by Rush

Album: Roll The Bones (1991)
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  • If we burn our wings
    Flying too close to the sun
    If the moment of glory
    Is over before it's begun
    If the dream is won
    Though everything is lost
    We will pay the price
    But we will not count the cost

    When the dust has cleared
    And victory denied
    A summit too lofty
    River a little too wide
    If we keep our pride
    Though paradise is lost
    We will pay the price
    But we will not count the cost

    And if the music stops
    There's only the sound of the rain
    All the hope and glory
    All the sacrifice in vain
    And if love remains
    Though everything is lost
    We will pay the price
    But we will not count the costWriter/s: NEIL ELWOOD PEART, GARY LEE WEINRIB, ALEX ZIVOJINOVICH
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Comments: 12

  • Patrick from Bedford, TxResuming my Rush listen, since Bravado isn't on this site.

    So, about this song: it sounds like its music was written by old men while its lyrics sound like they were written by teenagers. Nuff said. On to Roll the Bones.
  • Andres from Vancouver, CanadaThe drums near the end where the hi-hat and ride go on at the same time blows my mind and makes my skill on the skins feel like nothing.
  • Lennon from Plainview, NyThis song has changed the way I think about everything and it has changed my life! Truly my favorite Rush song of all time!! :)
  • Joe from Charlotte/ny Transplant, NcI just don't know what it is about this song, but it ignites something in my brain. One of my favorites!
  • Rufus from Wheeling, WvDamn, one of my most favorite Rush songs. "and if love remains, though everything is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost"
  • Charlene from San Diego, CaI love this song and never get tired of hearing it. It is by far my number one favorite Rush song.
  • Gabriel from Minneapolis, MnDreamline and Bravado...2 of Rush's best. I especially love Alex's Arpeggio melody and Neil's Hi-hat.
  • Claude from Kingston, MaTop 15-20 John? For me it's number 6. The Necromancer is number 23, Passage to Bangkok is 37, and Red Lenses is way down there at 74 except for the middle with the keyboard part when it goes up to number 51, and Vital Signs toggles back and forth between 16 and 19.
  • Gal from Ra'ananna, IsraelThe melodic beauty on this song is something just unseen in modern music playing. It has such a resonant drive and amazing lyrics... one of the best. Truly.
  • Stacie from High Ridge, Mowhen music can make your hair stand up--u know its good the music in this song is incredible! oh by the way my daughter was conceived in hotel in cinci,oh night b4 rush concert! 1st row! her middle name is rush! we told the guys and neil gave us drumsticks when she was 3 weeks old!
  • John from Asheville, NcA top 15-20 Rush song to me. Just love the melody. No dynamic playing's just a song that drives and subsists on melody and that's ok. I'm wow'd here by the minimalism of Rush rather than the virtuosity of the bands's members.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaA truly beautiful song! Live it almost brings a tear to my eye!!! :* )
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