is things we have taken from other older cultures. And it's true that American culture is extremely viral and has spread throughout the world... it's just sad that all we seem to offer is heart disease-inducing food chains.

    And it's funny that people from Germany and America are bashing each other over the language barrier - we both speak Germanic languages, and in fact English and German are very closely related languages! But of course, people would rather focus on the differences than the similarities.

    Back to Rammstein, they do raise excellent points about the imposition of American culture throughout the world - so many of the superficial aspects of our young culture have spread so far, it does seem like "we're all living in Amerika". And I don't know about the rest of you, but seeing the African family eating pizza and things like that in the video almost seemed perverse - like their culture had been tainted.

    As Rammstein said, "this is not a love song", but I don't think it's a "hate" song either. I think they're pointing things out as a way of saying "guys... slow down there. This is getting out of hand."

    If other young Americans like myself want to change the world's opinion of our country, the solution is not to renounce America, nor is it to blindly defend it. We have to stand up, educate ourselves about the current issues, and make a difference ourselves! As cliche as it sounds, we ARE the future. And we need to take back control of our country from the self-serving politicians who have been using it for their own devices.
  • Me from Las Vegas, NvYou know it seems that many people think this song is an anti-American song but maybe its pro-American? I mean think about it Germany was split in half after WWII half were a democracy (west) and the other half was communist (east). So maybe its a good song becasue America helped bring down the Berlin wall and helped re-unite Germany. It was not fun living in East Germany under Soviet rule. Anybody who has had their rights taken away from communism would be grateful for a country like the United States to bring back their rights a democracy offers. Just to name one example, in communist East Germany if you made fun of any politician it was a jail sentence. There are many things America takes for granted is free speech, for example in America you can bash any politician and not get arrested by secret police. Also you know how many people wanted to escape east Germany after communism took over? But point being I think its a pro-America song, America is wonderful for getting rid of the Berlin wall.
  • Romanian24 from Bucharest, RomaniaAmerica is a great country and having lived there for a few years. I see alot of great people. But i like this song because it does not rip down america but it points out what American cutlure does. Its overbearing and destroyes native cultures off other coutrties. I like america but I dont want my country be just like american cutlure. American ideals are good but keep your own culture to yourself. The fast food and fast life cutlure is unheathy something my coutry does not need. Its also shallow and lacks things like family and religion vs sex, drugs and and a careless flip off the world attitude.
  • Emily from Dixon, IaOk people are always complaining about this song. You know what? I love this song. I live in America and I totally wish I could leave this place but its still a good country. anyways Rammstein hate america, so what? people have their own opinions. theyre german, IM german, but whatever. theyre not bad people theyre just writing songs. dont make a big deal out of everything, you dont see people complaining about other good artists like Shinedown and what not
  • Julie from Oakland, OrI don't see anyone jumping over the walls to get to Germany. God bless the United States! (and the rest too)...
  • Jarvis from Nsirobi, KenyaWatched the videos several times. The song is cool. Kenya tribal men eating pizza in America n happy! Rammstein just meant that America is home to different cultures...
  • Zak from London, United KingdomHEY I THINK AMERICAS GREAT AND ALL
  • Dustin from Bluffton, InI don't understand something. When Green Day calls all Americans idiots the song becomes their biggest hit but when Rammstein makes comments about the government everybody gets pissed off.
  • Megan from Boise, IdFirst I live in America and I think a lot of people are forgetting that America is a country of immegrants, people who came from all over the world and guess what...they brought their culture with them. America is a country of intertwining cultures. Where i live people are very accepting of different cultures and I'm sorry if you live in an area of the U.S. where they aren't; you're seriously missing out. I'll agree 100% that we're a young country and we've made major mistakes in the past and (hopefully) we've learned from them. Some we do need to own up to but a lot of countries make mistakes. So two things: 1) I'm not going to tell people to shut up and not bash the U.S. they have the right as a human to voice their opinion as to if a country sucks or not. I find it sad also that people feel America is ruining their cultures,I wish you didn't feel that way and no I don't mean that in an "America's the best and you all should accept that and become like us" sort of way I truley find it sad that people feel world cultures are being taken over by one culture. But you should keep in mind that people in other countries buy our crap we really don't force it on them, if they don't like Micky D's etc. then they shouldn't buy it. It would go away without any profit in that country/city whatever. Trust me on this Americans love money ;) 2) To people who say we shouldn't have gone to Iraq. I agree in a way, i hate war it's a terrible thing and I've seen first hand how solders act coming back from it. BUT I'm very proud to be an American and the twin tower attacks really pissed me off. I'm sure you other coutries wouldn't have liked it if your innocent citizens were attacked on your own soil. We selected to not be stepped upon. Over all Rammstein has a point, but you people really need to calm downand catch a clue. If your in America and your telling them to not sing it and people to shut up go read our constitution right now. If your in other countries then remember we're human too and beyond common belief most americans don't think they're better then the rest of the world. If you lived here for any amount of time you'd see we just have a lot of pride in our country :) And Jon from Albany has got it right. P.S. I'm of German decent and when people find that out they call me a Nazi. So Adam in Austira it's not only people from over in that part of the world that get it, please don't judge a whole nation off a couple of idiots that happen to be from that nation. :) And people calling Rammstein Nazis. Not all people from Germany or of German decent are Nazis, thanks!
  • Xiao Qing from ãòÖÝ, Chinai love how brittish people talk down about america, i was born in the usa, but now live in china, dont get me wrong i love this song, but doesnt every country have something their guilty of, yes americas love pizza and coke and all that other s--t, but so do other countries, just americans were the first ones to be smart enough to market it world wide, what if the song is were all living in england drinking tea and eating stupid finger food, were all living in austrailia and eating crock, were all living in the artic eating whales , who really cares, you cant hate a country just its ways ,and if youve never lived their befor they you sure as hell shouldnt judge it, and btw, ive been to england and america , and america is deffinately better.
  • Anonymoussorry that say was surrposed to be saw
  • Zak from London, United Kingdomthis song is taking the piss out of america saying that they are spreading their fat all over the world , if an american say this music video they wouldnt tell that they were being insulted
  • Jason from Bowling Green, KyBritish Parliament is on the edge of having a vote of confidence ageist Gordan Brown because of his big spending and it has took The new United States President has took less that 140 days to bankrupt this country and he goes around the world kissing butt.. and has nothing good to say about his own country.. his speech in Saudi Arabia was a disgrace He made up facts as he went along.. you can break it down and look it up line by line almost every fact was wrong. The bottom line people in this country voted agest Bush not for a Marxists.
  • Jess from Mason, TnI really don't see it as sarcastic or anything of the sort, yes, many Rammstein songs are sarcastic and offensive but this one is clearly just a statement of the effect that America has had on the world in the last 50 years. You can hate it, argue with it, or overlook it, but no matter who you are you can't deny the fact that the United States has influenced more people, either in a positive way or negative way, than any other country in the last 6 decades. Also, if you can't speak German, and/or don't understand what it's saying without having to look up a translation or explaination then please do us a favor and don't try and argue what he means. Für Deutschland, die Vereinigte Staaten, und dem Welt! Rock on Rammstein! Auch hört Ein Lied zu... Ich liebe jenes Lied.
  • Aditya from Hyderabad, India@Kyle above:

    "...trying to incorporate some of the *success* we've seen in our economy into theirs..."


