Album: The Punisher soundtrack (2004)
Charted: 20
  • I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
    I want to hold you high and steal your pain away
    I keep your photograph, and I know it serves me well
    I want to hold you high and steal your pain

    'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you've gone away
    You've gone away
    You don't feel me here anymore

    The worst is over now and we can breathe again
    I want to hold you high, and steal my pain away
    There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
    I want to hold you high and steal your pain

    'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
    And I don't feel like I am strong enough
    'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you're gone away

    'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
    And I don't feel like I am strong enough
    'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you're gone away

    'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you're gone away
    You've gone away
    You don't feel me here anymore Writer/s: Dale William Stewart, Shaun Morgan Welgemoed
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 72

  • Hillary Gcatfuku from MichiganI've always preferred the version of Broken without Amy Lee, too. It just grips my soul. But when I hear the name "Seether", Broken is NOT the first song that comes to mind so anyone that ever said they got famous from riding the coattails of evenescence, there's a Remedy for that, you'll be Fine Again.
  • Tiffany Lashea from AlabamaGot to see them 2017 Dec hours before my grandma passed away and me being in a abusive relationship. Words can never explain the strength to get through the pain with this song and the inspiration of Seether to my life to keep on fighting. #thank you seether# thank you shaun
  • Jesse from MnThis song makes my heart cry every time I listen to it. In 2004 mine and my brother's best friend couldn't live with his pain anymore and decided to end it. It was a very hard time for my brother and I as I was also leaving for Iraq in a month. The hit version of this song had just come out around the time and it just seemed to really explain the pain we were feeling of losing our friend and having to say goodbye to each other. The day of our friend Andy's funeral my brother and I were driving around reminiscing about the good times we had together with Andy. This song came on and we cranked it up and cried together as we belted out the words. After the song was over I said to my brother if I die in Iraq I want this song played at my funeral. My brother said if anything ever happened to him he wanted it played at his funeral as well. This song was already very special to me, but it became even more special when I was 6 days away from coming home from Iraq on a two week leave. This song became even more special as well as the conversation my brother and I had about the song because on that day July 24, 2005 my brother was killed in a car accident when he came around a curve and hit a train. I still to this day cannot believe we had that conversation 10 months prior about how special this song was to us and how we would like it played at our funeral and we were in fact planning my little brother's funeral. This song will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Seether for writing this song so that it could be such a special part of our life.
  • Tooza from Tripoli, Libyan Arab JamahiriyaI think Amy Lee is the one who made this song sound this awesome =))
  • Kayla from Ione, CaAren't Amy Lee and Shaun dating? Cuz I think that they did a couple songs together, but then promised never to work together on songs again cuz it put too much stress on their relationship
  • Cynthia from Oregon, Or1 of the most beatuiful songs over made seether and amy lee or the best inspration in the whole music world need any help writing songs search amy lee and listen to her so writes her emotions not her mind her heart and he is a good writer them both
  • Chris from Spijkenisse, Netherlandsthe explanation is pretty wrong here genre wise.

