Speech Therapy

Album: Speech Therapy (2009)
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  • I made some mistakes in my life that I'm not proud of see
    And I hope that doesn't mean now I'm trying it will be harder for me
    I been hurt and its not an excuse but it's a reason
    It's like some things happen in life for a lifetime or a season
    And I'm just now learning how this world really works
    There's a law that says you get back what you put forth
    All this running around doing nothing aint good for me man
    Its stupidity so this mirrors up and it's looking at me
    I'm sorry mum for all the times that I made you cry
    And its been said before in songs but you are my life
    So if you really wanna move away and not work so hard
    How can I tell you know this is my blessings mum
    And you don't have to worry about me I'm doing music now
    It's the truth it's from my heart I hope it makes you proud
    I haven't made you proud in such a long long time
    That's why I'm gonna stand by gran as long as I'm alive
    Nobody's gonna hurt her even though there trying
    And nobody's gonna hurt you ever as long as this sun shines
    And hell would have to freeze over before I take that back
    This is my speech therapy, this isn't rap

    I'm not there yet I'm still trying to fix my faults
    Trying to pick sense from nonsense that's what I was taught
    So many roads I've walked I've learnt so much so many thoughts
    Bout who I really wanna be I guess it's now I'm sure
    I just wanna be love it takes a lot to say that
    Cause I don't wanna be judged please don't judge me wrong
    Even though I judge my father through a whole song
    He's just a man I need to be mature and understand
    Frenchie stay on this earth longer please
    I can't believe your dying I can keep from crying
    You mean a lot to me I owe you this whole album
    I owe so many this album I owe the world man
    I use to think the world owed me that's why I gained nothing
    Use to feel sorry for myself man I tell you something
    The day I changed my life is the day I learned pain is love
    What I went through is my strength and that's what keeps me up
    So I'll keep this fire burning lighting up my life
    And to everyone who believes in me I'll do you right
    Starting here today with these words on this paper back
    I understand this is my speech therapy this aint rap


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