Album: Songs For Silent Movies (2000)
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  • I can't imagine all the people that you know
    And the places that you go
    When the lights are turned down low
    And I don't understand all the things you've seen

    But I'm slipping in between
    You and your big dreams
    It's always you
    In my big dreams

    And you tell me that it's over
    Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers
    And your restless, and I'm naked
    You've gotta get out

    You can't stand to see me shaking
    Could you let me go?
    I didn't think so

    And you don't want to be here in the future
    So you say the present's just a pleasant interruption to the past
    And you don't want to look much closer
    'Cause your afraid to find out all this hope

    You had sent into the sky by now had crashed
    And it did
    Because of me

    And then you bring me home
    Afraid to find out that you're alone
    And I'm sleeping in your living room
    But we don't have much room to live

    I had these dreams that I learned to play guitar
    Maybe cross the country
    Become a rock star
    And there was hope in me that I could take you there

    But dammit you're so young
    Well I don't think I care
    And if I hurt you
    Then I'm sorry
    Please don't think that this was easy

    Then you bring me home
    'Cause we both know what it's like to be alone
    And I'm dreaming in your living room
    But we don't have much room to live

    And Konstantine is walking down the stairs
    Doesn't she look good
    Standing in her underwear
    And I was thinking
    What I was thinking
    We've been drinking and it doesn't get me anywhere

    My Konstantine came walking down the stairs
    And all that I could do is touch her long blonde hair
    And I've been thinking
    It hurts me thinking that these nights
    When we were drinking no they never got us anywhere

    This is because I can spell konfusion with a k
    And I like it
    It's to dying in another's arms and why I had to try it
    It's to jimmy eat world and those nights in my car

    When the first star you see may not be a star
    I'm not your star
    Isn't that what you said
    What you thought this song meant

    And if this is what it takes
    Just to lie in my mistakes
    And live with what I did to you
    And all the hell I put you through

    I always catch the clock
    It's 11:11
    And now you want to talk
    It's not hard to dream
    You'll always be my Konstantine

    Konstantine, they'll never hurt you like I do
    No they'll never hurt you like I do
    No, no, no no no no no no

    This is to a girl who got into my head
    With all the pretty things she did
    You know

    You keep me up in bed
    This is to a girl who got into my head
    With all the fucked up things I did

    You could keep me up in bed
    My Konstantine

    Spin around me like a dream we played out on this movie screen
    And I said

    [Repeat: x7]
    Did you know I missed you?

    Oh god I miss you

    And then you bring me home
    And we'll go to sleep, but this time, not alone, no no
    And you'll kiss me in your living room
    I know

    You'll miss me in your living room
    'Cause these nights I think maybe that I'll miss you in my living room
    We don't have much room
    I said does anybody need that room?
    Because we all need a little more room
    To live

