Days of the Week

Album: Shangri-La Dee Da (2001)
  • Monday, back from the dead
    I'm letting it go, back for another one

    Tuesday, shoot me in the head
    I'm takin' it back , takin' it back
    I'll take it back

    Wednesday, she's lookin' for a friend
    She'll get what she wants
    Can't seem to get enough

    Thursday, it's more than I can stand
    I'm holdin' her down, holdin' her down
    She's down again

    I gotta find a way to find her
    Where could she be?
    Four days of the week
    She thinks I'm the enemy

    One day, left me for dead
    Woke up on the floor, time for another one
    Two days, she's leavin' me again
    Can't take it no more
    Out through the open door
    Three days, she's found herself a friend
    She got what she wants
    Still never get enough
    Four days she's back with me again
    She's pullin' me down, pullin' me down
    I'm down again

    Monday's gone
    Tuesday's fadin'
    Wednesday's gone
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Comments: 7

  • Amanda from Amawalk, NyThis is a good song.
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeI had no idea this was based on Zeppelin which just so happens to be my favorite band of all time. I'm glad I found this song. All I did was search World Wide Suicide by Pearl Jam on Google and stumbled upon it.
  • Seth from Hebron, KyDon't care for the song but music video was awesome.
  • Tom from Auckland, New Zealandgreat song.

    :( big empty and big bang baby arn't here?

    they're my favourite
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is a good STP song, and when it goes into that little trippy part near the end, I love it. But where is Interstate Love Song? It's one of my all-time favourite songs!
  • Luke from Manchester, Englandapparently, everything about scott weiland appears to be about his addictions to people who don't kno anything about him...
  • Sp from Winnipeg, United StatesThis song appears to be about his heroin addiction.
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