• Meet the man that made me
    Greet the can that I came from
    Oh the fucking sacred heart of Jesus
    Blew it in the back room
    Feelin' like a real goon
    Slam the fuck aside, man
    I'm on, you're not

    I am the great big mouth
    Good riddance, though I'm sad to say
    I didn't get to kill you
    Rhetoric, better look both ways
    I gotta get an arm through
    What the fuck is up? get the fuck away
    Run if you want to
    Innocent? You're a guilty conscience
    Laugh last, break through

    Prepare you fucker
    I don't give a shit, bitch
    I don't give a fuck, bitch
    I don't understand this
    You don't matter
    I don't give a shit, man
    I don't give a fuck, man
    I don't really care, man
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    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mike Oxsmall from NowhereThe whole death threat rumor is a lie Corey explained it all in an interview with Loudwire
  • Luiz from BrazilThis song is actually about a guy that was usually in the mosh pits on a lot of Slipknot's shows. He was a tall dude, with a long blonde beard and hair, which made the band members call him "Thor". And in Corey Taylor's own words: "He was an a--hole." He'd purposely push people, throw elbows and just be a giant pain in the ass for everyone on the pit. During one show however, all the crowd got around him, and everyone started beating his ass (at the end of the song, the multiple "f--k!"s and him yelling "stop! F--king- stop it! Stop!" would be him screaming in pain and begging the crowd to stop beating him). After that, he got an injury on his leg and became a much more respectful person in comparison to the jackass he was before.
  • Dillon from Bloomington, Indiana The "I don't give a f--k man" and the "I dont give a s--t man" should be switched. Love this song though.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThat lame. "Take that, Motherf--ker!" sample at the end sounds like Fred Durst.
  • Melvin from Camden, Njyeah that band member was Corey
  • Steven from Hamden, CtThe song is based on a death threat one of the band members got after one of their early shows
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