    I never laughed so much.
  • Justin from Kettering, OhFirst off rammstien which is the poper way of spelling, has a badass sound no doubt. This song can be taken in too many ways. Theres alot of epinions that don't make since to me. Cecily when a child is punched and does not fight back he becomes a victim of a bully and the USA will not be bullied. On ex pres bush's behalf there is no way to stop so called "terrorists" completely, but if you are to rid the world of most of them you must have a world with governments which will not support them. That means making every country free as we are. Iraq is now free, but they are not "living in amerika". I wish we all did live in america. No country would fight for relegion, we would accept all countires as they are and let them be. That is american culture, accepting all culture. We do not change any culture it changes itself as it accepts us as we exept it. Our war doesn't cause people to take in our culture its our horrid american companies. Its not even culture its the flood of miterial things ppl want. They are the ones everyone should be mad at even us americans. They outsource to countries who are in poverty so they have to pay the least amount of a wage. This is what causes economy to colapse, not a presidentor a country. WE loose jobs because of these companies. In turn we want our goods as cheap as they can be, which is why the outsource. No one identifies this the problem, which is why there is no answer. All we can do is become more like a real american. Someone who will help his fellow man when in need and someone who will love his fellow man no matter his race, religion, color, or beleif. The only thing resembling our culture in this video and song is the mix of cultures in entails. Everyone must fight for freedom, fight to practice and speak his/her beleifs freely. That is american and what america will always be freedom, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Jay from London, United KingdomRyan - but you're first sentence tells me that you do not know you're current politics - Iraq (does that ring any bells in your head?) You probably be intellegent but i believe majority of the people in your country is not - judging by crime in your country, army activity and poor government decisions.
    1. Majoirty of america is from Ireland, and Ireland has a big rivalry with GBR, so obviously you would go against GBR. the IRA.
    2. Of course america has done some good and they have a great history (compared to the world history, a young history, unless you knew what america was like before 1500AD), but now they created a lot of problems for themselves that they cannot control: Iraq, Alfganistan, vietnam; due to the lack of experience in world politics. My comments are refering to what I see in america today.
    3. Britain has no choice, but to follow america, a big country which has the massive power of economy and depth in their armies. But notice that we did not and probably will not choose to create another empire, and re-take India. I'm a british citizen, but I'm also an indian. Another thing is America choose english as the international language instead of French, which is also another induction to Britain's survival after their fall. England is progressing well as a nation, and is a multicultural society, a welcoming nation.
    4. I hope you know who was Oliver Cromwell, the one who promoted a new government, during King Charles 1 reign. A new government of today. Britain has so much more of a history than America, with the Romans, with Saxons, with Normandy, with British Monarchy and now the modern age government.
    5. I don't think Churchill asked for help from america during WW2 (he was friends with america), American was basically a target for Japan. America took offence and picked the side of the alliances. then France was heavily damaged by Germany and Italy. Also u r not considering the size of England compared to america, and also the fact that america fought only for a three years, England & France, the whole 5 years of the war.
    6. Well its too bad that you find my comments disturbing, all i want is a change from america, that creates a feeling of happiness towards, and no more hate. I hope Obama will move into this. My main grudge is Bush!
    7. your comments about oppression is naive. yes we had an empire and yes it was bad, but that is the idea. Countries are trying to take land, oil and at the end they achieve power. thats the whole idea. When i mentioned America takes all the publicity, let me give you an example - Satyen Bose (Indian inventor) created the radio, while Marconi (an American) took the credit.
    8. most western nations follow capitalism, yes u r right in that department. No harm in that. It has brought in a stability in economy, until now - an american bank f--ks up, and all of a sudden the capitalists countries are now in the credit crunch for some reason. Capitalism came around from merchants - Rome.
    Most of the comments made by non-americans have critised america, and so have I ...
    I'm not worried abt history, its done finished, no more of importance. the present and the future is upto you, u might love your country but don't think you know everything unless you've experienced it, if u lived in england and as oppose to america, you're views would be different. i have nothing against American during the times before the Bush era.
  • Ryan from Harrington Park, NjAlso to Bernd below, not for nothing, but there's a very simply explanation as to why no German Chancellor has been a war monger since WWII. After the Kaiser in WWI and Hitler in WWII, Germany has not been allowed to have an actual army. Germany's army today is a national guard, like Japan. After starting the two worst wars in history, Germany isn't allowed an actual army. How can you be a war monger if you don't have an Army? Your point there seems kind of mute to me.
  • Ryan from Harrington Park, NjI'll tell you, as an Irish-American, I read the first comment by Jay up there, and must say, you evidentally don't know your history.

    While it's true you see America for it's business, it's simply because despite if we like it or not, most of the world follows a capitalist economy. The U.S.A. was the birthplace of capitalism, and since most of this world followed suit (including you Brits), it's only logical every country is going to have some influence by American capitalism.

    Next, I'd like to touch on your comment, "They start more wars..." May I ask if you've read a history book? Last I checked, your beloved Great Britain was quite possibly the most oppressive country of the modern world, and in your history have encountered far more wars than the Americans have. Furthermore, your allied nations were not doing "fine" during World War II, which was why not one, but two British Prime Ministers came to the Americans for help (I hope you know who Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were). If the Allies were doing so great, why was France taken over by Germany? Why did Spain stay neutral, yet look to adopt facism after GERMAN influence? I hate to say it my friend, but after the bombing of London. After the Germans broke British Airspace, Union Jack wouldn't of had much time left. And as far as losing the most troops, I would say that the Americans gave more lives to ending that war on the European front than any other non-European country, and even some of the European countries themselves.

    Your comments are rude, uneducated, and hypocritical. Not Englishman has a right to insult the Americans as an oppressive empire. Ask people from many countries, "What country oppressed you in your history?" India, Jamaica, Scotland, Ireland, South Africans, and yes even the Americans. All of those countires have not prospered, but suffered under your once glorious crown. Great men made their names, not as terrorists, but as heroes for fighting back against what your country had done. Robert Burns, Michael Collins, Thomas Jefferson, etc... all names that live in infamy for fighting against British tyrrany. Nelson Mandella even had to stand against segregation, a concept introduced to them by Great Britain.

