by Rush

Album: Vapor Trails (2002)
  • On certain nights
    When the angles are right
    And the moon is a slender crescent
    It's circle shows
    In a ghostly glow
    Of earthly luminescence

    A beacon in the night
    I can raise my eyes to earthshine

    But you're out of reach
    Form a dream to rise to earthshine

    Floating high
    In the evening sky
    I see my faint reflection
    Pale facsimile
    Like what others see
    When they look in my direction

    A beacon in the night
    I can raise my eyes to earthshine

    Stretching out your hand
    Full of starlit diamonds earthshine

    Reflected light
    To another's sight
    And the moon tells a lover's story
    My borrowed face
    And my third-hand grace
    Only reflect your glory

    Stretching out your hand
    I can raise my eyes to earthshine

    You're still out of reach
    Form a dream to rise to earthshine
    Form a dream to rise to earthshine Writer/s: Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee Weinrib, Neil Peart
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 8

  • Joe from Manchester, Nji wish rush would go back to prog. hopefully in the next album
  • Shane from Raynham, MaThe Title and lyrics of this song, and the whole vapor trails album, are inspired by the time after the tragic events of Neils life and he rode all around n.america on his motorcycle
  • John from Asheville, NcNice heavy tune. Love it. Great chorus.
  • Jordan from Port Hope, CanadaThe live solo is so much better than that recorded in the studio.
  • Cory from Cleveland, TnI believe this song is a preview of the style of music Rush is beginning to start playing in the future.
  • Brian from Meriden, CtThe music on Earthshine and on the album in general was quite a departure for the band, especially the guitar. But the lyrical content was in some ways very "Rush." At least in how they're often thought of. Cerebral, symbolic, often scientific, and in this case, more personal and introspective. Neil's pain and quest for deep answers came across beautifully.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaLove Vapor Trails, but I like Secret Touch better than this song. I wish they'd play Ghost Rider instead of this live. The riff's cool, but it's not their strongest from the album...
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WashingtonThis song opens with an awesome guitar riff, heavy and catchy. I love this song. It's a real rocker!!
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