Save Me

Album: Us And Them (2005)
Charted: 72
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  • I got a candle
    And I've got a spoon
    I live in a hallway with no doors and no rooms
    And under a window sill
    They all were found
    A touch of concrete within the doorway
    Without a sound

    Someone save me if you will
    And take away all these pills
    And please just save me, if you can
    From my blasphemy in my wasteland

    How did I get here
    And what went wrong
    Couldn't handle forgiveness
    Now I'm far beyond gone
    And I can hardly remember
    The look of my own eyes
    How could I love this,
    My life so dishonest
    It made me compromise

    Someone save me if you will
    And take away all these pills
    And please just save me, if you can
    From my blasphemy in my wasteland

    Jump in the water
    Jump in with me
    Jump on the altar
    Lay down with me
    My hardest question
    To answer is why

    Someone save me if you will
    And take away all these pills
    And please just save me, if you can
    From my blasphemy in my wasteland

    Someone save me [Repeat: x2]
    Somebody save me [Repeat: x2]
    Please don't erase me Writer/s: ANTHONY BATTAGLIA, BRENT SMITH
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Peermusic Publishing, Songtrust Ave, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Janet from ColoradoVery powerful song. Every addict I know has thought this at some point. I have. The need to be saved because he knows he's not strong enough to do it alone. Love this song.
  • Jennifer from AlabamaThis is definitely about an opiate addiction. You want them gone, away from you, but they are there and without them you're sick so you keep doing them. Its an endless cycle. You want someone to save you and take away the pills and the access to them because you can't do it yourself. I know. I am an addict. And this song is how I feel at this very moment.
  • Dark Cloud from MiI got a candle & I've got a spoon-any kind of pill that can be crushed && injected

    I live in a hallway with no doors and no rooms - Being an addict you feel trapped with no way out

    And under a windowsill they all were found a touch of concrete within the doorway without a sound – They could see life not as an addict but something blocking them with no one to help

    Someone save me, if you will & take away all these pills & please, just save me if you can - Asking someone to help him stop his use most people need a support system to stop
    From the blasphemy - (NOT GOD) Voice or action considered socially unacceptable

    In my wasteland - Most addicts lose support of family & friends due to their use their life become empty and barren

    How did I get here & what went wrong? - How did his life turn out so wrong

    Couldn't handle forgiveness - People trying to help him not blaming him

    Now, I’m far beyond gone - Pushed away people trying to help and didn't realize it until it was too late

    And I can hardly remember the look of my own eyes - Most addicts see disgust on people's faces so looking through his eyes that’s all he sees

    How can I love this a life so dishonest? - Addicts lie to everyone to cover up their drug use

    It made me compromise - you end up having to choose between drugs and everything else in your life (drugs almost always win)

    Someone save me, if you will
    And take away all these pills
    And please, just save me if you can
    From the blasphemy in my wasteland

    Jump in the water - Water is more of a reference of cleansing (not baptism)

    Jump in with me - asking someone to help to the end

    Jump on the alter - To change the direction his life was heading (structural altar is a metaphor)

    Lay down with me - having someone with you during the detox because it is physically painful

    The hardest question to answer is why - 1 of 2 different things Why his live went this way or why someone didn't give up un him

    Someone save me, if you will
    And take away all these pills
    And please, just save me if you can
    From the blasphemy in my wasteland

    Someone save me
    Someone save me
    Somebody save me
    Somebody save me
    Please, don’t erase me