    As an Irishman living in the USA, I'm proud of the fact I can call myself an Irish American. I'm much prouder to be an Irish-American and a free man, than a slave to British oppression. Before you go off making your uneducated comments, you need to buy a history book and brush up on your world history.
  • Jay from London, United KingdomBelieve whether we like it or not (and I hate this statement) - this is the time for America and domination. The british had their empire in the late 19th century to mid 20th, germany had nazism, France had their empire, and now we live in the time of the American empire, and basically they are screwing us over as a world. They believe their way is the right way, they piss me off! But this could simply be jealousy on our part.
    America has destroyed nations because of hiring one of the dumbest presidents of all time - but the majority of their country is dumb. My reply is the world might come to an end due to this domination simply because the country is not bad, just the american people inside the country, and i'm not refering to the "immigrants or foreign" people living in america; hopefully. They cause more wars, then they solve - hell they were even targets in WW2, the allied nations were doing fine - and yet they steal all the publicity stating that they suffered the most. For this, this is a real shame, no wonder they are common targets of the world. AMERICA MUST EDUCATE THEIR PUBLIC MORE AND INSTEAD OF BUSINESS. Believe me, this is far more effective than business.
  • Izzo from Ny, NyMany of my family members and friends have and are presently serving in this countries military and with that I have some things to say. Everyone is b**ching and moaning about the american goverments world policing policies but guess what guess when this policy was first seen? Yea thats right it was in WWI when the world begged USA to come and bail your @sses out and then again in WWII. Ironically who was the cause of this...oh it was the Deuche-Land and origin of the band that made this ignorant song. Now im not saying that American goverment has not made its mistakes but I am saying that the birth of the enforcer superpower was in WWI and no one is b**ching about that.

    Cecily, your an idiot im not telling you to shut up because that is unpatriotic, I'm just saying what you wrote earlier leads me to believe that you're an idiot. America did not get punched in the arm by a child they got two commercial planes flown into civilian skyscrapers, another into the pentagon, and another taken down by the sacrifice of its own passengers and thousands of innocent lives were lost. Trying to say that we should brush it off and wait to see if what ever entity responsible is going to strike again is ignorant. Who knows maybe next instead of a punch in the arm it will be a kick in the face and hundreds of thousands will die, great idea. So to anyone that says we should not have gone to war I say go f**k yourself, because I see it like this if there is a maniac living in my neighbor hood who is going around killing people and causing all sorts of pain and suffering and I know that I am stronger and have the ability to stop them(actualy even if I didn't) guess what I will, especially after they came into my house. Which something the people living with this manic should have done long ago.

    In short I understand that these groups survive because they terrorize those around so that no one will stand up to them that is why there called terrorist. But if a countries government can not control a radical militant group contained with in its borders and some cases is supporting this group while it going out in the world killing people. Someone has to step up and do it or should we all just sit around and until they just get tired of bombing and killing people and come to their senses on their own terms, yea that's definitely what we should do.

    I realize this hate directed at America by these terrorist groups come from mistakes we have made in the past. Partly the creation and support of Isreal which was largely impacted by the most horrific event the world has ever seen the Holocaust. So if anyone should be over there bringing some order to the situation it should once again ironically be Germany. Actually it should probably be all of the 33 nations that voted for the Palestine Partion in 1947. Thats right in 1947 33 of the worlds most powerful countries f**ked up and voted to take the holy land away from the people of Palestine and throw fuel on a fire that had already been raging for hundreds of years and continues today. But no one ever b**ches about anyone elses mistakes because America is in the spot light and were trying to bring some order and peace to this part of the world, what the hell have you done.

    The USA has stuck its nose in places it doesn't belong and maybe we should had maintained policy of Isolationism and when there world war, disaster, and suffering in the world we just left it to take care of it self and we would take care of ourselves like we always have. But for some reason our leaders give a s**t when then horrible suffering on a international scale and they act by send food, supplies, money, and American lives to help. Maybe next time there is a disaster we can be a little more heartless.

    Honestly for all you people who are complaining about the influence of the USA on your culture, your b**ches. Its not like McDonalds is rolling into your Neighborhood with tanks and cramming a happy meal down your throat with a gun barrel if you don't like our culture/products don't buy them, eat them, watch them, or listen to them its that simple.

    I am not an idiot blinded by red, white, and blue. I realize and have seen corruption within America's government and the s**t that has hit the fan because of it. To tell the truth there is nothing that pisses me off more than a corrupt government official or a Criminal Cop and I hope that this new administration addresses what I feel has become a growing problem. But every country has corruption and there is nothing the ordinary citizen can do except for keep up with current events and not allow a dick hole millionaire or government official to go unpunished for a crime committed which sadly happens too often.

    Adam from Austria If you are seriously gonna discriminate against 300million people because a couple of fat @sshole teenagers that live somewhere in the same 9,161,923 Sq KM land mass known as USA called you a Nazi. You have got to be the biggest known living Oxymoron on the planet... Congratulations!!!

    Lastly I hold nothing against Rammstein they are an bad *ss band with bad @ss songs this one I don't agree with or like, but I'm not trying to get people to stop listening to them because im definitely not going to. I also hold nothing against Germans, Austrians, Britains, although I do think that terrorism has become whether you like it or not a global problem and deserves your countries attention. I have some of time on my hands so after reading the posts I decided to educate you a-holes, so the next time you got s**t to say try and know what your talking about and not be a little b**ch, Your Welcome.
  • Shak from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalami dont think this song is an attack on please people calm down..its only talkin bout america's foreign policies...for pakistani..n i have seen what americas government has done to my has basically been was starting to prosper n thanks to this war on terror the countrys gettin destroyed...its got some of the most beautiful places in the world..but people dont wanna go there anymore becoz channels such as cnn only show bombings.. most of the place isnt covered with terrorists like tv makes u believe..people actually hate terrorists..i lost my brother in those wud u guys like tht?? basically..the song is just bout how america's government is messed up..not the aunt lives in america..and she thinks the people there are the end..i dont really get why u guys are fighting bout this..its not sayin americans are bad or anythin..just sayin the countrys governments a bit messed up..
  • Maykel from Miami, FlI am an immigrant in the USA, the best country in te world. I do agree with the fact that everyone makes mistakes, including the USA. Now, everytime I read something that says we are "baby killers" it really gets to me. You see, I have been in the fornt lines for this country a few times and I have never seen an airman, sailor, soldier, or marine killing innocent people, not even by mistake. I have seen with my own eyes Americans losing their lives to protect the innocent, in some cases 19 year old brave kids. Last but not least, I come from a communist country, if you were born in the USA and don't appreciate your freedom of speech then go to Cuba, Iraq, or North Korea, those guys would be happy to have you. God bless you all. USMC.
  • Nolove from Bellingham, WaI still find it funny how worked up people get over this song.

    Look, I'm British, German and American, both in ancestry and nationality. One of the rare tri-nationals. And I can tell you right now, that everyone hates my combo. lol

    But seriously, all three nations are proud, and have good reason to be for all they have done right in the world. But all three nations have a lot to be ashamed of too.

    No country is perfect, by any means, because they are filled with these imperfect beings called "humans".

    There is nothing wrong with people speaking for or against policies and side effects of any countries culture or politics. And for all the Americans getting worked up by this song/subject, keep in mind, when you tell people to "shut up" etc., you are actually going against the Constitution, which is about as unpatriotic as you can get.

    The song is well done, both subtle and blatant at the same time, that's hard to do. Catchy as hell too! lol

    Sometimes getting our egos put in check is a good thing. America is a great nation, I love it, it's why I live here, but it's not flawless, and often our leaders don't think of the consequences of our actions upon others in the world.