    They make Post-Grunge, not hard rock. Beautiful song though!
  • Nathan from Paoli, Inthis is the first song my band played when we started you can watch the video when/if i put it on youtube
  • Aaron from Houston, TxAmy Lee version in my opinion
  • Liam from Tulsa, OkI saw Seether open for Nickelback in Tulsa a while back...I am not generally one to get emotional, but Shaun sang this song so beautifully live that it nearly brought a tear (or two) to my eyes.
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, TxI LOVE this song so much! Anytime I'm on the computer, I pull up this song on Youtube and listen to it over and over! Amy Lee's voice with Shaun's is like harmony! :)
  • Suzanne from Elberon,I simply adore this song. Every once in a while I hear a song for the first time and it brings me to tears- this is such a song. Beautiful lyrics, Haunting melody; its just a stunning song and one you never expected from Seether!
    -Suzie Collins Puff-Virginia
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, TxPersonally, I think this song is about loosing everything, and your broken...but the holes are patched up when your with the person you love.
    I love Amy Lee in this version, their voices togther are harmony! :)
  • Chelle from Clacton, United KingdomI know this song has sad connotations, but to myself and my fiance this our song - about how we are incomplete when the other one is away, and also has a special symbolism at the beginning of our relationship - how we wanted to protect the other one from pain, even when just friends. This is going to be our "First Dance", when we get married next year.
  • Jeremy from Blaine, WaI love it how this song has so many comments but none of their other amazing songs have hardly any. (Not saying I don't love this song)
  • Jessica from San Antonio, Txit's about wanting you back but you never did and knowing you never will i just wished you knew how much i loved you and needed you
  • Tabitha from Whitley , KyAbsloutley love this song!! Its amazing!
  • J.r. from Crowville, WaI don't know folks. I kinda like the version with
    Amy Lee.
  • Joel from Austin, TxFrom the Punisher soundtrack
  • Blake from Chico, Caacoustic is better. Sometimes I just get out my iPod, listen to this song, and walk around outside where there aren't any people. just hearing it and letting it go to the heart, makes you feel like somewhere out there, someone loves you.
  • Quentin from Dry Creek,ms, Msgood song... ive heard a little better, but that was the only reason i watched the punisher...
  • Marcelo from San Jose, Othergreat song...remember me the first and only time I falled in love...hard times...
  • Alex from Fairplay, CoThis song is the best. Amy rocks.
  • Becky from Waukesha, WiI definitly love this song. It is an easy song for anyone who was truly in love and had theyr heart broken to relate to. This was one song that got me through one of the hardest times in my life.
  • Wade from Sydney, AustraliaLove the song... There voices both just mix n its like perfect for the song!!!!
  • Spaz from Vegas, Nvi love this song but i really like it when amy sings it with them cause she adds the female view of it it rocks
  • Racher from Decatur, Inthis is a great song. this is going to be our "first dance" at my wedding. i love it cuz it doesn't have to be about a break-up, it's just that we care for eachother so much that we don't feel right when we are apart.
  • Lauren from Williamsport, Pai absolutely love this song. my boyfriend used to sing this to me when we talked on the phone. and when we broke up he would send me messages saying "I am broken when I am lonesome and I don't feel right when you're gone away". [i took him back] Sadly he got taken away for right now. but whenever i listen to this song i think of him, and i know we'll be together soon. Anyhow Love the song, [dont get me wrong, i love evanescence but] amy lee wasnt not to take shaun back. sure he did some stupid stuff but hey he went to rehab and got better. everyone deserves a second chance, especially when you can hear the pain in their voices.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txyea this song is a good song any one who has endured a break up to relate to... and you can hear the sadness in his voice.
  • David from Hanove, WvThis song is something I can really relate to right now. Im actually learning the song, and trying to learn the guitar so I can play it at a local talent show. Its amazing to me how much pain you can hear in Shaun's voice when he sings this song. Like Shaun, I plan on giving the crowd a great performance because I, too, feel that same kind of pain he was feeling when he wrote this song. Its just a great song!! =)
  • Winter from Niceville, FlThis song is absolutley brilliant with BOTH the versions..
    The song has a nice smooth tone to it when it is just Shaun. But I have to say that Amy Lee makes the other version more powerful...
    Even if you dont like Amy Lee this song is sooo hard to NOT fall in love with...
    This song is my love.. ¢¾¢¾
  • Megan from Lexington, KyI like both versions, but my one problem with the Amy version is that she actually messes up. Listen to the 2nd chorus. She starts to say 'lonesome', but then quickly changes it to 'open', so it comes out 'lopen'. Its around the 1 min 54 sec mark.
  • Teresa from New York City, Nythis song is the best i love the lyrics in the song
  • Pixielfairy from Cocoa, FlThis song is awesome! Shaun and Amy's voices make a beautiful combination!!
  • Amy from Barrie, CanadaI absolutely love this song and i like it with Ame Lee shes beautiful and very talented. THis song is one of my all time favorites
    -Amy, Ont, Can
  • Syd from Saskatoon, Canadai love this song. it always reminds me of my ex-boyfriend because it is both of our favourite song and it was our first slow dance. we used to sing it to each other, too. it makes me think of how much i still love him...
  • Joel from Columbia, ScActually I like the version with Amy better. The video is really wild too, especially since she is wearing wings like an angel.
  • Terry from Houston, TxTo Chris @ Fort Knox, As a musician, it should occur to you to understand that some songs are written for teh sole purpose of leaving the listener with a feeling of empiness. Music is the greatest form of expression,(my personal opinion), and if you are not left feeling the way the artist felt at the time he/she wrote the song, then, the artist has failed in writing good music. Now, in the case of Broken, performed by Shaun, by himself, don't you think that he intentionally sang it alone, to give the listener a feeling of empitness and lonliness?? Think about it. As a musician, you should understand better than anyone.
  • Samantha from Indianapolis, InThis song is so cool!I love it my boyfriend and I are supossed to sing the newer version with Amy Lee at church.We are hardcore rockers ROCK ON!!!!!!!