    My Konstantine Writer/s: ANDREW ROSS MCMAHON
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jade from OkThis song is describing two different women. He uses ‘Konstantine’ and ‘My Konstantine’ . Each paragraph is written slightly different (as I sleep in the living room vs I am dreaming in the living room) to explain the moment of thought at that point in time of how he felt and treated each one. At the end, he falls back on dreaming to bring back good memories. Thats what I got. This song definitely can be konfusing. Once you think beyond yourself and look from outside- I think it is clearer.
  • Ali from Houston, TxI have read many comments about this song and the perceived meaning of it over the past 8 or so years. That being said I am still not sure who or maybe what Andrew M. wrote this song about but to me it doesn't really matter. This song is an emotional masterpiece in my opinion. I feel compelled to leave my story/input about this song in the comments because I have seen a lot of young/early teens leave comments about how they related to this song. This song doesn't just resonate with those who are very new in love but also to those a little older which is my case. I first heard this song when I was a junior in college and it struck a nerve in me like nothing ever before. At the time I had come out an engagement a few months prior (to a guy) and then ended up meeting this awesome girl who quickly became one of my best friends. From there my feelings for her quickly and unexpectedly moved beyond just friendship, but I could not tell her. We were virtually inseparable as friends but deep down inside she was my "Konstantine". I listened to this song on repeat for about 3 months if not more, I even had her listen to it, in hopes that she would pick up on the hint. She and I ended up moving in together and sharing "a living room" but still just as friends. Now 8 years later we are still best friends, and I am engaged (to a wonderful man) and we have a son together, but she will ALWAYS BE MY KONSTANTINE! In fact, I got a tattoo of 11:11 to represent just how much she and this song means to me and will always mean to me. As a musician and song writer myself, I am in awe of this song and am so grateful for Andrew for creating this amazing work of art!
  • Allison from Billings, MtI actually know Andrew..he never dated a girl named Krystal..seriously you can ask him sometime when hes out with Jack's Mannequin. The song is Andrew McMahon's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa and their breakup; it was rumored to have been written to a girl named Krystal, due to the first letter of her name. However, Andrew has confirmed he has never dated a girl named Krystal. Vanessa was allegedly underage at the time the song was written and was alluded to as "Krystal."McMahon refuses to play the song and has said in a recent interview, "If I ever play it, I’ll have to play it forever, every night. If it weren’t such a big deal for me to play Konstantine, then I probably would play it. But the truth is, as soon as I bring that song out one time, I will never be able to walk through a venue, no matter what band I’m playing with or no matter where I’m at, and not have people chant and cheer for it.
  • Irene from Bucharest, RomaniaDespite what everybody things, the "i always catch the clock,it's 11:11" actually refers to the fact that the K letter is the 11th from the alphabet, and it's a myth that if you catch the clock at hours like 12:12 a person with the 12th letter from the alphabet loves you, so he means that he always catches the clock at 11:11, and instantly thinks about the letter K,meaning Konstantine/Krystal still loves him. ( "now you wanna talk")
    Also, he chose the name Constantine, replaced it with a K because his girlfriend's name was Krystal, oddly spelled, because it's usually spelled with a C. And Konstantine because she was like a constant in his life, never leaving him no matter what he did, and so she got under his skin and in his head and brain, not by playing games but by being there for him. ( "this is to a girl who got into my head with all these f--ked up things i did" ) and I think he broke up with her because he didn't want to hurt her anymore, though he still loved her and missed her. And he knows that by leaving her he causes her even more pain, but he does what he thinks it's best. (they'll never hurt you like I do) .
  • Nikki from Avon, CtThis is my favorite song, ever since I heard it I felt a sort of connection.
  • Arthur from Sao Paulo, BrazilThis song tells me a lot about my old relationship, it is a really old and long story but it keeps following me every moment and i bet it will always follow me. It begun in 2004, most exactly on May 19th, it was the first time I make out with Renata,my ex girlfriend, after that we kept hanging out for some time, I was really in love with her and I knew it, but she wasn't that sure, we were really young,it was kind of complicated.After a month and a half we had a little fight,but in the same day it got ok,and she realized she was in love with me too. A week after we went to a party and I asked her to date,she told she was thinking about it and on the day after she accept. Unfortunately her mom didn't like me a lot,and on vacation we only met once. But everything was ok when we got back to school, we kept together for more 2 perfect months. But her mom went to school and told people not to let us stay together there,after a feel time, I couldn't take it any longer and I broke up, this day im sure I'll never forget, maybe the saddest of my life, or at least one of them, her perfect and angelical face crying while I hugged her, and when I thought of make up, my friend Ana came and told me to leave her alone, and I felt so bad that I had to leave, this is surely the mistake I most regret in my life, f--king October 5th. The next year and part of 2006 she dated another guy that always cheated on her and she was always feeling bad, so her mom realized that I was a nice guy to her, I was always treating her well. After that I tried to make up with her a lot of times, but I never could have her back. Once her ex boyfriend that cheat on her tried to fight with me and she was sure of taking me back,but after the fight she changed her mind. This year on my graduation party I met her and told her again im still in love with her and how she's important to me but she's dating another guy now and I dont know, I think I'll never have her back, but at the same time I'll be never tired of trying to have her back. She moved city to the countryside and her boyfriend is still living here, I really hope they break up, I know that me and her will be very happy together again... It's not hard to dream, you'll always be my konstantine...
  • Misha from Raleigh, NcLOVE this song. I had never heard of it till recently. It was cute because the guy I really like said I was his konstantine. and I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me to go listen to the song. At first, I did not understand it. But then I listened a few times, and it became my favoriteeee!! He said I was his konstantine because he misses me a lot. I wish we could be something more but he lives forever away.. :'( anyways, great songgg!! Everytime I miss him, I play this on loop. :)
  • Brian from Hong Kong, Chinaits such a sad song...and even sad for Andrew
    McMahon to be broken up by his ex-girlfriend.
  • Emily Mb from Boston, Maamazing song. i can listen to it on repeat.
  • Nick from Olmsted Falls, Ohhere is a charity that was inspired by the line in this song that talks about 11:11.