    Everyone relax. ;)
  • Ashok from Pune, IndiaThe song is not just about how America took over German culturally. Its about the effects of neocolonialism and how corrupt money and capitalism is.
  • Tyler from East Granby, CtWhat people fail to understand is that America is not "enforcing" their culture on anybody else. Its a given that people like things easy no matter where they're from. A lot of american innovations and things pertaining to American culture provide those conveniences. Now, while technology can be implemented without having a culture destroyed, think about it: if you are a stranger to something, you're gonna wanna look at somebody who's used to the thing you're a stranger to, and, more often than not, get acquainted to this thing the same way that they have. Now, since America pioneered many of these "cultural" things like TV's, computers, internet, cars, etc., people from other countries are naturally gonna want to follow their lead. America is not enforcing its views with culture. You people who criticize us as a people (which by the way is pretty f***in judgmental) more often than not embrace or are acquainted with american culture willingly. No one forces you to buy fast food, to dress in GAP or abercrombie or whatever. No one forces you to watch "friends" or "heroes" or whatever, thats YOUR CHOICE. So stop blaming america just cuz its easier than blaming yourselves you backstabbing hypocrits. We f***in saved half your asses in BOTH world wars. We f***in invented the stupid thing that lets you comment on this song in the first place. So dont give more than 300 million people your s**t about how they ruined your "culture". It was your own fault. And, for you Americans who are so against your own country, thats fine. Its your right. But try having some pride in everything that God blesses you with for living here, instead of complaining that your mom took your phone away for an hour.
  • Jonny from Lincoln, EnglandI think this song is to do with the berlin wall being knocked down as germany was "westernised" when new products such as coca-cola were introduced into Germany.
  • Jesse Jefferies from Houston, Txguys hate to bust your balls here but look at the things they use in the song..... pizza is not american it is originally Italian, a hamburger is originally german, santa clause is very german and so is a christmas tree for that matter. my point is the US was and is an immigrant nation, it is a capitalistic mix of people and culture from all over the world. and if your anti-US thats fine but believe me when I tell you that the majority of the people and our military are well intentioned, good, hardworking people but our leaders can distort things greatly for us and the rest of the world. I think our system works and im glad i was born in the USA and had the pleasure of serving it.
    p.s. Rammstein is just badass work out music
  • Erin from Philadelphia, PaAt Lester:

    1. Who fought in WWII much longer than the US? Russia and Britain. Who defeated the Germans on the Eastern front? Russia Who teamed up with the European allies? America We only helped with other countries in WWII and we didn't play the biggest part on the Western front.

    2. Everybody is helping Africa, not just the US.

    3. Who helped Dresden when it was bombed during the war? No one. We shouldn't expect other countries to help us when we get hit with one terrorist attack. So did many European cities and no one helped them. It is sad to think we can handle our domestic problems without outside help. All countries are able to do that. France went through many revolutions, a domestic problem, and no one helped them through it.
  • Zeenia from Ohio, United KingdomI love All the Songs That Rammstein sings
  • Lester from Hogwarts, AlbaniaRammstein is a good band I love them...but when it comes down to it....were does everyone want to go start a business or live ? its the U.S why Because its the best country in the world ...and every body envies them. AND control it doesn't matter what country is the strongest they will all ways control there economics or force...which now en days is economics yes America does look out for there best interest but are they really tyrants? I think not. Who has aided struggling countries in Africa the most? Who was there to help cheyenoble when there reactor melted down? Who played the biggest part in stopping Nazi Germany? Who help all along the Asian cost when the big earth quake hit? it was all America and who help them when the twin towers came down??? who help them when new Orleans flooded? NO ONE SO don't point your judgmental finger when you have many flaws.
  • Erin from Philadelphia, PaYou can keep telling yourselves this song is really about how great America is, but a line in the song that is put into English for us to understand is "This is not a love song." It is there so that any American listening can understand that is isn't a compliment. We should take a look at how much we affect the world and change that. Other cultures have a right to exist and shouldn't be changed by the American government. I'm not saying we should get rid of the government, but we shouldn't just go out and change people's way of living.
  • Byron from San Antonip, TxI think all the self hateing AMERICANS should go live in the congo then tell us how much you love this country. I've devoted so much of my life for this country and all you panzies can talk about is how much you hate America. The band is singing contreversal lyrics for sales you idiots. by the way, America is the best, we even got songs from Germans that prove it. USMC
  • Blake from Spartanburg, Scand anther thing. I take this song as a compliment to America. yes we are all living in an American world ain't we. Because no other nation is as good as us. We Are the BEST. if we weren't the best then American things and Lifestyle wouldn't be all over the world.
  • Blake from Spartanburg, ScI came across a comment from Juan that stated he hates it when people say that americans are just people from the USA. well guess what like it or not Juan thats the truth. we are american because what else could we be>> United Statesian? no our nation's name is the United States of American and therefore we are AMERICAN. Juan also stated that people in Brazil are American and ppl from Mexico are American, not so. What other Country in the western hemisphere has America in their name Juan? NONE. I know it is a true blessing for me to able to call myself an American. Many people would love to have that ability. Unfortuantely We are americans and nobody else in the world can say that. Sorry if your country is not as good as us. And our mightiness and strength comes from the Lord. what other country has helped Israel like America. You know in the Bible it says that no weapon ever formed will prosper against the nation of Israel. and none ever has. The US supplies and helps protect Israel and thats why we are blessed.

  • Bond from San Diego, Ca Juan, you are not American, you are Mexican. If you were American, your name would be John. America is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Mexico is not free. Canada is not brave. Russia is not a continent, but they are called Russians. People are not loyal to their continent, I would never to go war for North America if it was for Canada or Mexico. I'm sure Germany would never go to war for France, even though they are both European. I would only go for my country (Although not with president bush in the hot seat).
    Rammstein is not saying anything about the American people, they are only knocking on presidents and corporations for trying to expand their markets to other nations to make more money. If Rammstein were knocking on American culture, they would be saying things about our music and our motion pictures (our forms of art).
    There is a hint of jealousy in the fact that the United States went to the moon and Germany never left the atmosphere. I never expected Rammstein to be jealous, but these things happen. I want to start a band and sing about how The United States kicks Germany's ass everytime the world fights. Thing of it like this, The United States is so tough, even Hitler killed himself over it. The funny thing is, American corporations are expanding markets in Germany. What part of Germany do we have??? Heineken beer and that is absolutely it. And it is sh!t too!
    It is official, I am going to post a new version of Amerika on youtube and title is "Jermany". Look for it.

