The Mystery Zone

Album: Transference (2010)
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  • Picture yourself
    Set up for good in a whole other life
    In the mystery zone

    Make us a house
    Some far away town
    Where nobody will know us well
    Where your dad's not around
    And all the trouble you look for all your life
    You will find it for sure
    In the mystery zone

    Times that we met
    Before we met
    Times that we met
    We'll go there
    To the mystery zone
    Ah the mystery zone

    There goes the rider
    At gates of dawn
    He takes no prisoners at all
    He'll be there on his own

    What gets him gone
    Off down that road
    Is something he don't understand
    Ooh! The mystery zone

    Maybe all he wants
    Maybe all he needs
    Is to know that the sun don't set
    On the mystery zone

    How come it feels so familiar
    When you never been there?
    How come it seems so unreachable
    You never tried to find
    Never tired to find the mystery zone
    Mystery zone, oooh!

    All of the people
    You used to run into but never do now
    They took off for the mystery zone

    And when you know love
    When you find it for real
    It contains the emotion sense of
    Everyone ready
    Your cover was blown
    You weren't there but you were
    Ooh in the mystery zone
    You weren't there but you were
    You weren't there but you were

    Openin' windows
    Doors never close it's the fresh air fiend
    It's the information troll

    We'll pack a bag
    Sendin' it off just some things that never fit right
    To the m
    And we'll send it ahead as a test so we'll know
    Call it up when it gets there
    "What's it like in the mystery zone?"

    The times that we met
    Before we met
    We'll go back there
    Oh, times that we met
    We'll go back
    We'll go back there
    The mystery zone
    To the mystery zone
    The mystery zone
    Oh the mys Writer/s: BRITT DANIEL
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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