Let Me In

  • Yeah, all those stars drip down like butter
    Promises are sweet
    We hold out our pans, lift our hands to catch them
    We eat them up, drink them up, up, up, up

    Hey, let me in
    Hey, let me in

    I only wish that I could hear you whisper down
    Mister fisherman, to a less peculiar ground
    He gathered up his loved ones and he brought them all around
    To say goodbye, nice try

    Hey, let me in
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Hey, let me in, let me in

    I had a mind to try to stop you
    Let me in, let me in
    And I've got tar on my feet and I can't see
    All the birds look down and laugh at me
    Clumsy, crawling out of my skin

    Hey, let me in
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Hey, let me in
    Hey, let me in
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Hey, let me in Writer/s: Bill Berry, Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Michael Mills
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Thale from Buskerud, NorwayIt's proven that REM's automatic for the people was playing while Kurt made his last decision.

    It's assumed that the last song he listened to was 'Everybody Hurts'
  • Mike from Thatcham, EnglandI saw a 'greatest albums' show one night featuring REM's Monster, in which the show examined each of the track's compositions with the audio mixing engineer, interposed with band interviews regarding song meanings. They confirmed that the song was indeed a lament for the death of Kurt, but I also seem to remember that for this track, each band member played a different instrument to the one they usually play; for instance Michael Stipe was on keyboards, IIRC. This accounts for the simplistic melody but is also one of the song's great strengths - the plodding beat maybe being used as a metaphor for the depression that eventually dragged Kurt down to alleged self-destruction. Mike, Newbury, England.
  • Jason from London, EnglandMichael Stipe has said in interviews it's for and about Kurt. The fisherman reference is down to the fact that Kurt was Pisces and had a slight obssession with fitting into the Pisces demeanour. Gathering up the loved ones refers to the fact that he had all his drug paraphenalia around him when he killed himself. The Let Me In refrain is Michael pleading to Kurt to let him help him, let him close. Michael had sent plane tickets to get Kurt to come and visit him to see if he could help.
  • Kelly from Weatherford, OkOh wow Joe, great perspective, amazing.
  • Joe from Staten Island, NyThis song is more about Judas Iscariot than Kurt.

    The fisherman represents Jesus, who gathered his friends at the last supper to say goodbye. (He gathered up his loved ones and he brought them all around)

    Meanwhile, Judas (who betrayed Jesus) wanted to be in the club spiritually. (let me in, let me in)

    He wanted to stop Jesus because he didnt understand his mission. (I've got tar on my feet and I can't see.)

    After Jesus was crucified, Judas hung himself from the highest branch he could find and the birds ate his flesh. (All the birds look down and laugh at me. Clumsy, crawling out of my skin.)

    That's what I think anyway...
  • Mandy from Smalltown, NyI've always loved that verse- "I had a mind to stop you/ let me in let me in/ I've got tar on my feet and I can't see/ The birds look down and laugh at me/" It's beautiful.
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