I Don't Know Why (I Love You)

Album: For Once In My Life (1968)
Charted: 14 39
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  • I don't know why I love you
    I don't know why I love you
    I don't know why I love you
    But I love you

    Always treat me like a fool
    Kick me when I'm down that's your rule
    I don't know why I love you
    But I love you

    Oh you never stop your
    Cheatin' ways with another guy
    You laugh in my face
    Lord how long must I be disgraced

    Cause I love you
    Oh baby, baby, baby
    I don't know why I love you
    I don't know

    You and me baby, oh
    I don't know why I love you baby
    But I love you baby
    Oh darlin', darlin', darlin'

    You throw my heart down in the dirt
    You made me crawl on
    This cold black earth, baby
    No I never, I never knew

    How much love could hurt
    Until I loved you baby
    'Til I loved you baby, baby
    Oh baby, I can't stop

    I can't stop crying can't you see
    Here I'm pleadin' on my knees
    I'm on my knees
    Won't you help me, help me please

    Cause I love you, I love you baby
    Sure enough, baby, yeah
    I don't know, you don't know
    We don't know none of us

    Can't do nothing about it
    I don't know, I don't know
    Oh baby, I don't know, I don't know
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