    it's the time of the day when you catch the clock at 11:11am, you are supposed to make a wish. it must be 11:11am, because 11:11pm is really 23:11 in 24-hour time.
  • Brian from Philly, PaIt's an amazing song, but some of you people got a little too wrapped up in it. Get a hold of yourselves people lol.
  • Frank from Horsham, Pa"When the first star you see may not be a star, I'm not your starrrr..." - This is actually somewhat of a philosophical term. The star is representing the first person you fall in love with and much like a star that person can lose its glimmer or shine in that persons eyes over time - thus indicating that person may have been their first pick or true love but much like how a star burns out over time - so can a love for someone as well. I absolutely love this song - a true masterpiece in piano music.
  • Laura from St. Louis, Moif anyone has the sheet music please email me at la13dance@aol.com, or if anyone just has the chorus chords please email me! thanks!
  • Santsuko from Candy Land, AzThis song gives me the chills. I've only cried listening to it a few times. Depending on my mood. It always makes me think of someone special. I love listening to this song when I'm resting on my bed and just want to hear something deep and touching. I was lucky to find this song by accident. I'm glad I did.
  • Rosie from Yorkshire, EnglandI Was introduced to this song when the boy im in love with came to my house and played it. he was singing along and i just fell in lovw with him even more and now i love this song sooo much it reminds me of him its such a beautiful song...
  • Anna from Decatur, Gaokay, i really love this song, and i'm sorry for everyone's breakups, but this isnt really where people tell their sob stories. no offense to anyone, it's just getting annoying to people that actually wanna know what the song means.
  • Sarah Coleman from Norfolk, VaWow i love this song. The first time I heard it I cried. It left an impact on feelings that I once had and its amazing I rememberd everything about the boy. I loved him, you could cal it my first teenage love. It taught me to grow up move on and let things go. After it was all over I cried more and contiued to listen to this song because it said what I had to say all in this song. It will always be with me and I will never forget this song. I love the verse "and if I hurt you then I'm sorry, please don't think that this was easy" That was the best part, I love the lyrics the background music everything about this song. I have a new boyfriend now=] but I will never forget kevin. He was my first love. Those seem to be the hardest to get over. I guess this song is trying to tell us to let things go, but its not always that easy. Or atleast this is what the song means to me.
  • Tim from Oxford, EnglandAmazing song. I have played it so many times, yet each time my appreciation for it increases.
  • Fundude from Whittier, CaI think this song is one of the most beautiful songs ever. Its just so true to life like when he says she brings him home just so she wont be alone. I know im terrified of being alone and i now alot of other poeple are too. If anyone has the piano sheet music for this song please email me. Id appreciate it like you dont even know. I have been unable to find it thanks in advance.
  • Taylor from Baton Rouge, LaHello. I have the sheet music for Konstantine if anyone is interested.
  • Mattyb from The Burg, Mdthis song makes me shake. it perfectly describes my relationship with this girl i love. i can't even describe it...
  • Mel from Fairfax, Va"Konstantine is walking down the stairs, doesnt she look good standing in her underwear" - He's dreaming of her or he's imagining her in her underwear to not be so nervous around Konstantine.
    "Is this because I can spell confusion with a "K" - He cannot even spell confusion correctly
    "And your restless and I'm naked" - Shes restless, hes nervous.
    "Did you know I miss you?" - self-explainatory or he "missed" all the shots of chances he had for her.
    "The clock's 11:11 and now you wanna talk" - Perhaps its late or When he sees its that lucky time, she contacts him or He could have been about to wish about her and then she does speak with him.
    "And those nights in my car, when the first star you see may not be a star, I'm not your starrrr..." - He thinks of her at night in his car. When she does see a star and thinks of how beautiful it is, it might not be the right star. He's not her beautiful star.
  • Tory from Aumsville, OrI use to sing this song to my (now Ex) Girlfriend, We dated for almost a year. I had told her the meaning of this song, and that's exactly what has happened. We broke up. I didn't cheat on her, but I lied. Hopefully she sees it in her heart To realize that I am Deeply sorry. And would do anything to have her back. (so what I'm trying to say is the enterpratation of this song, happened to me) Peace
  • Ricardo Ho from Toronto, CanadaConstantine refers to Andrew's girlfriend who didn't give up on him even though he has hurt her in the past, and she came back to start a life with him "restoring his empire" so he braved it to make himself famous to give back to her for his mistakes and be her star again.
  • Paul from London, EnglandTo Zack- Suck it up soldier. Yeah this is a pretty decent lyric-based story song, which is unusual in modern rock, and harks back more to the 60s.
  • Sarah from Bunbury, AustraliaYes i agree with what each and everyonr of you are saying, Konstantine is a very great lyrical song. it can be taken in many different ways.but on urandictioary.com konstantine means someone you love so much and is most likely your first love.this song is magnificant. i just wish andrew would leave a commment saying what the true meaning is instead of people just guessing. this is a great song and well done andrew you are very talented and have touched alot of hearts and this song will remain within alot of people forever. thankyou for touching my heart. xxxxx
  • Cody from Saint Louis, MoTo me, Konstantine is about the girl i have who took me back. Thats why the line "and we go to sleep, but this time not alone" means so much to me. I love this song and I love the girl it makes me think of.
  • Clyde from Kalamazoo, MiQUOTE:
    My names Zach and im 14. One of my friends introduced me to a girl(now my ex that introduced me to this song) and immeadiately when i saw her i fell in love. She was perfect. It was a long distance relationship. it went on for a couple of weeks but eventually ended due to the fact that neither of us could drive.


    roflwofl lmao gotta love middle school relationships
  • Lollo from Sundsvall, Swedeni just love this song, me and my ex-boyfriend and my best friend and my boyfriend best friend allaways litsended to this song. it's just wonderfoul
  • Sami from Concord, Ncthis song, though it has meant a great deal to me, is without a doubt one of the most angst-y teenage songs. the lyrics are lovely and unclear, exactly like infatuation. the piano is lilting and comforting in a way. however, the song should be put away after a period of time, just like first loves should be let go. it's a beautiful goodbye to adolesence, but there's a maturity that can't be reached through this song. growing up is just as elegant.
  • Layla from Pihj, Hi"in her underwear...and all i can do is touch her long blonde hair.." this shows that the singers relationship & feelings for the girl "konstantine" is alot more the just physical, it gives off the vibe that she is ready for whatever he's ready for & yet he just wants to love her...anyone agree?
  • Zack from Bowmanville, CanadaMy ex girlfriend introduced me to this song. The first time I heard it I hated it. but she pressed me to listen to it more, so I did. I actually listened to it though. I tried to figure out what all the lyrics meant.