  • Ash from Charleston, WvOkay. I don't know squat about Seether, but I just heard their song "Remedy" on internet radio and because the lead singer sounded SO MUCH like Kurt Cobain, I thought, "Oh, here's a Nirvana song I've never heard before. Cool." When I saw that it was not Nirvana, I sat staring slack-jawed at the computer screen. This man sounds EXACTLY like Kurt. Wow.
  • Jennifer from Deweyville, Txthe one featuring amy lee is better. it puts more emotion into it. it reminds me of my ex. and the love we use to have
  • Tina from Kansas City, KsThis song reminds me of my ex...oh, dear lord, the words truely do hit hard to my heart! If my ex only knew how much I still love him & always will! I'll love you til the end my "Tattooed Indian Warrior"
  • Kevin from Independence, MoAlmost everyone that likes the original song better didnt say why....To me anyways the reason i like the origional better is because it plays the emotions of Shaun better if he is singing by himself, rather than with amy lee. Both songs are great dont get me wrong. I just like the original better.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxMy neighbors love Evanescence and Seether, so, they played this song all night at a party. They got me singing to it. I love those two groups.
  • Christi from Leesburg, Gawhen i listen to this song it makes me cry. but i love it!! i have amy lee's cd and i love it!!
  • Charmaine from Pietermaritzburg, South AfricaI was priviledged to listen to Shaun and Amy sing "Broken" live and unplugged at our local pub just after Christmas. Shaun was home (Martizburg Boytjie) for X-mas and Amy was with him. They came to the pub for a drink and I was surprised at how down to earth Amy is. She was polite and more than friendly to all the locals (of course we all wanted photos and signatures) and she complied graciously. In fact when I wanted to take a photo (thank goodness for cellphone cameras) she refused until I sat in the photo between her and Shaun.
    Absolutely AMAZING!!
    P.S Both version are brill, Depends no the moment
  • Claire from Hants, United StatesI love the song broken! seether are amazing and so is amy lee! i hope evanesence bring out a new album soon!!! I love them their amazing!
  • Bethany from Trinidad & Tobago, Otheri like amy lee. she can sing pretty well.she also has awesome taste for liking shaun morgan:)
  • Justin from Westland, Miaccording to an interview shaun did, this song is about being away from his daughter and not an ex girlfriend. the version with amy lee was also supposed to be done first, and put on disclamer- but after she agreed to it, amy went on tour with evanescence.
  • Cassy from Delaware, OhThis is definitely one of my favorite songs. This was the first song that my exboyfriend/still best friend ever sang to me, so it kinda became "our song". We aren't together now, but we are still best friends, and though getting together again is totally not planned, its a possiblilty. This song really speaks to my soul and makes me remember my first true love.
  • Jon from Chicago, IlHow could you even begin to compare the new version of "Broken" to the original version?? The original was amazing. The song has a depressing subject and sounds so much better fit into a slow and melodic acoustic number. The new version just sounds so damn mediocre. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of heavy music. But I also know how to spot a song that sounds better slow. The new version of "Broken" is ruined by blaring guitars, heavy drum beats, and of course, Amy Lee's vocals. Now I don't disagree that Amy Lee has a voice--she by all means has talent. But it just doesn't fit the mood that the original version had. If you really want to cut to the core of Shaun's emotions when he wrote this song, really listen to the original. It truly is a work of art.
  • Dale from Columbia, ScI got the Punisher soundtrack in September 2004. I simply cannot dissociate the song with the families of those lost in the Beslan tragedy. I recall hearing of armed fathers, grandfathers, and brothers desparately rushing in to aid Russian police forces.
  • Jennifer from Presque Isle, MeHonestly, I hate this song. My first true boyfriend and I danced to this song at a school dance. Then he dumped me. I can't listen to the song without crying. :-(
  • Chris from Ft. Knox, KyIn no way is the original version of Broken as good as the one with Amy Lee. I don't see why people would say that. First of all, me being a musician myself, it seems impossible for anyone to think that musically, the original is better. It's really simple and very repetitive. Vocally, although Shaun Morgan has an excellent voice, singing this song by himself leaves listeners (me at least) feeling empty. The band tried filling in the gap by providing background vocals, but to no avail. Amy Lee provides excellent vocals in the newer version. Her loud and powerful singing provided the emphasis need for this song as well as the orchestra put together for this song. Truely amazing, this song speaks to me like no other.
  • Robert from Chicago, IlMuch better without Amy Lee!!!!
  • Kevin from Berkeley Heights, Nji love both versions. i had been a big fan of both bands when i first discovered them both at around the time bring me to life came out. you cannot imagine how excited i was when i heard they were working together to "improve my second fav. song by seether. Seether rocks, Evanescence rocks, now they just need to tie in green day and i can die again.
  • Spanner from Cape Town, South AfricaBoth versions of "broken" are brilliant. Seether (saron gas) has always been the best band from South Africa. As metioned below Broken is about Shaun and Amy lee. This song is a easy to listen to song and only wish that seethers other material also get the same amount of coverage.
  • Megan from Topeka, KsUh..whatever. I've heard the song without amy lee and it sounds like crap. Amy Lee makes it sound sooooooo BETTER!
  • Agilen from Coromandel, Otherpersonally just heard the song Broken by Seether
    (w/ amy lee). was thinkin that the song will be just great without her. now seeing your comments think am not alone.
  • Taso from Birmingham, EnglandBroken by seether featuring Amy Lee is my favourite song at the moment. Im kind of a sucker for grunge ballads with heavy guitars and an orchestra. Shaun's voice rocks and you can tell he poured his heart into this song. Every bit moves me and I listen to the song to enhance any mood im in whilst im screaming along. When they play the chorus for the final time with no singing just the guitars and the violins, i give my heart away to this song and although most people enjoy it, i dont think anyone is as devoted to the song as me. Call me a loser but giving yourself away to a song is what music is really about. Not like godamn punk bands who fanny about on stage trying to be funny. Good music comes at a cost for all the pain and emotion that goes into it.