    I spent 8 years on Heroin && other Opiates

    Detoxed alone & it was one of the most painful things I have done
  • Joseph from Saint Louis, MoI honestly noticed alot of people have some actually very interesting interpratations of the song. Brent was a Heroin addict, his sister was a meth addict though. The only reason I think that it's about Heroin addiction has less to do with the spoon and candle, and more to do with the pill part. I myself was never into H but I was into the pills. I was a singer and hated needles, and when I snorted or smoked anything it affected my voice. But yeah I knew a couple of H addicts and they all would get Oxycontin or Morphine when they couldn't get any H. I was into Morphine and I noticed that when you get hooked on Heroin other drugs come around. People don't realize how different of a world it is from almost every other drug even coccaine. But the song might also be about the all to heavy abuse of drugs and alchahol in general.
  • Jamessmack from Asheville, Ncthe pill is oxys
  • Genipher from Lewiston, IdI went to see them in concert last spring and when they sang this song Brent told a story. He would tell part of the story and then sing stop and tell some more of the story. He talked about how horrible meth was and how his cousin a 5ft blonde hair blue girl struggled with her addiction to meth and how she had lost the battle. It was so sad I bawling through the whole song. not saying that it was what he wrote it about, but it is the story he told during concert.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzAnd, to all those who "disagree" with you. Don't take it personal. For, they are closed minded, kinda like when you "close" the lid on the toilet to "flush" something undesirable down the pipe. NO ONE IS WRONG...!
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzRegardless, I just want to thank, sincerely, all those out there who think about lyrics objectively through endless posibilities in relation to varied perspectives. I have such a good feeling about people reading all these interesting interpretations. Don't be typical. Be unique. It's out there. It's in there. Use subjectivity and objectivity, past knowledge and posibilities. There is no right answer. Interpretaion of expression!!!! Long live ART. and, hell yeah, music, too.
  • Jesse from Memphis, TnThe Song, According to and interview with Brent Smith, is about a person who gives all of himself to others. Finding self-gratification in the way others see him. And this person is crying out for help. That the person needs to find fullfillment in himself. The references to drugs is what happened to him because of this.
  • Rob from Willoughby, OhHoly crap! Has anyone ever listened to Brent Smith talk in interviews? He had guessed it....HEROIN ADDICTON that his fiance helped him overcome. So the song is most likely about turtles or something.
  • Matt from Calgary, AbHe says "someone save me if you will, and take away these pills"..i think hes talkng about "opiates" oxycontin, or morphine
  • Frank from Newburgh, Ny"youll are drugies why do youll know so much about it eithier way he could have had an addiction and you know it caused him to have nothing but a candle for light and a spoon to eat" -- taylor, san antonio, TX
    This person is so stupid and I guarentee they are Christian, on a jesus loving god fearing moron would think the spoon was for eating and the candle was his last means of illumination, taylor from SA TX, kill yourself, please.
  • Frank from Newburgh, NyYou people are very new. He could be talking about heroin yes, but there are a wide variety of drugs that can be cooked up (like on a spoon with a candle) for injection or smoking purposes. Crack is cooked up on a spoon generally. Plus Oxycontin's most popular method of use with most addicts is by shooting it up, hense the actions of cooking up in a spoon and too many pills being in the same song makes perfect sense. Also FYI, you can shoot up just about anything, from oxys, percocets, and vicodins, to heroin and even cocaine. So take it from a real drug addict (me) the song makes great and perfect sense. Gracias, love DiGi holla at me
  • Brantley from Centre, AlI think this song is about getting right with God and trying to get on the right track. Because he says "please just save me from this blasphemy." Blasphemy - A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity. Like he's trying to tell you how to get on the right track with God.
  • Michael from St.louis, MoI was just at Pointfest last Saturday and he said that this song was about his relationship with his dad.
  • Hellonwings from Philly / Beverly Hills / Nyc , CaBoy, talk about dumb, "I got a candle, and I got a spoon;"

    That's heroin dude, it ain't percs, percs are what you get in a script to sell at $3 each to buy dope.

    and "I live in a hallway, with no doors and no rooms" is the basement of any highrise where there are no doors nor rooms and where you shoot up.

    Every line is about heroin.

    The song is entirely about heroin!

    He didn't overcome either, notice the coffin in the video?

    Look, read the lyrics in the right context:

    Question: How can I love this?
    Answer: Life is so dishonest it made me compromise.

    Then Jasin Todd gets tossed from the band, and Jasin said it's about heroin!

    Wake up!

    And no one needs help; you get over it or you die, there are only two choices.

    Brent Smith lied through his teeth in the interview, he knows damn well what the song is about, but record company wouldn't like that truth out, would they?

    Oh yeah, Canada, and what the hell is Three Days Grace singing about?