    My names Zach and im 14. One of my friends introduced me to a girl(now my ex that introduced me to this song) and immeadiately when i saw her i fell in love. She was perfect. Over the next couple of weeks since meeting her we talked, a lot and eventually decided to go out. It was a long distance relationship. it went on for a couple of weeks but eventually ended due to the fact that neither of us could drive. After we broke up we didnt talk at all. My feelings for her i believed were gone. After about three months or so we started talking again and all the feelings i ahd for her, i still had.We went back out. but for the entire time we went out i was depressed because of the fact that we saw eachother once a week. I cried over her, a lot. Never told her once though and thinking back maybe i should have, maybe i should ahve told her how much i cared for her but i didnt and we all ahve to live with our mistakes. I dnt know how but i loved this girl with all my heart. She was the one always stuck in my head, she was the one that i always wanted to spend time with. then finally she decided that we neeeded to break up. i was so heart broken..i still to this day have those feelings for her. She was my first love and i know ill never forget her.

    That being said i just want to thank Andrew for writing this song. Everytime i hear it i think of her and all the good memories we had. This is truly the most amazing song in the world today.
  • Vanessa from Fontana, CaThis song is my favorite song of all time. The second I heard it I couldn't believe what an amazing song it was. I sent this song to my boyfriend, we had a long distance relationship and he loved Someting Corporate but had never heard the song. Something Corporate is like our band, all the songs make us think of eachother. Well, my boyfriend and I had been on a break since October and in Dec. he was saying that it wasn't going to work out. Inbetween everything, he thanked me for introducing him to the song, he said that if it wasn't for me he would of never heard it. That song makes me cry, thinking of him. I listen to it everynight. Right now my situation with him is uncertain so it makes everything seems so much more emotional. He's my Konstantine. I love this song with all my heart and I hope to see them perform it someday.
  • Mary from Seattle , Wathis probably means nothing but say it out loud..Konstantine..constant teen?
  • Crista from Apollo, Pawow. konstantine has always been one of my favotire songs. & until recently i never really sat down & thought why i cried everytime i heard it. & why i always sang it to my ex. reading the comments & the things andrew has said i completely understand. i knew in my heart what this song ment & it explains half of my life. i have a "konstantine" that my heart's never going to let go of, we've been together & broken up many times, i've gone through some of the toughest things in my life with him. though i'm only 15, i can definately relate to this song & it really hits home each time i hear it. so thank you andrew, for writing one of the best songs in rock.. ever. it explains ME & my heart.
  • Andrea from Louisville, Kymy ex-boyfriend made me listen to this song while we were going out and it became our anthem. he recently broke up with me and it's almost as if this song was written about us. we will all have our hearts broken (unfortunately), and this song states what it feels like inside after breaking up with someone you really truly love. we will all have that one person that we love without being loved back, that one person you care about more than you care about yourself, that one person you love more than life itself. your konstantine.
  • Eric from Vancouver, CanadaI LOVE this song!! Every time I listen to it I think of the girl I like. It's a very touching song for me. The fact that there are so many comments on this page about the song and that there are a few comments of essay-length really shows that it is an amazing song. I try to tell everyone I know about this song. The only problem is that it is not in the Canadian iTunes music store yet (I've been bugging Apple to get it in there for a while now). I do have a copy of it, but it's only a 128 kbps mp3 (for my standards, that is really bad -- I'm picky). It would be nice to have the higher quality AAC version that iTunes has. The best thing to have, though, would be a DVD-Audio copy. That would be the best experience ever!
  • Belle from Albany, Nyi've heard theories that the lines about the living room mean have something to do with making out in her living room...but couldn't living room just be taken literally to mean his life. the room or space in which he is living? just a thought.
  • Hannah from Sydney, AustraliaThis song hits home with me. It's amazing how relevant it is to my experiences. I was infatuated with a boy, and was talking to him on the phone. He asked me to download it, so I did, then I sat there with him on the other end of the line for the nine or so minutes, while tears came to my eyes. Like someone else said, it feels like this song was written for me. Within a few days prior to my first hearing of this song i caught the clock at 11:11 twice, and so did the boy i liked. Since then I always seem to look at the clock at precisely that time and it sends shivers through me. Although I'm not with that boy anymore, I'd like to think that I will always be his Konstantine.
  • Clint from Celina, TxI watched an interview with Andrew McMahon and they talked to him about the huge impact this song has had with the fans and why it was never released. This is the shortened story behind the K as told by Andrew McMahon...

