Wind Of Change

Album: Crazy World (1990)
Charted: 2 4
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  • I follow the Moskva
    Down to Gorky Park
    Listening to the wind of change
    An August summer night
    Soldiers passing by
    Listening to the wind of change

    The world is closing in
    Did you ever think
    That we could be so close, like brothers
    The future's in the air
    I can feel it everywhere
    Blowing with the wind of change

    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
    In the wind of change

    Walking down the street
    Distant memories
    Are buried in the past forever
    I follow the Moskva
    Down to Gorky Park
    Listening to the wind of change

    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams)
    With you and me
    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night (the glory night)
    Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
    In the wind of change (the wind of change)

    The wind of change
    Blows straight into the face of time
    Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
    For peace of mind
    Let your balalaika sing
    What my guitar wants to say

    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams)
    With you and me (with you and me)
    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
    In the wind of change (in the wind of change)

Comments: 102

  • Saddenedbyhistoryrepeating from OregonTo Rr from United States-Your comments are absolutely true. It makes my soul cry to see America destroying itself from within. THIS song, when it was written, caused such pride and emotion. Pride because there were enough truly strong people to make the winds of despair change into winds of hope and joy. For 30 years, they were hope and joy but now are blowing the other direction. These 'movements' are driving us all back into the shackles of socialism. I am old now and am so happy to have seen the fall of the wall and the political tyranny behind it. I hope that I cross over to heaven before the country that was a huge cause for the fall succumbs to the very thing we fought against in those days.
  • Rr from United StatesSad thing is, this band was under the constraints of the Soviet Union, with ZERO freedoms. Young people who have embraced hard line socialism and communism in the US, who are all for Antifa and BLM, have NO idea of what they are asking for. The political environment of the Soviet Union is what all countries who embrace socialism eventually end up like, modern day Venezuela, and Communist China, where freedom is a forgotten idea and anyone who speaks out in any way against socialism or communism is the enemy and will either be jailed or shot and killed, and no longer spoken about. In fact, if the leftists have it their way, this very comment would be banned from Songfacts. Free speech, whether it be through this song or just a comment, in a socialist environment, is whatever the leftists decide it is. The Berlin Wall came down because of Radio Free Europe and Reagan fighting for communism to end, along with the Russian coup. 31 years later, it creeps into the US and outright steals the 2020 election. Love this song, which calls for positive revolution. Socialism calls for violent revolution. To hell with socialism.
  • Domenika Orbe from Quito, Ecuador I found this song very interesting and beautiful since there are some phrases that are very reflective and motivating.
  • Maria Paz Vallejo from Quito, EcuadorI think that the song is good for us because sometimes we think that in the life is all easy and there is no problem but the real life is different there is a lot of problems outside and if we all the time stay in a bubble thinking that all is magic when we will have to face those problems we will not know how.
  • Zaid Arias from Quito, EcuadorI think it is a nice song and it would be nice if now we could all share together like in the past after the wars. I hope the future is also better for us now.
  • Martina Aviles from Quito, Ecuador This song gives you the message that to solve a problem even if it is the smallest you have to solve it calmly without hurting anyone and the message gives you this song is very important and I liked it a lot
  • Samantha Mosquera from Ecuador I think that this song want to said that we dont have to make more big the problems because if we dont found a solution the problem could grow, and usually I think that this also help to reconice and take care all the thing that we have around us. Also it help us be quiet when a problem present.
  • Martina Aviles from Quito, Ecuador In my opinion, this song teaches you that to solve a problem, even the smallest, you have to solve it calmly without hurting anyone and the message gives you this song is very important and I liked it a lot.
  • Pablo from Quito-ecuadorI think that this song is so cool and have a letter that significated that we have to save the planet and is so beautiful because this song is saying to the children of the future. I he want to be in peace
  • Doménica Rueda from EcuadorIn my opinion, this song teaches you that to solve a big or small problem we can do it in a calm way without hurting anyone. We can all make ourselves listen to make a better world without harming anyone and I liked its rhythm.
  • Sofia Trujillo from Quito, EcuadorI think that the song is good for us becasuse we can understand that the life was so hard at that time and the fact that they wrote a song from a tragedy, is really impressive, because if you listen the melodyit is a pacefull song, but when you see the meaning of it, you travel to a whole different world of music, so that peaceful song, has become a song of liberty.
  • Esteban Velasquez from EcuadorI think this express the problems that have the humanity around the time for example "Fallen of the berlin wall" or the special events that change the humanity.
  • Mathias Yupa from Quito, EcuadorThis letter is very deep because Beyond the lyrics it has to be very good, it has a deeper state because of its meaning in the history of how it was made for this song And also because it was for a purpose and they achieved it.
  • Esteban Velasquez from EcuadorI think this song express the problems that have the humanity around the time for example Fallen of the berlin wall or the special events that change the humanity.
