It's My Life

Album: It's My Life (1984)
Charted: 13 31
  • Funny how I find myself in love with you
    If I could buy my reasoning I'd pay to lose
    One half won't do

    I've asked myself, how much do you
    Commit yourself
    It's my life, don't you forget
    It's my life, it never ends (It never ends)

    Funny how I blind myself, I never knew
    If I was sometimes played upon, afraid to lose

    I'd tell myself, what good you do
    Convince myself
    It's my life, don't you forget
    It's my life, it never ends (It never ends)

    I've asked myself, how much do you
    Commit yourself?
    It's my life, don't you forget
    Caught in the crowd, it never ends
    It's my life, don't you forget
    Caught in the crowd, it never ends
    It's my life, don't you forget
    Caught in the crowd, it never ends Writer/s: Mark David Hollis, Timothy Alan Friese-Greene
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Michael from Cincinnati, Ohio, UsaThere are actually two versions of the music video. The one with Hollis at the zoo, and one with the zoo video projected behind the band on a green screen while the band comically lip syncs the song. It can be seen at
  • Jules from OregonThis is the only song on here by this fantastic band? Unfortunate.
  • Dale from Maine... song brought some serious meaning to me after the fact. When dating someone that was living with someone else. 'one half won't do.' Men and Women have gone through this which I believe why Gwen decided to cover it from the 'female' perspective. 'It's my life, don't you forget' lyric is probably them talking to themselves questioning why to be in this type of 1/2 relationship ... 1/2 not.
  • Steve from OttawaLove this song. Truly hate No Doubt's whiny, irritating version.
  • Todd from Bel Air, MdI was out with some friends last week and this tune came on at a pub. Even though I know Talk Talk - however I did say to a friend that it does sound like Bryan Ferry.
  • Hugh from Phoenix, AzA very infectious pop song. Even more interesting is the evolution of this band. "Laughing Stock" is just breathtaking all the way through.
  • Glen from Rochford, United Kingdomgreat song, can someone please put 'Today' by Talk Talk up?!
  • Melissa from Fairborn, OhThe Talk Talk's version of the song it's kind of like Duran Duran.
  • Larry from Wayne, PaThis is a great song, but why isn't "Talk Talk" by Talk Talk on SongFacts?
  • Paul from Detroit, MiI can't believe this song only made it to #31 in the US. Also, like most people here, I loved No Doubts remake as much as the original. Possibly a bit more.
  • Constance from Dallas, TxBoth versions Talk Talk and No Doubt are good. I think No Doubt did it justice because they didnt change song/music at all and No Doubt is a talented band. However I have to give it to Talk Talk. Im all for orginals. I could listen to either version and be satisfied.
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaSince I heard No Doubt's version first, I think I like it better. Mark Hollis does have a great voice, but his deep voice isn't really appropriate for the whiny tone of this song. Gwen Stefani is naturally kind of whiny, so it's a good fit for her.
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmThe original version of this song is perhaps the best "80s song" I can think of. For some reason, at the time I thought Bryan Ferry sang this song, even though I had certainly heard of Talk Talk (this wasn't their only hit). That's a big compliment for Mark Hollis. I think the original Talk Talk version is the best, but the No Doubt version is done well.
  • Sandy from Newburgh, InActually, Ashley Jade, you have to see the video to know what it means. Mark Hollis appears in the video, but he doesn't lip-sync a single word. Apparently, there's been no other video before it that's done that.
  • Gilles from Soleuvre, LuxembourgGreat song for sure, personally I think that No Doubt did a good job when they covered "it's my life". But it's not as good as the original song because Gwen Stefani's voice just isn't Mark Hollis' inimitable voice. Furthermore, Mark Hollis has a truly unique way of stressing and pronouncing words. One can notice this especially in songs like "happiness is easy" (which is one of my favourite songs from Talk Talk). Finally, what I want to say is that especially Talk Talk covers can never sound better than the original songs, first because of Mark Hollis remarkable singing, and secondly because many songs require the right note on the right place aka "the blue note", the perfect timing when playing the instruments. Again, I refer to "happiness is easy", just listen to the songs first minute and you'll see what I mean.
  • Nathan from L-burg, KyNo Doubt's version is not as good as Talk Talk 's version talk talk's version made it to the PS2 game 'Activision Antholog'
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesNo Doubt's version was good, but nothing like as good as Talk Talk's version.
  • Bob from Bristol, EnglandThis song was donated to the Album "Everybodys got to learn sometime" - which was compiled for the hostages held in the Lebanon in the mid to late 80s. I think it's probably my favourite one from that LP (and there are a lot of others to choose from). Yeah, I reckon No Doubt did a good cover of it - doing a good song justice! Also really liked Talk Talks "Lifes what you make it" record too!
  • Chris from Boston, MaI haven't heard this song in a while until no doubt covered it, it's a great song, no doubt did a great job covering it,
  • Katie from New South Wales, AustraliaI loved the No Doubt version of this
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