    Konstantine actually was Andrews girlfriend's name. They had dated for several years, through junior high all the way through high school. Konstantine was a year younger than Andrew, and their plan was that he would put college off for a year and wait till she graduated so they could go together. However, just before his graduation, Andrew and the guys were signed to Drive-Thru and were to start touring right after school. This broke Konstantine's heart as she had to finish school and could not go with him. She was so heartbroken by this she told Andrew she didnt wanna see him again, she felt betrayed. While on tour Andrew wrote/emailed/called Konstantine every day trying to keep in touch with her and let her know he'd come back for her... She never answered his calls or replied to his letters and emails. This left Andrew heartbroken and searching for a way to reach her. He wrote this song in their tour van while looking through a photoalbum filled with pictures of him and Konstantine. Konstantine became an instant hit with fans. Word spread, and Konstantine's friends who were big fans of Andrew informed her of the song. She said she listened to it and bawled. Not long after its popularity had spread, Something Corporate was playing a show in the midwest, as they had finished up their stint in Cali already. Andrew broke in with Konstantine on the piano and looked into the crowd... to his astonishment.. in the front row was Konstantine. "I stopped playing and just stared at her for what seemed like forever.. then she smiled at me and I smiled from ear to ear and began playing again" -- Andrew. Thus making this broken hearted song a song of redemption as well. When asked why this song was not put onto an album and released Andrew said "This song is special.. it was meant for one girl and was meant to stand alone. To put other songs with this one would have lessened its impact and meaning". Andrew had this to say about its success with the fans, "I think it has become a hit with the fans because anybody can relate to it. Anybody who has loved and lost and felt so helpless can understand these words. Though parts may not be as personal to the listener as they are to me, the lyrics are left to open interpretation to fit the story of anyone." Elaborating on that Andrew went on to say, "Konstantine is a name, but Konstantine also refers to that special person in your life. That person that you'll never get rid of, The person that knows how to break your heart and piece it together just as beautifully, the person who 'doesnt have to say a word', Yet The person who knows all the right words to say... Most importantly it is a first true love.. The person who will always be a "Constant" (the actual meaning of the russian name)in your life and will always hold 'that special place in your heart', the one you'll never stop loving. That is the reason this song is so successful and so beautiful."

    Email me at orbit05@aol.com for Andrew's meaning of specific parts of the song or the video of the interview.
  • Mellissa from Pax River, Mdhas anyone ever noticed that the bass in the backround of the song is the heartbeat of the broken lover. i dont think the song is about his ex-girlfriend i dont even think he wrote it.
  • Balupton from PerthAlrite heres my view which changes everytime i here this song

    Is the time that your meant to make a whish, didnt anybody know that!

    Lying in a patch of four leaf clovers;
    Is to say that everything is so unbelievable, as finding one 4leafclover is unbelievable and lying in a patch is ..... impossible
    And I'm naked;
    Means he is vulnerable
    --But as i think about it, it could well be that he was drunk and slept with someone else

    Thanks to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my CAR, when the first star you see may not be a star;
    Jimmy Eat World because that would of been the band that Andrew listened to that got him through.
    Those nights in my car - just good times with his girl
    First star, not be a star - Previously he mentioned 'Become a rock star' and this is about him doubting himself
    I'm not your star - is her thinking that this song is about him saying he wants to break up

    Now at 11:11 her whish was to break up with him
    Then the verse starting with 'This is to a girl' is about him dedicating this song to her, trying to get her back

    You spin around me like a dream
    We played out on this movie screen
    -Agains helps my point about the 4leafclover field, so this bit means that everything was sureal/unbelievable, just like the movies.

    And at the end they get back together again.

    But the living room bit i still dont get 100%, and im pretty dam sure its not them making out, im sure it has deeper meaning like everything else in the song.
    And the Konstantine Krystal bit, yer sure thats cool with me, and seing that hes confused he might as well spell stuff with ks, but y Konstantine - y not Krystal, or Kate, their must be deeper meaning here as well.