  • Jose Velasquez from Quito-ecuadorI really liked the song not only because of the rhythm but also because of the many messages that the song leaves, I think that the song wants to convey that we must realize our actions to have a better future.
  • Paulo Vizcaino 9 DI think that this song is very emotional and very peacefuly compared to other ones from other gender.
  • David Castillo from EcuadorI think this song teaches people to change because in the future it will be different and they have to adjust to the future so that nobody does bad things
  • Génesis Vivas from Ecuador I believe that the song teaches us a lot, for example that we must solve problems without making them bigger or without hurting others by causing them and also that the future is us and that we change our lives.
  • Paula Chulde from EcuadorI am not a fanatic of this music gender, but when I heard this song for first time, I liked the rythm, also when I listened carefully the lyrics I noticed a deep meaning in the song, this vlog information helped me to see all the things that happened before and after the band wrotte this song, and that this things that happened historcally brought the sucess of this song.
  • Arelis Revelo from Quito, EcuadorI think this song shows us the most painful moments that people went through at that time, however this song leaves us a beautiful message and that is that we must fix things without fights, battles, among others. And I believe that the new generations can change this doing things thinking of others, thinking in a way where they can improve the world.
  • Sebastián Arguello From Quito, EcuadorI think this song is quite emotional for many generations, as it describes how those times were and it can teach us various things, such as valuing everything we have, valuing our family members.
  • Dayanara Jiménez from EcuadorI think that many songs doesn't have a meaning but this song has a special message and it is that we have to change the world to make it better and without injustice.
  • Uriel Changoluisa from From EcuadorIn my opinion, in this song they convey to us a feeling of suffering and oppression that with the help of the people who ensure peace, it will be able to dissipate to live in an era in which future generations will not suffer.
  • Rossana Castillo from Quito, Ecuador In my opinion, this song is a great representation of how problems or issues can be solved by just a blow, talking peacefully and talking the same language: music.
  • Isabella Lara from EcuadorFor me, this song represents different times that each person lived, and what is in common with all, is the peace that is expected of the world, without war.
  • Rossana Castillo from Quito, Ecuador I think this song is a great representation of how the problems or issues that we had in the past can be solved with just a blow, just by talking in a peaceful way, because everyone can talk the language of music.
  • Monica Albarracin from EcuadorThis song, as well as represents misfortunes, also represents peace as it helps you understand that the world is free and in the same way with very bad thoughts.
  • Gabriela Herrera from EcuadorIn my opinion, this song gives you a very special message, since it makes you see that in the world there can be peace and freedom, if there is a change for all of us.
  • Joseph Sotomayor from EcuadorI think that the song has many meanings but for me the main meaning is that many things like wars and destruction should change.
  • Danna Barros from Quito, EcudorFrom my point of view this song refers to the changing of perspectives and thought about everyone getting together with peace to make the world a better place to live.
  • Dominique Rosero from EcuadorI really liked the lyrics of this song, for me it talks about the big change we can make to the world if we spread peace, also it means that we're the future and if we do great things for the world, the world will be great then.
  • Anahí Real from EcuadorIn my opinion, this song transmits an incredible message since in the world there is a lot of tragedy and there are bad people and they will not cease to exist but elsewhere there are people who help to change a lot to have a better future and those people have to thank you for the effort you make.
  • Monica Albarracin from EcuadorIn this song we can see how a music expresses more than what can be demonstrated, this music that represents a tragedy and at the same time peace, since it has been able to unite two countries and has tried to express freedom in the Word.
  • Stephanie Mishele De La Torre Zapata from From Ecuador I believe the song talks about wars and that there must be a change and that we must live as brothers and not as enemies, this song also tells the memories of the singer in the Mosku gerra and that he said that we must live in freedom and peace. where children dream
  • Valentina Dávila from EcuadorPersonally I think this song is very meanfull because it expresses the way people were passing during this hard time, and I really feel how this song make us reflect in the way that our actions can take place for making a better future for everybody.
  • Maria Jose Soria from Ecuador For me ¨Wind of change¨ is a very special song since it represents peace and freedom for a change in the world, it also serves to combat the ignorance of Wars
  • Sofía Jacome from EcuadorI think this song is very interesting since the singer was able to express what is happening at the moment through the song and the song is good and its rhythm too.
  • Mathew Viera from Quito, Ecuador I think this music have a lot of meanings but the meaning for me is that we can all change the world for the slightest action we do
  • David Carrillo from EcuadorI think it is a song that has a lot to do with actions that took place in the past, and I suppose or believe that it expresses what all of humanity feels, the freedom and peace that a human being feels when solving a problem.
  • Carmen Rodriguez from Quito Ecuador I find it very interesting that a singer found a way to express what was happening at that time and protest through a song, since it was very difficult for all the families that were separated, and this song would become a hymn, for all those who lived through this tragedy, and also for those who did not experience it but felt it through the power of the song.