    Terry James
    Lead Vocals & Guitar
    Hell On Wings
  • Mel!ssa from Pittsburgh, Pai figured the pills were oxys, percs, morphine, vicodin, roxys etc. heroin type scripts
  • Mick from Rome, Nyits about the homeless(and their mix with drug addictions) "i live in a hallway, with no doors and no rooms" refering to a common alleyway in a city, "under a windowsill they all were found", also probably under a windowsill, in an alley....asking "how did i get here and what went wrong" refering to how he lost all he once had...this is my view
  • Greg from Troy, Ohyou guys are wrong about the heroin. but it is about drug abuse. actually its about crack. a candle is the fire obviously. you place coke on the spoon. adding baking soda cooks the coke and makes it a rock. thats wat i got out of it and honestly ive been there before. the pills dont say a certain type. crack is a gateway drug. it could be green monsters, zannies, anything.
  • Scott from Kc, KsThis song to me is about addiction in any realm, I believe that addicts don't know how they went from normal to overwelmed so quickly. In some respects addiction can be very lonely, in that you hide it from the people that you care about and you hope that someone will figure it out in time to save you from yourself. Wasteland is a metaphor for the life you ended up with. Addicts don't plan to lose everything and do things that compromise who they were. As far as "Why?" I think that it's simple; Why me? Why am I not able to deal with this when others can. Anytime that you start out drinking, smoking or anything else,(if you have a problem) you ask yourself the next day; How did I get here or go from one to passed out? As far as forgiveness I believe that most families will accept you back if stop, but the hold the addiction has doen't allow it, you want to accept forgiveness and move on but you keep going back to the addiction. I do not believe that jump in the water refers to sharings ones experience, because if you have been through it that is the last thing you want someone else to deal with. The best thing about the song is you can listen to it over and over in any state and take something from it. Almost anyone can relate to it is some respect.
  • Taylor from San Antonio, Txyoull are drugies why do youll know so much about it eithier way he could have had an addiction and you know it caused him to have nothing but a candle for light and a spoon to eat you know whatever but brent smith is great in everything he does if it has to do with what youll speak of wich it could its not something to argue over if youd listen to the song it screwed up his life so hes not proud so youll shouldnt be ahh stupid
  • Manda from Kingsville, TxThis song is clearly about drug use. The first verse is about how a drug addict lives very poor and dirty because all they care about is their drugs they care about nothing else.Then goes on to asking how did i get here and went wrong i couldn't handle forgiveness and now i'm far beyond gone.A drug addict does'nt choose to be a druggy.The person in the song clearly had guilt for one reason or another maybe a car accident and he accidently killed someone and he was forgiven, but still couldn't handle it.We all have guilt and pain for one reason or another and some people take drugs to numb the pain they feel, because to them it's unbearable. So now they can't stop,Icuold hardly remeber the look in my own eyes how could i love this a life so dishonest it made me compromise; It can't be understood why he chooses this over everything family,friends,he must love the drug because he chooses it over everything and he some how justify's the drug use for how unfair life has been to him.But in the end wants to be saved from the wrong path he took. A path that damned him.Jump in the water Jump in with me
    ;This refers to him wanting someone to see that its not that easy to quit;Jump on the altar lay down with me; Now help me quit
    So this song is about a single wrong choice that takes over a persons life, but you can be saved and there is hope.
  • Michael from Oakville, CanadaNo. The spoon is where you heat up the dissolved heroin (or cocaine) before you draw it into the syringe through some cotton wool. Then you inject it.

    Chasing the dragon is burning it on aluminum foil.

    And methadone is usually a liquid.
  • Eric from , Pahes a dirty doper
  • Matt from Raleigh, NcThe Candle and Spoon, to be more specific, refers to a method of smoking heroin called "chasing the dragon". You hold a spoon over a lit candle and inhale the smoke created when the heroin is heated. The "pills" may be referring to the methadone that help people quit heroin.
  • Angela from Sacramento, CaAnyone know what they mean by "I've got a candle/ and I've got a spoon" ?
  • Jaybird from Memphis, TnThis song is obviously about his dependence on his drugs of choice. It seems to be mostly opium based. The high you get from heroin and some painkillers can be similar. Junkies can use painkillers and other pills to get their fix too, and they are also highly addictive and mind altering. As far as the suicide part, at some points you can feel suicidal, but he really just needs help/love to kill that addiction and get back to the way he use to be.
  • Donovan from Calgary, CanadaTo whoever commented... hey guys this song has mentioned drugs but it is not about drugs entirely. It is about a strong person, who has overcame and excelled at many things but has a point in their life when they breakdown and ask somebody to help them, in a sense, to Save Them. It is also about being able to ask for help when they are at they're lowest, and that is where the drugs come in. If you want the actual explanation of the song, visit Click on media and then click on one of the interviews with Brent Smith
  • Lars from Talent, OrThis song is about drug use. Lines like "I got a candle, and I got a spoon" reffer to heroin use. The chorus also talks about pills. The song goes on to talk about a life of desperation and solitude. It is talking about the destructive lifestyle that drug use brings.
  • Joe from Glendale, Nyit is about heroin abuse. the candle and spoon references have to do with heroin use.
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