Never Without You

Album: Ringo-rama (2003)
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  • We were young, it was fun
    And we couldn't lose
    Times were right, overnight
    We were headline news
    Crazy days and reckless nights
    Limousines and bright spotlights
    We were brothers through it all

    And your song will play on without you
    And this world won't forget about you
    Every part of you was in your song
    Now we will carry on... Never Without you
    (Without you Without You) Within you without you
    Here comes the song it's about you

    Here today, not alone
    With my memories
    Life is strange how things change
    It's reality
    You played a beautiful melody
    That keeps on haunting me
    I can always feel you by my side

    And your song will play on without you
    And this world won't forget about you
    Every part of you was in your song
    Now we will carry on... Never Without you
    (Never Without You) Within you without you
    (Within you without you)
    Here comes the song it's about you

    I know all things must pass
    And only love will last
    I'll always love the memory of you and me
    Take it away Eric

    And your song will play on without you
    And this world won't forget about you
    Every part of you was in your song
    Now we will carry on...Never Without you
    (Never Without You)Within you without you
    (Within you without you)
    I think love is about you Writer/s: GARY NICHOLSON, MARK HUDSON, RINGO STARR
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Gyula from From HungaryPaul McCartney is an unquestionable milestone in beat history as a genius songwriter singer bass player performer etc, but Ringo is a bit better only one field when he sings his songs which are about the Beatles
    this one is the best! but there are others... his songs perfectly give back the style of George..and of the Beatles as well...
  • Ivo Pondusa from SlovakiaAn amazing work in the musical style of George Harrison !!! Eric Clapton on slide guitar...
  • Dee Santamaria from Torrance, CaRead a lot of heart-warming comments! George has always been the Spiritual Beatle so no coincidence Ringo's video popped-out when I was praying for his eternal repose(John too) & for longer, happy lives for Paul & Ringo! So blessed their 'genius' came thru in my generation (& my kids' gen too!) Awesom!
  • Shelley from ChicagoI never get tired of this song. The lyrics are just heart gripping and you can tell Ringo just adored George. What a perfect song to dedicate to a true friend. I love reading all the things about the two of them through the years. Those two really stuck close together even post Beatles. I love all the work those two did together.
  • David from Banchory, United KingdomThere would be no complete Beatles without Ringo.
  • Tom from Marietta, OhBefore this song, I probably liked Photograph best among his solo songs. However, this song is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite now. I loved Harrison's Beatles contributions, and this song is so touching and serves as an excellent tribute to Harrison from someone who would have known him very well.
  • Olivia from Philadelphia, PaI watched an interview with George Martin, and he said whenever John had a song, he would run it past Ringo first. If Ringo didn't like it, John wouldn't do it. So people who say Ringo didn't do anything, you are SO wrong.
  • Olivia from Philadelphia, PaThis song is so great. Ringo and George were so close through the whole break up. Ringo played on some George albums and George on Ringo albums. I love them both! <3
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvThis is an awesome song, I heard it on acsident actually it just started playing it and its the only Ringo Starr song I like, including his Beatle work, excluding the songs Lennon/McCartney wrote for him.
  • Helbs from Liverpool, AustriaAhh this reallllyy makes me cry! "I can always feel you by my side" they were really like brothers.
  • Kevin from Reading , PaGood comments, but, " . . . he shouldn't have sung more as a Beatle . . . " Puh-leeez. One song every album or two or three -- especially if it was written by John and Paul -- was sufficient.
  • Ethan from Franklin, TnI also think that the line near the end "I think that love is about you" is actually "I Dig Love is about you."

    ...Or perhaps Ringo Starr sang it in such a way that it could be interpreted either way.
  • Ethan from Franklin, TnHm, I always thought the line "Here comes the song it's about you" was actually "Here Comes The Sun is about you." That's what it sounds like, plus, it makes sense. Hmph.
  • Smitty from Calgary, CanadaThis is such a powerful song. Throughout the Beatles career everything was focused on John and Paul, and all the focus was on John and Paul. Ringo was an only child and when he joined the Beatles he felt he'd found his 'brothers' especially George who developed a brotherly connection with him. Throughout the years George and Ringo always jammed together, did concerts together, wrote songs together. This song moves me everytime I listen to it.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmKrista, Melinda You two have great taste in guys! I love this song specially the part when ringo says "We were brothers thru it all" It makes me wanna cry!
  • Melinda from New York City, FlRingo rocks on this song. Your right Krista, he is cute, and he was a great Beatle too.
  • Krista from Elyria, OhRingo is my fave beatle! He's soooo cute and I luv his voice!
    Never heard none of his solo carreer b4
    He shouldve sang more as a beatle!!!!!!!!! ^-^
  • Jon from Oakridge, Orglad to be the first to comment. Good song.
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