    Yer thats my 2cents, use them wisely
  • Anonymousthis song is amazing!!!the first time i listened to it..i never stopped!!someone special introduced the song to me..told me to download it, i didnt get to download the song till a few months after i was told to..but when i downloaded it and listened to it, it got me..i fell in love with the song...and now its the song that sings me to sleep...
    just like everyone of you who have posted up their own comments about the song there sure is a story behind all of it...as for me..this song was the one thing that let me fall in love with a dear someone and for that i thank Andrew so much for writing a beautiful song!! even though me and my konstantine are not together anymore...that person will always be my konsantine!! =)
  • Rachel from Hull, Englandi've just read all those stories from people and they all brought tears to my eyes, especially you tedd! in a way it's good that you have found a song that you can relate to, like someone else is feeling your pain. And i agree, if i ever met andrew i would feel the need to hug him! even if he didn't know who the hell i was.
  • Rachel from Hull, Englandanyone who can write a song like this is pretty special! i love this song it makes me really sad when i listen to it, cos him and his girlfriend cant be together anymore. Every single line in this song makes sense, it's a very beautiful song.
  • Erica from Inver Grove Heights, MnOk so i heard this song once and now i just cant stop listening to it. I am not even kidding i listen to it over and over. It is such and awsome song. I LOVE IT! If anyone knows where i can get the "Ready....Break" CD will you please email me @ riseagainstlove420@yahoo.com
  • Ryan from Lebanon, Paall i can say about this song was wow! it amased me just from the first time i listen tot it i cryed thinking about everything that must of happend to everything andrew is talking about i mean i envy andrew and how he has the ability to right thous lyrics and be able to exspress himself in that manner well i only started listening to that song about 3 months ago and now i listen to it nonstop and all i can say about that song i repeate wow!
  • Aaron from South Jordan, UtI love this song, even though it reminds me of the girl that I will never have. We were such good friends, we would talk everyday and stuff, then all of a sudden one day she just stopped talking to me. I haven't talked to her for 2 months since. Just like casey from ashland KY, she's the one that introduced me to something corporate, but yeah it's still amazing.
  • Patrick from Portage, WiThe best thing about this song is how easy it is to play.

