The Caves of Altamira

Album: The Royal Scam (1976)
  • I recall when I was small
    How I spent my days alone
    The busy world was not for me
    So I went and found my own
    I would climb the garden wall
    With a candle in my hand
    I'd hide inside a hall of rock and sand
    On the stone an ancient hand
    In a faded yellow-green
    Made alive a worldly wonder
    Often told but never seen
    Now and ever bound to labor
    On the sea and in the sky
    Every man and beast appeared
    A friend as real as I

    Before the fall when they wrote it on the wall
    When there wasn't even any Hollywood
    They heard the call
    And they wrote it on the wall
    For you and me we understood

    Can it be this sad design
    Could be the very same
    A wooly man without a face
    And a beast without a name
    Nothin' here but history
    Can you see what has been done
    Memory rush over me
    Now I step into the sun

    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Semperfish from PhiladelphiaOP analysis (Jo- South Texas?) missed or ignored the entire first verse. Young loner finds a cave and discovers universal truths from long ago that are still relevant today...
  • Tom from ChicagoJo - The early man is not the one who sings, "the busy world was not for me so I went and found my own." It's the narrator of the song who's a small boy who remembers how he used to "climb a garden wall with a candle in my hand" and "hide inside a hole of rock and sand." It was there that he discovered the thousands of years old primitive art that he sings about.
  • Daniel from Arcata, CaSpence, I have a double disc of Android Where house and if dan fans want to hear raw steely dan they should try to find it. Well worth it
  • Spence from Brooklyn, NyI think this song was previously named "Android Warehouse" before they put it on the Royal Scam album.
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