    P.S the acoustic version rocks too!!!
  • Paige from A City In De, DeAlthough the original version of Broken was deep, the variety of instruments used in the second version made it more interesting. I can't get through the first version without getting bored, especially from the singing. Morgan totally sings better in the second version and the addition of Lee makes it awesome. It is more enjoyable and better on the ears!! Overall, I like the original okay but would rather listen to the second. This version can be felt throughout a true musician's soal. I agree with Ashley from Delaware.
  • Lora from North Platte, NeI really like the song with Amy Lee in it, although the original was a lot better. But face the facts....without adding Amy, this song wouldn't have become a number one hit.
  • Chantel from Traverse City, MiOkay yes, I do think that this song is about wanting someone back, but, shaun wrote it when his daughter was born and he had to leave her. I love this sog, and I love seether, and evanescence, I liked them both before amy and shaun did broken together...I think its beautiful either way but amy does have a powerful voice.
  • May from Onalaska, WiOh my Gosh I love this song! I think it's awesome with Amy Lee in it. She has an amazing voice. The original was good too but I enjoy this one just a little bit more.

    Marissa, WI
  • Taylor from Spokane, WaGood song. Both songs are pretty good, the original and the one with amy lee, hard to say which one i like more but they both rock.
  • Ashley from Delaware, United StatesThe original version was okay, but when Amy Lee put her 2 cents in the song was brought to life! Shaun's voice allows you to feel the sorrow and Amy's voice allows you to hope for a better tomorrow. This song has so much depth, and as a musician myself, I felt the music throughout my soul.
  • Sam from Dublin, Irelandi prefer it without amy...
    it's a powerful song and it affects alot of us in so many ways..
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkI really love this song. I also liked the original version of the song, but I think it was a smart move from Seether to get Amy Lee on it as well. This way Seether was brought "on the map" if you can put it like that, and now has the opportunity to go bigger and whatever they want to...
  • Alicia from Columbia, Tni think in my own opinion that broken is better with amy lee cuz she can really belt out and i love her vioce although that is only my opnion well i love the way shuan sings also he is such a good singer and i believe amy lee said that she always liked seether and was happy to give a solo and a background singer
  • Mariah from Miami, FlIt's sad that they had to drag Amy Lee into the recording studio to make this a hit. The original song was so much better.
  • Andi from I Don't Like It Here, TxI thought the band was just fine on their own. 'Broken' was my favorite song off Disclaimer until Amy Lee ruined it. She completely over powers Shaun.
  • Brendon from Perth, AustraliaThe original (without Amy Lee) is better. Theres too much loud singing in the newer version. No offence to Amy cause she can sing extremely well but I like the quieter, acoustic one.
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