    Well then again, most of the something corporate songs are easy to play.
  • Ste from Halifax , EnglandThis is by far the closest song you can get to the truth. The best thing is i have found my Konstantine and i have promised her that she will have everything she will ever dream of, i will love her more than i could ever love any one, i promise to protect and never ever harm her my life was f--ed up before i met gill now there is a great light she saved me!! I love you so much gill forever ste xx
  • Ste from Halifax , EnglandListen to this song late at night as your going to sleep on you head phones and think about that girl you know the one the girl you love more than you ever thought possible, thats when this song hits you its had me in tears twice, it really does change your prospectus of life (ste Halifax, UK)
  • Raych from Liverpool, EnglandThis is mine and my boyfriends song.
    We broke up todI listened to this whilst he was finishing it. I am listening to it now.
    He hurt me. He should be sorry.
    Anyway, Dane I Still Love You So Much.
    Raych xxx
  • Nader from Durham, NcOne of the things I love best about Songfacts is the lack of hating on the comments, so I'll have to keep from saying what I really want to about this song. But, I think to call it the best song ever or to even attribute so much of your own emotions to it is, to say the least, rather weak. To each his own, of course, but honestly, the only meaning this song has is what YOU give to it. On it's own, it barely holds ground, in my opinion, and ultimately that's the difference between quality music and the mediocre, how well it survives within itself, not how many failed relationships it reminds you about. It makes your experience with the song better, or more poignant sure, but it's independent of how good the song itself really is. Not to hate, but that is my opinion on it. As for best song ever, the few that come to mind initially are A Day in the Life by The Beatles, Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth, or Hotel California by The Eagles. The Abbey Road medley is high up there too. Peace.
  • Crutchboy from Upstate, NyKonstantine for me is all about the girl that I never officially dated, but loved more than I should have at the time I did. She was an amazing girl, and we would have been perfect for each other if a few things had been a little different. Either way, she'll always be "My Konstantine"
  • Kristin from Kingsland, GaThere is something about this song that I love. In some ways I feel like someone I knew wrote it about me.
  • Calvin from Boulder, CoIn my life, I will find only Konstantines, Wonderwalls (Oasis), and Suzans (the Exit). This Is the most Elaborate song I have heard by 1 person, beautiful.
  • Sina from Kiel, GermanyOne more thing to say...Tedd from Buffalo and Casey from Ashland...I totally now, what both of you are talking about and I´m glad, that I´m not the only one, having those kind of problems...thanks for sharing your stories.
    I hope someday, you guys will find the perfect girl. Good luck and Take care.
    Yes and Konstantine sure is the best song and it makes me cry every time, I listen to it and everybody I showed that song, loved it !!! It is a Masterpiece.
  • Casey from Ashland, KyAs we all know, Konstantine is one of the greatest musical masterpieces ever devised. I always wondered how Andrew thought of the lyrics that make me cry everytime I hear them. I cry for a reason though. It is because I love a girl that doesn't love me back. Some of you may already know it is the worst feeling in the world! This girl(Tiffany) introduced me to Something Corporate and the whole "genre" of music, (emo, indie rock, punk rock, whatever it may be) and it has changed my life forever. She told me to download Konstantine because it was here favorite song, so I did. I didn't really listen to it at first but one day I actually sat down for the 10 min. and listened to the song. At that point it didn't really have much affect on me because Tiffany and I were looking pretty promising. But after a month or so, she started shying away for reasons i may never know. I saw her at a few parties after this and begged her to just give me a chance and her only reply was that she couldn't have a boyfriend. I tried to forget about her and move on but it is hard when she sits in front of me in 3 different classes every day at school. Yes, im still in high school. I have been reluctant to admit to myself that I was falling in love. I did everything in my power not to but it didn't help. I am in love with a girl that doesn't and probably will never love me back. So now I listen to Konstantine and all that I can think about is Tiffany...I cry all the time about her and when I think about when in six months she will be going to the University of Louisville and i the University of Kentucky, and how time is running out to have a chance to be with her. I dont know if Ill ever get over her. I doubt i will because of my love for this song and how it reminds me of the love that I will never have. That is my sad story people. I thought i would share it with you since it wouldn't hurt anything. And also, Tedd, from Buffalo i really feel for you and i am sorry, love can ruin the best of us. Your story really meant something to me and I shed a few tears reading it. I hope you can find another girl to replace Emily!
  • Sina from Kiel, GermanyKonstantine is the best song ever. I first hearded this song on a cd my ex-boyfriend made for me (2002). I´m German and I met that guy while I was a nanny in Atlanta, Ga. I could only stay there for a year but we decided to get married and stuff. So the song Konstantine was with all the time. The last time I saw my ex, it was last November (2004) when I decided to not marry him, because he lied to me and cheated on me. Now I´m back in Germany, have nothing left, besides all those memories. I gave up my whole life, when I went over ther last year, to marry him and he didn´t tell me the truth until I was there. And last night it all got to me, how my life sucks and how I wish to die sometime. I listend to that song the whole night, crying my eyes out and hoping it´ll be better when I get up.
    I guess it´s just a matter of time. But anyway, the song has so much to say and everything that Andrew sings in that song, is exactly how my relationship with Taylor was.
    Thanks for that song Andrew !!!
  • Emmy from Atlanta, GaHey...I love this song so much. I think its amazing.. and it breaks my heart every time I listen to it. I was just wondering if anyone knew anywhere I can find a polyphonic Konstantine ringtone? I can't find one anywhere
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadathis song is so amazzingg . everyone can relate 2 it
  • Tyler from Virginia Beach, VaI just started listening to this song like 2 days ago....but I just went though so much with my ex-girl friend...and it just feels like this song gets everything about my relationship ...like i know what its talking about......its a really good song...and reading what its about in all these posts helps me to understand alot....
  • Rachel from New York, NyCorrection to Mike from FL. It's not "sleeping in between" it's "SLIPPING in between."
  • Courtney from Ont, Canadafavourite song ever. does anyone know what andrew means by "im not your star, sint that what you said? what you thought this song meant?" thanks a bunch
  • Jon from Luton, EnglandThis song is amazing, it holds so much meaning, I love it!
  • Tedd from Buffalo, MnPart 2 (if anyone cares):
    So I told her everything. How I felt when I saw her. How it killed me to see her, even if we were just sitting across the table at Chipotle or in separate chairs in her living room (hence how the whole "living room" reference in the song hits home).
    She didn't cry as much as I did, but agreed that if it was what I needed, we shouldn't talk or see each other anymore.
    She walked me out and before I left, I turned to her. "Tell your folks and Ellie (her sister) that I said hi. And bye. I guess." For some reaosn, it was harder for me to think of leaving her family than it was to think of leaving her. We hugged, said goodbye one last time, and I stepped into the snow of her back step.
    And broke down.
    I've never cried as hard in my life as I did that night. She broke up with me a year before, but I didn't cry nearly as much as I did then. My face was burning from the tears freezing to my skin.
    So as I drove away from her house, I felt it was only appropriate to play one song. Take a wild guess, folks.
    I cried my way to my friends house, but he wasn't home. So I called the only other person I knew who would listen to me: a girl that I work with named Emilee.
    She felt terrible that I had to do something so drastic, but said that if it was the only way I could feel better, then it's what I had to do.
    And I agree.
    Emily was the only thing that mattered in my life for so long. But now a new chapter can be written. New mistakes will be made, but I'm a better person because I've learned to move on. I've learned that while we can love someone more than we ever thought possible, we can also love them enough to let them go.
    So here I sit, talking to nobody in particular, listening to the song that has been on repeat in my Musticmatch Jukebox player for the past year: Konstantine.
    Thank you, Andrew, for writing a song that everyone can relate to about their young love(s). "We all need a little more room to live" is an understatement, but I have no doubt that you knew exactly what you were thinking/saying when you wrote the song.
    If anyone has ever known how it feels to die, then be reborn, then you have known Konstantine.
    Feel free to emial me (Flish553@charter.net) if you have a rebuttle or just want to cry with me.
    Love anything and everything about your lives. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  • Tedd from Buffalo, MnPart 1:
    First off, I'd like to say that I completely and utterly believe this to be the most original and heart-felt song I have ever heard. It's over 9 minutes long, which means that it takes everything that Andrew has to sing it, and everything the band has to play it.
    Heart-break story time: My girlfriend left me after nearly 3 years of a perfect relationship for reasons she wasn't sure of. She was going to school in Missouri, while I stayed in Minnesota. Her family was as close to me as my own parents, so that made matters all the more worse when the time came to say good-bye.
    I learned many things from her: how to love someone more than anything else on Earth, how to properly interview someone (she used this technique when she knew something was wrong but I wouldn't tell her), and how to take care of a blind cat and a uber-hyperactive dog.
    But for some reason, the most important thing was this song. It still breaks my heart to hear it, but I listen to it all the time. Everything that Andrew says makes complete sense to me. Every line and every word hits home and makes me want to hug the guy if I ever came close enough.

