Album: Robbin' The Hood (1994)
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  • All that I need, look at all the love we've found
    I won't run and pull the one jack move
    They love her for the Kingston sound, oh

    Flava-Flave and I-C-E
    Once said something that made me
    Want to burn my liquor store down to the ground
    But I just can't leave the pad, cuz I'll surely wind up dead
    'Cuz I know there out there out there waiting and watching for me
    Still I got my yellow cat and my wooden baseball bat
    And my shiny silver gat and if my homey my back then I got

    All that I need, look at all the love we've found, oh
    I won't run and pull the one jack move
    They love her for the Kingston sound, oh

    I won't slip, and I won't trip, send Matt Vargas to regrip
    While I'm wrenchin' on my ride, in that secret pad where we hide
    There's always lotsa fun stuff to do
    Like relax and design a brand new tattoo
    Play with my cross-word puzzle book, I'm even learning how to cook

    Have you seen that little whore Betty?
    Someone said she stole my Freddie
    And if she made off with my last clean ring
    I'm gonna kill that fuckin' ditch pig
    So what?
    Outta my, outta my, outta my, outta my secret pad
    'Cause I know your talkin' about me baby, makin' it hard to live
    'Cause I, don't want no money dick, don't want no money down
    My secret tweaker pad is now the hottest pale spot in town I guess
    Take it nice and easy
    Don't want no sheriff breakin' down the door to raid me, 'cause

    All that I need, look at all the love we've found
    I won't run and pull the one jack move
    They love her for the Kingston sound

    Baby you wanna give me kisses sweet
    Only for one night with no repeat
    Baby you wanna leave and never go
    But the taste of honey is worse than none at all Writer/s: BRADLEY JAMES NOWELL
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Anarchy Zed from Long Beach, California 90808Sublimes STP was located on Anaheim and Ohio here in long beach. Not far from the payphone that was on the corner. right next to the hookers. I THINK the band recorded possibly 2 albums there? not certain about that, just what i heard. But they for sure track there sometimes. They had bootlegged cable and electricity to the location not paying for the services. The structure was damaged by an earthquake and abandoned when the band started hanging there and turned it into a thrash pad. It was not far from where Alex's bar is in Long Beach. As of today Sublimes STP is no longer there.
  • William from UsAlso another verse that adds to my theory. In the song he says "I just can't leave the pad bc I'll surely end up dead I know their out there waiting and watching for me". This is paranoia from tweeting. Ppl become house ridden or hermit s bc of their delusions that ppl are after them or spying big brother style in them. This is a sign he was tweeting or probably really two weeking. Hits ya about the 3rd or 4th day wo sleep. Just increases from there w greater paranoia and delusions. This song screams speed but if you want another verse how about when Bradley talks about all the stuff to do like work in drawing a new tattoo. Great example of high on speed. Doing intense concentration on a mundane task for hours. Drawing is at the top of the list. Task can't be physically demanding just mentally stimulating.
  • William from UsOk I'm getting frustrated. Anyone know anything about tweek or speed. Listen to the song at the end when he's talking about his tweeker pad the rhythm speeds up. First and for most I know this song is about speed. STP is a known street name for basically kitchen crank. He's learning how to make speed not meth but any form of kitchen or bathtub designer speed. A lot of heroin addicts second drug of choice is crank or speed or meth. It allows you to stay awake while nodding off heroin. Creates a more euphoric high known generically as a "speedball". This song hides abs no secrets. Even the name tellls you what it's about if you know just alittle chemistry or chemical names.
  • Styles from Nope, AfghanistanHe sings "and If she made off with my last clean RIG" not "ring" a rig is a syringe
  • Ian from Long Beach , CaBradley sings the lyrics "I wont slip and I wont trip send Matt Vargas to regrip...."

    Matt Vargas is the brother of one time Sublime replacement drummer Kelly Vargas (Recorded 40 oz to freedom)

    Matt Vargas has his own band which is called Long Beach All Day (Original members include Randy Bradbury of Pennywise)
  • Goo from Bowie, MdMy fav line is "I just take it nice and easy,
    don't want no sheriff breakin' down the door to raid me"
  • Pedro from Chula Vista, Cahe didn't whisper it in the album version, dude. and a tweeker isn't just a meth addict (though it did start that way), it's anyone who shoots up. Most of Robbin' The Hood was recorded at Brad's home: a run-down crack house.

    By the way, tweeker started as "two weeker" but was then shortened to "tweeker."
  • Wendie from Houston, TxIt sounds like he's describing jail in this song but then he starts talking about his secret tweaker pad, so I guess they're talking about how you don't leave your house and you're all paranoid. "I've got my yellow cat and my wooden baseball bat and my shiny silver gat and if my homies got my back then I've got ALLLL that I need..."
    Plus when you're a meth addict you usually don't care about anything but meth. I've known a few and they don't brush their hair or even leave the house. So yep yepp...
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlLooks like they corrected the lyrics, fyi, and they are no longer for Pool Shark.

    Anyway...My favorite line is "look at all the love we found"
  • Dylan from Cam, Cano that would be pool shark acoustic and not, this is stp
  • Blake Droesch from Larchmont, Nythat fact is wrong where it says that he adds the word speed at the end of that line, on the album version he just wispers it. on the live version he screams it.
  • Brian from Wall, Njthe posted lyrics are for pool shark not stp
  • Shelly from Nmb, Scdamn this is ive got that needle i cant shake...i take i away but i want more and day im gonna lose a war.its sad and clearly about his addiction.
  • Mikey from Honolulu, HiThere are two versions of this song on Robbin' the Hood, one being the original and one being the acoustic.
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