  • Lyle from Greenock, Scotlandscotlands better
  • Juan Carlos from Toluca, MexicoP.S. I have nothing against people from the usa, I just disagree with the meaning that the whole world gives to the word "American"... Period
  • Juan Carlos from Toluca, Mexicolol, "...Funny, I thought Africa was a continent..." lmafo... and as far as I'm concerned, America is A CONTINENT ALSO!!!!!! godd@mn, I just hate when people refers to Americans only to those born in the u.s.a. My God, America... American... if you were born some place in between Alaska and Argentina then you're American, "we're all living in America" and we're Americans either you people from the u.s.a. like it or not, If you're from Perú, then you're American, if you're from Brasil then you're American also, I'm from México and once again, either you like it or not I'M AMERICAN... north-american if we consider the 3 mainly American Regions, South-America, Central-America and North-America... and guess what people from the USA, México, either you like it or not is part of NORTH-AMERICA... godd@mn! Please help me with a doubt that I have always had since I was a child, if we could, (for a moment) delete the word "American" from our vocabulary to refer only to those born in the u.s.a., how you'll be known?... in spanish that is called GENTILICIO, cual sería su Gentilicio?.... Japan=Japanese, Italy=Italian, Perú=Peruvian, Colombia=Colombian, Canada=Canadian, México=Mexican.... U.S.A= ¿¿¿¿????, American? sh1t no!!! Italians, Germans, Greeks, Dutches all of them are Europeans ¿right?
    so, why to refer as Americans only to those born in the USA?, Wrong forum?, maybe. but Americans...? gimme a break! WE'RE ALL LIVING IN AMERICA!
  • Ben from Chicago, IlEverytime I heard this song on the radio, the german in me wanted to fly a full sized german flag from my car. I love america, but i love the america of old, america as it was when it was founded, an america based on liberty, not equality and political correctness, so I have no gripes about a band mocking this country and the degenerative state it's in.

    As for the lyrics they're a clear and incessant sarcastic assault on all things wrong with america, our need to run the world, "wenn getanzt wird will ich fuehren - when there will be dancing I want to lead, auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht - even when you can spin yourself, lasst euch ein wenige controllieren, ich zeige euch wie es richtig geht - let me control you a little and I'll show how to do it right, this country's blind nationalism, not patriotism, nationalism, We're all living in amerika, amerika ist wunderbar - we're all living in america, america is wonderful, etc.
  • Dillon from Franklin, Ky"From a metal standpoint it is a good song, who cares about the political stuff.
    - David, Tupelo, MS"

    The entire song is about the "political stuff". I think it makes a decent point about American culture. I know I sure as hell live like the song depicts.
  • Bernd from Geilenkirchen@ Ryan, Harlingen TX: The Germans in the "Rammstein-Generation" don't give a f**k about who won WW2, they are simply fed up with all kinds of people who want to make every German feel guilty because he is a German. By the way: the Rammstein-members have all grown up in a state-system that was controlled by the USSR, the know what living was like until 1990. They really CAN compare both systems. An Almost every US-President after WW2 was and is a Warmonger, whereas no German Chancellor was and is one. Therefore no German trains are bombed or skyscrapers are smashed down.
  • David from Tupelo, MsFrom a metal standpoint it is a good song, who cares about the political stuff.
  • Ellie from London, EnglandIt's not the American people that are the problem, so you can completely understand why they are all defending themselves and their country, it is the government and the companies. The government because they run the place, and the companies because they want so much money. Yes, America is in a way growing and their shops and habits are moving to other countries, but it's not the fault of anyone, it's just people trying to make their way through the world, and upsetting others on the way. I think the song is very good and highlights the ways of the world perfectly, so well done Rammstein.
  • Chris from Athens, Greecethis is a great song which describes the real usa and the band is tottaly cool
  • Ryan from Harlingen, TxRammstein is totally correct! They should mock Americans for their horrible way of life. Damn, if only America and its Freemason based concepts of individual pursuit of freedom had fallen to the East, to the U.S.S.R, then the whole world would be a happy place. We could not put up malls, and eat pizza because we would all be imprisoned for doing so. We certainly could not critize the Soviet government, because those people would have been shot. Maybe Rammstein would have rather had a world culture of that? Something is truly funny about GERMANS criticizing AMERICANS for being warmongers. They are still pissed about WW2 probably. And as far as the Red Army is concerned, Im sure Rammstein doesn't like them much either for losing the "Sacred War" Ñâÿùåííàÿ âîéíà
  • Denis from Hamburg, GermanyFirst of all, most of you guys misiterpret the intention of the lyrics. Rammstein don't criticise the american people or the american way of life, but the american foreign policy....Sorry, but spreading democracy, liberty, you name it, to the world by killing people or bombing other countries it's not that serviceable..We all know what's really behind it(at least I hope you kind of assume it)....Namely, there are always people or companies which can make good money out of a war...That's the most significant and comrehensible reason why America went to Iraq..Because of the oil and the American companies, whose lobbys are more powerful than all the American voters...Summarizing, every single word in the lyrics is true..You can accept it or not, still the critcism is justifiable.....
    Second, many of you guys say, since America is a world-power it's ok to spread the american culture all over the world.....Sorry you American guys, but you can't be serious by naming CocaCola, Nike, Burgers and TV as "Culture"....I mean you have so much more to offer.....How about Hemingway, Emerson, Whitman, Chamberlain or even Marc Twain........Once again, even if you guys really consider the American brands or companies as "culture", it doesn't mean we have to either......So, if you really mean it, then it's actually worth it to fight the american way of life (!!!!!Attention Subtle Irony!!!!!)
  • Matt from Cottage Grove, MnI love the sound of this song. Naturally, I love my country, hate many other countries, and hate self-hating Americans. I wouldn't expect anything less from a bunch of Germans. You gotta root for the home-team. Rammstein is the best... next to Metallica!
  • Kyle from Missoula, MtOK, everybody who's now sucking on the imperialist tit of America, and attempting to brainwash me to become a mindless Patriotism Zombie, running around sh*tting red, white, & blue hemmorraging America Diarrhea in all directions, grow a f**king brain. Seriously, have you EVER LEARNED any history of this country? It's pretty godd*mn horrible. Not as bad as some(I'm sure you'll make quick reference to the Nazi regime of mid-20th century Germany, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, etc., etc....), but pretty horrible, if you look at it objectively. And if you can't look at it objectively, why not just do us all a favor: pick up a large, cast-iron frying pan, and have a passerby on the street bludgeon you repeatedly in the head until your skull splits like an overripe casaba melon. Please. It's the American way.
  • Kyle from Arvada, CoTo correct myself in my last comment, I meant to say that Germany would be experienced wherever you go... If you picked up on the mistake, you'll see what I meant... Sorry
  • Kyle from Arvada, CoI am an American, and I am proud of the country I live in, just as anyone else in their respective homeland has the right to be proud of theirs. I am also of German ancestry, which is why this discussion really bothers me. I love Rammstein's music, and their thoughtful and provoking lyrics are what interested me in the first place. I have their name tattooed several times on my body... I can't say enough how much I love their music. Back to the debate...What we're all forgetting is that while America is the superpower right now, we weren't always. And what comes along with being a superpower is the fact that our culture is spread to other nations, whether we want it to or not. Some countries view America as a "land of freedom" because we can do or say, for the most part, whatever we want here. Our "culture" spreading to other countries, in my opinion, should be viewed not as Americans pushing it on other countries, but rather other countries trying to incorporate some of the success we've seen in our economy into theirs. Again, not all people in other countries want American culture, not all Americans want their culture shared. Hoever, money obviously speaks much louder than words these days, and that goes for all countries, not just America. Let's say Germany was the most economically successful country in the world right now. Some provocative band, American or otherwise, would have written a song like Rammstein's "Amerika", expressing in an informative, and edgy manner the fact that America is being experienced wherever you go, not necessarily just in America. Essentially, the same song would've been written by a band of a different nationality, saying the exact same thing. The spreading of an economically successful culture is inevitable. On a different note, there is no country in the world where all of the citizens agree with what the government says or does. The best example of which being that not all Germans were Nazis, not all Americans are power-hungry idiots. No European can label all Americans as stupid or what have you, nor can any American label any one else as the same. Stereotyping is the exact same thing as racism: you can't judge an entire race or country on what one person, or group of people for that matter, says or does. That's just ignorant. Get to know each person in the country you're labeling, and maybe then you'll have the right to generalize. And, just really quickly, as for all of the people who seem to think there is a fascist undertone to Rammstein's music and lyrics: this is one more example of stereotyping, and unnecessary generalizing... Familiarize yourself with the German language, and it will all make a lot more sense. A lot of people have the idea that anything that is openly and proudly German implies Nazism or something to that effect... Again, ignorance...On a lighter note, I hope Rammstein comes back to tour America, and I can't wait for their next album.
  • Alena from Bitburg, Germanyramstien totally rocks. I am currently in the airforce over seas and i have no problem with that. Sometimes, this country has too much pride and you have to knock it down. this song did just that. All these people who are hatting the band should stop cuz its not the band that matters, its the music. And all the people who say this country is great because of our freedoms should let this band use a freedom to express thier opinions freely. One of our duties as americans is to respect others' opinions.
  • Ben from Kansas City, KsI love how the rest of the world b****es about us until they need saving or aid. Europeans are an exception though. They will fight to the last American.
  • Jp from Florida, FlI agree 100% with william. if you hate the states so much, then get out. no seriously you people should take a little pride for the usa. you know, even if the american culture is "influencing" the rest of the world, then so be it. i can't say enough how proud i am to live in this country, and i think lady liberty deserves some respect from HER OWN PEOPLE! Long live america.
  • Matt from Chicago, IlI just have to say that I'm now dumber for having read most of this. Amerika is a refrence to a few things. First, yes, the spread of the American culture, which is the combined efforts of many different cultures. Second, it's an off shoot refrence to Kafka's "Amerika" which I would sum up for you all but there is a request to read inherent in my rant. So just read it! For those in my great country that do not like it, vote or move, Canada is nice Mexico has Tequila, you don't need a boat or plane just go. For those that don't like the spread of American culture and don't like that we have major control of the globe, imagine a place that doesn't let you worship as you like, doesn't let you travel freely, doesn't let you write your opinions..... then step out of these borders and live it. People have more freedom due to our liberation of foreign nations. Don't knock what you take for granted, many would kill (and have) to obtain what we live. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps I'm an idiot, but this is my opinion and a bit of my knowledge, prove me wrong. Take advatage of your freedoms.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvOne thing I wish to point out is that just because you are anti-Bush, that does not mean you are anti-American. In fact, being anti-Bush in my opinion is about as pro-American as you can be, since George W. Bush has done more to destroy this country (mostly unwittingly, I believe) than any president in the history of the United States. What a colossal cluster-f*** this world is now in, all thanks to what I used to consider the worst U.S. president since Nixon, but now am pretty much convinced is the worst president EVER. Holy crap! I could go on for days about it. Iraq, hurricane Katrina, Jack Abramoff, Valerie Plame, tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor (during an economically crippling war I might add), a budget surplus that was turned into a record deficit, completely destroying the post 9-11 goodwill of the entire world, alienating all of our allies, totally ignoring environmental issues, vetoing stem-cell research, and on and on and on and on. I get angrier and angrier by the day at the national embarrassment that is our president. How we'll ever be able to fix this mess is beyond me.
  • Mitch from Ames, Iai totaly agree with the people who think the government has gone down the drain but all americans arent jerks. i personally hate when bands are always bitchin about the government.
  • Kai from Neuss, GermanyCecily got it alright. the song is about the attitude of americans to be always right. i wouldn't say its american culture invading everything since cola and nike's arn't culture. it's more the buisness, the routhless corporations, who invade everything. profites are more importend than peoples or cultures. oh, BTW, "just ignore us"? tell that iraqi civilists prisoned in abu greib. and "move away"? its their homeland, dude. i don't like germany always, including the government. but still i wouldn't want to move away.
  • Micaela from -, United StatesDoesn't anyone here have a sense of humor? I thought the song was funny.... I can handle being made fun of. If you seriously don't like all Americans (although I think that's being prejudiced), just ignore us.
  • Faust from Palanga, EuropeWait wait wait. "america" and "culture". These two words have almost an opposite meanings.
  • Jeff from Fort Worth, TxI just stumbled across this site after hearing the song and looking up the Lyrics.