  • Emilia Moreno from Quito-ecuadorI think this song has an amazing message, and it tries to transmit us that we have to make something to change the world and make good things for the future of the world, too this song is showing us the work of many people changing the world and making it better for us. For me is a very good song and I liked it so much.
  • Grabriel Anchaluisa from Quito, EcuadorMy opinion of this song id I like this because make a significate to interesting phrases and is very paceful for this song brings your good or best memories.
  • Emilio Cuenca from EcuadorI like this song a lot because it talks about the history and the second world war and i think taht it is so intersting and I think that this song means more for the people that lives in rusia.
  • Juan Martin EscobarI think that the mesage of the text is that the music can bring peace in only one song
  • Mariana Saavedra from Quito, Ecuador This is a peaceful and beautiful song that I would like to listen to it in an August summer night, but what really surprised me is the fact that this piece of art is inspired in a horrible History moment, which is really sad but what makes this song special is that it has a lot of meanings and emotions inside their deep and original lyrics.
  • Valentina Estrella from Quito, EcuadorI really liked the song because it has many meanings, it makes me think of the history of Berlin and I love that it is inspired in Russia.
  • Ashley Arias from Quito, EcuadorI never heard this song before, but it is nice and it inspires us to be better as humankind.
  • Ariana García Apolo from EcuadorI found this article very interesting because here we can see how music can bring peace to the world through expression and how music can do something so great that it has not been possible to do talking and well that is to unite two countries.
  • Ariel OchoaThe fact that they wrote a song from a tragedy like hate, is really impressive, because if you listen to it, it is a pretty peaceful song, but when you see the meaning of it, you travel to a whole different world of music, so that peaceful song, has become a song of liberty.
  • Valeria Suntaxi from Ecuador, QuitoI think this song meant a lot to several people and behind this song there is a very pleasant story.
  • Camila from Ecuador I really liked this song since it inspires me and it is quite motivating I would recommend it for people who have a bad day since it would raise their spirits very quickly apart from its lyrics has a meaning I thought it was depressive at the beginning but little by little I understood the lyrics maybe if we put a better rhythm it would be fun and it talks about friendship something very important.The song is Wind of change - Scorpions
  • Domenica Cueva from Quito, EcuadorIn my opinion this song had a very good impact in that years, it became the hymn of peace and libertaty, imagine all the influence this song gave to that people who were living and fighting in that years. This song it has everything stored in it, all the events of the cold war and all its suffering; where a song can be the best weapon to combat the ignorance of wars.
  • Manuela Villalba from Quito- EcuadorI think this song is very passive and gives a beautiful message about the changings in the world
  • Arthur Beltran from Quito-ecuadorI think this song brings you memories, good memories, and make you reflect about what we do wrong with his gentle melody and make us know that we can change the world in a paceful way with free ideas that all of us can share with other people without the fear to be excluded.
  • Emily Suárez from Quito-ecuadorWow! It is very interesting to know that one of his songs could have become the anthem of the German Reunification. But just as in the end when World War II ended, the Allied nations and Russia were divided and the Berlin Wall was built to separate the two sides.
  • Camila Díaz from Quito, EcuadorI think this message is incredible because it introduces you to a new concept about peace through the music in the part that talked about the dream that everyone was one, everyone understood each other, it was a great inspiration. The song has a great rhythm but the best part is the lyrics and what it tries to tell us.
  • Nayeli from EcuadorI think this song is beautiful because it talks about changing the world in a peaceful way. A world that we will change in the future, to be a better world, so we can be free and united and fight for our ideas and dreans.
  • Josécadena from Quito-ecuadorI liked the song especially that I don't like the songs very much but above all I liked the part that says the phrase "The children of the future"
  • Arely from QuitoI think that this song is so beautiful and helps us to think and reflect about the things that happen around the world, and also is amazing the way they write the song.
  • Domenica CastellanosThis song has a great meaning and is one of the best songs that has ever existed Since it gives us a message of peace and summarizes a little about the wars that people have had in the past and all their difficulties. In conclusion I think this song gives us a very big reflection
  • Emmy Orellana from EcuadorI think this song is very special because before the songs have many meanings and important meanings, for them this song was a call to freedom and unification, and a message of hope, but now the songs do not have important meanings and it is very bad because the song must have an important meaning and this reading was very interesting.
  • PabloI think that this song is so cool and is so inpired to people and have a beautiful significate.
  • Marco Cardona from Quito - EcuadorThis will be the song for the new year. How changes have changed this year and our lives forever. We are living in the internet year now, and lived on with the sudden change of the worlds pandemic. Lets make this change count and show the future generations how we are able to survive the year 2020!
  • Shandroise De Laeken from Davao City, PhilippinesMy most favorite of the Scorpions' songs. I rarely listen to hard metal rock but this one (Under the Same Sun and Still Loving You) are awesome to listen to. My younger sister and I love listening to this during the afternoon when the sun is setting and the wind is blowing... and we imitate the whistling intro of this song. What a magnificent contribution to history this is. It will stand the test of timw as the anthem for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Cold War. I wonder when people can sing this again as the world is heading to another war again which is truly apparently coming...

