When We Fall Apart

Album: Wildest Dreams (2019)
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  • You were forty-three when you got the news
    Life will be changing, nothing we can do
    The clock is ticking now
    All I can think about
    Is knowing I have to move on without you somehow
    And I just can't believe
    That you're the one whose keeping it together
    As you hold my hand and say

    It's ok to cry
    It's ok to fall apart
    You don't have to try
    To be strong when you are not
    And it may take sometime to make sense of all your thoughts
    But don't ever fight your tears
    'Cause there is freedom in every drop
    Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is when we fall apart

    You ask me to sing
    Some songs that I wrote
    But I can barely speak
    Can barely play a note
    All my tears rush in
    Falling on my strings
    That make the sound of these progressions have a different ring
    And I hate to say goodbye
    Knowing this will be the last time we're together
    As you close your eyes and say

    It's ok to cry
    It's ok to fall apart
    You don't have to try
    To be strong when you are not
    And it may take sometime to make sense of all your thoughts
    But don't ever fight your tears
    'Cause there is freedom in every drop
    Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is when we fall apart


    And you've got the gift of mercy
    Don't ever think it's strange
    Not a curse, but it is a blessing to feel other people's pain
    And always love without condition
    And trust with all your heart
    There's healing in the story of your scars

    Well, it's been awhile
    Since you've been gone
    And sometimes I still catch myself trying to call your phone
    All the hopes and dreams we used to talk about
    They're still alive in me and I just hope I make you proud
    Now I'm your legacy
    And it's your love still holding me together
    And I still hear you say

    It's ok to cry
    It's ok to fall apart
    You don't have to try
    To be strong when you are not
    And it may take sometime to make sense of all your thoughts
    But don't ever fight your tears
    'Cause there is freedom in every drop
    Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is when we fall apart
    Yeah, yeah, it's okay to fall apart
    Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is when we fall apart