    Firstly, "America's culture" is not taking over anyone elses. "culture" is learned, and if the children of Germany, or Japan, or Kenya are not learning their culture it is their parents fault for not teaching it to them. then again it is always easier to blame someone else is it not? i know! let's blame Amerika! we all know europe has a spotless history...especially Germany.

    but what do i know? i am just a stupid American! ;)

  • Cecily from ---, RiLet's get one thing straight, I love Rammstein. They create a great German feel in their music, and when I listen to it, I hear... power? I don't know, but their sound is really unique, and people should learn to appreciate their opinions, music, and what their music truly means. It really shows some things that some brainwashed, closed-minded, arrogant Americans can't see (not all are).

    Some Americans here have said that the music video is funny (...They're making fun of some of our culture, but it's just a joke (kind of like when we picture German people in lederhosen and pointy hats with feathers in them dancing around holding mugs of beer). Everyone who says that our culture is taking over the world has got it completely backwards. Everyone is absorbing our culture...But anyway, a very funny song and music video. - Eric, Marion, IA), but it's not meant to be funny, it's something to be taken seriously. It shows how the rest of the world now has some form of American culture mixed in with theirs. The first thing shown on the video is Rammstein playing the song on the moon, and later in the video, it is revealed that is was all just a set made to look like the moon, supporting the theory that the U.S. reaching the moon was a hoax, that it didn't really occur. It shows Africans sitting on the grass, watching TV, eating pizza. There's people in Antarctica watching TV also, and even though Antarctica is inhabited by people, it probably would have also been taken over by American cultures.

    There are children drinking soda and eating hamburgers. I think this shows that children truly are the future in the world. If they take to American culture at a young age, they will grow with it throughout their lives, and then their children will most likely be 'Americanized' as well. In the video, also shown, is a man from India taking off his Nike sneakers to pray. Even though he is doing something related to his own culture, America has somehow interrupted it.

    The next part, where they can't put up the flag, I think, shows a generalization that the rest of the world has made that Americans are idiots. Generally, yes, I agree, Americans can be arrogant and stupid, but expect everyone to think the best of them. However, I do not believe that ALL Americans are this way. Then again, lovely Mr. Bush IS our president? I have been told by one of my friends (I'm not positive this is true, so don't scream at me if I'm wrong.) that Bush said that the worst moment during his presidency was the Twin Tower attacks, while the best was when he caught a four-foot bass. Maybe he was trying to be humorous, but I think he should've said something that was great for the whole country, not just the fact that now he has accomplished catching a big fishy-Whoopdee.