    P.S. The last Empress of Russia is a German and she was much hated, the Russians suffered a terrifying defeat from Germans in WWI...wondering if the Scorpions know those things because it seems they only know the Russians' hatred for Germans started due to the bloody war of the fuhrer in WWII.
  • Jon from Enumclaw WaMy favorite song by the scorpions and the best part was I was practically a baby when it came out!
  • Jeannie from Owensboro, KyI think that this song is bigger than some people think it is. Not only is it about the cause of the split Germany and the cold war but all the wars that have taken place, the slurs against others, the revolutions, the fighting, the tensions between countries, people who have been mistreated and misjudged, kept from their rights to freedom and peace. This song encompasses it all, and yes it is related tot he message of peace that Lennon tried to bring us along with others who believe in world peace.
  • Manoj from Kharagpur, IndiaNo comparisons! Awesomeness re-defined!
  • Dave from Red Lion, PaThis song is sooo awesome and this is my absolute favorite song by the Scorpions followed by "The Zoo". Everytime I hear it I want to wave a lighter back and forth in the air as I sing along.
  • Kyl from Mesa, AzWhen the Scorpions talked to Mikhail Gorbachev, I think before the peace concert, Klaus Meine told him "Our parents came here with guns, but we are coming with guitars." I have always found that uplifting. I dont know I just thought I would share that.
  • Curtis from Minot, NdI just love this song. Makes a person feel like there's hope for this world we live in.
  • Abdullaah from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaeverything's perfect in this song...the lyrics, guitars, drums, the whistling, the backing vocals....perfect from such an experienced band....go go Scorps! Also check out "Under The Same Sun" & "Humanity"....
  • Yen from Sabah, MalaysiaThis is one of my favourite songs.. as to me it evokes great emotions. I always use this as a medium to teach my students.. and they like it!
  • Paula from Laredo, TxMy husband is the biggest John Lennon fan, but he loves this song by the Scorpions. Some music is just timeless.
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaThis is my favorite song to sing on Singstar. And Lara, your story is hilarious!
  • Joel from Zagreb, --I love this song even though it is done by a german band. I do believe in winds of change.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxThis song now reminds me of the difficult time of movie away from a place I loved very much when my parents were separated and about to divorce. At the time it was popular, I had no idea what lay instore and the years from childhood into adolecences were very difficult. But the song immediately takes me back to the peaceful time when I thought things were alright.
  • Chris from Claremont, CaMakes me think of a time when i was young, I was 8 at the time of this song. Also it makes me think of history. Not only of Russia, but of all conflicts of the past, WWII mostly.
  • Chris from Claremont, CaVery soothing and sad at the same time. Good song, had no idea it was by the scorpions though, but good nonetheless
  • Chris from Claremont, CaMakes me think of a time when i was young, I was 8 at the time of this song. Also it makes me think of history. Not only of Russia, but of all conflicts of the past, WWII mostly.
  • Lara from Nashville, TnI came in to my wedding ceremony on the symphonic version of this song. The prelude was certainly long enough for the entrance, and even the most uptight and traditional wedding guests had no clue I slipped the Scorps right past them ;)
  • Day from Blue Ridge Mountains, Vathis song got stuck in my head a few days ago and i woke up singing it. i think it's a beautiful song and the guitar is great. i'm a digital artist and my next piece is going to be "winds of change" with this song on my mind as i do it.
  • Dave from Denver, CoI was a "Cold Warrior" in the USMC - it was something that most folks pretty much ingonred, but a very strong and solid reality for me and my buddies. I was watching CNN the night the Wall came down, and to this day it brings tears to my eyes. This song goes even deeper than that - it's written by a guy seeing his countrymen be free for the first time in his life. If you weren't part of it, you can't possibly "get it". If you were, you know what I feel. Awesome song. Awesome sentiment. We beat 'em, God dang it!
  • Bob from Zhuhai, Chinagreat song. the wind of change has blown away the red flag, in russia and...