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  • Marsha UnderwoodI saw Ryan Stephenson in concert October 30, 2021 Hagerstown Md, I took my 15 year old granddaughter. I turned 65 years old 3 months earlier. I wanted my granddaughter to take a picture of me with Ryan Stephenson after the concert, for some reason I looked up at him and asked him why do you have a red beard? Why did I ask him that? I was tired and the only thing I must of have been thinking was my son has a red beard but has dark brown hair. As you age you don't know what you are going to say.
  • Ruthi from Outside Of Town In The Country My Mama recently went to be with Jesus. Sometimes Jesus seems so far and yet so close. I know it sounds weird, but I think it’s ok. I’m still growing in this process of coming back to a closeness to Jesus. A friend of mine who lost her Mom a little earlier than me sent me this song. I say thanks with tears running down my face
  • Deanne from IdahoI lost my mom, my best friend on May 5, 2010. 11 years later and it still hurts so much. Not a day goes by I don't think about her. This song touches me on so many levels, Thank you
  • Freddie Poling from Mannington, Wv Lost our father on June 4, 2021 at the age of 83. Mind & spirit still sharp as a tack, but his kidneys suddenly shutdown and ultimately killed him in about 4 weeks. Had clean bill of health, including kidney function, in early March 2021. He chose to be vaccinated for covid in mid-March 2021. We were informed off record that is what caused his ultimate demise. During my time with him in the hospital, 1 visitor a day until his last 2 days thanks to covid & policies, he uttered those very same words : “It’s okay to cry” as tears streamed down the faces of each of us 5 kids onto his. Understand that he’d been intubated for 8 days due to cardiac arrest up until 7 days before he passed. So his speech was minimal until his last 3 days. He jotted down difficult messages to read on white board while intubated, such as “how do I quit?” Or “I’m sorry” or “never wanted it to end like this for you all”. He then began to put words together for sentences and sounding more like our father’s voice at about June1. We as a family had the most difficult decision ever to make due to all attempts to restart his kidneys failed. All the while his body functions were shutting down with each day, each hour. He said he saw God a couple different times. We all witnessed his internal struggle in realizing his own ultimate outcome & nothing he could do to stop it. He believed in Jesus Christ fully, God The Father, and The Holy Spirit. He had to submit himself to His Will for his life and fully trust in Him. Hardest but most Amazing Thing I’ve ever witnessed. This wonderful song, inspired thru pain & suffering, but sang out of Love & Praise for our Father in Heaven, was heard by me & my wife and our 3 children, the day he passed. It spoke volumes to me about the strength of my dad, the courage he had in this fight, and that he was going to have Victory over this situation either way The Lord chose for him to travel. We all have His Peace & Comfort in knowing that and knowing where my dad is at this moment. But more importantly, Whose Presence he’s in. Thank you for the message of Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace in your song, Ryan. God Bless you, my friend. Freddie Poling
  • Ally from TexasLost my sister last year after a five year battle with cancer. She was 43 when she found out. She was a mom of two precious children and a wife to an amazing man. It’s been so hard but she prepared us for the end. She was mama right until her last breath telling them they had a helper, Holy Spirit, to help them and pass on her messages to them. We miss her incredibly and every time this song plays I have to pull over and bawl. But it helps.
  • Margrette from Huntsville , AlI have played this song over and over so many times. My oldest daughter. Debra, died May 2, 2021. She was 59. My only other child, Debra’s younger sister died Nov. 2008. She was 43. My late husband died May 1992. This song has helped me when I didn’t think I could stand it anymore. I am still in shock and trying/fighting accepting her death. I am a Christian and remarried a godly man in 1997. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home and became a Christian as a young adult. I know I have so much to be thankful for but at times my pain is so much I can’t think about that. What a blessing to have heard this song at this time in my life! Thank you so very much.
  • Bryan from KansasThis is an absolutely beautiful song, very touching. I know I probably shouldn't pick this beautiful song apart, but that line "knowing this will be the last time we're together" bothers me. I fully realize that what Ryan is meaning is that this will be the last time we're together on earth, but as a believer in God, we know that we will be reunited for eternity with our loved ones in the Kingdom of Heaven, and I get a lot of comfort from that, especially in my advancing years.
  • Jody from TexasI just lost my sweet mama on April 11, 2021! Your song has really ministered to my heart!
  • Jason from California Wow
    Every time I hear this song it brings me closer to my mom. I’m 52 and Lost my mom when she was 49 to cancer and I was 30. All these years later it still hurts thanks for your courage to pour your heart into the song
  • Kathleen from Salem, OrI lost my mom in October of 2019. I never let myself completely grieve for various reasons. Mom was my best friend, I her mini me. Of my five siblings, I was the one with her when she died. I lived my life with no regrets in taking care of her, I made all her funeral arrangements. I miss horribly not getting to call her or take her out for Saturday breakfast. Your song resonated on so many levels, thank you so much for the reminder that even now, my tears are OK and healing and I am her legacy! Thank you for your beautiful song.
  • Paula from CtThis is a powerful song. I also lost my dearly loved mother and miss her so much. Much of the video was my life with my mother ie: medicine bottles etc all over the house. What really drew me to this was my broken heart, of things not the way I’d like between my 2 girls and felt like I was falling apart. That is scary but then I heard this song and it spoke hope and healing to me. Blessings to you and thank you so much.
  • Diana from Midland, TexasI heard ur song n listened to the words n was deeply moved by it. You see my husband took his life December 31,2020 we’d been together 36 yrs been thru some really BIG trials n the Lord brought thru them. This particular day my husband was in a bad bad state never dreamed he would shoot himself. I have a hard time dealing with this he’d been sick for 9 yrs battling cancer, heart failure n 40% function in his kidney n neuropathy in both feet n blood clots in his lungs n was soooo mad n I blame myself for him taking his life maybe I could’ve helped we finished dinner n he was just in such a bad state NEVER did it occur time he would that. I cry a lot n fall apart so much. Felt like it’s not okay I should be strong because I’m a Christian thank u for ur song. Sorry for ur loss.
  • Beth from FloridaRyan, your song has meant so much to me and is helping me face my grief. I am 43, just like the song and lost my mom to Covid. I didn’t get to hold her or hear her voice. Thank you again for your words.
  • Chiy from SeattleMy Mom has been going through mental illness, I come from a Brocken family ,I feel so alone in this world .My mother used to be a good mother and prayerful .she was my pillar ,shoulder to cry on.I miss her so much and the relationship we had in her good days
  • Cynthia M Garrison from Roswell New MexicoThank you Ryan for releasing this song. It could not have come at a better time. I just lost my dad on May 24th to Stage 4 cancer. We were close too.
  • Jessics from NebrasksI lost my mom two weeks ago. When we acknowledged openly she was dying I lay on her chest and sobbed. As mothers do, she comforted me and told me it would be ok and to go ahead and cry. I took extended leave from work yhinking we had a few weeks or at least a month. S he was gone a week later. Before she died she said she had a dream she was looking down on me and I was moving forward. I was sent this song a week after she passed and it really has been healing -letting it all go after making all her funeral arrangements without a tear. Thank you.
  • Kim from TexasI just heard your song and it touched my heart. My husband died from COVID Nov 2020. An overall healthy person. Just a few days before he died he pointed at me and gave the sign. Asking if I was going to be ok. He was such a selfless man and even in his last moments he wanted to make sure I was going to be ok. Our kids and I miss him terribly and I know with our faith and trust in our Lord he will walk with us. We all have our moments and it will be ok. I heard your song for the first time at just the right time and will share with our kids.
  • Cfr from MichiganJust lost my mom 4/16/21 this song touched my heart and the tears flowed down my face when I first heard it. It’s okay to cry.
  • Alicia In Wonderland from LouisianaWow, what a beautiful and powerful song. I have repressed my feelings all my life, my mom passed away 7/14/20 and she waited til I got home from work, she wanted me to be okay and I told her I would be fine because I had friends who loved me, then she passed away peacefully. This song let all I had kept inside come out and I thank you. Your song was a blessing to me.
  • Michele Toman from Danville ArkansasToday, March 27,2021, was the first day I heard this song. Thank you for writing it. It was posted on Facebook and is being shared among many of our friends. On March 1st our little town was rocked to its knees by the sudden loss of our sweet friend and her 10 yr old son in a car accident. Both of their lives touched so many. She was a teacher, pastor’s wife, community leader, family member, and close friend. Her son was never far from her side and touched many lives also. Both were saved Christians and were always sharing God’s love with others. Even though we know they are in a better place our whole community is hurting greatly. All of us that knew her and her son are trying to move on by continuing to do the work that they did. The pain is great but the end of the reward will be greater. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song and helping us to know it’s ok to still cry and grieve. Praying for you.
  • Jennifer Lipa from San DiegoYour song Ryan on SirusXM message channel came at the perfect time. I just lost my father in March 18, 2021 and I feel like I have to be the strong on. To keep it together. But I then heard you sing and pulled over and left my grief take over me. I allowed my tears to flow and allow God to guide me through this storm.
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