    To me, his declaring war was incredibly pointless. A country decides they don't like the U.S., they bomb us, all of a sudden we're having a war, spilling blood that could've been spared. I look at it like this: A little kid gets upset, has an outburst and hits another child, if the second child doesn't do anything, then, not surprisingly, most likely the fight will go no further. But if the second child decides that he can punch harder, and hits the other child back, then all of a sudden we've got two kids fighting over something they'll forget about in two minutes. If Bush decided against war, and instead somehow figured out why the attacks were made, then, no war. I do respect the people who have given their lives and services in the war, though. But don't forget that I think this is a war that shouldn't be being fought. Bring the troops home!

    The rest of the video continues to express that American culture has taken over every possible inch of the earth. The lyrics 'We're all living in Amerika', I think, states that no matter where you live, it is in fact, somehow, infected with some part of the American culture. Thus, we all live in America, no matter where you are, because American companies and culture are everywhere, taking over, beginning destroy other cultures.

    At one point in the video, it shows, misleadingly, that one member is playing the guitar. He is, however, enjoying a nice game of pin-ball with his buddies watching. I don?t know how to describe the significance that has to me, but it does...

    In the video, I like how the other countries are continuing their individuality by proceeding with their own cultural ceremonies. I think it is very- I don't know what word to use, but it creates a strong feeling to see everyone singing the song.

    Then we come to the part where, finally, they put the flag up on the moon, and are dancing around like school-girls-Hooray?

    I am proud at how far my country has come, but I wish we would take more interest in other countries' cultures. I don't like the government, they are given entirely too much power, so down with the system, and down with Bush.

    I have traveled to the Netherlands to visit some friends, and I can definitely say that the American culture was there. They still had much of their own culture, but how long can that last? The clothing styles were mostly the same, they had McDonald's, and it was just really obvious that the culture was influenced by America.

    I can say that the people there were a lot nicer than some Americans, but I also think that you can't really make a true generalization about this, because it really, really depends on the person.

    When I was there I was really willing to try things their way. I ate food the way they did, though most of it was similar. Even things as insignificant as putting mayonnaise on French Fries instead of ketchup is their culture, their way, and I, unlike, my brother who didn't even try, ate them with mayonnaise. I have to say it's very good!

    My brother was upset by some things he saw there, like the Sex shops and Head Shop Smart Shops. I tried to explain to him that in America, we are shielded by anything and everything that could be 'bad'. The way I see it, if you are kept in a bubble hidden from these things, when you do encounter it, you will most likely freak out, as my brother did, when you are exposed to it, because of the realization that we don't live in a perfect world We are hidden from profanity, nudity, and drugs, therefore he was upset by it, and cried. He was only happy when we were with our friends, and even then, he shot me sideways glances every time a swear word escaped their lips. Despite my attempts to show him that it was different, that not all places would be exactly like home, he couldn't or wouldn't accept it.

    I wasn't bothered by it though, yes it was different, at first I had to get used to it, but I got over the fact that that was the way things were there. I adapted to the way their country was, and didn't try to bring America with me (I want to go back to visit again, I had a great time), but my brother was there' He jumped at every chance to say 'In America we don't do that', 'Why are you doing such and such a task this way?', and etc. I didn't like that, and it made me see the same point the song is making, 'Americanization'. My brother has been blinded by the media and American culture bubbles.

    My plan is to go to Australia for school, and after that, I don't know, maybe I'll move?
  • Arvind from Chennai, IndiaFace it, how much ever we bash America, in our hearts we all have to admit that it's probably the fairest superpower in history(Although the current regime SUX!)...Anyway, Rammstein rocks..not just their dbl-meaning lyrics, but the entire "german vibe" they give to their music.(I once played Du hast while watching a Nazi flag march on TV and it just FITS) And BTW,Paul, that bit abt Antartica was just an exagguration...if people lived in Antarctica, even they would have been Americanized,lol.
  • Logan from Durham, Nhamericans arent bad people (usually), but the government is PURE EVIL and its true the government wants to take over the world. (i dont support the bush administration)
  • Tim from Dalton, MaInstead of protesting about American Culture taking over the world, why don't they protest the bad things about the culture such as obesity, etc. etc...American Culture isn't "taking over the world", people are just adapting to the culture, and mixing their culture with a culture of a stronger, "Mother" country to create a new, unique culture. We've seen this happen many times in the history of the world, for example, the Japanese adapting Chinese culture in 600AD, adding with their Animist Shinto religion and making a culture that's still thriving's not america's fault that her culture is spreading, America's shear power makes it a target for imposters to take some things from American Culture. In fact, I'd say America is adapting some Japanese culture, ie, playstation. maybe this band should take an 8th grade history class before they write bad songs
  • Alex from Munich, GermanyIf someone thinks that the video is funny, YOUR WRONG, this is absolutely serious!! People in the USA dont even realize what their country is causing. The European ( and not only the European)culture get's lost because of the american influence!
  • Brandon from Clearwater, Fl Americans are generaly good people, though the evil few wreck it for the others. We are the ruling class but to poor. Taxes were designed to destroy our economy and cotinues to, to this day. (p)sychiatry and (p)sycology were adopted by America and "mental hygiene" come as apart of nazisim. Rammstein is powerful music and I listen to it as a protest of 'money power' thanks
  • Adam from Vienna, AustriaPersonally, I think it's obvious what this song is about... it's about the cultural takeover by America of the vast majority of countries. Which I personally have never been a big fan of, we get a lot of American's here... and some of them have been nearing racist, I've been called a Nazi so many times by fat American teenagers. And, in some small way, it is true that America does try and control most of the world, if countries like Iran or Iraq or even Korea disobey the "advice" the White House gives they threaten to invade, also, yeah, hilarious video.
  • Chase from Nampa, IdDo you think that electing a new president would change the problem? Or moving out of America would appease those who complain? The domination of America throughout the world is nearing dangerous level. The only way this could change would be a major internal revolt of Americans, but who in their right mind would rebel against their own culture, especially in a country like the States? People like the members of Rammstein are necessary to keep America on its toes, to limit its influence in other countries. Instead, Americans should embrace cultures of others...after all, the USA was built on the backs of immigrants. Accept it. We are all entitled to our own opinions, so don't bash Rammstein for speaking up for the rest of the world...which is now basically a minority.
    - karol, toronto, Canada

    A lot of you have talked about a revolution from within the United States would only change the way we conduct things, and you say who would be stupid enough to do that and that it is impossible.