    We stayed friends for a year, as I battled inside my head for reasons that I should hang on. Maybe she'll take me back. Maybe everything will be okay. It was hard for me to let go because up until this point, Emily was the only thing that had ever stayed constant (or konstant, for purposes of dramatic effect) in my life. When something like that is taken away, you change. Inside and out.
    You're also prescribed Zoloft.
    Two nights ago, as I lay in my room, staring up at the Christmas lights I had just hung, I started wondering if I would be better off if I cut all ties with her. Maybe I could move on if I forced myself to not see or talk to her.
    So I drove, through freezing rain and snow, to her parents house across town to tell her how I feel. Seeing as how honesty is one of the most important things to her, I thought she'd appreciate what I had to say...
  • Stephanie from Atlanta, GaKonstantine has been my favorite song ever since I started listening to something corporate. I think everything in this song makes sense. I don't know why but it all seems to work out. I think the fact that the song is like 10 minutes long makes it even better. How old was Andrew's girlfriend because the part where he says "but damnit you're so young.. well I don't think I care..." I don't know I was just curious about that.
  • Kurt from Florissant, MoAlso another similarity between For me this is heaven and Konstantine is the piano ending at the end of for me this is heaven is very similar to the piano line in Konstantine. You can tell that that song was a big inspiration for this song.
  • Taylor from Richmond, Vayou can also buy "songs for silent movies" on amazon.com...its kind of expensive but worth it for konstantine.
  • Shay from Key West, FlI dont think the stones played this song Chelsea...it was nonexsistent
  • Alison from Fairfield, Cti love this song . .and i think something corporate is emo ..email me if you think differently or agree or just wanna talk about how something corporate is awesome. this song is my favorite song by them and andrew is so talented and awesome. "ready .. .break" can be bought on e-bay, but it's mad expensive .. ooo and the beatles also kick ass
  • Josh from Buena Park, Caokie i have to agree with rick on konstantine.. look at the origin

    konstantine (KON-stant-teen). origin:
    1. an elusive female thought to be beautiful and mysterious.
    2. the beautiful girl the boy loves forever.

    see.. the second one fits best.. he talks about times of when they were together.. and yes krystal is the reason contantine is spelled konstantine.. so yea.. konfusion and all that.. yea.. there u go for all u who are confused about this..
  • Kelly Marie from Ft. Worth, TxI was wondering about this part
    "wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers
    and your restless, and I'm naked
    you've gotta get out
    you can't stand to see me shaking"

    do you know anything about it.
  • Allison from Somewhere, Njthe whole 'it's to jimmy eat world and those nights in my car' part is a direct homage to the jimmy eat world song 'to me this is heaven'. read those lyrics and you'll see it.
  • Rick from Snowy, NyYou can skip all speculation, my friend spoke with the band leader directly and asked what the name of the song meant. He said it was Konstantine because she was "constantly" on his mind, period, and of course the K being from her unconventional spelling.
  • Alecia from Spencerport, NyWell I know many people ask why the song says "I always catch the clock it's 11:11" Well the thing about 11:11 is the time of the day when your suppose to make a wish.
  • Abby from Altoona, IaDon't call Something Corporate emo--that word gets throw around entirely too much. This band is foar too talented to be put in the same genre is today's punk-posing-emo-crying bands.
  • Abby from Altoona, IaActually you can still get "Ready...Break" online.
  • Sam from Troy, AlUnlike most Emo songs, this one is entirely piano based, rather than powerchord guitar based. It does use a lot of Emo lyrical tricks though, including:
    - references that are obviously inside events, such as "jimmy eat world and those nights in my car"
    - talking about what time it is on the clock. Something interesting about the time "11:11" is that all numbers are the same, much like the song "this is not a love song" by the Juliana Theory, from 1999, which starts out "the time is 2:22"
    It is an excellent song though, which obviously sets a new standard for "underground" bands
  • Kristen from Allendale, MiAndrew refers to her as Konstantine, because before their break up she was the only constant that he held in his life. between touring and moving around, she was the only thing that stayed the same.. she was his Konstant, his Konstantine.
  • Jill from Horsham, PaContrary to popular belief, Konstantine was released on a cd. The very first cd Something Corporate put out was called "Ready...Break" in 2000 and there were only 1500 copies made. Konstantine was an extra track at the end of this cd. It hasn't been released on an album since then though.
  • Chelsea from Nyc, OrThis broke the standard 3 minute popsong barrier wide open. Not even the Beatles had attempted something like this. The Stones played this live in Europe in the mid 60's.
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