Album: Slipknot (1999)
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  • Enemy, show me what you wanna be
    I can handle anything
    Even if I can't handle you!
    Readily, either way it better be
    Don't you f***in' pity me
    Get up, get off

    What the hell am I sayin'?
    I don't know about malevolent
    Sure as hell decadent
    I want somebody to step up, step off
    Walls! Let me fall! F*** you all!
    Get a grip, don't let me slip 'til I drop the ball!

    F*** this s***, I'm sick of it
    You're goin' down, this is a war!

    Who the f*** am I to criticize your twisted state of mind?
    You're leavin' me suspect, I'm leavin' you grotesque
    Feels like a burn from which you never learn
    'Cause and effect, you jealous a**
    Press you face against the glass, suffer

    I've just begun
    It's about that time
    Gotta get mine

    You can't kill me
    'Cause I'm already
    Inside you

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  • Ragnarok666 from Munich, GermanyI am a big fan of slipknot since 1998 and this song was always my favourite...and Iowa was still great, being the darkest and most brutal album in history probably forever.
  • Slipknot Maniac from EarthDude I thought it said “pick up the pace” lol
  • Slipknots Biggest Fan from HereI always thought it said "pick up the pace" then the song started to get faster.
  • Korn Unknown from Your Mom's BasementNot sure but used to listen to this when it was called Slipknot, also met Corey and got to hang with him for while. We also passed Houdini mansion a few days ago.
  • Amanda from North CarolinaDon't feel bad man...I always thought it said "pick up the pace!" Untill I just now read the lyrics...that's how I have always sung it... It honestly isn't as big of a deal as a lot of people on here are making it out to be.. people just always have to be offended by something.
  • Donsa from MarylandTo Luke, from Manchester, England, although you are correct about (sic) not being an acronym, it is however a Latin abbreviation. In full, it stands for 'sic erat scriptum,' which roughly translates into 'thus it has been written.'
    Lest I forget to mention, acronyms and abbreviations will have just a definition in English, when it is an alternative language. Such as 'sacrebleu,' which is defined as the 'holy s--t' of French. However, it roughly translates into 'holy blue,' in actuality.
  • Gijs from Sittard, Netherlands here you can clearly hear Corey say "here comes the pain" and here you can hear where the sample was taken from at 2:09
  • Ray from Lemoore, CaHere comes the paid Could also be ffrom Snake Eyes, it doesn't sound like Al Pacino in the song.
  • Iain from Medford, Mai thought it was pick up tthe pace. that's just what i interpreted. adn to the douche who insulted whoever else think's that it was pick up the pace: Ur the idoit. we all here things differently. or did we all just forget that music is also art, and everyone sees art differently/ hmm?
  • Mackail from Winnipeg, Mbi was always thought it was, CANT'T STOP THE PAIN!
  • Nick from Athens, Greeceit's sure that it says HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!!!!!!
  • Wes from Buffalo, NyWhoever Thought that the sample said pick up the pace, pain, ETC, is simply a deaf idiot, get your head out of your pucker and you'll be able to hear, HERE COMES THE PAIN!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandYou guys take these guys way too seriously if you "go nuts" watching a Pacino film... Jumping around and screaming is going nuts, doing it to a movie because Slipknot stole a line is retarded...

    And sic isn't an acronym, an acronym is the initials of words formedto make another word... "Used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally." is a DEFINITON.
  • Dick Rat from Minneapolis, Mnthis is the entire quote.

    Carlito: I'm reloaded! Okay? Come on in here, you motherf--kers! Come on, I'm waitin' for ya! What, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out! Oh, you up against me now, motherf--kers! I'm gonna blow your f--kin' brains out! You think you're big time? You gonna f--kin' die big time! You ready? HERE COMES THE PAIN!
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandAs usual, I love this song. Like all their other songs.
    I went completely nuts, when I heard Al Pacino shout:"Here comes the pain"! Even my friend who isn't a maggot, was impressed. xD
  • Sasuke Uchiha from Hidden Leaves Village, JapanThis song rocks!!! I love this song, I instantly start rocking out whenever I hear it.
  • Ushetra from San Diego, CaIt says "here comes the pain", retard. If you could hear, it would be obvious.
  • James from Felix, EnglandIf you have seen the film, you will know that it is said just as Al Pacino appears and starts shooting at the muhf*ckers that gay up his homeboy. i think it was his brother or something who got shot. "here comes the pain" suits better than of of the other suggestions. why shout pick up the pace or whatever when you can shout "here comes the pain" and funk some peeps up.
  • Vanessa from Orlando, Fl"HERE COMES THE PAIN" haha. You can't use (sic) on that one idiot.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScLane of Perth, Wa: Sorry dude. I looked at the lyrics and you were right. It does say here comes the pain.
  • Lane from Perth, Wahey Joel look at the lyrics
  • Joel from Columbia, ScActually it does say "pick up the pace"
  • Nick from Perth, AustraliaIn the film Carlito's Way Al Pacino clearly says "here comes the pain!!" and they obviously have taken this into there song not pick up the pace.
  • Carl from Buffalo, Nypick up the pace....sounds nothing like it. def 'here comes the pain'.
  • Tyler from Des Moines, Iaumm, it definitely says PICK UP THE PACE, my friend knows the guys and his dad taught them how to play the damn guitar and he was also in a previous band with jim root, one of slipknot's guitarists, called Atomic opera, and they used to play locally around here.
  • Ryan from Wausau, WiI agree with Mallory it says Here Comes the pain and before that it say pain just look at the lyrics of the song
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaThen what is Slipknot?
  • Mike from Lisbon, Nda metal masterpiece, or should i say disasterpiece? The rage this song pumps into your veins kicks ass. After i listen to this song i always get all my anger out of me. its like thru the lyrics i release the hate i feel on people....and by the way its "here comes the pain". and sic does stand for "said in context"
  • JosÃ? from Reidsville, NcYes the Term SIC is both latin and "said in context" Sic transit Gloria is latin for "glory has past" (SIC) is used as if you were writting a chain letter with a Mispelled word like but you wanted the people you're sending it to, to know that you didn't do it
  • Phillip from Las Cruces, NmAl Pacino says, "HERE COMES THE PAIN!" in the movie and it's almost exactly the same in the song. The scene in the movie is actually quite eventful, there is a throat slashing and a minor shootout. After Al runs into the bathroom for cover and to reload, he says the line.
  • Mike from Youngstown, Ohis says " here come the pain " its a sample taken from the movie carlito's way. its al pacinos voice saying it
  • Rachel from Raleigh, NcIt says "pick up the pace"
  • Carlos from Oxnard, CaIt says "My girlefriend went to the mall and she bough a pair of pants."
  • Tony from Cedar, MiIT SAYS "PICK UP THE PAIN
  • Mallory from Vineland, says "Here comes the pain"
  • Billy from Pittsburgh, PaThe term "sic" isn't an acronym for "said in context" comes from Latin. I believe it means something along the lines of "as it was" or "as it was said", which would make sense considering when it's used.
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