    Your wrong a group called the Weathermen Underground tired to violently overthrow our governemnt in the 70s. They blew up about 30 or so buildings one including the U.S. Capitol. They were offered assistance from 3rd world countires such as Cuba to help bring the United States down from within. they were underground for 11 years and were never found.
  • Matt from Saugus, MaI didn't bother reading the entire comments section, but I'd like to note that the song is about American culture taking over the world, rather than being a swipe at America itself.
  • Eric from Marion, IaOne more thing, look at all the culture we've abosorbed. For instance, who in America has never heard of Mario? That's a Japanese product. What about the popularity of anime in the United States? I personally don't like it, but a lot of people do. What about Electronica? A lot of people really like that music, that's European.
  • Eric from Marion, IaDude, Rammstein rocks. I'm American, and I love my country. They're making fun of some of our culture, but it's just a joke (kind of like when we picture German people in lederhosen and pointy hats with feathers in them dancing around holding mugs of beer). Everyone who says that our culture is taking over the world has got it completely backwards. Everyone is absorbing our culture. We are currently the most powerful nation on the planet. We've been leading in technology for decades. It's kind of like ancient Rome. Look at all the Roman culture that can be found throughout most of Europe and Africa. I think most Americans really just want other countries to have a shot at freedom, like the western world did. But anyway, a very funny song and music video.
  • Jon from Albany, NyYou can sit around critizising America all you want, but what none of you are realizing is how many of the same countries that refuse to assist the United States today were at one point rebuilt from shambles at one point. Germany is a perfect example. We helped to restore their country after a war that THEY STARTED backfired on them. How many countries can honestly claim that they have that kind of character?
  • Sam from London^_^ I adore Rammstein and personally, If you don't like them don't post it! We Rammstein fans don't want to hear your whining about how much they suck...because they don't. ;p
  • Steve from Houston, TxAs an American I totally agree that our government is corrupt and evil, and most importantly way too powerful. The elite use the media as an attempt to keep us fooled, and their tactics work on most people.

    This song has a good overall message, but it's all too basic. Everyone in the world knows that America is dominating the business world.

    Rammstein is one of the worst bands I can think of, their music has hardly any melody to it, nothing but power chords and lame lyrics. I just think it's funny that so many people think this video has some kind of special meaning, when it's just a cheap shot at America.
  • Sam from LondonI believe Rammstein are a really great band and are attempting to let their listeners know the facts of America. Thanks to Mr. George Bush, America is now in deep trouble. Threats of nuclear bombs? Great, just what America needs. I think America should stop being so dominant and allow things to move by themselves and without force and greed. They should live like it once was, no threats of nuclear bombings and such. RAMMSTEIN ARE NOT NAZIS!
  • Joey from Maffra, AustraliaLet's look at this from a non-biased standpoint. I don't think anybody likes the way America is spreading its culture across the the rest of the world, but for this to stop, the rest of the world would have to revolt against America. Now honestly, which country would be stupid enough to so that? This problem will never be fixed, because no-one can seriously go against America.
  • Siffeler from Perth, Australiaamerika cant be blamed for its culture taking over the world. Alought i dont really like americans or thier culture we ( the rest of the world) are the ones who are buying thier products and services. All the american compainies are taking over but from thier point of veiw its just good bussiness sense becuase we are the ones buying it. Althought i really when it comes to global affairs america should learn to mind thier bussiness (war on terror) and they should stop trying 2 b a giant umpire of the world
  • Karol from Toronto, CanadaAnd what does Zeppelin have to do with Rammstein? Part of the English language is German, yet you still speak it.
  • Karol from Toronto, CanadaDo you think that electing a new president would change the problem? Or moving out of America would appease those who complain? The domination of America throughout the world is nearing dangerous level. The only way this could change would be a major internal revolt of Americans, but who in their right mind would rebel against their own culture, especially in a country like the States? People like the members of Rammstein are necessary to keep America on its toes, to limit its influence in other countries. Instead, Americans should embrace cultures of others...after all, the USA was built on the backs of immigrants. Accept it. We are all entitled to our own opinions, so don't bash Rammstein for speaking up for the rest of the world...which is now basically a minority.
  • Antonio Rosario from Champlin, MnRammstein is a cool band the fact that its in german enhances the fact play Mein Teil in a church parking lot the looks are funny. America is a great country but we have this terrible attitude that since were american were royalty and should be treated as such in other countries. Rammstein is a good band with a great new sound.
  • Taylor from Austin, TxLed Zeppelin beats Rammstein by a long shot. That's saying alot, since part of Led Zep's name is German (or so I think).
  • Bavo from Oostrozebeke, BelgiumI like the lyrics 'This is not a love song, this is not a love song. I don't speak my mother tongue. No, this is not a love song.' They demonstrate the hate of the group for the effort of America to rule the world. The fact that almost all songs are in English is one of the reasons for the Americans to think they're superior.
  • Ryan from Issaquah, WaMan its just something about this song that just got to me.. I think Rammstein puts forth a very interesting viewpoint that I think many Americans do not see. To the point that they would be willing to write a song and create a music video criticizing America really shows how strongly they feel about the issue. I totally agree with Joey about the well deserved swipe at our culture, for me I can just feel the frustrated tone they put forth and their contempt with American society and how we think we are so great, perfect, and invincible.. wow a simple but simply amazing song... Really makes you think about how other people from other counties might think about our country
  • Richard from Versailles, KyThe song is not that great but the video is great i love this country
  • Taylor from Austin, TxRammstien: a of group of angry east german factory workers that hate establishment and who's idea of music is one of destruction.
  • Steve from Selden, NyI love "America" and stand by my country 100%. But lets face it! The amerika video by rammstein is hilarious. If you don't think it's funny, you just don't have a sense of humor. Plus it's not the lyrics of rammsteins music., it's the energy and vibe it gives off that all us americans love.
  • Jack from St. Paul, MnRamstein is perhaps the worst band on the face of the planet. My god, they're awful. I like that they're making fun of America, a country that needs to stop taking over the world, but their music is some of the worst garbage i've ever heard.
  • Renee from South Lyon, Mihey joey i totally agree with you. i love rammstein, and the piking fun at america is defeniatly well i hate the country i live in? do i want to destroy the gov? no but america truly does enforce its culture on other countries and many americans are closed minded and think they are the best. i love the song and i love rammstein for just telling it like it is. reise, reise is an amazing cd.
  • Maud from Borgloon, BelgiumYou know what's a solution? Go vote!!
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcIts perfectly fine to whine and complain about the nation that is our constitutional right....But its only right to whine and complain if you are old enough and mature enough to understand what is going on as Queen so obviously doesn't....But you William are also wrong it is our right to argue with the government and fight against it because if we didn't we would be one step closer to that fascist Hitler-Like society that once dominated Germany.
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsIf you hate it so much here, move. I hate people who bash america all the time but still live here. I do not always agree with the government but I don't whine about it. That is about the most pointless thing you can do. I'm serious move.
  • Queen from Carmel, NyI do live in america and ya know what i completly agree I don't like living here I think that america trys to control all the other contries and i don't think that its fair even though they are just trying to help they usually end up making the problem worse
  • Kevin from Minneapolis, MnIn the video they dance around the flag showing the phrase is true. "You build it we form a circle around it and dance
  • Paul from New Glasgow, CanadaFunny, I thought Africa was a continent, and the last time I checked nobody lived in Antarctica.
  • Joey from Maffra, AustraliaRammstein are taking a well deserved swipe at American culture and the way that it is spreading across the continents. Listen to the whole album. I believe Rammstein are the greatest band alive. Music should transcend language barriers. Rammstein's music does this for me.
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