Fault Line

Album: Frogstomp (1995)
  • Unsuspecting brother doesn't know what to do,
    When everything just falls to the ground, ohh.
    He runs to find some cover, he doesn't have a clue,
    That his friend will never be found,
    When he's informed, that he...

    Will never see the boy,
    Will never see the boy,
    Never see him open his eyes,
    Will never see the boy,
    Never see the boy
    You'll only hear his heavenly cries
    ooh, yeah.

    Thinking of the past, it's all over now.
    Mother nature strikes once again.
    It happened all so fast, my only question's how,
    How could they let that building descend.
    Ohh, yeah, ohhhh...

    You will never see the boy,
    You will never see the boy,
    You will never see him open his eyes,
    You will never see the boy,
    Never see the boy,
    You'll only hear his heavenly cries.
    ooh, yeah.

    Off to the new life, I live on death.
    You're leaving me all through the night.
    If he's born again, I need you to find,
    Need you to find where he is.

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  • Lynny from Adelaidedo you honestly think in the 25 years Silverchair has been around they created & accomplished more than Nirvana in their 6 years?
  • Rebecca from Newcastle AustraliaI live in Newcastle Australia where Silverchair is from. We don't experience several earth quakes a year. Rather this song is about a particular earthquake that happened in 1989 which was one of Australia's greatest natural disasters. In fact I don't think we have had an earthquake (outside of mining areas) since this event.
  • P from Z, United Statesin the book about silverchair called "tommorow never knows" it qoutes Daniel Johns as saying that the lyrics were not about anyone he knew and this was about an earthquake he saw on the news. so your sources may be faulty
  • Zach from Norman, Oki love this song, but i never had a clue as to what it was about until now. silver chair is amazing. way better than nirvana
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