Just In Case

Album: Forever More (2008)
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  • Outside the sky is blue
    Always try to do my part
    But now it's raining in my heart
    There's just so much I could do
    It's nearly got a hold of me
    It's why I feel so incomplete
    A lost and broken man
    Only I would understand
    I'd be more than glad to join right in
    Only I could pray
    I know what I would say
    To whom it may concern

    Just in case I don't make it to heaven
    I'd like to personally thank you for giving
    Something so beautiful makes life worth living yeah
    Thank you just in case I

    I'm trying once again
    Every time I try to talk to
    It's like I never seem to get through
    I never have the strength, never put my faith in you
    Maybe I should just realize
    I don't deserve you in my life
    They say it's in your hands
    Everything's just like you planned
    It's good enough for them, so why not me
    Only I could pray
    I know what I would say
    Dear god I'm talking to ya


    Soon enough my time will come the hours getting late
    The sun is setting fast and you'll be standing by the gate
    I'm sure you're going to say to me son why couldn't you just relate
    I said to tell you the truth I already do in so many other ways

    [Chorus: x2]

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