Making Memories
by Rush

Album: Fly By Night (1975)
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  • There's a time for feelin' as good as we can
    The time is now, and there's no stoppin' us
    There's a time for livin' as high as we can
    Behind us you will only see our dust

    You know we're havin' good days
    And we hope they're gonna last
    Our future still looks brighter than our past
    We feel no need to worry
    No reason to be sad
    Our mem'ries remind us, maybe road life's not so bad

    Just keep smilin', move onward ev'ry day
    And try to keep our thoughts away from home
    We're trav'lin' around, no time to settle down
    And satisfy our wanderlust to roam

    Well from sea to shining sea, and a hundred points between
    Still we go on diggin' ev'ry show
    The cities in the land all extend a welcome hand
    Till morning when it's time for us to go Writer/s: ALEX ZIVOJINOVICH, GARY LEE WEINRIB, NEIL ELWOOD PEART
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  • Larry from Ft. Pierce, FlI was 7 when this album came out and about 8 when I first heard it being played over and over again by a 9-year old buddy of mine (and his 14 and 17-year old brothers). We grew up way out in the country in southern CA, and radio reception wasn't too great out there back then. RUSH had a huge impact on my views of how rock should sound if written and recorded with any sense of insight and foresight on what was being released to the public. "Fly By Night" is a musical masterpiece. It's wide variation of songs from the newly emerging powerhouse had a both grit and prose/poetry interwoven in the music: songs like "Making Memories" speak of the pressures roadlife had on young traveling musicians, while "Rivendell" was an interpretation of a piece of Tolkien's masterpiece, "The Lord of the Rings." They have woven their poetic prose into some of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time--regardless of musical genre.

    I have been a fan from my earliest years and will remain so until my final days. Thanks, RUSH, for providing me with the portal through which I can "look outside of the box" and better interpret the experiences of life and the world around me.
  • Tom from Highland, NyIf you listen close there are two acoustic guitars playing the intro. The second guitar comes in a couple seconds later.
  • Joe from West Boylston, MaThe lyrics to most of Rush's songs are written by Peart, not "all the songs". The music is almost always written by Lifeson and Lee.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhYeah... love the acoustic.
  • Michael from Charlestown, RiExcellent song, by an amazing band.
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