    the solo is great
  • John from Millersville, MdI like it short and sweet. The chorus is so good it's made up for.
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaLove The Scorpions and love this song. The guitar solo has a great feel, it should've been longer and the song would've rocked even more.
  • Eric from Cincinnati, OhWhen the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall came crumbling down, the Cold War that had been the focus of the world's attention for 5 decades ended, and the peaceful era depicted in this beautiful song seemed upon us. Now, however, militant Islam has replaced the U.S.S.R. as the world's new "evil empire," in Isreael, Chechneya, Afghanistan, Iraq, NYC, France, etc. Call me cynical, but the Scorpions' dream seems to be all but dead as the imans replace the Politburo as the masterminds of terror in the world.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxA-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  • Adaams from Miri, Malaysiaok, found something on the net,

    seems that balalaika is some sort of russian musical instrument

    ironically tho, it looks similar to the gibson flying v,
    which in turn used by one of scorpion's guitarists
    (not sure which on tho,correct me if i'm wrong)
  • Djcostas from Piraeus, GreeceGreat song, let's all rest in peace...
  • Debra from Brisbane, AustraliaGood Song. This reminds me of the Olympics. I remember it being used in an ad where there were girls doing gymnastics so that is always what comes to mind with the chorus.
  • Lee from Ottawa, CanadaOne of the best songs ever written.It evokes emotion and is inspirational.My mother,who was about 55 years old at the time loved the song so much she bought a couple of Scorpions CDs and still listens to them.I occasionally comment to friends about my mother the heavy metal freak!(the Scorps are the only hard rock band she ever has listened to).
  • Jeremy from Lake Havasu City, AzThis is a great song about the reunification of Germany at ehe end of the cold war. a song of hope
  • Melania from Moscow, Europelove this song, it always reminds me of russia and moscow
  • John from Stephenville Crossing, CanadaSimply one of the best songs i've ever heard.
  • AnonymousHad never listened to 'The Scorpions' until I heard this song - and loved it, so bought the album immediately! This song has great lyrics & musical arrangement, and beautiful guitar work, and is one of my all-time favourite songs. I now listen to 'The Scorpions' regularly! Trevor, West Yorkshire, England
  • Stephen from Singapore, SingaporeI love this song. The lyrics are really unique and can really instill great emotions. I heard this song when I was in the army and it really made me feel fortunate and passionate about the peace that most parts of the world are having today.
  • Daniel from Perth, AkThis song i can remember from when i was really young, Something special about this song. "Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night"
  • Victor from Vienna, Vaa remarkable epic of a song
  • Chantal from Liverpool, CanadaThis song is very unique, and definatly a nice classic by The Scorpions
  • Charles from Lebanon, OtherWhen you say Scorpions you directly have Wind Of Change's wisteling in your awesome song with awesome lyrics and great feelings
    I really like the way the Solo comes with great power...I love the Scorpions
  • Amy from Beaver Dam, KyThis is one of the best songs i have ever heard.
  • Myles from Belfast, IrelandAn amazing song about peace..course its no "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon....go Lennon!
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